Waiting for Canaan to stop crying, Tina and the others decide to move the place to the veranda that hits the upper floor day. But there was no need to try to move, and Justiel hit the ground with a cane and the metastasis was activated. So he sat on a chair set up on the veranda and once again Justiel inquired where the demon had prepared the tea.

"So, what happened?

"Attacked by a bunch of demons in the South Forest..."

Explain that there was Canaan in tears. That Tina and the others hadn't even heard, so they both finally figured out here why she was the only one who could survive.

"Well... I'm glad you're all right with your daughter."

Finish listening to everything and Justiel tells you with a gentle face. She's awkward, but not unkind. These places were also deepening her witchy impression.

"If you survived to the end, make sure you survive."

"... Yes"

You calmed down a little by spitting it out once, Canaan nodded firmly, albeit while leaving a trace of tears behind. I'm an adventurer with Canaan. I was prepared to lose my people, and I have lost them several times before. This time it was just a coincidence that I was one of my closest friends. And with that in mind, Justiel nods with a gentle face, telling Tina.

"Tina, you take care of this girl."

"Mm-hmm? Well, I'm not gonna do that until I get back to the city..."

"Ha... even when I get back to the city, that means"


Tina raises her badly missed voice to the spoken word.

"It's peaceful now compared to the two Great Wars periods, but you can't live where you kicked one out with about this little girl's strength. Then you take care of him."

"Mm, mmm... but I'm still doing a lot of the rest..."

"Yeah... I can't take that much trouble either..."

I agree with Tina's denial that Canaan can't be that annoying as well. But it's Justiel who pushes through there.

"Hang on. What can a little girl do alone? Don't worry, I'll take care of you. Kate! I'm here, get out!

Ordering Canaan to do so, Justiel then raises his voice to the sky. That's how one pale little bird came down. It is the demon of kite.

"Did you notice?"

"Hang on. Don't underestimate Atashi's arm with your skill."

"Huh? Huh? Huh?"

"Ah, my guild master's user demon. Don't worry, you'll be fine."

"Oh, yeah."

Enchanted clothes whisper their meaning to Canaan, bewildered by the little bird that suddenly appeared. With that in mind, Canaan finally understood what it meant. And ignoring that, Justiel tells Kate.

"You were definitely starting your guild in Maxwell. Let this girl in. Meese was there, too. I'll take good care of him because he's probably in good hands with counseling."

"Ha... you ever refuse?

"Hang on. I know you're sweet on a woman. There's nothing you can miss more than knowing, is there?

"Yes, sir. Well, and if you abandon it here, the charm looks loud."

"Haha, I'll snap it for you when I get home"

Kate tears up and Meizuki laughs and admits it against Meizuki, who was secretly sending a little begging glance at herself. She had already heard that she might allow new people to come in from kite.

He was sending his gaze to Kite because of the original goodness of care. And when I heard that, Kate turned to Canaan.

"So, you sure it was Canaan? I'm listening to the circumstances for now. I admit to going in, but still the choice is yours. I hear you have time to come to Maxwell, and the fare is paid in between."

"Are you paying?

With a suspicious face, Canaan inquired of the demon of kite's use. Besides, Tina told me about the rest of last night.

"Look, the masked man's gone. Save your people, at least apologize, so I left this and the fare to your Lord Maxwell."

"Is this...?

Canaan looks surprised when he sees the sachet offered, but Tina tells him to open inside, looks inside, and opens his eyes in amazement.

"So much!?

Look at the misrill silver coins in there and make Canaan look pale in a different way than he did earlier. I tried to tell him I couldn't get it so much, but he wasn't there anymore. I get a puzzled look at what to do.

"Take it. From now on, whatever you want to start, you have the money. Especially for my little girl today."

"... Yes.

It was like I said I might, but I certainly don't know what I'm going to do now. To Justiel's advice. When Canaan firmly recognized the status quo, he snuggled the bags he had received into his nostalgia.

"Can we go on?


"If you're still going to be an adventurer, remember that one of your options is to work with the girls here. Nothing. I don't need to knock on the door right away about Maxwell. You'll need time now."

"... thank you"

"Ask the two of them about our guild description. Unfortunately, this user demon is no longer likely to hold. I think I'm losing my magic. I don't have time for long explanations... so I'll be back. If you don't put it in energy-saving mode, you'll lose your share of return. No, I don't anymore."

"I'm done, you can go home now."

