Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 449: Message - The Beginning of a Disturbance -

"Hey, guys, here comes the order -!

In the middle of a basket that exchanged charm clothes, Tina and even Ixa, Sola came to call that the order of shooting for Group A had turned for two years.

"Last Shoot!

Such is the charm of Sola's voice. She uses her original good physical abilities to target points with thoughtless free throw procedures from under the target goal net.

The thrown basketball then drew a parabola and proceeded straight to the goal net to be sucked in, rocking the net as it was.



I exchanged high touches with my teammate's girl and the charm was overjoyed. So, at the same time, kite snaps his fingers. So, for some reason, it's the whistle that rings.


Everyone will be surprised by that, but it will be natural. Anyway, it was the pussy, not the pippy, that rang in the finger snap. What's wrong with not being surprised?

"It's the end of the game...... what's up?

"Whistle...... Speaking of which, I don't have it"

Yes, Kate has been whistling since the beginning, but she hasn't whistled once. On the contrary, I don't even have a whistle. Until now, I hadn't noticed in the game, but it was natural to feel uncomfortable when the game was over.

"... you've always wanted me to notice"

"... yeah"

Yuri strokes her head pounding on Kite, who just seemed a little happy. As they both strive in vain, they are alike.

Okay, let's go.

"No, the whistle..."

Where? Everyone's question elsewhere, and Kate starts walking with Stasta. By the way, it's not creating whistle sounds, it's actually ringing.

Well, it's Stella walking in secret side-by-side on the street all the time that she's ringing. And she was put on the evil ride of the LORD, and she was blowing instead. Her frightened face ended without anyone ever knowing.

"Yes. Next, Mr. Heavenly Door enters"

"Okay, please"

As a result, Kite and the others assembled to start shooting Group A for two years. At first it was cherry blossoms. but it caused a huge commotion involving the whole class from then on.

"What time is it now? On Earth, it's a miserable season for seamounts, and in the meantime, we went to the sea."

As such, cherry blossoms are like good housewives, entering from the greetings of time. Everyone can only admire the message as if it were an example, but only one person is different.

"What the hell is that 'Loving Season of Seamounts'?

"It's time to say hello. Well, the awe-inspiring way to put it is to use" Big Summer Weather "or" Extremely Hot "or something."

"Hmm... summertime greetings from the word, is that what you mean? You're not afraid because it's for your family?

That's what I'm talking about.

Touching an unknown culture, Ixa nods as impressed. Incidentally, the cherry blossom "Seasons of Love" is roughly a greeting when it is used in July.

In fact, it can't be strictly applied in Enefia because it is 1 year, 48 months, and 12 months in summer alone, but now that it is only the beginning of summer when we divide the summer into three parts, we just used that rhetoric.

"Hmm... to observe, is she some noble child?

"No, Earth...... there are no more aristocrats in Japan. I'll hit a big corporate warrant."

Ixa asks when she sees that everyone was pompous. Kate said Japan, not Earth, because nobility still exists in Britain and elsewhere. As a general rule, I thought it would be a hassle later on.

"Is it the same everywhere you are taught manners even if you are not a nobleman?"

"Well... that's a good face."

Kite turns her gaze slightly to a tone that contains the bitter taste of Ixa. That's how, when Kate looked at her face, there was a bitter smile there as he expected.

"Well, yeah."


This is the only time they've seen each other in the face. As such, Kite, who had given further commentary on cherry blossom awe and seasonal greetings, became the last and the bomb was finally dropped.

"That's why I'm fine. Don't worry about your grandfather, as we have reliable friends."

So far, good. As a child of a good family from anyone's eyes, it would be a message to be given a full score. But the next moment. Everyone - including their grandfathers, who are on Earth - is thrown a frozen word from the cherry blossoms.

"Oh, and I could have stayed with you on the assumption of marriage. I'll introduce you when I get home, so stay tuned."


Thoughtful kite blew out. Look at that, cherry blossoms laugh. It's true that we're dating, and I need to go say hi, even though Kate thinks so. I had also decided to be ready. But I never thought I'd be exposed in this way.

"... Yes, it's the end of 5 minutes. So, Heavenly Sound."

"In the Three Monkeys"

"When you ask?


that moment. Needless to say, kite disappeared without sound. All of them, I knew they were dating. But it was unexpected that we should have gotten along so deeply. By the way, three monkeys are three monkeys in Nikko East Lighthouse.

"Go after him... you don't have to."

"I'll have to come home soon."

"When you get back, you can ask."

Usually this is where the escape plays start, but they also have their own shots, and so does Kite in the first place. I have to come home. Well, in Kate's case, the shooting isn't in the classroom, so you don't have to come home, but there's also the Shea thing, the Ixa thing, the response with Shea's escorts and other directors of the shooting. So I had to stay in the classroom.

"You don't have to run away..."


"You got it?


