Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 459: A Tour of the Brave

We were going to have a mock fight with Sola and the others, and Kite was coming to the underground training ground. The sound of a deep breath interrupts, while Kite disappears. It was directly above Sola and the others that showed up.

"Four moves/birds < >"

Kite jumps up big, upside down, and releases a living slaughter. It was one of < > 's four moves and bird lineage moves (skills). It is an anti-ground move, rolling out of the sky.

"Yes! < >!"

Thus, a completely unintentionally wielded ground attack is prevented by the shield of magic created by Sola in the air. < > was the creation of a shield that can be operated by magic. It was this that the Heavy Defense Forces led by Sola had once created as material for the Turrets and Turrets.

"Sola! I asked you to stay put!

"Say it!"

Sho scaffolds that shield and jumps up towards Kite. No, no, no, but doing it or going to win is the flux of an athletic club member who leads instantly.

"Sola, come on! Now multiple please!

"Whoa! I got it!

"< >!"

Sho jumped from a shield made of magic, but the next moment he splits into multiple bodies. Sho used it to create phantoms. Thus, Sho, divided into three bodies, scaffolds several magic shields created by Sola, surrounds Kite and enters the attack at the same time, front, left and right.


"Hey!? Why!?"

But it didn't work for Kite. A meaty sho at the same time as a phantom, but without getting lost at all, it is intercepted by kite. At this time Kate just didn't tell us why, but this reason was too simple. I didn't work well with Sola.

Sho used Sola's created magic shield as a scaffold, fleshy as surrounding Kite. Sho can't prolong the lag time with physical surgery alone or travel through the air like Kate, but it's not possible.

However, Sho's < > could not reproduce his weight or power, and he could not reproduce the impact that he could have had when riding the magic shield. They spotted it, and they spotted the main body.

If it were to be used as a collaboration, Sola would have had to reproduce the same motion as Sho's shield on a shield with a phantom on it, or create an advanced identity that Sho himself would try to reproduce even the impact.

"< >!"

Kite is not sweet enough to miss someone who stunned in front of his enemies. So I aim for that gap and roll out my footsteps. If you roll it out in the air, you'll be hit to the ground with the last blow on your heels that you'll let go to knock it off. It was, but that last heel drop stops on the way.

"Sho! Don't bluff!

Instead of using the scaffolding created by Sola, the moment she jumped from the ground to the air at once broke into strong pieces. The missing acceleration force is compensated by the use of lightning protection. That's how the instant rolled out the spear, the swinging heel drop of the kite collides, creating a shock wave. With that shock, Sho, who until now had only taken a series of shocks by the barrier, succeeds in forcefully leaving. The shock wave occurred just a little ahead of Sho's head, so Sho was about to be slapped to the ground, but managed to regain his posture.

For one moment, use fire protection in the air and use < > all at once. However, this time the spear will not wrap thunder or flames, but everything is in its own power. And the two start the fight as they fall.

"Excuse me! Shit, seriously, it's cancer!


Kite, who landed with several blades crossed in the air with an instant, tells her to distance herself. I do suppress the output and can't use the trump cards, but I still wasn't going to do anything about it. So the attack was quite serious.

"Oh no! Little bird play!


"Divine Yin... < >"

Looking at the bow erected by the landed kite, the moment she was running off trying to chase her stops with a sudden brake hanging, Yuri shooting the bow as she continued to build up her magic earlier. Kite, who would give it back, also shot the bow. Yuri's aim is Kite, but Kite's aim is Yuri's unleashed arrow. Hating to be sniped in the middle of a fight, he was going to let go of what he kept accumulating once.

That way, two collisions create a black flash. Kate's unleashed arrows offset Yuri's unleashed arrows. Yuri continued to accumulate from the start of the battle, but the arrows unleashed by Kate were only released to kill Yuri's arrows, and no great magic was needed.

"Sho! I'm coming!

"Whoa! That was an earlier redo!

Enchantment and Sho approach Kite, eyeing the flash created by Yuri's unleashed arrows and Kite's unleashed arrows. Sho was wary that the phantom might not make sense, and Sho would not create a minute of body.



