"What about this..."

A duet of orange infarcts and strokes echoes, not the sound of striking iron, at a blacksmith in the guild home of the Adventure Department. They had just finished striking a one-handed sword.

"... do you want to use it for a while..."

That's how I try to pass the magic through a few times, Sola, but, again, the magic ride is bad. I can't tell you exactly what it is, but something doesn't stick to my body.

"Again, no..."

Two unfortunate voices sound. I looked at Sola's face like something was caught in her back teeth and saw that something wasn't coming.


"No, this is what we do."

When the two receive the one-handed sword again, they convert it into the original material. The original material was low-level magic silver (misril). Even at low levels, it must be magical silver (misrills), so it was a fairly high-performance substitute, but Sola doesn't fit that well.

When I say, turn this into high quality magic silver (misrill), Sola's arms will no longer reach for it this time and she will no longer be used. Then, on the contrary, if you put it below the low level of magic silver (misrills), you won't be able to stand the power of Sola this time, and it will be the same result again as in your previous game. It was the current state of pain and itching.

"Let's talk to the pavilion once."

Then, for a while, the three of us talked to each other, including Sola, but the answer that came out was to talk to Kate.

"Well, he's got it this time, and I guess he will"

Sola's one-handed sword remains damaged as ever. So I was using a spare one-handed sword, but that involves Kite's ticket.

Anyway, the Emperor Leonhardt has been ordered to look immediately at the one-handed sword and give it to Sola. There is no denial. That's how the three of them headed to Kate, who was supposed to be working in the clerk's office once.

Meanwhile, by that time, Kite had been consulted by Cherry Blossom, Rui Tree.

"That's why."

"Is there anything good you can do?

The two of them ask Kite. I was talking to Kite about the school side issues I received in my regular school report the other day.

"You don't have enough repair materials to use in school, or... the mineral system is expensive..."

"Neither iron nor copper ore are precious metals, but it would still be quite a price to have Ingot smelt iron..."

"It's expendable even for a school facility... I can't make it even if the technology is hidden so that it can be outsourced..."

In the words of cherry blossoms, Kate and Mizuki sighed as well. School facilities are commonplace, but the majority, excluding places, are still kept secret. Since the emperor had already broken in and completely destroyed the information grasped by the Count Reames family, so far the only celebrities who have accurately grasped the outline of its equipment, etc. are those who can place more trust than the Duke in the public. I mean, we can't even get a contractor to fix it, and we have to fix it ourselves.

"Computer-related repair parts on wires strewn around the school, gymnasium nets on light bulbs, etc... headaches... if it's bamboo on light bulbs or something, it's still all LED lights in the school..."

Even Kite gets a headache. If Kate or Tina can get it over with fast, that's fine. But, of course, it is not possible to do so, as it stands. People are growing up to fix it, and they have to be assigned jobs.

Besides, we also need materials for their practice. This is something I've never done at the Duke McDawell's house, and it was unprecedented even for Kite. I've never done it before because it's a very simple story, and there were witch mountain jokers like him who were able to fix it in one piece. There was no need to develop human resources from scratch.

"Well, I can't believe it, you need the material"

"Right. Request delivery from the vendor?

"Tsubaki, what's going on with the pedestrians you're familiar with now?

Either way, the material that's about to run out is about to run out. Whether you fix it or make a new one, you have to get the material to get started. So, it was even normal for Kate to think about hitting the vendor she was gracious about.

Tsubaki had already opened the notebook and carried out the confirmation, which had always occurred to him there before he received it. but he didn't seem very aromatic, and he had a look on Tsubaki's face that seemed just a little sorry.

"... I'm sorry, your husband. Apparently, the familiar vendor is paying for it. Especially the vendors to the mountains north of Dwarf are paying."

"Hey, are you serious..."

This was a little unexpected even as a kite. Sometimes there's one thing left, but it seems to have been accidentally paid for. And there came the siloe in. Naturally, not through the door, but through the wall.

"Master! A customer has arrived!

"You know him?

"No, it seems to be a bit of a translation, and Mr. Milley wants me to contact the master!

Apparently, they're clients. Kate corrected her clothes and the cherry blossoms stepped away from the couch for visitors they were talking to once.

"Let me in, please"

"Yes. Well, go ahead -"

"Excuse me."

