Kite and Solas started by a word from Sola. Simulated battle with some of the poles in the upper levels of Adventure Department. It ends in the seemingly far too long that even if it were to be a serious series of attacks by Sola and the others, it would not reach Kite at all.

"Well... it's a reward. Before that, study history."

As a result of all his efforts, Kite puts the sword of the lid into different spaces, all in front of the breathless Solas.

"Shit, history... No, I didn't hear anything..."

Sora laughs bitterly at Kate's words as she lets her breath out. A reward for studying history is more of a punishment game than a reward for most of the faces in this arena. I can't thank you enough. In response to such a togetherness, Kite smiled bitterly.

"Nothing. I'm not in such a serious history class either. It's just that... we talk about them to be told."

"They should be told... them...?

"Oh, that's all I want you to hear."

To the words of an instant, Kite tells him with a bitter smile. That's how Kate inhaled deeply.

"Ho... let's get started! Open the armory!... The brave man who inherited everyone's thoughts is here!

Exhaling deeply inhaled, Kate, along with her oath, waves up the sword of the liturgy. That's how the anomaly happened.


In the corner, which was an underground training ground, the sky is born. Then, further, the meadow appeared. But that's not just a meadow. Numerous weapons were stabbed there, as if they were tombstones.

No, I'm not just poking around. A weapon the size of which, when pierced, hid in the grass, floated in the air, as if not to let itself be forgotten.

Even if it's a weapon type, it varies. Some things normally look like swords, some spears, axes, and one-of-a-kind objects, some things like Hulbert on an iron nail with hook claws. Various other weapons, such as demon guns and iron fans, were housed there.

"This is..."

Everyone sees a weapon pierced near themselves. All of this was adjusted and polished, but all of it was scratched. It was as if, at the end of a fierce struggle, I had come here. That's how Kite opened her mouth.

"Divergence... well, it's one of the deepest parts of witchcraft. It's not my mind world or anything. Well, it's magic to repaint the world and create a very convenient space. It's connected to my arsenal now."

Using the deepest part of the magic of alienation, Kate laughs bitterly and pulls out a weapon pierced near herself. It was a spear that was used until it wore out.

"Whether you say this spear was the most spear in my unit or not, it's something that a fool had to stick in a straight line and be honest with him. Even after my return, I still belong to the dumbest spears on every battlefield. I thought I was gonna die somewhere, but I ended up giving this guy a full life. This guy's best weapon is bad luck."

When Kate stuck the pulled spear to the ground again, along with it, her voice sounded.

He said, "It's okay! 'Cause you're gonna do it in chains, like right now!

'Idiot! That's not what I'm talking about! Fool, if you go in there honestly, you're gonna die!

I don't want you to tell me!

One belongs to Kate. But the other one was someone else's. And now Kate pulls through the great sword that once became the great book of swords he gave Tsubaki.

"This is the prototyped Slaughter Dragon Sword, the contraindication sword that was called. The owner was, well, a bright guy... and I killed him in the end. The farm outside the school, Master Inada over there, are you there? He was the captain of that unit. I was with them then... this Maxwell now was also the beginning of their dreams. Probably no worse than Kuzha when it comes to his contribution to the city... I wanted him to see it too"

They seem to remember someone. Sora and the others can't ask about anything in Kate's sad eyes somewhere. Thus, when Kate pierces the Great Sword, once again, the voice of the phantom sounds.

"Let's go on a journey. Somewhere without war."

"I'm not interested... I'm going after him..."

"Bye. You go, too. The kid said," Shut up and listen to the older ones. "

'If you can do it to a mutton, do it... without power, you can't protect anything, and you can't change it...'

"Oh, you said it! So, you want to try!?

"Ah...? Oh, hey! You're all cowards!

"Remember. Surrounded by numbers, whatever you are now. Yes, Your Loss'

Kate's bitter voice echoes against her cheerful voice and a variety of fun laughs. That's how I then grip one wand pierced to the ground.

"Damn, I don't even need to talk about it... it belongs to Grandpa. Even on the verge of extinguishing coal, he was the one who lived until the end of our wake..."

Like praying, Kate gently pierces her wand on the ground again. That's how it came to flow, a slightly squeamished voice.

"I'm sorry... and... I asked for Aura... and Mies... hey... now I'm with you..."