The two attack simultaneously from left to right. When the opposing kite takes out the Great Sword, he wields the Great Sword for the first time. We were going to wrap them up and blow them away.

But no matter how kite, you can't make it to the attack of two speed fighters with a big sword. So kite weaves his identities too. This was a decent mass and power split, < > one of < > 's technical skills. By the way, the charm side is split.

"" Nah!

The two kites strike out a massacre at the same time and beat the two attacks. Then, instantly, Kite becomes alone and fleshes to Sho, who just missed the finish.

"Hey! It's me again!

"Guarantee your defeated enemies."

"That's right!

"Wa no!

Sho's fleshy kite, but the rapidly accelerating Sola uses wind protection to forcefully interrupt between them. With the impact of a collision between the great sword and the shield, a clear metal sound sounds. As such, naturally, there is no damage to the attacked kite, and the interrupted and prevented Sora has numbness in her arms.

"Tsk!... I don't know..."

"Huh! Ha!

"Hey! Tamma, with all that power, a series of fights is serious!

Sora manages to cope with a bitter look on Kite's face as she continues to do so. Sho, who sees it, approaches Kite again.

"Can't Tyman still do it! Sora, keep trying!

"Say it! Don't you dare!

"This moment! Get lost!"

"Yuri! Todome, please!

"… < >!"

Apparently, he took the opportunity to see a few speeds drop with the sword. It was intended to prevent all attacks with Sola, stop the movement at once with three speed-oriented people, and stab them with Yuri's weapon moves (Arts). But there was no way I could handle this.

"… < >"

Kate pierces the blade of the Great Sword to the ground as soon as the reinforcements are all within range. That is how it was born: a heap of blades by the blade of the Great Sword. Moreover, countless blades of magic appear over the sky as they sew through the gaps in that sword mountain. He was dressed to be pinched from the top and bottom.

"Yikes! No!

"< < Operation Shield" Control Shield ">!"

"Come on!


Suddenly appearing on a heap of blades, Enchanted Clothes and Sho are sealed. Sora and Moment activated the power of protection and escaped at once. But those who were unable to do so were trapped. It was also possible to escape because the blade was not pierced, but it was not necessary.

"I'll show you the top... < >"

In the orbit of the arrow unleashed by Yuri's rigid bow, which thus flies in, Kite creates a single, somewhere graceful shield. It is a shield used in the battle against Hector by the great hero Achilles, who is admired in the epic "Elias". Among Kate's known shields, he was a shield with superior power.

Incidentally, it is higher than the < > that used the moment against the opponent in the second tournament.

"Now you can do a little bit, huh? Good, good, good.

Finished preventing everything, Kate stripped her fangs, and gave her a fierce grin. Yuri's special arrow was prevented, but Xiang succeeded in escaping by exploiting the flash created by it.

It should also be noted that Meizi had successfully escaped without any problems because she had put her body ahead of herself for lack of mass and had further concealed her appearance.


Sola and the others feel the cold with Zokri. Kate had never smiled before, but the moment she smiled, she felt fierce in her magic.

"Well... like they rewarded me, I have to reward them too."

With a fierce grin, one kite tells. The sword that pierced the ground sank straight to the ground, and that's how it was removed, the lid-shaking blade. One is a machete/drying rod that everyone has seen. The other was a giant sword with the length of the long kite as well.

"Masaru Murakami/" Moonfall Night ". Masaru Murakami/" Banjo ""

The signs of kite change. If so far quiet is a skilled warrior on the table, then it is as a brave man who has emerged. harsh, and then, rough. It was just the hegemony of those who stood at the top of the martial arts. That's how Kite snaps his fingers. And with it, there was the sound of a man falling.


"Kids, I got you to sleep... from here on out, as a brave kite, I'll deal with you. So..."

So, the word cut kite gets wrapped up in the light. That's how he appeared, what he was. kite with pale eyes and pale hair, was.

"Come for real. Otherwise, no cheers."

"As long as you don't get that far? Rewards and rewards…"

In response to Kite's proclamation, the moment asks, with a glimmer of sweat. The signs themselves have become a little overwhelming, but not yet, if they are all bundled up, insurmountable. To this extent, if you do your best to die, you can handle it.

"I mean it... it's one of my trump cards. It's not a patchwork."