"Yes, yes, by being a rough lady of people."

Thus, once again, the demon of kite flew high in the sky. Without seeing it through, Justiel opened his mouth again.

"So, what can I do for you lady?

"Oh, I don't think it makes much sense anymore... this is a letter from Kate"

Charming takes the letter out of his pocket and offers it to Justiel. Meizi told me that the letter from Kate was a breath catastrophe, so it didn't make sense after she had already shown herself that she had no problem.

"Sure, I got it. Look, somebody open it with a knife."


Upon receipt of the letter, Justiel immediately summons the user demon to give him the letter he received. When the user demon who received the letter opened the seal with a knife, he immediately gave the letter inside to Justiel.

"... Hang on. Sure, that didn't make sense."

Apparently it was exactly what Meizuke had heard. Upon first reading the letter, Justiel did not in large part come up with any particular reaction, but gave it to the user demon.

"So, you guys, what are you gonna do today?

"Mm-hmm. The rest of us are thinking about staying in this hall today. That's fine with Canaan."


To Tina's words, Canaan nodded. Meizi originally said Tina wanted to show you something, so she decided to stay in the hall. Canaan had Tina take care of the trouble so far, so she let it go with it.

"You know the room. Well, if you don't need anything, just go away. Atashi has to go back to the couscous again. I have to hand it over to Prox tomorrow."

Apparently, the medicine she's making right now was meant to be handed over to the Proxes. The baggage I asked Kanan or Qasim for was actually a little missing from one of its ingredients. I guess I was making the last adjustments. So they left the room behind so that they could be expelled.

Then, a few hours later. When the sun fell abundantly. Tina was having a small pajama party in her own private room in the hall. And so, when the feast was missed. Charming asked the real question he had forgotten.

"So, what do you want to show me after all?

"... wait a little longer"

Tina tells the charm inquiry with a flirtatious grin. Apparently I can't see what she wants to show me right now. Tina glanced outside once and checked the clock.

"Well, I guess it's time to move."


"Look, Canaan. And the Lord come."

"Oh, yeah"

That's why Canaan was here with me as a caregiver, but when Tina tells her so, she pulls her hand and starts moving. It was the beacon earlier that moved that way.

"Well... we're going up another step"

I thought you'd see it here, the two of us, but Tina says she'll climb further up. But there is no higher hierarchy, and the two look surprised. With those two sideways, Tina made me climb to the roof with a jump.


Climb on the roof and tell Tina to show her face and come to the two of us. The two of us who understood the intention of taking it climb the same jump. By the way, naturally, it hurts the roof, so I get scolded if Justiel finds me, but I ignore it as a matter of course.

"Hmm... it was still a little early"

They both see that they climbed on the roof and observe the direction of the garden. But apparently it was still early and nothing was changing, only the moonlight was illuminating the surrounding area. It's a blooming garden at first, so even if it's lit by the moonlight, it's beautiful, but that's all it was.

"What do you see?

"Wait a little longer. I've only seen it a few more times, and I don't know the details. About this time, I thought..."

Fun Tina hastens her charm even harder. Fortunately, it's always spring outside at night. It is not cold. More than enough to wait like that. Finally, a change has come. The first thing I noticed about it was Canaan, whose physical function was several times higher than that of the two as a half of the Beast tribe.




Just one impressed Canaan points in the direction Tina was observing earlier. That said, two people with normal eyesight still don't know. But it seemed that once the change had started, the change had come at once. Far away, on the outskirts of the garden, in the middle of the day, plain flowers bloom, and fantastic lights of various colors began to dance.

"Wow... I'm dancing..."

"Isn't that amazing? Well, I didn't discover the rest."

Meizi was also breathtaking in the sight. Look at that, Tina complains proudly. But I can't help but be proud. The sight was so beautiful by then.

"Tina, what's that?

Enchantment asks when she notices the abnormality of light. If that's going to be released from pollen or flowers, you'll just climb up there. But the light fell at times, rising at times, shaken at times by the wind, at times against the wind, without regularity. Every light moved around at will as if it were of its own free will, with no collectivity, no regularity, no law.

Exactly, the light was dancing, the words were the right fantastic sight. But that doesn't end the surprise. Tina tells me as she looks at the clock, although it has become a form of passing through the inquiry of charm.

"Hmm, sure it's time to... oh, here we go"


The two notice Tina's words and look up at the sky high she points to. Then there appeared an Aurora that made that fantastic sight even more fantastic.

