Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 464: Long time no see, Minado Village.

Before noon the day after Sora got advice from Silfi. The battle went well on the road with fewer fights than expected and arrived in the village of Minad just a little earlier than planned.

"Mr. Sola!

"Long time no see, Mr. Nanami!

It was the facades of the village that greeted the people who had thus reached the village of Minad. Thanks to Kite, who rewarded the Caravan escort for coming this way, acquaintances greeted the long-time encounter with Sora and the former village guard.


It is Yuri who is unhappy to see Sora laughing at Nanami for fun. The correspondence between Sola and Nanami continues unchanged, and Yuri lost the time of stopping once, and couldn't stop it anymore.

"Uh, I miss you. That."

It is fascinating to see such a best friend and sigh. He remembered when he was secretly jealous of Tina in middle school.

"Well, that's Sora's fault"


If you are jealous of Kite such as Cherry Blossoms, Tina feels like teaching the Cherry Blossoms on the contrary, but the spearhead of that accusation was directed at Sola, saying that it is Yuri's jealousy of Sola. Besides, the charm leans his neck. Tina, who saw it, told him with a bitter smile.

"I'm not saying it's a bad idea to love a large number of stomachs. But let's not forget to feed them."

"I'm not Kate's favorite animal..."

"I still think so, but it hasn't changed much. Well, I don't think the rest is the same if they say they love to play."

Tina smiles a little bitterly. But it was the day before I left that I turned around and asked with a nigga and a pranky grin on my face.

"You loved him enough, didn't you? I haven't seen you in weeks."


"Are you satisfied?


I can't deny the charm. If you are satisfied or asked, do not hesitate, shake your neck vertically. Besides, Tina was on the side. There was no denial in this situation.

"If I'm satisfied with it this way, I don't even care very much about whispering love to other women. That's why I'm a hero. That's odd to say. He's a hero, but that's why he does it. Well, that makes a man fall in love, so you might as well call him a pedophile."

Tina tells her with a slight bitter smile. Whether or not this can be done is probably the difference between ordinary people and heroes who love many. I was satisfied or not enough to satisfy myself and give up loving other women. If it was in keeping with her words, apparently Sora had not yet reached the realm of heroes.

"Ha... but we're gonna hear about the stupidity again this evening?

"... Mm"

Tina moved just a little bit of a frown on the sighing words of the charm. Apparently, he didn't think of it that far.

By the way, Sola was in a slightly better mood as she approached the village of Minado, so Yuri, who looked at it visibly as if it were inversely proportional to it, became grumpy, and stupidity flew to the two of her room in the carriage used for sleeping beds.

"Well, that would be good too. If it's as distracting as simply listening to your stupidity, it's a good idea to ask. Friendly."

If this develops into fights and rubbing, it will be troublesome, but without it, you won't have to worry much about it. So as for Tina, I haven't really thought about hitting anything.

And so I laughed bitterly, but I went in to look around the whole village because of a security assignment, which is my job. Sora and Yuri didn't come as a favor this time, so we don't have to work separately.

"I wonder if that's okay..."

Meizi sighed as she looked at Yuri, who had taken Sola's hand to straighten out. Well, Tina was originally racially less jealous, and she's a heterogeneous type if you think of her as a human being who would love to have more women in a man she fell in love with.

Where she was told to understand the jealousy of the human psyche, she, the devil, had something difficult to understand. Hence, I am not going to say anything about Meizumi either. I mean, it's impotent. I'm just trying to figure it out, I guess it's your word.


And so Meizu sighed again, and began to walk after Tina.

"Oh, speaking of which, Mr. Sola, Yuri! I saw the game before! They were both so cool!

"Oh, seriously!?

"Ah, haha..."

Sora seemed happy with Nanami's words, and Yuri reacted a little shy. The contents of the previous match were broadcast throughout the Empire.

It's been 300 years since Kate brought TV in as an information transmission network. The more broadcasters I said, the more I knew, the less surprising it would have been to watch.

"Oh, shit, that was on the air."

"Kite had a headache."

"Oh, speaking of which, what about that general manager?

"He stayed."

Nanami and Kite naturally do, but I know them during previous trips. That's why I asked. Incidentally, why Kate had a headache was that the request to nominate Kate was killed more than Kate assumed because the battles with Musashi and Kojiro were broadcast nationally online.

Besides, he was able to keep up with the battle of the valiant master while turning, and a considerable number of draws from the nobles came into play.

Well, fortunately for me to say that, thanks to the concealment of the emperors Leonhardt and others, I could not resign myself to just being played with and not being that strong.


Naturally, but for Nanami, the thinker is not Kite. So I didn't seem very interested. So the words that followed were something else.

"Hey, speaking of which, how long can you stay this time?

"What day is it?

"Er... I wonder if it was two days to go, three days to go home, including today"

When I asked Yuri because I couldn't remember Sora, Yuri answered better. The reason for the short journey is that when we finish unloading, we leave the employees there to load fresh food and leave the buying and selling to the employees we left behind.

Conversely, you don't have to think about going home, so it's set to be a little longer with a break. The speed of this leg was why the Grace Chamber of Commerce was developing.

"So we're going together again soon?

"Well, I guess so"

Nanami seems a little sorry for Sola's answer. Well, I can't help this. Though Sora and Yuri are certainly not at work, they have to travel with the carriage that is coming at work.

That said, I don't mind if they're late, but this time we'll have less co-escorts. I wish there was a reason why I had no choice, but it wasn't very favorable as a matter of fact.

"But you can let me go here, so I'll play with Colin and the others."