In response to the instant inquiry, with a slightly calm face, Kite will deserve to be seen firmly, he undertakes. It is not a move that should be used to their extent. This, in other words, is close to the trump card, the same as the holy sword for Lux and the < > for Ballantine.

It was originally a bill that should not have been opened cheaply in this place, but still, I wondered if I could show the hard-working people about one that was not written in the history books. So, with a fierce grin, Kate told him.

"Well... first, I'm the guy. Let me see how far you can go in this state."

"Huh! We all push it off at once! Ignore defense! Attack, we're going down!

Your own sweat flows down and makes a slight water noise on the ground, while the moment hangs the decree. In doing so, everyone will simultaneously unleash the biggest series of hits they can have.

"< < Quaternary Open (Azot Sword) > > … < < Phantom Spike (Mirage Byte) > >!"

First of all, it was Sho who ran through. When he puts a < > on his sword, he fills it all at once with < >. And at the same time as he packs his time, he doesn't get lost, puts his moves (skills) on it, and releases a spike.

That said, there's no way Kite can handle such a foolish, honest attack directly from the front. So Kate waves her long sword and tries to tear Sho's spike apart. but such behavior, even for them, was visible.

"To that extent...... Huh!

"< < Ice Sea Formation > >... but you can't move when it's cold, can you?

moments before Kite's slaughter. Charm creates cold air and inhibits kite's movement. Indeed, it is difficult to respond immediately if any warrior is blunted in motion by another attack moments before defense. but if it's a regular person, it's a story. Kite is not a regular person. Both supermen and heroes are said to exist.


When Kate blows cold air with one temper, she deals with Sho's spike as if nothing had happened as it were. That said, as we know, Sho is merely a catalyst. That's fine as long as you can stop the movement. So using the time I made with it, Yuri moves on to the attack.

"< >"

Yuri builds up his magic to the max and squeezes the strings. The arrows thus unleashed, in an instant, feel neither magic nor arrows.

Yuri used the bow of Artemis, the goddess of the Greek mythological moon. The effect is a blow that leads to fatality without suffering. In fact, this was an arrow that unleashed invisibility.

"Hmm... you thought about it. but... it's not good for a man. Remember."

The arrow of invisibility, even if invisible, is present in itself. So Kite didn't get lost, so she grabbed the arrow.

By the way, Kate said it doesn't work for men, but it's still a divine bow. Normally, no one in the instant could tell. It was only with as much acumen as Kite, and because the user was profitable, that he could grasp it.

"Impossible, as always! < >!"

My face is furious when I say that the moment is frightening - but my face is fierce - against Kite, who grabbed an arrow that is not supposed to be visible or even feel magic, and unleashes a thunder spear. Against such a lump of thunder, Kate just has a fierce grin.

"I'm a monster, I'll tell you again... Ha!

Kate just sticks her right arm forward. And when you get one rip, that's it, < > lightning scratches off and a huge amount of light scatters all around you.

"I knew this would happen! Right here. Ahhh! < >!"

In response to the enormous amount of light that was born, Sola sticks out her shield with her temper. Using only the < > power of the < > pile shield he developed to the extreme < >, the explosive substitution magic exploded, creating a roar.

"... Fair enough, huh? You see the effort."

"Ha... ha... are you serious..."

I turned everything around and read this far, but Kate deals with it by releasing her palm bottom with her right hand. That's how he smashes his own pile, and Sora pulls his cheeks apart. To Sora like that, Kite tells her clearly.

"Too few handbills. It's your bad habit. Indeed, < > is a good move. But... you show it too much. Hide the trump card. If you can't do that, hold the hand as much as you don't need it, or hold the trump card."

Kate points out Sola's weakness, and Kate gently puts her right hand in Sola's armor. That's how the tall noise sounded.


"< > … It's time to create a stake without a shield. After that, it's time for you to rattle on your armor. Ask for repairs."

Kite, who blew up Sola, keeps sending advice to Sola. Touch it. I figured it out, but it seemed like it was time to fix the armor.

"Well, it's all good, it is. I don't have a problem with this... well... then it's time for a reward."

Kite, who pushed Sola back into the group, decided to open only one of her own trump cards for them.