'Ahhh... ahhh! Yusa hey... never... I'll definitely butch you! Whoa, whoa!'

"No, Kite! Keep it down! '

"Haha...... this is nothing. A little embarrassed. You should have talked about a ridiculous woman anyway. I'm sorry. I think I reacted to your thoughts."

Were you a little embarrassed to see yourself mad at anger, Kate forcibly stops playing, smiling bitterly as she lit up a little. That way, the next thing I know, I grab the iron armor with the poked hook claw that was floating there.

"The owner of this is Rasheed the Pointed Claw. He's an old man who was my deputy chief in my unit."


The charm opens its eyes all the time. Once, it was a name I heard from Yuri.

"What. Did you hear that from Yuri? This old man blew his lower body out in one fight and died."

Kite, who sees everything in the face of the charm, strokes the iron armor in her nostalgia. It's been years since I took it, I guess. But I never forgot. Thus, as Ironclad floated away from Kate's hand, his voice sounded again. It was the voice of a middle-aged man.


'Why... why, I'm so impotent! They're waiting for the old man to come home! Why do we have to lose it again!

'Gu... no, I'm sorry... how many minutes I felt so young watching an unscrupulous kid like you... but it's okay, what is it? Even if I die... you...'

"Oh... I'll take you. So come home."

When Kate answers the voice of the phantom, she grabs the iron armor that leaves her and fits it in her arm.

"It's a reward. I'll show you... the way I fought... I created shadows from the beginning, but I wasn't called < >. They told me I was carrying the dead ones, but that's why I was called their shadow."

Kate finally stands up. When told together, she takes a unique structure that will probably be some sort of genre. But that's not the end of Kite's change.

"< >"


Kite disappears when she turns into something like a dancer. In the next unusual moment, Kite traveled at speeds. It is not at the level of instantaneous speed. Kate acted so fast that she could no longer even utter an outrage. By the time they were all recognisable, Kate had multiple cleavages of the same from behind with her hook claws.

"< >!"

Kite, who appeared before the same eyes, doesn't stop then. And when I take the spear that was there, I say again, some kind of name.

"< >"

Kite, who was wrapped in a green feather coat, once again changes her figure to match the verbal showdown. It looked like purple blue light armor. So, with the loud noise, the kite disappears again, and there are multiple lightning strikes between them. A thunderous kite ran between us.

"It's over... < >!"

Running between them, Kite leaps up one last time, throwing a spear through the ground thoughtfully, causing the thunder to flash around the same perimeter. Thus, Kite, who lands on the spear, again, speaks out.

"For the number of people...... no, you can do about 8 basic bodies...... can't you see through it anyway? We'll do the rest. < >!"

With Kite's oral vote, Kite's figure turns into the same light armor figure as his former friend, and his standing spear turns into a giant Hulbert.

"It's one of the ends of < > … < >!"

With the oral vote, Kite's figure turns into a complete flame. This is one of the final touchpoints of the Lilles Bernstadt family, < >. It was < > completely assimilated to flames. So, Kate was in the mood, and she blew all of Sola and the others.

"You think it's over? Unfortunately, that's not true, this is... < >!"

As Kate's dictation coincides, his appearance changes again. The next figure is noble clothing. However, it was never Huamei, but also an object that was thought of for ease of movement and practicality.

"Stop sewing! < >"

Borrowing the figure of a friend who is also comparable in intelligence to the Demon King, Kite creates a thunderstorm that he specializes in and forcefully stitches away the blowing Solas. It's overkill at this point as well, but Kite hasn't stopped yet.

"Hmm... it's not over yet. < >"

In a quiet voice, Kate gives a further oral vote. It was the figure of a friend who became synonymous with the knight, the ancestor of Al.

"It is said that knights of light and knights among knights... Lux was formerly known as < >. Not surprisingly, this was famous at the time... well, I don't care"

With a soft grin, Kate tells a secret backstory. That said, I didn't take this look in order to talk to him like that. As such, the figure of Kite is divided into two parts.

"Just a little bit, let's turn the space around"

One or sword up, one or sword down. Along with that, the surrounding landscape instantly turns into a space just full of starry skies. They alienated space to something else. Thus, the sparkle of the stars struck Solas, surrounded by starry skies.

"" < < Starlight Brilliance (Starstorm) > > "

The two kites simultaneously, swing their swords up again, swinging them down. Along with that, to the Solas, a sword of magic is attacked that brings together countless starlight. Thus, when the brilliance was all over, the dark night broke, returning again to the otherworlds of the original kite.