It was a man with brown skin, pointy ears, who came in under the guidance of Siloe. They looked like they were in their late twenties to early thirties, but wouldn't necessarily be what they looked like.

"Go ahead."

"Thank you"

Kate recommends a seat to her client's man, and when she sits on the couch, she starts a conversation beside making Tsubaki prepare tea.

"So, are we talking about your job?

"Haha, well, that's the place"

He was a man who had seen an accent similar to a Kansai accent in the way he spoke. It was familiar to Kate from Kansai, but only one species in Enefia knew how to talk about it, Kate knew. So I'll ask first.

"Perhaps you're from the Demon Clan?

"Oh, you know what I mean?

Apparently, it was a hit. A demonic man gives a nostalgic grin.

"Yeah, I'm from a place where I talk in a similar way, so I'm interested, but I looked into it."

"Ho, is that it? You mean Kansai?

"Yeah, coincidentally, he came from the same brave man. There are some unexpected coincidences."

I beg your pardon.

Let the demonic man, who showed a glimmer of face, respond with the original way of speaking of vegetables, too, Kite. When the other man saw that it was not an act, he allowed his mind a little. If it's not acting, it's easy to chat. So Tsubaki brought tea to both of them.

"Oh, here we go... this is the tea I miss"

A demonic man opens his eyes only slightly with a cup of tea offered from Tsubaki in his mouth.

"This one has a lot of pedestrians. I'm sure you'll notice. I got it a little handy."

"Pretty tasty guy. Yeah, this is delicious."

Apparently, you liked it. What Kate offered was tea commonly desirable in the Demon Territory - the Demon Nation is one of the Demons. I thought that pedestrians would rarely enjoy tea, alcohol, etc. from their hometown, and I had obtained local alcohol and tea from various lands. So after a short chat, I finally get to the point.

"So, that was a request."

"Oops, sorry about the rash. My mouth was like a merchant... and I did it again where it slipped away. Yeah, it's work."

Thus the demonic man takes out a piece of paper and offers it to Kite.

"Hmm? Prox, North Grace Chamber of Commerce Branch President? Are you the president of the northern branch of the Grace Chamber of Commerce…"

"Haha, let's not name it before. Sorry. Let me take the president of the branch office there."

Prox smiles. Besides, Kite gets the impression of food. So he took his serious eyes and started talking.

"Well... shall we go into the work story? What I want is an escort. The number of people is about 30. The job description is to buy loads and escort them back over here or. After that, we'll send loads to various parts of the Empire by air, so we don't have to."

"What's your destination?

"The Gardens of the Witches in the Duke's Northern Territory or. I'll go through about three on the way, so it's a net request for about three weeks."

It's time for Kate to start playing the van. That's how he hits the path and asks.

"On that date, we'll go through the dwarves, right?

"Here. Have you investigated the area? Damn, that route. On the road Kaina Village La Minado Village La Minado Village I buy fresh food in several rural areas and buy and sell the luggage I took from Maxwell, so there a slight wait arises. Products are different in Dwarves, but they're the same. Well, the next shipment comes from fresh foods and just a little rush. So, while our employees were selling off half of the fresh food in Dwarf, half left as it was. I don't need an escort for those who stay. Inside the dwarf. We'll meet you on the way home."

"Really... 30 people. I see. Let me study."

"Haha, I can tell you more about this than I expected. You can negotiate this one individually, and it's helpful to know the story."

To Kate's words, Prox laughs. The reason he came to ask the Adventure Department was here. If you negotiate requests individually, it will naturally take a lot of time, and the cost of the requests will vary depending on the individual. Negotiations may require as many personnel as possible, and in some cases leave at the destination.

If you want to go back and forth, it may be better for you to have a face that belongs to the Alliance. You can account for expenses in bulk, and if you can ask the Alliance, it will be easy on the paperwork. It was beneficial to him in many ways.

"So, with what number structure?

"I don't know... I'm going to go through the Caravan and the Enemy Lane for once... but it's a relief to have one Rank B"

"Okay. Okay, let's work out some plans. Also, can you come tomorrow? I will give you a quote. Plus, you'll need to get a lot of things ready."

"Here. That's the Japanese, Tsuko-san. I don't know where you can quote me...... I don't know. Please."

To the word quote out of kite, Prox laughs with a face that seems sincerely difficult and finishes the story. So, after dropping him off, Tsubaki opened his mouth.

