Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 454: Letters from Earth - Family -

It was just in the morning, when a week passed in Enefia, that the message transfer device sent out of Enefia returned. That time was just a week after the transfer, so I guess I returned with the time on this side, that's what the scholars say.

"Hmm?... I'm home!

The happy voices of the students echo. The message transfer device was set to return to the red treasure ball, which was one crack, rested in a place that everyone in the school's gym could see, and monitored under strict security. Thus, at the same time as he returned, the "Double Balls of Guidance" were both smashed and scattered.

"Hey, somebody! Hurry up and go to the staff room and the broadcast room and let them know you're back!

"Whoa, I'm gonna go for a second!

Everyone, regardless of whether they belonged to the Adventure Department, came to check with the gym many times in a week, so there were still many people in the gym today. So I think it will be communicated soon, but I think I am certain that I will send a decree and ask the students on surveillance to use it for confirmation.

The students who were asked to do so also won the pleasure, no objection, and rushed to two places, immediately contacting all the students on the air.

"Oh! He's home!

Students continue to gather in the gym. Everyone had a delightful color on their faces, and it looked like they were waiting for the time of opening it now or now. But everyone was patient. I decided to open it when everyone was ready. As such, the adventurers who were out of the city rushed back to school, finally welcoming the time.

"We're gonna open it."

Kate's voice echoed the quiet gym. When it comes to magic and these kinds of duke family entanglements in the whole school, there is no disagreement because he often divides up these days. Well, if everyone takes out the inside before then, it's a big deal that anyone thinks it's good.

"Letters…? Hmm?"

Kate notices the letter that was accompanied at the top and takes it first. That's how I unwittingly smile in my face when I see the letters that were written there.

"Hey, Sola. To you."

"Hmm? What?

Sola, who was near Kate, didn't understand the grin on Kate's face, but receives a letter.

"... Shh, Dad... If you have to, do it? What the hell?

"Behind, behind"

"... whoops. What is this long sentence..."

Sora shrugged reluctantly, but not the students in the front row who were hearing that. It's natural about his father, but he's famous. And naturally he is on Earth.

"Hey, Tenjo! Are you serious about your father?

"... I can't see it wrong..."

Look at Sola, whose expectations have all turned to despair at once, and understand that they are all letters from Japan.

"Well... this is the real deal"

That's how Kite took it out: one electronic device. Unlike the SSD that I sent out, it was also an SSD made by Heavenly Cherry Blossom Valley. That said, the only difference is the serial number of the product, so the others are the same though.

On the planet's side, the champions took various considerations into account and informed them that it had arrived properly, while at the same time, the items sent to find out what the hell had changed were turned around for inspection.

"Hey, connect this to your computer..." Yes. Censorship. "

"It's obvious. Why do you even think you're with me?

There must have been a slight rush on Kite, too. Shea stared at me as I tried to get her to connect to the computer. Naturally, Japan and the Empire have no national traffic. I needed to be censored to see if there was any information I didn't need.

That said, there is no anxiety in anyone, no matter what the slightest dissatisfaction. Anyway, I already knew it had been sent from Japan.

"Well, I'll hurry up and censor you, so just wait a minute. I'll rent the PC room."

"Quickly. Then let's connect him to the server."

The SSD that Kate had was quickly connected to the school server and the information was transferred. The internal folders seemed to be classified properly by class, and the effort did not have to go that far.

Thus, the Censors of the Empire led by Shea will complete censorship for a total of 15 classes each, plus faculty members at once. Well, they had less than five minutes of footage at a time, so I still needed about four hours.

"... it's over. Your family is your family."


Shea, who was in charge of Kite's two-year group A, ended censorship at the very end. Why it took so long, because there were a few cherry blossoms and the brilliant man sent a very long message.

She looked a little tired because she censored someone else's message and even did the work of compiling it into a report in parallel.

"... haha... now your class is fine"

"... tired"

"Thanks...... so come a little"

After all, I guess I'm tired of looking at every class. She meditates on her eyes for just a little while, relaxes her temples, and calls Kate to an unpopular place.

"Who was that?


This is it.

Shea shows the screen of the computer that she secretly shot. There was a beautiful girl with silver hair. Besides, Kite answered flatly.

"That's my girl over there."

"... you think that would work?

"No, not at all."

Kate laughs at Shea, who has stared half-eyed. It works, I don't even think it's dew. So, to such a kite, Shea takes out the comms and tells them.

"It's too similar. No, there are certainly many differences...... but I can assure you that I am a descendant. Who's this? Your father will be very surprised."

"I'm sorry, Lord McDawell. I have to ask the boulders about this, too. Who is this? '

Apparently, information had already gone to Emperor Leonhardt as well. He asks from the end of the comms. Besides, kite sighed.

"Once upon a time, His Majesty the First was the fold of the reign ceremony. I was told the name Lulu...... did you know this?

"Oh. It is the childhood name of His Majesty's first sister..."

Emperor Leonhardt spoke and thought. Here the name is given, and even more so, the girl who is too similar to someone else. There was only one verse in mind, that existed. And Kite admits it, too.