"Then at the end of the day... you know what I mean. < >"

With the space back on track, Kite wears black and crimson clothes that imitate what he loves most.

"At the end of the day, it's great magic. Put them all together, blow them away… < >"

Finally, a blow of extreme light is born and the world blows up. That's how the Solas were bounced from the different spaces that were smashed apart, and they all crashed into the walls of the training ground at the same time.

Approximately enough after the settlement. Everyone returns. There is no problem with the injury. space that was convenient to me, so in fact almost all of Kite's attacks were starting to push through their bodies. Or else they wouldn't have one piece of meat left by now.


A groaning voice echoed Sora's small pain in heavy defense. Together, they were blown away by Kite's blow, and they crashed straight into the walls of the underground training ground. It is painful and natural.

Well, he's still the better. It was obvious, but it was heavily defensive, so it managed to moan about the smallest, smallest, most painful damage.

"Uh... bad. A little too much."

"... I'm your girlfriend for once..."

"Kite... we also have pain relief..."

You thought you had just overdone it for the two women, using pain reliever magic that Kite would stick around and replace with painkillers. Well, it's just a stroke, so the pain gradually pulls off, but the painful voices of the two girls just couldn't stand Kate either.

"... I'll remember about the pain meds too..."

I see my best friend doing her own scratch allowance with a face that Sora seems just a little envious of. After this, he asked Meath and apparently spent roughly a month or so remembering the initial steps of healing magic. It would be fortunate, in a sense, that the result was a wider range of his tactics.

Well, only Sola can think of such a swallowing thing. Charming and Yuri managed to be in that condition by Kate's pain relief and healing, but the unhealed Sho and Moments are worse.

"Gu... gu..."


It's the moment you're groaning. He still had enough room for pain. Anyway, he took a direct hit from almost all of it.

Sho, by contrast, took a direct blow as if it had been damaged. As a matter of course, it was painful, and now it had been forcefully passed out by Kite.

"Well, moments. Now we can do it, let's just say."

"That's... thank you... gu..."

"Be patient."

It is Lil who embraces moments of pain. She could have expected this to happen, and brought her personal effects for pain relief. Well, still, I never thought I'd be able to get this far.

"After all, it's far away..."

"Shit... far away, dude..."

Sola and moments. Two small voices had reached only Kate and Lil's ears. Sure, they got stronger, too. Still, the highest peak in the world was still far away.

So, another 30 minutes. By the time the faces that had been stunned by Kite had returned, Sola and the others had returned and asked Kite what they had just seen.

"While... So, what was that earlier?

"Oh, that one? My original way of fighting. Style change. Well, from what I've seen, it's a way of fighting inspired by the rest of them... no, well, it's not that I can only use it in battle."

Answered Sola's inquiry, Kite stays put and wears a water-colored feather coat ahead.

"This is < >. It's a healing type."

"Undine...... you mean there are 8 of them?

"No, for number of people"

Kite answers the instant inquiry with a bitter smile. But apparently that was mistaken. Not only for a moment, we all tilt our necks together.

"Hmm? So for eight, right?

"No, for everyone who made friendship with all my troops. And all the weapons brought to me."

"... Yes?

Everybody, they don't understand what they're saying, they tilt their necks. With that elsewhere, Kate goes on and on.

"Well, the basics just made a lot of improvements to the last eight, so we ended up with eight more for us, and then, well, a few more. This one is, well, a real trump card. Let me see."

"Uh... no, wait. You, seriously, you know what you're talking about? Well, maybe... tens of millions then, right?

Sora asks Kite as she pulls her cheeks together. I don't know how many were brought under the kite, but given his qualities, at least, 10,000 would be exceeded. I know everything about it, that was outrageous.

"Ah? Well, for once. You can't forget that, can you? I remember the weapon. I'm just reading it. It's easy."

"Easy......? But... you... that means you remember tens of millions of weapons either way..."

"You can't, you can't forget... I can't. And these guys can't even do it with weapons. Anyway, the last time our warriors breathe together is with these guys. Remember that? The weapon remembers you more than you think... than I can read."

Kate laughs and tells Sola and the others. As such, the brave man showed off his piercing locks as a brave man and became a little embarrassed, after the occasion.