And Yuri looked at Kite like that with a smile on her face, but then, uh, a little girl called out. On her back, she had pure white wings. Plus, Yuri smiles.

"Well, secretly after that, yeah."


The two snort at each other secretly. The face was a very good smile.

"Oh, you're home."

"Well, some princess is coming."

Ten minutes later, Kate returns to the classroom as much as she expected. By the way, he peered into Rui Shu's place on the road, and was thrown a similar bomb, so he escaped like a shedding. The fact that we are dating there has not spread that far in itself, and it has developed into a major disturbance.

There's nothing wrong with being alone.

"Even if they say so. Teachers get annoyed later... so is the charm over?"

"Yeah. I don't have much to say."

Only Meizi had gained certainty that her parents would know about the existence of a different race, and there were two people who secretly knew about Kate's existence. Therefore, it was just ended that I would not be greatly anxious. Kite smiles unexpectedly at such a rusty charm.

"You're the same."

"You can do that, right? We have a sister and a dragon horse."

A dragon horse is her sister Yayi's fiancée. As a matter of fact, he draws the blood of the opposite race in colour, and makes it slightly more mature about magic. So I had the peace of mind that whatever happened to my parents, he would do something about it.

"Ah... when you leave, you can buy some clothes for the kids and go home."

"That would be nice."

Two people who have already been married for several years, but have not yet had children because of mixed interracial blood. That said, it's not like there was no sign. Prior to the transfer to this side, my sister was not feeling well and was craving sour objects such as lemons. I was probably aware of Meizuke.

By the way, if Kate had been consulted by the two of us that she could not have a child, the dragon horse has actually told her that Yai is pregnant. Therefore, I am secretly sending children's products from all over the world, but I think it is just a secret from our mouths for the enchantment.

"Hey, it's Heavenly Sound's turn next."

"Hmm? Ah, oh. So, you're done shooting all the guys at school?

"Yeah, I'm sure there's nothing wrong with shooting in school."

Apparently, he was talking quite a bit without knowing. Shea, who was conducting surveillance during the shooting, admits to Kite's interrogation. Kate chose to shoot at the Guild Home to make it easier for Tina to do something. In that way, those who are able to move, take them together and start moving.

It should also be noted that Shea is not the only one monitoring the shooting, but that officials sent by the Imperial Castle are monitoring for any strange behavior during the shooting. Because it was easy for anyone to imagine that the shooting would not be finished even if the day changed when each person was going in order.

"Is that it? What about Yuri?

"Oh, Mrs Ulysses left a long time ago, huh?

That's how I was moving, but then I realized that Kite didn't have the weight I saw in the hood of the long coat. Yuri wasn't there. Shea answered. She has known Yuri for a long time, but it was late, she called him 'Ms Yulicia'.


Well, nothing. It's not uncommon for Yuri to disappear. So Kite decides to go through, albeit with a slightly unpleasant hunch. Well, that's a huge failure, but he can't even tell right now.

"Uh, I can't believe it, this one's doing fine"

"The rest is fine, too."

They're not even brothers and sisters, but for once, as a residence - and because Tina's guardianship is Kate's parents - they're shooting at the same time. So, start shooting early. The twirl leaks.

"... hey, that..."

"... cute..."


Kate and Tina look back after noticing the blurring. Then there were, indeed, adorable little girls.



"Grandpa, welcome."

There was a little angel and a little fairy, obviously an elf-eared girl. Well, it was indisputably three Aura, Yuri and Kuzha 300 years ago.

"What the hell, you idiots!



"I miss you!

"... ha"

Tina's sigh leaks. That's how it started, running after me. Kate dresses up to chase Yuri, who played pranks as she did in previous years, but this time there were two more pranksters. That's how he secures two young girls running around and one fairy, and Kate sits them all down.

"Fine, fine. We're taking care of Kate, too. Let me say hi to your parents."

"It's not about that, you idiot!

"But welcome! Say hello for once, naturally!

"Ooh. And so I'm Kate's sister-in-law."

It's my sister-in-law.

"... what is it?"

"You know what! I mean, my sister-in-law would just confuse my sister-in-law or something anyway!

Following Aura and Kuzha's introduction on the V-sign towards the camera, Yuri tries to introduce herself, worried about her relationship with Kate, and asks Kate.

Well, if you say so, you're my partner. Thus, further attacks continue on students elsewhere who are bewitched by the mysterious arrival of young girls.

"Well, maybe we should excuse ourselves, too."

"Ah, Mr. Al. Good point...... to?... Is that it? Who?"

So, fu, when the students who were filming discovered the al-like figure in a flash, and they could stop it, it seeps a little bit of anticipation. But apparently something is suspicious.

"Haha. Well, I guess it's okay around there."

"... hey, wait"

"What's up?

That's how Kate looked back, feeling uncomfortable, and discovered the very ungrateful in this situation.