"Yeah, do that for him"

"Ah, Nanamy. Speaking of which, I found an interesting recipe, so I'll try it later.

"Oh, yeah!

As such, faces unrelated to the escort mission were scattered everywhere they thought.

Regardless of who has nothing to do with Sola's request or Nanami's children's generation, if a businessman normally comes to the village, he will be busy buying and selling things. That was with me about Nanami's father. He was wrapping up a business meeting with Prox while following his son's corathon to the side.

"So is this a good time?

"Right. In addition to the fact that the climate was good this season compared to normal years, as long as I am happy that there was no significant damage. Besides, I had something to thank you for a while ago. Thanks to our enthusiasm we can all grow crops and we pride ourselves on doing better than usual."

"Oh, really?"

Prox sneered at the village chief's words. If the other person is happy, this person is happy to go along with it. It was fundamental to Prox's discourse. That's how Prox asks with a grin, with a good thing.

"What happened?

"No, I met the demon raid a few months ago. How dare the Spirit of the Wind help you in that fold?"

"Wow! That's delightful again!

Prox was pleasantly surprised to open his eyes. This is half acting, half serious. Because, in fact, this matter was secretly told to the extent of rumours. It was rumoured, so there were all sorts of tails on it, and I didn't even know which village it was, but from the look of this village chief, I could see for sure it would be in the village of Midna.

Prox seems a little happy too for a good reason. If it is true that the Great Spirit of the Wind has arrived, it is possible to wear a few colors to both the sale price and the purchase value.

As a matter of course, if the Great Spirit finds out that he has come even with patience, it feels like it is the only blessing for the general public. There are also findings that there is actually a slight increase in magic content. Although it is necessary to compare the content once with that of the usual year, if it is true, it can be sold to fly where it is slightly colored.

Incidentally, if you look over all of Enefia, it is the Empire of Entesia that has the highest faith of the Great Spirits. The reason is that there is a man with deep ties to the great spirit named Kite the Brave.

Therefore, several temples dedicated to the Great Spirits existed throughout the Empire. As far as McDawell territory is concerned, there is a city called the Temple City, which has several large temples to worship all the great spirits.

"As soon as we can, we can study a little."

"Oh, thank you."

With the village chief, I didn't say it was for this. I had no intention of using the Great Spirit as part of my business, so to speak of a few strong village chiefs. Well, he seemed happy.

"Oops, no. So how much do you want me to buy?

"Right... how many carriages are there this time?

"For once, it's fresh-food transport, so give priority to the legs, with 10 carriages of dragon cars. One of them is from the Alliance of Adventurers I asked for, but, well, it depends on the negotiation."

"So... we can have the last wheat we planted at the end of spring, so what do you say? I think there are roughly 5 cars in the carriage just for what I'm harvesting right now..."

Carriage carriages used in dragon cars are special objects that have hands on the front carriage with more magic props, etc. It was common to use this as a carriage in caravans organized by chambers of commerce, etc.

The front carriage was a little larger in size than the planet's Conestoga front carriage - the front carriage for large-scale transport used mainly in the United States around the 18th century - and had a load of about 10 tons. The speed and horsepower are natural, but not the ratio of carriage, so it is ok with the whole ground dragon for transport.

Besides, it was capable of adjusting temperature and humidity by magic, and even had features similar to refrigerated and frozen cars for fresh foods. This is due in large part to the use of magic metal-based substances in carriages, which made room for the size of carriages.

"Is it about 50 tons...... do you have any fruit or something? I'm going inside the dwarf next, so as long as I'm happy with the fruit..."

"Is it an orchard on the east side... This is the time of year and we have just made figs and berries... can you take a look?

"Thank you. Sit down, please. Oh, I'd also like to negotiate for my return if I can later..."

The two interrupt the business talks temporarily and get up. Even after the unloading and unloading of the goods, I won't go to the business that long, considering the loading of the fresh foods I bought, the payment of the price, the various procedures, etc. If you decide to do it, you have to hurry. As such, he left early as he seemed busy on this side.

Meanwhile, about half of the escort students were helping unload and load. Just in case, this is also in the price of the job. It's a decent job.

"Oh, you too, please"

"Yes. Ayato, this way, please. Sunset, you help him over there."



While the moment dominates the whole thing, it gives instructions to the face of the Adventure Department. Tina is the only one who can command the whole thing in this job for a moment, but naturally Tina rarely tries to speak to the command except when she gives an urgent situation and a less good instruction. So the moment is taking the lead in conducting the command. An employee of the Chamber of Commerce laughs at the luggage that is so diminishing at once.

"Thank you again for your man-made tactics at Adventurers."


"There are quite a few adventurers who can take on this kind of work. It'll help."

An employee of the Chamber of Commerce expresses gratitude for the instant doubt. When some adventurers start to raise their mouths in battle-related requests, many other adventurers don't try hard to undertake anything else. This job is also a chariot escort, so it's a battle system request. Therefore, it was often not possible for me to take on the task of loading and unloading, etc., even if I asked for it.

In contrast, the students took on Japan's strong work with their main part-time job, so they took it without much repentance. Well, I left it only to those who wanted it, but the athletic students took the initiative, so the percentage was still higher than at any time.

"Is that what it is?"

"Well... I don't get it. You're a businessman."

That's what he says and shrugs his shoulders, but as he says, unloading ends immediately. Later it would have been over if the Grace Chamber of Commerce had transported it to the shop it had in the village of Minado. But this also ended immediately with man-made sea tactics, and all the work of the Adventure Department today was sunny and finished.