The next morning. Tina and the others were returning to their room after a frequent tour of the Spirits dance, so the wake was on a fuzzy bed.

"Ugh, uhh... uhh..."

Canaan glances at me like a cat. Well, the voice that leaked when I stretched was like a cat. That's how I woke up. Meizuki, who was awake one foot ahead, tells Canaan.

"Hello, Canaan."

"This place is... oh well..."

Because he was a sleeping eye, his head still hadn't worked well. I wasn't there, but my body was responding properly and adequately. And the sound of his belly rang. The reason is simple: the smell of a delicious morning meal drifted up to the room, which can be captured by the sharp sense of smell of the beast man.

Besides, the enchantment blows out unexpectedly and Canaan blushes. Well, that was supposed to happen, too, and I had breakfast in front of the room and the demon was waiting.

"Good morning, sir"

As if waiting for Canaan to wake up, the knock sounds and the door opens. Tina woke up, too, to be drawn to it.

"Uhm... 5 minutes later... no, 10 minutes..."

"Tina, come on, wake up"

"Dear Justina, Wake up, please. Master Justiel will piss you off."

"Anyway, Master Baba will be adjusting his secret medication in the basement by now... I won't be mad... so in 20 minutes..."

"It's stretching!

Enchantment puts a scratch on Tina, who listens to the devil's words and tries to devour her still sleeping. What is it? The time left was stretched one by one. She doesn't have a kite - in fact, she doesn't know that kite is sleeping in the next room - and this is what her morning was like in the case.

If you were there, we would start mock warfare in the morning, so I wouldn't be greedy for inebriation. Although Kite may be greedy. That said, I don't have any problems today because I'm on holiday where I devoured my slumber.

"Ha... customer. Excuse me, could you step out of bed a little bit?

"Oh, ha..."

To the words spoken by the user demon, Canaan and the charming clothes move from the top of the bed with a suspicious face. Thus the user demon thanked it and then hung his hand on the duvet of the bed where Tina lay.


When the user demon lays his hands on the duvet in a breath, he reclaims the duvet tilted so that Tina falls. Tina, on the other hand, made a noise and fell to the floor.

"Excuse me before dinner."

As the user demon let Tina fall to the floor, she gracefully broke her hips toward the two of them. There was no precipitation in the sequence of operations and it was perfect.

"There he is... Isn't it Kushi if you think he is someone? Lord, can't you be overhanded at any time...?

"From Master Justiel, if you don't wake up, let it happen this way, because it's input."

I have a grudge. Tina's gaze, but it doesn't bring any itch to the user demon who says Xy. Because if the Lord were to do so, the devil would never have more feelings about the accusations of his actions.

"Mmmm... my slumber... charming clothes, Canaan, good morning"

"Oh, yeah. Hello."


He still seemed pretty careless, but I can't help but wake up. So Tina seems to have bumped up. Rubbing her butt, she stands up and greets them both. And nodding at the reply from the two of them, Tina asked Kushi.

"So... what's for breakfast today?

"It's the same menu as always"

"Soup on bread, meat on salad, tea"

"My Lord Left."

Naturally, Tina has stayed in this hall many times. Therefore, he was familiar with the breakfast at any time in this hall.

"Is the bread croissant?

"No, Master Justiel has been haunted by a bucket lately, so it's a bucket. I brought you freshly baked."

When Cushi says so, he undoes the cover of the tray he put on top of the trolley he was bringing. Then there was the menu, as Tina said, with hot air.

The smell of consomme soup aromas and buckets that might be the result of baking spreads around because the cover has been removed. It was something that would bring hunger, even Tina, who had been trying to devour her sleep.

"Well, let me know if there's anything else I can do for you"

When breakfast is ready at the prep table, Xsi breaks her hips again. So the three of them had already arrived in their chairs and started eating breakfast hand in hand. By the way, I'll put aside that Canaan was confused because the two of them had joined hands and was supposed to take the time to explain it.

After breakfast, she came with us. The agreement of the female staff of the North Grace Chamber of Commerce made it an all-day vacation. Well, I did, but Tina didn't allow me a vacation.

Immediately a call flew in from Justiel. When Tina deposits Canaan in her charm coat, she decides to head over there to sigh and mingle.