"Isn't that amazing? This is what I wanted to show you."

With that fantastic sight in the back, Tina opens her hands. It had originally further enhanced the overwhelming beauty of the girl she had, mysteriously reflecting the positive beauty of the girl's atmosphere and fantastic night scenery.

"That light is probably the little spirits. You can't get close."

"... why didn't it have to be on the roof?

"I can't see. Unless it's at this angle."

To the question of enchantment, Tina points to the hedge in front of the glowing garden. It was a tall hedgehog with beautiful flowers in the daytime, but yes, it hides this sight from inside the building. No one knew, so the girls in the hall still only paid attention to Aurora shining in the sky.

"I like the place where fools are expensive, so I'm not aware of it. If there wasn't some idiot flying around at night, no one would still notice."

"Didn't anybody get close?

"Didn't I tell you? Little spirits. That's all it takes to disappear if you get close to it inadvertently. Let's not be disrespectful in getting too close."

Tina answers the enchantment question. Thus, for a while, the three of them were to be swallowed by fantastic sights as they looked at the glowing garden again.

There are those who watched the three men. It's Justiel. She knew the sight, too, so she thought to herself, trying to get up on the roof, and she realized there were three of them. The face is gentle at all times, after the occasion without saying anything.

That's how she starts walking again, but returns to the hall and stops for a little walk. It was the pale-haired, tough-faced man there, Kite, who was what she was. Exactly the junction of rejecting the lord is awkward, so it was adjusted so that only Kite could enter the park.

"Thank you, Master Kite. What you wanted to see was a smile ahead of you."

The voice was not a servile voice that Tina and the others knew. It was as clear as the sound of a harp, and yet it was the voice of a soft young woman. No, it wasn't just the voice that changed. Until that very appearance, it had changed.

"Oh, I was right to take you back. Well, I think we've achieved too much."

"Hehe... I'd love to see that too... but at the same time, if my sister and brother-in-law could see that smile, who are nowhere near the earliest, I wouldn't be careless."

Even though it is somewhere cool, a beautiful woman with a strong soft and feminine impression smiles from tears to kites. This appearance was what she truly was.

She hasn't changed at all since she helped that Ixphos. Naturally. She's a witch. It's almost immortal; it couldn't have aged in about 700 years.

So why hide yourself? There was one reason for that. That had to do with her appearance. Essentially, her appearance resembled that which made Tina even more feminine, maternal and gentle.

Exactly. Tina, the best sorcerer in the world, doesn't have to know the truth, but she knows that Justiel is false. And I know the history of the previous empire, which is natural but secret, and I also know that the First Queen Justiza is a demon, and her sister is Justiel.

That's why Justiel faked her appearance in order not to make Tina realize that she was her sister's son, making her personality completely separate by implication, and hiding like a concealer. She also bore the grief of her sister and her wife, who had let go of Tina, who cried.

"I never got a friend worthy of my age, only that girl who was advancing on her mission as a king, but yes, but it must have been nice to be released from that responsibility. Not some extraordinary smile that was floating around as a king, but the same sun grin as that kind of brother-in-law was the real smile of that child..."

"Well... he'll deny it. I'm putting on a reason why it's toddler regression, but that would be what it is."

That's how they smile. This time, Kate told me to take Charming, which means it was for Justiel. I wanted her to see her laugh as a normal girl finally gained, as someone who knew the same secret.

"And what can I do for you, Master Kite?

"He's a demon. There were more fights on the road than I expected. There was still a little anxiety, so I came to replenish it. Fortunately, Maxwell hasn't had any problems. For about a day, it was okay to come over."

To Justiel's doubts, Kite puts a pale little bird on his palm. By touching the demon and the Lord, he was accommodating magic.

Then there was a good reason why Kate wouldn't continue to accommodate magic like Lu and the others all the time. In this case, it was possible to understand where he was from the magic stream. It's strong enough for that, but then it wouldn't make sense to be creating a user-demon that can be turned into a little bird for corner covert use.

"Was I? Hehe... So thank you to both Kanan and her."

"Canaan depends on her choice...... so, room, I'll rent it. I'm just saying we're going out today. I didn't complain because I told you where and why."

"We will be with you. And let me hear it. That girl's story on Earth."

That's how they disappeared into Kate's room and got a chance to share Tina's story on Earth for a while.