"Sooo... ha..."

The moment seriously focuses your consciousness as you breathe. He didn't have any allies now. No, he's waiting for me to be able to intervene anytime, precisely in the immediate vicinity, but only in this fight, I was alone.

"Coming, distance 500. It's three o'clock from the seniors."

"Sorry. That helps."

Moments say thank you to Kate for the voice that has been echoing in her head. At the same time, his eyes captured the enemy.

"'The Bloody Wolf (Brad Wolf)'..."

Hold on to the crimson shadow that moves in a straight line for a moment and he squeals the enemy's name. "Blood Paint (Blood)." I think it's a causal name for a moment. Crusading this enemy alone was the purpose of this battle. And so, at the same time that the moment set the spear, the wolf of crimson revealed the whole thing.

Time goes back a few days. It happened in the Adventures office, where everyone was.

"Hey, kite. I need to talk to you about one thing, okay?


A few days after we got the message from Earth. It was the face of an adventure department that took each step with a new determination on its chest, but the moment cut one determination out to kite on its chest.

"I want to take a Rank B promotion exam"

"Hmm?... this demon... is" Bloody Wolf "for sure?"

"Oh. What kind of demon is that?

Apparently, the moment I knew about the name. Well, you know Millet, a local and Union official, and you heard from him.

"Hmm... well, you're a red wolf. Here, the habitat is about 20 kilometers south of Maxwell, around a forest of grassy trees."

Kate explores her memories as she slaps her head in a ton.

"You know The Sword Wolf in the Southeast?

"Oh. I fought many times"

Moments nod to Kite's inquiry. "The Sword Wolf" is a wolf-shaped demon featuring its sharp nails, and it was this "Sword Wolf" that caused Mel to eat the feint and expose the bikini armor when he traveled with Kite. Because the nails are as sharp as swords, and because they arc, they were named Sword Wolf.

"One of its evolutionary systems is Bloody Wolf."

"'Bloody Wolf' …?"

Kate finds the slight bitterness in her instant face, and smiles bitterly.

"Don't worry. He's still easier than he once was."

"... was it easy to understand?

"Sort of. He's a troublesome guy who even had intelligence on top of his subspecies, but this guy is just an evolutionary system. I don't use witchcraft, and the very way I fight is just like" The Sword Wolf. "The specs themselves have just the ability to get started in Rank B."

Kite also smiles bitterly again as the moment smiles bitterly, further reassuring him by giving him an overview of the enemy. As such, he asks what further moments went into him.

"Anything to be aware of?

"Nothing in particular... well, if you insist, he's a single demon. My people don't have to worry."


One of the troublesome features of Sword Wolf is that it is said to engage in collective action. As can be seen from the various inmate parties in the tasting carriage, multiple demons and inmates may be formed, so much so that among the demons of the same rank - rank C - it was cited as one of the hassles that popped out of each head.

"The Bloodstained Wolf (Brad Wolf) is like a demon who survived a similarly similar four-legged battle with the Sword Wolf (Saberwolf). Therefore, there is nothing to say about forming an inmate party. That's why they say his alias is the Lost Wolf. A stray wolf away from the herd. Well, even if we find the herd, we'll destroy it."

Kite smiles bitterly and opens up more information. Information on demons is also registered in personal terminal-type demon props owned by Moments, but these kinds of miscellaneous items are not listed. Therefore, the moment asked Kite.

Then you can focus on the battle.

"Oh. So it's one of those demons recommended in the Union as a promotion exam to Rank B"

The moment shrugged a little relieved, and Kate nodded at it. Naturally, but I don't want an adventurer who belongs with the Union to die. Therefore, if it is a troublesome demon or a demon ideal for rank promotion, information is actively disclosed.

"Well, call me when you go. I'm going to the director."

"Oh, I asked for it"

It was only a few days before there was this exchange, and the moment was the last confirmation and a few days of workout with Lil, and the day finally came.

Again, time returns to the present. Immediately activate < > the moment you start a battle against the Bloody Wolf. This time, both flames and thunder remain wrapped around your body to increase your own speed and arm strength.


Small, moments exhale and take an intermission, while 'The Bloody Wolf (Brad Wolf)' wields his right forefoot nail. But that wasn't the end of the Bloody Wolf attack. The wielded nails contain the magic of crimson, which is slashed and unleashed.


The moment you notice the slash unleashed, flatter your face for a moment, but immediately wave your spear to defend against the slash. And the metallic sound of "No," the crimson slaughter of "The Bloody Wolf" was prevented.

"Shit... you didn't tell me"

Moments tongue over strange behavior. It was an attack not found in The Sword Wolf (Sabel Wolf), such as the use of magic on his nails to kill him. There's no way that Kate doesn't know, but she's not willing to complain that she wasn't told, or expect an intervention. What is it, there is only one directive out of the kite this time. Don't do a previous investigation, was. Well, actually, it doesn't make sense to look into the previous information, but that would be good now.

It is the foolishness of madness from the extremely dangerous profession of adventurer, but Kate was telling me what the intention was. The intent was simple. It was an action that looked to the future.

"Beyond Rank B, there are many things incredible about enemy attacks at once. I think the previous information is a precedent to date. Whatever happens, deal with it."

Here's what Kate said. Beyond Rank B, you can no longer rely on existing information at once. Therefore, gathering information is important, but we cannot rely too much on it. If you give me any reassurance about unknown behavior, there is a good chance that it will crumble from there.

So all Kate dared to give was information that "The Bloody Wolf (Brad Wolf)" was just the evolutionary system of "The Sword Wolf (Blade Wolf)" and information that there was no backup. Instead of being bewildered by the sudden arrival of unknown attacks as a means of attack, they were going to make us learn to deal with all attacks.