"Do you remember how to make secret drugs?

"Of course not. Baba didn't teach you that in the first place."

Called in by Justiel was the dispensing room for the drug with a large pot in the basement of her hall. He asked Tina to adjust her secret medication - or order it - because Justiel needed to make something else quickly.

"It's not wrong. It's expensive."

"I'll take it..."

Tina slowly turns the stick stirring the large pan as she exhales. By the way, Tina is back where she was, but she also wears a black robe normally worn by the witches and a black dull hat. Because whoever sees you this way seems to be one of the witches - it seems true.

"Mm, that's a little hot. Keep it down..."

Tina performs a secret medicine formulation, checking the temperature from time to time. This secret medicine, once completed, should have been a viscous white liquid, but now it was still a light pink liquid with low viscosity.

Because this secret medicine was applied and used by adventurers and military personnel as a substitute for meat in battle. Therefore, if the viscosity is not high, it will peel off immediately even if applied. Thanks to the fact that it contained liquids that were quite uncomfortable but analgesic after use, the pain withdrew at once, and it was a convenient medicine that slowed down to become the person's meat.

That said, can anyone make this, it's not. As a secret medicine, there are only a handful of witches who can make it. It was just Al, Tina and a few other witches, headed by Justiel. Therefore, even if it is a chemical used, it is only made in this area, and it can also be considered a specialty in this area.

"Mmmm... hmm? Dear Baba."


That's how Tina kept mixing, but, uh, I noticed that the smell was different from everything else. Sometimes it smelled more like medicine. That said, given the current situation, which later only stirred, it was difficult to even think that Justiel had made a mistake.

"Have you changed the method of formulating herbs?

"Oh, that's just great. I changed it. I'll give you the recipe later. There's been a slight change in procedure."

Justiel nodded contentedly to Tina, who noticed after just doing some work. In fact, from the point of view of the pharmaceutical formulation, the pattern between the two is a teacher relationship.

She was also the one who taught Tina, who had finished learning the Illoha of sorcery from Tia, the application of it to magic props, etc. On behalf of my sister, who could not do so.

That's why I was in a good mood for a disciple who hadn't dropped his arm. Thus, silence descends for a while and concentrates on his own work. But it was Justiel who broke that silence.

"So, how's it going with my husband?

"Mm... for now, I'm done greeting my parents"

"Right. Be happy."

We were both working on each other, so I don't see what you're looking at. But Justiel's voice had a prayerful voice, a merciful voice. Take it, Tina tells you a little embarrassed.

"I'll call you to the ceremony."

"Don't expect me to. I'll wait."

It's our only secret that we both seemed pretty embarrassed. That's how for a while, the silence goes down. It was also Justiel who broke it.

"All right, that's it"

When Justiel finishes formulating some kind of drug, he puts it in a larger bottle. As for the quantity, it was quite a bit, and it didn't seem like it could be used at a time.

"Here, bring it."

Alternate the formulation of Tina and the secret medicine, pointing to the medicine bottled in the jaw. Apparently, he was making me drugs to give to her.

"If that girl looks spicy, use it. Heavenly incense like that used before going to bed will take a while before it starts to work. When it's more urgent, it's better this way."

"... well, thank you."

Tina grabs the name and effect of the medicine from a note that was placed next to the bottle and tells Justiel to thank her. Canaan's condition has been quite restored in the first place and a lot, so it would surely be a souvenir in the name of Canaan.

As a medicine, it is a drug that is both immediate and highly effective, but therefore also has disadvantages. When I left, it seemed right to leave it with Meath.

"Well, I'm done for now, like later... whoa, you can do it now. Then call Prox and this vice president. I'm going to bottle this drug."

"Ha... um"

For some reason Tina couldn't turn against a woman who was false about this old woman. I don't know why, Tina, but somewhere in my mind, something must have told me about my relationship with myself. So Tina accepts Justiel's orders even as she complains.

That's how I took Arul, who was with the VP, back to the basement again. By the way, the vice president was a female employee who instantly asked them to unload. The vice president came out straight away because he bent over to discuss business with his elder counterpart in order to get into this place.

"Look, I got it."