"Looking for His Majesty the First, he was coming to Earth, apparently"

"Such a coincidence..."

"Coincidence, huh? I wonder about that. She's the best genius in the family, let's just say. It's unclear why you came to Earth, right? There could have been something I thought."

Kate hasn't heard exactly from her. Because I'm not shy to talk. But I don't think he was looking for anything meaningless. There was an intention, it was a muscle to think.

"Well, that's because His Majesty the First is a genius and a praiseworthy sister, whose real name here is one of the most famous, is. Everyone must know."

With Kite grinning bitterly, he opens up some of the information he can find out to Emperor Leonhardt. Besides, both Shea and Emperor Leonhardt have to laugh bitterly.

"In the end, blood muscles."

"I'm proud of that, Father."


The Emperor Leonhardt laughs at the words from his daughter, which is true. They're blood muscles, too. Depending on what I took, this was certainly, I was proud of. That's how the slightly lit emperor Leonhardt bowed his head to Kite.

'No, I'm sorry, Lord McDawell. I didn't expect to see His Majesty's sister in such a setting... but do you know him?

"Well... Whatever,"

Shea doesn't know about Tina's blood muscles. So they exchange words out of the blue. So the emperor Leonhardt grasped it all.

'I see... it sounds like you're listening, a way of being nice. Shea, now I'm giving you permission. I'll leave you to it. "

"If your father's admitted to it, there's nothing wrong with us."

"Right. Well, thank you, I'll give you my permission. Bye, Your Grace. Excuse me."


After hearing Kate's words, Emperor Leonhardt cuts off communications. As such, Kite goes to the cherry blossoms to tell them that permission has been granted to view all messages.

"Well... then I've been granted permission to view it"


As student chairman, I give permission to everyone Shea receives from Cherry Blossom, who was with them as an approval that the censor has not acted strangely. Cherry blossoms nod at it, Principal Sakurada, instantly head to the staff room early enough.

"Now, good, or..."

"Are you going to see it now?

"Yikes. Later. It'll get crowded anyway, and I don't have a computer for the number of people. I'm going to bed."

As such, Kite decides to head to the conference room. There's a bed over there, so I was going to take a nap.

"Well, I'm going to bed too... something a little tired"

"Whatever you want."

To Kate's words, Shea follows. Well, I've been watching videos of other people's families for hours. I guess I'm tired. So they decided to take a little nap just to slow down time.

Time passes and around evening. The censorship ended first thing in the afternoon, so it was around the time the people-wave started to empty. Kate and Tina, and Yuri over Kate's shoulder, enter the unpopular PC room.

Tina thought the same thing, anticipating when she lost her popularity. Yuri was obvious, but intrigued by Kate's family, so she joined him instantly. It should be noted that Shea, who was with Kate until earlier, had a meeting with the inspectors to hear the report.

Good, you're free.

"Well, I guess so."

"Kite, come on, come on"

Looking inside the PC room, I still have the face to browse, but it's still not crowded. That way, I use my ID to access the school's servers and find my videos.

"There was."

"Mmm? Associated with cherry blossom videos? Why not?"

"Come on... oh, you said it's the same class as my cherry blossom brother to the extent of rumors,"

"Speaking of which, you did. We just shot it together and put it in the picture."

Kite rolls out the footage before Yuri, who swallows her solitude. It was Kate's family that showed up. Apparently, they all breathed the same, and they seemed fine.

"Heh, this is kite's family...... wow, cuter than kite's when she was little"


Naturally, Yuri has never seen Kate's family before. Even if I know you're here, that's all. So she shrugged emotionally.

By the way, she said she was cute about Hairu. He wasn't as tough as Kate, and he looked cute, one way or another, like his mother and sister. Thus, after a short period of time, the video is loaded and playback begins.

"Uh, well, what. If you're gonna be fine, then yeah. Don't you dare, if I can do this once with your friend, bring him in. '

"Regards, Tina, Kite"

First, there was a message from Kate's parents, who seemed pretty illuminated, but were normally safe. The next thing I know, it looks like it's Hairu's turn, and the two of them come forward. But this was the big problem.

"To your brother. First, let me tell you something first. I'll punch you when I get home! What the hell are you doing? What did you do! What the hell is that! I'm in a lot of trouble getting involved!

"... Kite, what did you do?

"I don't know... I want to hear it too"

Furious momentum is being told of the stupidity of a man. Not only Yuri, but both Kate and Tina are taken aback. With a tremendous amount and a loud voice, the upset of the parents beside him was originally recorded to the point of ambient stirring, which seems to have extremed confusion in sudden anger.

'I mean, what, I did a replacement woman for real! I'm not stupid! What the fuck! I want to be stabbed to death!


"Ka, it's Kate. Turn down the volume. That's just annoying."

Tina directs in a great panic to continue cursing. All of a sudden he sounded out loud and saw what the students around him were doing. Apparently, the disturbance that caused the disturbance succeeded in crossing the world.

"So, brother! You're safe anyway, so tell me where Elsa's signed first edition of the CD is next! And Eliza's signed photo album! Because I'll collect it for you as an artifact!