"What do you want to do? Can your husband leave?

"No... Tina. You were listening, weren't you? Come back home sometimes. Baba's rubbing his mind."

"Mmmm... right. Sometimes I'd say hello to Baba."

After a brief reticence, Tina accepts Kite's instructions. Originally she is a witch clan. Therefore, I thought I would return from time to time. By the way, Master Baba means the sheikh of the Witch Clan.

"Now Rank B is fine, and…"

"Oh, kite. I'd like to go on an expedition if possible..."

That's how the moment opened his mouth as Kite worked out all sorts of plans. Originally he was going to volunteer, but Kate decided on his own.

"Hmm?... Hmm... That depends on tomorrow's consultation. It just depends on how much you can afford."

"Right. Well, then, think about it."

I guess moments don't mean I'm otherwise strong and I want to go on an expedition. I'm convinced that's okay. And there came the three Solas. Thus, what was told was that it could not be good for Sola's weapon.

"So much so... is there a problem with the material..."

"Yes. They don't seem to be compatible with the material in any way, and they don't seem to be compatible with Mr. Sola"

"No, so will the material, but you've got specificity in Sola herself"

That's how I was identifying Sola, Kite, but he gave me a better answer.

"What? Me, is something weird going on?

"You, recently blessed... No, apart from the blessing of Sylphie and the others, you are using the power of the native gods of Susanoo, who was born. I didn't feel it a while ago, but I feel the power of Susano very slightly. So I guess your power as a dragon clan and his power to kill dragons are interfering, and I'm not sure what that means. I guess it doesn't affect you physically."

"Is that okay?

After listening to Kate, Sora asks with some anxiety. but kite laughed and pushed her heartbeat that it was okay.

"You bet. Why do you have to be born with the power to die? You can't let a snake die of its own poison. Along with that. It's like an antibody to your body."

"Oh well... seriously freaked out"

Phew, I wipe the sweat flowing down my forehead, and I feel relieved that Sora is at ease, etc.

"Well, let's just say... it can't happen to me. Inform Meath at regular checkups. I know exactly what I'm talking about. Only ask a specialist."


"Always... slightly derailed, but let's get down to business. I just got into work. So we go inside the dwarf...... oh yeah...... cherry blossoms!


A kite notices something along the way and speaks to the cherry blossoms that were returning to their seats.

"You sure didn't have enough mineral-based materials!?

"Yes, that's right"

"Good. Then why don't you buy it from us? Tsubaki, please arrange a carriage. Give me a quote right away. I want to show it to you when the president comes by earlier tomorrow."

"Okay. Okay, let's get to it."

Tsubaki returns to his seat and gets to work as instructed by Kate. That's how Kate asks Sola again.

"And so I say... orange infarcts, strokes. I'm sorry, can you get inside the dwarf? I would like to ask you to buy the ore. You guys will see to the quality materials."

"Okay, I'll take it."

"Sora, you go with me to that escort. I'll contact you later about the job description."

"Uh, why me?

Thora that raised the question, but Kate explains it to me and convinces me. Well, if you ask why you need it, you'll be convinced.

"Uh, no, the old man at the market has a festival a little south, so he said he was going that way..."

That's how Sora, who was explained, shrugged the verse that comes to mind. As a matter of fact, the merchants went from Maxwell to Merchants in search of people gathered at a festival in a city to the south. If there's a festival, people get together. And the merchants gather for it.

"Do you mean... then why don't you come home for the time being? The arrangements are still intact."

Where there's more carriages, it's this way to escort them, and if you say you'll bear that amount of personnel this way, you won't refuse them either. You just have to let him come home with you.

"So, after all, why me?

"Because there's a village of Minado on the way... because it's... it's..."

Half-eyed Kate stops So-so with her hands laughing at Sola. Naturally, but it's a lie. The reason was only for the final destination.

"Dwarf's chief. He's a terrific guy. Talk to him for a second."


"I'm a girl named Orr... clearly, I'm a level tech guy Tina admits to. He's the same guy I shouldn't have put together at the same time. When those two start rambling, they struggle to stop. Well, still, I'm sure of my arm. If you guys can't handle it alone, you should talk to me."

It's obvious, but I consider it a lot of things properly with Kite. Sola, who received such an explanation, was convinced that so was it, and began to prepare with Yuri.