Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 484 Entering - The Hidden Institute -

A three-leaf desire to use a rocket launcher came true unexpectedly.

"Wow... that's a lot out there..."

"Are you set not to attack carriages or other non-combatant opponents..."

Kite and Moon face each other in front of the Terrar ruins. Instead of that, everyone on this rescue mission looked up. The rescue team arrived at noon and had come in front of the ruins, but that was what happened there.

The Terrar ruins are in the woods, but there is a small tall hill overlooking it. Upon climbing there, the anomaly immediately caught my eye. What a golem-like metal golem appearance up to the perimeter of the ruins.

In front of the ruins, apparently the carriage used by the School of Magic Conduction is stopped, but apparently it is set up so that no harm can be done to animals such as horses, and that one was safe.

By the way, it's like a security golem with its hands stuck to a carcass. There was no leg, it was moving in a catapult. Apparently it was designed to go the bad way.

"Hey, kite...... that"

Yayoi, who was similarly observing the situation beside Kite, pointed to one point against Kite. That's the corner that the guard golem protects.

"Apparently, there was a fool who came in to pick it up knowing there was a rare golem..."

"It's not Maruko..."

Kite is followed by Yayoi's moon, and he realizes it. There was a corpse there, which I don't know if it was done with fire or with thunder, but came to a complete end.

Beneath him was also a guard golem fitted with a strange device - a magic prop for capture. Some of the clothes seem to be caught. As Kate expected, it would be the end of a burglar who went into stealing and was abruptly repelled.

"This... well, you were right to keep the perimeter sealed off"

"Right. It's tough in case you lose control and leak it outside."

To Kate's whining, Yuri agrees. There was an anomaly in the boulder in an unknown ruin, which caused the Duke's army to seal off the perimeter in case. Earlier burglars either scratched it or entered before the blockade was complete, I guess. Looking at the status of the body, the hot air was still only a little higher, so I guess the kites scratched in and infiltrated a little before they arrived and were repelled earlier.

"What do you do? You mean you're gonna break into this, right?

Mizuki, who was also observing the situation, asks Kite. The prediction was that the guard golems were working inside and there was no leak outside. Besides, Kate silences herself for a while.

"Good. Three Leaves"


"Do it."

"Yay! Can I have a glass of eyes!?

"Do it."


Listening to Kate, Mitsuha takes on a rocket launcher on both shoulders. There were too many of them to infiltrate without finding them.

Either way, there will be more people on the way out. If we can't shut down the security system, either way, the battle was conceived. So Kate switched the operational plan from infiltration to assault. And to that apparently boneless appearance, the one and the other who came to the rescue opens their eyes.

"Er... Miba. That, what?

"Uh? Rocket Launcher"

I thought I would know when I saw the answer to the three leaves with a smiling smile on my face. Incidentally, the three leaves carry two four-coupled rocket launchers on both shoulders. What I wanted to ask you was why you had such a dangerous thing.

"... how can you have such a thing?

"Huh? 'Cause this is my weapon, right?


Students get stunned together. Apparently, she imagined a cute wand, etc. for what it looked like. I don't know Tina's taste, but it was late. Tina is a gap adorer. As such, the magic of the same coincidence grows elsewhere, but then, after noticing that there is a kite.

"Hey, wait a minute!

"Eh! Not anymore!

"I don't have none. But wait a minute. Moon, you're peeking through that burglar's clothes, you see?


Hear what Kate has to say and see the moon hem of the burglar's accomplishment. Then I saw an object there that looked like a cancer holder. Apparently, what I was wearing under my jacket on my body was that my clothes caught on the security golem, so the button came off, and the hidden gun holder was glancing at my face.

"Gun holder... it looks like..."

"Can you take it with a whip?

"You're moving too fast."

The moon decides that it is impossible without thinking about it. The security golem was apparently trying to pull off the body on top and was moving pretty fast. But apparently, the material in the clothes is intertwined with the fact that it was good, so it hasn't done very well.

It's a demon gun that Mitsuha took out flat, but it's still expensive on the market, and I wanted to avoid losing it in the Mitsuha attack. Thus, for a while, Kate rethinks.

