The day after Kate and the others discussed an exchange between Heavenly Cherry Blossom School and Demon Guidance School. This day Kate worked in the clerk's office in the morning on paperwork.

"Well, we'll keep going."

"Oh, bad. Handle it that way."


That's what the boys say, after the office. He was one of the managers who sorted at the school and one of the faculties that had recently been further increased. Their workplace was not an office for the upper level of the Adventure Department on the third floor of the Alliance Home, but an office on one lower level.

There were several reasons for splitting it up, but the main reason was that I didn't really want to let the students in and out of the office in relation to Kate's identity and inviting clients from customers. There are quite a few students in and out of the office because they are asked to proofread and consult the reports for submission to the Union.

By the way, the teachers are packing it in their office. Well, it would be troublesome if there was a consultation as before, but I had no choice because it was a business consideration.


And when I work like that, Silfi at Kate's makes a face. He seemed a little upbeat. Of course, there's consideration for them.

"What's up?

"I've been advising Sola."

"Yeah, I know"

It was already a few days ago, and I had heard that. So that's just what Kate says.

"Oh, I've got a little peek at what I can do"

"Hmm... how'd it go?

"Yeah, well, I guess the point is"

Silfi tells the intriguing Kite. By the way, it's not like she's actually been there to see it. I just used the power of the Great Spirit. If I wanted to know where the sheltered person was and what the situation was, I would know.

"I was hoping you could use some more properly."

"Right. Well, I'll let you finish it on the ground."


And finally, Silfi disappears. I guess I'm just here to tell you this.

"Um, kite. It's time for an explanation..."

And against such kites, questions fly from cherry blossoms. But she wasn't the only one who wanted questions. Mizuki, who remained in the room, also wanted an explanation. Note that only Kate and these two are in the office right now. Sho, Rin had been asked.

"Hmm? Yeah, they're finally done adjusting"

To Kate's words, a leaf on the side bows his head. Yes, the leaves have been adjusted, and they are fully assigned to Kate's guard duty.

"We have also completed the coordination of all kinds of armaments, so we have now received the Master's guard duty"

"All kinds of armed...... are you?

"Yes, I have finished adjusting the cane etc. to the firearm. Thank you for your continued support."

Apparently, his expression grew much richer. That's what a leaf says, with a grin and a cheeky grin. It was a natural grin that no one would ever know if this was the life they were made to live anymore.


To such a leaf, the two reply a little distracted. With them, I know what Kate is. We also need an escort for that. Well, after all, as far as the outside world was concerned, it just seemed to keep the woman in the samurai.

However, I understand that it is necessary with them, so I will not go outside with any grievances. That's not what I wanted to hear. So Kate also guesses it and tells them what they want to hear.

"Well, I don't do clerical work."

Kite flickers and sees the waiting space for them set up on the right. There were three leaves there cleaning the disassembly of the guns in a little spare time. By the way, it wasn't the demon gun that used magic that was disassembling, it was the actual gun that ejected the live ammunition. It was acquired by Kate in his battle with the burglars when he was on Earth.

The cherry blossoms were anxious about Tsubaki, who assisted Kate in administrative matters. I thought Tsubaki wouldn't be anxious or unstable.

"What's wrong?

And, realizing the gaze of those two, Tsubaki asks them. However, there did not seem to be much instability there, and I even worked in paperwork flat. This was because I knew that the leaves were Kate's escorts.

Of course. I know who Kate is with her. If so, I know that my safety is of paramount importance. I was never jealous of my escort.

"Oh, no. There's nothing there."

"I'm sorry."

The two rush back to their jobs a little. But that didn't last long. Because Yuri came running into the office.

"Kite! Give me a hand!

"Do your own schoolwork"

More than looking at yesterday's situation, her words are processed in association with it. Kate had already finished her paperwork and was going to go look for a request. It was just on the way out.

"No! Job Request! Quite a hurry, too!


Apparently, it's a real emergency. I saw something a little closer to rush on Yuri's face.

"Today, you see, it was an extracurricular study to the ruins that I do at all times in school, but I'm in a bit of trouble! I need some personnel!