"No, I don't care if my brother's safe or not!

"Er, sister... it's just time to contain it... then brother. That's dead... maybe if you're a brother, you're hiding it somewhere..."

Apparently, a bunch of people are peeking. Hairu stops him quite shy. but the appearance of anger not healing was always like that. In that way, it was Hairu's turn where he managed to settle his anger.

'Erm... so, brother. I'll be fine. I met a lot of people later. I'm fine, don't worry. Oh, Dr. Ron said hi. Er, something else...... Ah, Mina...... Er, Mr. Pallas? Could be... with people...'

Needless to say, Kate had a bad feeling about transcendence at this moment. But, well, Kate is in a different world. Even if we want to deal with what's happening on Earth, we can't deal with it. No, well, it's possible if he can return to Earth alone.

"Um, kite? Are you all right, sir?

"Uh, yeah. Well, yeah."

Kite, who noticed the cherry blossom and stopped the video once, nodded slightly as it lit up. Apparently, the first anger sounded like a cherry blossom. Along with that comes Sora and the others, who heard Zorro and Sora. Well, they know about it, too, and they must have been worried.

"Ah, Hairukun. I miss you."

It's still the person on the screen who gets together and realizes that. Confirming the two of them, Yurika and Yuri smile in nostalgia at Kaito's siblings. Since she was a junior and had a taste for charm clothes, she sometimes went shopping with her. And that's how Sora asks.

"How'd it go with you?

"I'm fine over here. Sounds good to me, too."


Obviously, looking at the solid brush pressure letters as usual, Kite noticed that the stars and arrows were still the same. Since Sola seemed a little lit up, apparently no other family was different. Besides, it didn't look like I was greatly shocked by other faces, so I guess it doesn't change.

"Oh, yeah! Kite, speaking of which, your sister's pregnant! I'm surprised you're hungry."

"Oh, good for you. When you get home, bring him a proper souvenir."

"Yeah, but I was wondering if I could go home by the time I was born."

Meizi found out about her sister's pregnancy and seemed very happy. I don't know if I can go home by birth, but I seem to be waiting. To such enchantment, Kate sends advice.

"Then buy him some and go home. For childhood, infancy."

"Mm-hmm. I will."

That's how the charm bothers my head about what to make a souvenir of, yeah. And while we missed our families that way and told each other what was going on with each family, Sora apparently cared about the continuation of Kate's video. I showed the screen with my jaw.

"Hey, kite. It's time for you to go. I'm just curious."

"Hmm? Well, nothing good"

I don't think there is any information that would be troublesome to see, so I start playback again.

"Er, and then... Ah, Dr. Miyamon said to introduce me to that good lady next time I get back. So, I said I knew your son... what the hell... someone with a golden piercing asked me to stop. '

"That old man, what are you doing..."

"Who's your teacher? There wasn't a teacher in the eighth, was there?

It is not only Yuri and Hairu's attendance at Tenjin City 8th Junior High School, but it is also a well-known fact for the senior Solas. But I never heard of an old man about his age, Dr. Miyamen. I thought you were a new teacher, but the truth was different.

"What do you think I'm going to write about the letter of your gate?

"Hmm? Emperor's Emperor."

"Ah... enough to be. Is that what you mean?"

Apparently, cherry blossoms grasped it with that. I was smiling bitterly in my face. Well, in her case, she must have been slightly caught at the point of your gate, but she must have noticed it was converted into an emperor's letter.

"Oh, cherry blossoms, now you know?

"Maybe it's Buddhist imperial heaven, isn't it?

"I guess... that old man... you're so free... there's no Susano guy..."

Kate is grinning bitterly, but she seemed happy somewhere. Well, the imperial heavens Indra is the god that Kate is most cordial about, and she probably used it as a pretext to escape God's work.

"Oh, so, my dear brother, Brother Sola and the rainbow palace where you serve? Say hello to people... what do you mean?

"... me? Besides, Sensei Amamiya? You mean, honor?

"You must be a vegetarian. You guys are the gods... Actually, he seems to like Hairu. I must have made contact with Daitang when he came home in the summer. So, who are you?"

"Oh, be"

"Er, later...... oh, I don't think this is a good idea"


Kate cares, but she never got told afterwards. By the way, what Hairu tried to say was that there was a girl named Fell on the side, but that Fell stopped her.

"Er... later..."

"Hairu, isn't that a message?

'Ah... uh, I can't believe it, they're all fine. Father, that's enough. "

"Oops. That means you don't feel well, either. And come back healthy. I'm trying to see if you guys can make it home."

That was how the recording ended in his father's words, and the first message was to end. and that's where kite tilts her neck.

"Is that it? Lewis, you don't see it..."

"Was it showing?

"Apparently... but hey..."

Kate nods at Tina with a disgusting face. Lewis is the name when Kate calls the girl Lulu earlier. They had a lot going on. By the way, Tina seemed a little uncomfortable, and she was flattered. As such, Kite, who tilted her neck, decided to open more videos that she could view under her own authority.