"Mutsuki. Can you do the scaffolding I did before?

"Oh, yes."

"Then build me a scaffold up to that top. Can you do that?"

"If that's about it, I can manage..."

Kite specifies directly above the security golem with her fingers. Apparently, it was also a level that was manageable for Mutsuki, who nodded at Kate's words.

"Yayoi. I need you to go up there with the moon and stop the movement for a moment at any time in a row. In the meantime, can we collect it? Just in case I get backup."

"Yeah, it's possible. Sister, can you do me a favor?

"Yeah, okay."

"We'll be back this way at once when we're done. Mitsuha, let go at the same time as you two go home. One leaf, the rest of you, you finish with a sniper rifle."


"As You Command (Jesus My Lord)"

Hear the two of you respond, and then more kite whispers the decree. The specs on the security golem are unknown at this stage. Therefore, we do not know how much detectability we have, and we are letting down our voices.

"After the three leaves have been swept up, they strike all at once. Don't all worry about collecting Golem. This time, the greatest aim is the rescue of His Royal Highness Henri, the 7th Crown Princess of the Empire, and Lady Blanchett, President of the School of Magic Instruction Students Association < > Killier. Don't worry about the damage to the precious Mars Empire golem. The success or failure of this request also leads to trust problems from both households. It's much more important."

Copy that.

The students also whisper back to Kite's order. That's how I temporarily lay them all down.

"Happy Moon. I asked for it"


As Kate signals, the Good Moon creates scaffolding. The location is approximately 50 metres above the target golem. Create some scaffolding that much linearly. And make sure of that, and the three of us, Kite, Yayoi and Moon, start moving.

"Good. It'll be good here. Yuzuki, Yayoi. I asked for it."

"Well, I'll only be gone for a moment"

Yayoi calls out in a low voice and activates the sorcery. At that moment, the rotating security golem only stopped the movement for a moment.


I aimed for that moment, and the moon swings a whip. It seemed easy to grab the target who stopped the movement, and the moon peeled off the body without difficulty. Yes, the body.

"What are you doing!

"How impotent from the body! Per corpse, then!

They yell at each other in a whisper, but, well, from the power of the moon, I guess we had no choice. That's how the body flies in, and Kite shoots a hook shot in the face. The goal is natural, but it's the cancer holder with the body.

Even as he yelled at him, Kate succeeded in capturing every gun holder without difficulty because he aimed at the moment when it came up and stagnated for a moment.

"Good! We'll deflect at once!

A kite with a gun holder in her hand speaks to both of them. Along with that, they both move to where the rest of us wait at once. Thus, as the bodies fall to the ground, the kites reach the assembly point.

"Ugh... no, wait"


It was Kite who tried to hang the order to shoot him in the three leaves, but stop him just before. But Mitsuha had no objection to it either. The guard golems began to gather at that point when they realized the body had fallen. Coincidentally, it became a good decoy.



Seeing that quite a few have gathered, Kite will hang the decree, and at the same time the three leaves will simultaneously fire at all gates.



The three leaves that shoot rocket launchers together with the voice of joy will be the faces that pull them together. Exactly (≥ ≤) as a face, but carpet bombing is a phenomenon that is happening. And the shooting ends in less than 10 seconds of the thing. Kite stopped it.

"Good! Three leaves, that's enough! I mean, it's too much!

"Uh, are we done here? Boring."

"Duh s loli...... it's a reward in our industry"

"Who? Now."


Students' witchcrafted conversations echo behind the disgruntled Three Leaves. but that too should have destroyed most of the security golems. This was the reason why the three leaves fired all over the place. There, this time, Kite, equipped with a great sword, not a knife, thinking about his opponent, flies his anger.

"What if I'm stupid! We're going in before the next one comes out! Mitsuha! Turn it into Greeran! Erba! Cut ahead with the sunset!

"As You Command (Jesus My Lord)!"

"Oops, I forgot! Everybody! Heavenly sounds followed by the entrance!

"Five people secure the entrance! And then the rest will go in with me!

"Copy that!"

