Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 471: New Power - Complete -

A few days after Sola and the others brought the material back from the pit. Orr ends the production of the weapon.

"Yeah, now we're good. Look, kid. Try it."

Raise the goggles you use during your blacksmith and hand over a set of armor that Orr was able to do to Sola. In response, Sola wears a new set of armor. The appearance had not changed much, but I had the impression that it had only gotten a little heavy.

"Sounds a little heavy..."

"Oh, from the way the kid's muscles are developing, think it's okay to be a little heavier than I'm using them now. I kept the sheet metal a little thicker even in the sense of increasing my defense. Well, there's more magic silver than regular stainless steel alloys, so it's a lot more magical defense."


When Sola went through the magic of physical strengthening in the wake of Orr's words, she actually felt little change in weight. You may think it will remain almost the same in stamina.

"The handlers are finishing exactly as the lad asked. Well, I don't want to see the General's delicacies. I can't solidify the magic, but instead, I can have flexible deformations. Give it a try."


Following Orr's instructions, Sola casts her magic through her hands. Then the water-colored demonic stone attached to the hand glows green.

"Later it's the kid's image. Imagine something appropriate."

"Uh... I guess the shape of my hand first"

Following Orr's instructions, Sola manipulates the wind to create an image that manipulates into the shape of her hand. Then the wind rolls out of Sola's hand and changes to the shape of her hand. The size is the same as Sola's palm. It seems it would be bigger if we did everything we could, but we just avoided doing everything we could at the blacksmith. As for the feeling of use, there was no significant difference from the hand I used until a few days ago.

"Say it!"


Seeing Sola successfully manipulate the wind into the shape of her hand, Orr also responds in a gutsy pose. I'm afraid the first stage was a success.

"Well, now... grab that scoop there"


Sola moves the wind's hand toward the scoop used to bring the demon stone to the furnace. Then, the wind hands successfully grasp and lift the scoop pattern. Orr tells Sola to wind up when she sees it and nods.

"Enough... no strength issues," he said. If we do everything we can, it won't stand in the way of the fight. "

"You said it! Thank you very much."

Sora was very happy, but when she realized she hadn't thanked her, she panicked and lowered her head.

"Oh, okay. Sometimes I want to do this kind of unusual work... hey, next time. Try passing it through your whole body."


Sora obeys Orr's words and puts magic through the whole armor. As such, a change appeared in the armor as a whole when it reached about 50% of its full strength. The wind erupted from the demonic stones mounted on all parts of the armor, and the wind covered the entire armor.

"Oh, did you leave?"

"Something, this?

As for Sola, she is circling her eyes because she was out of the assumed range, but Orr seems to have been within the assumed range. He was nodding as if the point had been made.

"The wind is reinforcing my armor in the aftermath of the wind coming through. Well, it was an aftermath to create a split body, but it turned out to be O'Reilly."

"I don't know... well, it's convenient."

Sora reconsiders and convinces herself in Orr's explanation that if she has nothing awkward as a result, she should not worry.

"Well, try to get the output up to full power next time"


Following Orr's instructions, Sola does everything in her power to pass magic through the armor. Then the change appeared again. The whole armor turned golden.

"The color... changed?

"Well, come up with a little alloy allocation. I tried to stand out."

"I don't know what you're doing!

Sora opens her eyes to the words Orr laughed and told her. Because being noticeable means being more likely to be targeted for that matter. But Orr frowned at this Sola complaint.

"I ask the other way around, what are you talking about?


"Adventurers are warriors, too. What a business on the battlefield. Besides, the kid is a shield to protect everyone. If you don't stand out and draw the attention of your enemies, why are you shielding them?"


Orr's words were true. That's why Sola had to shut her mouth when she pointed it out. That said, apart from being in the mood. If the enemy still tells you whether you want to be targeted or not, you'll have no choice but not to be targeted.

"Well, I can't believe the wind is swirling, so keep going. Now try to create a split body. Simply activate all demon stones."


Sora gets slightly depressed after being pointed out in the honest argument, but she's in the middle of an exam, so get her mind back on it - still a little under tension - but activates the demon stones in every part of the armor. Startup was just good to operate with magic.


I was surprised that I was still able to split up, even though I had a lot of mindset. The split is almost set to take combat action in the auto, so it is now upright immobilized, but there was definitely a sola there made of wind.

Well, it's not exactly colored or anything, so at a glance I can tell it's a split, but it's still a split. Enough as a restraining effect, and enough to keep the opponent alert.

Besides, you can fly and attack like the winds, or you can punch them in the same way you did with your hands. It's not bad to be aggressive.

If there is a weakness, it is made of wind. Therefore, if the Australian wind blows, it will not be able to maintain its shape. However, if we can deal with it that much, it is now in Sola's arms. I won't have a choice.

"Well, the kid has to do all the directions for action, so forget the directions, stick around, like there's no way"


"Good, then that's it. Atashi goes to bed. After that, go home and go to bed, practice and do as you please."

"Thank you for sitting down!

Where Orr tried to put the blacksmith behind him like he was sleeping, Orr noticed.

"Oh, the shield and one-handed sword are made by orange infarcts and strokes, so take them from there. You know the blacksmith."


And finally, now it's time for Orr to leave the blacksmith behind. Ore was in charge of the production of the planting shield, but the production of the planting knife and the one-handed sword was carried out by two people.

It's not like I can't oar anything, and my arms outnumber the two. But when it comes to customizing it exclusively for Sola, they're more used to it. That's why they were in charge. Incidentally, the material is an alloy, just like the armor, so they were both practicing together.