"We have many aristocratic gatekeepers... is it awkward to abandon them? A little Tsubaki comes out. I'll take care of the rest. Cherry blossoms, Mizuki, please leave. Yuri, tell Kuzha and the others to gather personnel. Al is Rin's escort, and Lil is training at the Imperial Army Command... ask if he can leave Coffle"


"Yes, sir."

Even as a kite, the students at the school I do are as important as the students at Heavenly Cherry Blossom School. Therefore, take Yuri's word and move on to immediate action. But when she gave the instructions, Yuri shook her head and waited.

It should be noted that extracurricular learning is an internship that goes out of school in the same way as the practical training that we do at Tensakura School. However, unlike Heavenly Cherry Blossom School, it includes site surveys and expeditions to other cities. The extracurricular study that Yuri is telling me this time was an investigative internship at a site near Maxwell.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Kate, if you can, can't you handle it with the adventure department? I'll take care of the money. It's better that way, isn't it?

"Shit, that too...... Tsubaki, go downstairs and gather the personnel"

"Yes, sir."

Following Yuri's suggestion, Kite also changes her instructions. It would certainly be better for the Adventure Department facades to turn to than for the Kuzha and the others to turn to, as an appeal to the side of the School of Magic Conduction.

"One leaf, ask for a map. Two leaves, three leaves, ready to leave at any time."

"As You Command (Jesus My Lord)"

"Master! Can I have it full?

The three sisters began to prepare after Kate's words, where the three leaves ask Kate happily. In the end, Trigger Happy continued to get worse and was at a level in Enefia where he even got his hands on a very meaningless real gun.

I thought Tina would stop these three leaves, and on the contrary, PDW with great joy - short for Personal Defense Weapon. I took it from the burglars on Earth - I was giving it.

"Ha... do as you please. But it's gonna cost me money, so I'm rejecting the gun."


I use the magic props I was given for myself, and this time I start choosing the weapon I'm taking. I hear a word that's pretty dangerous that it's a 60-calibre rifle for a six-integrated rocket launcher, but there won't be a problem because it looks like we're having a lot of fun or it's a demon or ruin defense system.

"Kite, what do we do?

"I'm going to stay... but I'll be on my way with you if you don't mind."

Taking the two words, Kite thinks only a little. But the answer came right away.

"No, you stay. When we can get out to the two of us now, in case Sho or Rin makes an emergency request, there's no one who can handle it... No, Mizuki. I knew you'd come with me. Cherry blossoms, sorry, but later please. I'll ask Tsubaki to help me when I get back."


It remains to be seen whether Rui Shu will participate in this exchange, but it won't be a loss to keep a look on his face. That's what Kate told the two of them. And while I was doing so, they were able to prepare a map.

"Master, the map is ready."

"Oh, that helps. Yuri, where's the rescue request coming from?

"I'll mark it, just give me a minute"

In the wake of the map being prepared on the desk, Yuri leaves a chess pawn to be marked with haste.

"Good, three over here"

"Aren't you in one place?

"Yeah. For a little reason. I'm loaning out some magic equipment for evacuation, so I'm making sure they're all safe. Apparently, someone pushed a switch that I'm not sure about, and suddenly the security golem was activated, and I couldn't move. Well, fortunately, he's able to escape into one room or the other, so he's managed to connect in one direction."

Hearing Yuri's words, Kate sighed.

"Ha... well, it's a good story, it's a good story... even if some idiot says no, he pushed the switch, or he found it and lost interest, or..."

"Haha...... well, theres later...... and one is Henri and other aspiring nobles. One is the student council officers. I wonder if they dressed up as a couple and pulled the security golem away from the other students. These two are nearby, so I think we can collect them together. So, the last one is the other students, but this is the biggest number of people. I wonder if the escort needs a number of people as well. Oh, best if I can, I can take drugs and stuff to the rescue."

Report the situation to Kite as Yuri shows a map of the ruins, three points not so far apart, but still a little distance to rescue. Henri and the student council are in close proximity, so we can rescue them in one unit. Given that, the rescue troops seemed to need to be divided into two parts.