Against the three who came, Justiel, who had finished the bottle, sent the demons to carry the secret medicine. By the way, there's no way we're gonna do business in an underground mixing room, so the place is the reception room in the hall.

"What about this one?

"As usual, I just wanted to say, I changed the formula a little bit. Smell it."

Hand one of the bottles to the VP and instruct him to open the bottle lid. Since the quality is not affected when it is opened separately, the vice president opens the lid of the bottle without hesitation.

"You're losing a lot of chemical odor..."

"I diluted it a while ago, but this should make it much easier to use."

"Hmm... what's the total number of bottles?

"How much?

"100 bottles in total."

At the word of Justiel, Kusi, who did the bottling and carried it this far, tells the VP. With that in mind, the VP thinks a little.

"Excuse me, can I talk to the president for a second?

"Oh, I don't mind."

The vice president wishes to consult with Prox, a slightly troubled statement. There's nothing inconvenient about Justiel's side, so Justiel immediately issued a permit.

In response, the vice president takes out a small communications magic tool and begins to consult with Prox, who is waiting outside the junction. According to Tina's secret interview, she was apparently suggesting that it was okay to catch a little bit of the selling value from the improvement in quality.

There are no similar chemicals, but none of them have escaped the smell of chemicals. If you get a new quality product that comes out of step by step, you can sell it even at a slightly higher price.

"Is mass production possible in the future?

"Oh, it's possible. I'll teach Aruna too, so I'll double from next. I'll tell my other daughters if there's any problem with that, so by then, that's all of our secret drugs."


In the wake of Justiel's words, the vice president returns to consulting with Prox again. That's how they came to a conclusion after a while, and I missed the magic props for communication again.

"Sorry, sorry to keep you waiting"

"I don't mind, so? What about Prox?

"Yes, what about the 10% increase at all times, the president says. So what do you think?

"... Aruna, Justina. What do you guys think?

Now Justiel turns to the side where he develops the junction of silence and consults. Besides, they looked at each other once.

"Hmm... I'm sorry about the rest. It's not a bad story. 10% would be reasonable as a new drug"

"I see it that way too, 1.5 times is rampant. It would be more reasonable than it was originally expensive."

"Right. Well, that's a compliment."

That's how Justiel tells the vice president when he disappears.

"Thank you. Sit down. I will now tell the president, please wait a moment. I'll bring you the money immediately afterwards, but may I borrow the golems again to carry the drugs?

"Aruna, show him around."

"Oh. I'll be out as soon as I hear from you."

"Thank you for your time… Ah, Mr. President…"

That's how I started contacting Prox again, vice president, but simply informing him of the conclusion of the business meeting, so the contact ends immediately.

Well, thank you for your time.

"Ha, I sold this one in business, too. Don't thank me."

Arul and the vice president were leaving again, with the words of an unsatisfactory Justiel at their back.

"Tina. You can go home, too. You're keeping the ladies waiting."

"It's not like Baba made fun of that sideways...... well, good. Sometimes I have to be filial to Baba. Let's go for the rest."

I had originally planned to guide the garden, but I laughed bitterly at Justiel, who called it from the sidelines, and Tina would follow the occasion.

As a matter of fact, I was called in like this from time to time. No matter how implicit you are in changing your personality, you can't just change the sexual roots that Tina is worried about. Therefore, he had been listening to recent developments when he called occasionally.

"Ah, Tina. Did you finish your errands? That smells like medicine!

"Hmmm... the haha is going to flinch..."

Apparently, it's because I've been in the drug-smelling mixing room for a long time. It seems that Tina was firmly stained with the smell of the drug, and Canaan, who has a strong sense of smell as a beast man, holds her nose down and charm clothes, not even a beast man, exposes her discomfort.

"Mm... Shit. Bring the scent bag. Tora's. Shit... sorry. It comes in the bath once. Wait a little longer."

Tina finally realizes the smell of the drug and rushes back to her room. In fact, sometimes after entering that room, it is essential to carry a scent bag to relieve the smell of chemicals, but this time it was a sudden call, because of a different circumstance than usual, I accidentally forgot.

Thus, the day of the turnaround of this expedition, which was halfway down the road, ended up being a doozy day like never before.