"Alright! Go home and practice!

Look at that, and Sora leaves the blacksmith behind too. Fortunately, the Duke's Mansion Separate Mansion is equipped with a training area used by Kate and Tina. Essential for a place to train.

There are many things I haven't tried yet, such as deforming the wind and deforming it into the shape of a drill. There was not enough time, no matter how long, to take a single form by the time the moments that went ahead came back.

"Oh, it's done?

"Wow. Director Fujido seems to be okay now."

"Oh, that's right, Gu Long's (Elder Dragon) arm is certain. I'm not uncomfortable anymore."

When Sola came, Fujido had a mock fight with Kisarazu. The two stop rehearsing and observe Sola's armor once they see that Sola has been wearing new armor.

Fujido just had a scratch on his belly, so he felt uncomfortable on the first and second days of his return, and took care not to open the wound again. That said, on the third day, the discomfort disappeared, and he was usually in training.

"Well, let me show you something"

Roger that.

I'm interested in what kind of weapon Fujido and the other demon stones we've struggled to get turned into. So when they interrupted the fight in earnest, they sat down a little further away so as not to interfere with Sola.

"Let's get used to our shoulders first."

When Sora squeals so, she now does her best to pass magic through the right arm's wrist. Then a windy hand of about 1.5 meters is created this time. Shoulder habit is about shape, and apparently it wasn't about size.

"Try your best to do this... next time try to make an arm too"

Sora then also makes the arm part. It stretches from Sola's hand to the wind's, but only slightly smaller in size. It's about 1.2 meters in size. This was influenced by Sola's output, and the creation of her arm made her less powerful to reach.

"This is pretty hard..."

They're doing quite a bit to create wind arms, and Sora's face was slightly distorted in agony. It's this with only one hand, so both arms will make you quite tired.

"We can either dilute it a little more or make it smaller in the usual battle..."

Enough for power, and not bad for size. So that's what Sola decides. Then pass magic through the hands of both arms to confirm the same thing.

"Hammer! That's... that's a lot of momentum."

Sola waves down from her head with both hands of the wind together. Improvised < >, but powerful. If we did everything we could, we could have expected a significant increase in the offense that Sola had been worried about.

"Well, next... < >"

After several more tests, Sola moves to the use of protection. That's how the crest of right-arm protection shines as Sora's dictation. Sola then uses wind protection to transfer more power into her hands.

"< >!"

Sola also uses the force of protection to create the hand of the wind. It gained the power of protection. It was overwhelming, creating a giant hand three times the size and density of the one ahead. But still, it wasn't all I could do.

"Now do your best! < >!"

When Sola screams one thing, she now casts her magic through her hands with all her might. Then only one hand can do it, but a huge windy hand as big as 10 meters. Even at wind density, it was much higher than before.

"Pretty hard......"

That said, the price was also huge. It consumed a tremendous amount of magic with just one hand, and although it was not very much, it was unlikely that it would be possible to manifest both arms at this size and density.

"It would be harder if I did this all over my body..."

Let the giant windy hands disappear and Sora frowns a little. Sure, it's hard with just one hand. If that's the whole body, I didn't even have to think about it. That said, I can't grasp the feeling of not trying. So Sola decided to do everything she could.

"Ku... it's lame..."

It's close to hanging all spirits. It doesn't mean it's impossible to fight, but I still had the feeling that I was constantly consuming a lot of magic. Besides, we have to give instructions for this operation. It didn't seem possible overnight to use it. At least Sola didn't have the confidence to use it until the moment they returned.

"This is the key to using dokoro..."

Disappearing her split body, Sora groaned as she distorted her face in agony. Depending on Orr's words, he can make up to two at the same time if he does everything he can using the power of protection, so I tried, but the instructions to the separation are difficult and the magic consumption is intense. As for Sola, where stamina is an important status, it was important to decide at once or to focus on stamina.

"Hey, Tenjo."

"Hmm? What the hell?"

That's how Kisarazu asks, who was still watching Sola's new gear. They came up with something.

"An earlier drill, can't you let me wrap it around your arm?

"Heh? < >? Get out..."

"So if you increase the density, won't you increase your attack power? It will also reduce the consumption of magic..."

In response to Kisarazu's words, Sola enters a bit of an idea and actually wraps the wind around her arms as Kisarazu said.

"Oh, as good as it gets."

"Oh, well. Should I have? < >"

Fujido is impressed when he sees the wind drill he made according to Kisarazu's words, and Sola nods. Because it is the wind, even small gaps can be shredded there as a base point, so there is no problem where hard objects are punched. So overall, the power increased.

"You can also eject like this... Yeah, Thankyou!

Sola says thank you to Kisarazu for the new bills she was able to earn. Kisarazu seemed a little illuminated, but I accept that.

"If you can, why don't we do a mock fight once?

Fujido inquires about Sola after trying out the feeling of new equipment on one street. Though there was a little fatigue in Sola as well, it wasn't until she needed rest. So Sora decided to accept it, but there was one suggestion.

"Then can I ask you to do it at the same time?


"No, for once, this equipment is the main way to deal with multiple people. Why do you want to deal with them at the same time?"

It was a suspicious Fujido, but I accept that suggestion when I understand Sola's gear intentions. Indeed, many of the attacks that Sola showed were ranged attacks. I could understand that.

"Well, let's go"

"Ugh, please"

Thus, from that day on, everyone entered the familiarity training of Sola's new equipment.