"What is the usable time for the Evacuation Prop?

"Earlier report, three days."

"Looks like you can afford a day."

The location of the investigation was a day's walk southwest. Since the report was raised earlier, it would also have been earlier that we used the junction. It was far enough in time to leave now and crusade the demons.

The security golem that appears inside the site is certainly a good opportunity to sell thanks, as neither adventure students nor crusades can be said to be difficult. That's how I was working out the operation, and the faces of the handcuffs came together in the office.

I'm here because I'm free.

"Yayoi, thank you... Oh, the moon and the moon are together... or..."


"Isn't she cute?"

Look at the two of them coming in, kite solidifies. By the way, it goes without saying that I'm crying for a good moon. But I can't help but want to cry. What a pair of their clothes today were super mini shorts on a bondage-style jacket. But still, don't be nasty. I guess it makes you look like a little devilish fashion because Yayoi's arm is certain.

"Wow! Cute! I might want a little of this!

"It's cute and you can move easily, this. That's Yayoi, sister."

"Oh, thank you. Yuri's, too, so I'll put it up when I get back."


Yayoi nodded in an upbeat mood at Yuri's praise. Those three lay aside, and for now Kate decided to comfort Happy Moon.

"... you look great, that's no consolation"


"Well, I guess it just wasn't a skirt. It's not like you don't look like a man."

"... do I look like a man?

A harmonious moon asks Kite. But those eyes were accompanied by considerable distrust. But such tear-eyed appearance is what bothers me more than anything else to strengthen my femininity. And Kate said so to this inquiry, but could not answer it instantly.

"... sorry. Those tears are already women."

"... hehe, I've been thinking lately. I think we should give up now..."

Mutual moon squeaks, wrapped around a rather strong shadow. It had an atmosphere that seemed to me somewhere.

"... let's get Hairuku involved sometime..."


Kite sighed heavily at the words grunted by the goodmoon, who was slightly darkening. But Yayoi reacts.

"Oh, that's good. As a matter of fact, I was after Haruku."

"Uh... that looked good on me... that one"

"Fine, that"

"… rugged. Your brother knows you're working hard."

It was a stream that apparently wasn't going to be stopped by Kite. All I had to do was hope they'd forgotten by the time they left. While doing so, other faces of the handcuffs will begin to gather until we can contact them about the details of the request.

"Ha... Hairu, good luck... well, get back on your mind..."

In the meantime, even after listening to the rest of the story, there were just more descriptions of ideas in Yayoi's story book, and there was nothing that could change the flow. So Kate decided to leave the encouragement to her brother for now and start talking.

"... so. Sorry, but it was urgent and a request came. Request details……"

Together, Kate will tell you what she heard from Yuri earlier. That's when I finished hearing everything, and I asked a question.

"So? What about partying?

"Right...... Mizuki. I'm sorry, but we need to rescue the general population."

"I get it. Who should I take with me?

"Oh, that's..."

That way again, the instructions from Kite start to fly. Kate first instructed Rui Tree because in the assembled face, Mizuki and Yayoshi were the only ones who could take command as a whole.

"The rest of you will be on your way to rescue Her Royal Highness Princess Henri, the School of Magic Guidance side student association with me. I'm sorry, Yayoi, but please do it again."

"Yeah, okay."

That's what Kate says, and I apologize for putting Yayoi through the trouble again. Because the faces that remained on Kite's side are strong in battle, but rather small in number. Since there were 20 people gathered this time, 15 people were on the Mizuki side considering their strengths, etc.

Therefore, in the unlikely event that Kate would leave on her own, she asked Yayoi, the strongest of the remaining faces, to assist her.

"The moon, the moon, the sunset, and Shiori should be ready to leave as soon as they are ready. Mitsuha, Buppa, but Lochlan and Grelan are forbidden."


"You're willing to crumble a precious ruin! There's a precious record of His Majesty the First King! If I smash it, it's definitely a big eyeball!

"I'll leave as soon as I'm ready."

Mizuki also hangs the decree, with the disgruntled voices raised sideways. And in an hour's time, they were all ready, and they departed together.