'Safe because this demon is well known, is a mistake. Something is suspicious, pull if you think you can't beat it even slightly. You don't have to run away. But until you can get away with it, pull. It's the worst way to mislead. If you have any bad feelings, follow that intuition without hesitation'

It was a sort of inevitable that Bloody Wolf (Brad Wolf) was chosen as the gateway to the rank B. In fact, the information on this demon is deliberately laid down by the Union of Adventurers. Perhaps so will many senior adventurers. This is the watershed.

The best demon to make you learn it is this Bloody Wolf. In that way, it will soon come to mind.

"Become!? Werewolf!"

An instant surprise echoes into a meadow where there is only the sound of the wind. The Bloody Wolf (Brad Wolf), which has been moving on four legs so far, suddenly changed his skeleton and walked on two legs. It was clearly the perfect form for walking bipedally and for freely using the arms.

And "The Bloody Wolf (Brad Wolf)," who walked bipedally, was also changing the power of his arms. Again, the same magic of crimson resided in the nails, but the power of the slaughter that was wielded was overwhelmingly strong.

"Tsk!? What the hell is this?!

I'm confused to say that moments when I don't understand what's going on are in the middle of battle, but only the body does a well stained move.

This was the most needed talent for adventurers in Rank B and beyond. Even if your head is confused, can you fight in the realm of instinct or not? What you can see in this exam, exactly, was that. Ultimately, all of Kite's puked lies and Union's puked lies are futile. Just to see if I could do this, it was enough.

Adventurers who cannot fight in the realm of instinct cannot rise above Rank B. No, before that, I lose my life in a Rank B promotion exam. That was the wall between rank B and C.

It was only natural that the period of several months before taking the exam in the promotion exam to Rank B was clear, that merit was required, and that it was a dragon gate presence for adventurers. Only here, talent and experience say things.

As long as you have talent, you can get to Rank C, and the battle doesn't matter if you just have talent. But more than that, you also need experience saying that you can handle calmly rather than just talent, or that your body can handle even if you lack calmness.

From the information accumulated in the Union for more than a thousand years now, it was decided that a minimum level of experience would be nourished by any run, for a period of three months. The only thing that could have made this exception was a demon fallen into revenge like Kate's, or an authentic genius like Tina's.


"Ha... ha..."

The Bloody Wolf attack stopped for a moment, allowing for a moment of stagnation. The moment your head reaches the extreme of confusion, but use its stagnation to focus your consciousness.

That's how he changes his mind. Until now, it was a one-sided attack style, but I decided to follow my defensive instincts in the actions of the Bloody Wolf (Brad Wolf), which had fallen short of previous intelligence or expectations.

"The speed... is dropping?

It's the moment to identify the enemy's actions while defending the enemy's attacks, but in the beast form, the "Bloody Wolf" is not catching up with the speed of the moment we were chasing. The next thing to worry about is whether this is a bluff or not. But the answer came right away.

"Makes sense."

The moment saw it as having no way of doing it. In the human form and the beast, it is normal but at different speeds. It was only natural that the skeleton itself had changed so that speed could not be achieved. Instead, they are gaining strength.

"Then let's go!

If you see it that way, the moment enters the offense again. But this was also a failure in a way. Once I was going to take a distance and stop it with a spear, but when I took a distance, I saw that 'The Bloody Wolf (Brad Wolf)' immediately changed his skeleton, took his beast form, and chased him to instant speed.

"Chi! You didn't have the wisdom!

The moment yells at the frustration. But this is a little wrong. There is no wisdom in Bloody Wolf. However, from the experience I've survived, I have a strong defensive instinct in the sixth sense. As a result, the Bloodstained Wolf (Brad Wolf) packed a distance because he felt an unpleasant thing in his instant behavior. If this was the escape the moment chose, the Bloody Wolf would have missed it.

"What to do..."

The moment mechanically deals with the attack while preventing the wiggling nails of the 'Bloody Wolf (Brad Wolf)', who packed the distance and became man-shaped again. But the answer that came out was always the same. In other words, attack, is.

"Follow me!

That's what the moment is. No, it runs through the meadows at the speed of thunder. The moment we distance ourselves again, The Bloody Wolf (Brad Wolf) accelerates to take the beast form and not let go, and at the moment of proximity, it turns into the human form again. As such, red and purple double light and crimson light clash several times. That's how the moment comes.

"Ha! Ooh!"

that moment. An instant shout echoed, and blood scattered. An instant spear pierced the heart of the Bloody Wolf. Then, in response to his cry, a fire broke out of the spear that pierced the heart of the Bloody Wolf (Blood Wolf) and burned the crimson body of the Blood Wolf (Blood Wolf) with a crimson fire as well.

Nothing was running around pointlessly in the blink of an eye. He was identifying the behavior of "The Bloody Wolf" and figuring out how he was attacking it.

What I saw was a gap that I could do with an attack when running in beast form and picking up enemies in human form. Since it was an attack from the forward leaning position, I saw that I could not alternate between left and right.

Well, instead, they're wielding left and right at the same time, so they're getting more aggressive, but they can really do a flash of clearance after that. The moment was aimed at the gap. Nor did I just aim for it. He was up to something.

"Did you win..."

The moment you see tiredness on your face causes two spears of flame and thunder to disappear at the same time. The instant was a spear wrapped around the thunder of his left hand, which offset the slaughter of the nails of the "Bloody Wolf (Brad Wolf)," and then pierced his heart with a flaming spear of his right hand over an empty torso.

"Congratulations on your promotion"

There, Kate came clapping and clapping. That's how he opens his mouth.

"How'd it go?" The battle against the bloody werewolf, Bloodwarewolf, "

With an occasional flirtatious grin, he gave an unfamiliar name without instant evil.