This time, the high-fired Mizuki trees dominate. You cannot use lightly equipped, lowering one-handed swords, daggers, or high-powered sorcery that can cause collapse on hardmetal golem opponents. So he used them as tows and walls, and destroyed them in their gaps with great swords and two-handed swords.

"Sunset! You aim for the head unit as best you can! They can sharpen their detection abilities if they target that glass part over there! Head unit crushed. Two leaves from the enemy. Stop moving! I'll be the last one! Needless to say, don't forget to cover Shiori, who is incapable of fighting!

"Ugh! Don't take it for granted. I'll be fine!

Once inside, the first tier will be accompanied by Kate's party and Mizuki's party, but after that it will be a different course of action. The group of students that Mizuki is after is at the bottom of the second tier, and Henri and the others that Kate is planning to rescue are at the third tier. And it was also the third tier that seemed to have the control unit of the security unit.

Henri and the others were going to shut down the security system while the face led by the president of the School of Magic Instruction was at bay, but apparently they were cornered in the back by the number of security golems beyond what was supposed to be. Before they could catch up any more, they stood in an area where the entrance and exit could be prevented.

"Hello, Mizuki! Take it!"

"What is it!?

"Grellan! Apparently the burglar brought it in as a trump card! Looks like he was safe in the attack! It's a single-shot disposable bullet, but it doesn't have a problem with viewing power! Use it in case it's dense or surrounded! Watch out for the remnants!

Mizuki wears the gun holder thrown by Kite from the top of her armor in a little rush. Fortunately, he was hit without using a single shot, and all the filled demon bullets on the gun holder were unused.

By the way, the grenade launcher I gave Mizuki is a medium fold and can be loaded with bullets for every shot. Because it can be done with a simple structure, it was expensive, but it was beginning to spread. Also, the grenade launcher set up by Mitsuha is an integrated drum magazine type. It was the difference in technical skills between Tina and general merchandise.

"... Shit! That's great! I design a big sword and a two-handed sword that's hard to wield!!

Kite praises the strategy of the Mars Empire in a slightly frustrating manner. The kites entered the basement from the remaining staircase in some of the collapsed laboratories, but the passage was quite narrow about 3 metres across. It would be strategically correct to let this place be protected by a metal golem.

Most importantly, weapons capable of producing high firepower, such as giant hammers and swords, can only achieve maximum attack by wielding large amounts and using centrifugal force. If you blame this place with such a two-handed weapon, it required a lot of technical skill.

"Kite! I'm going thunder!

"Whoa! Everybody, jump! One leaf, two leaves! If there's a safe plane, make sure it's swept away! < >!"

On the first tier, Kate and Yuri were off the lead. Well, two leaves and a sunset, to be exact. That said, we are now in a massive war with the security golem in front of the room that leads to the stairs, and we were attacking each other.

As such, Kate decided to strike one hand with Yuri to turn to the offense. When Kate puts the Great Sword overhead, Yuri prepares a giant thunderball to go with it.

"< >!"

"Ugh! < >!"

Yuri strikes a thunderbolt with Kite's sword, and thunder dwells on Kite's sword. And as all the rescue teams jumped up that understood what Kate was trying to do, as Kate shook the sword down to the ground, thunder ran to the ground, mainly Kate.

Fortunately, the ground was made of metal and put electric shocks through well. And naturally, it also went well with the metal golems. Successfully defeat most of the Golems who have been hit with the internal foundation.

"Good! Then, beyond here, it's a staircase!

"Never mind the extent to which it's moving slightly! I don't have much of a problem! We're going ahead!

Even more golems that can still move, when one leaf and two leaves crusade, and the rest are golems that move slightly like cramps, Kite hangs the decree.

It is unknown if there are any replenishment or repair units for the security golem here, but if so, this one will just get jilli poorer at some point. Besides, I said I'd keep it for three days with the bond, if that's nothing either. At the point of an unknown situation, it was the usual path to set up a fast attack.

"Look at the stairs! Senior Kite! Stairs over here! The door's not locked. I want to see it!

"A sunset you made! Watch out for enemies on the stairs!


So it was when the sunset spotted the stairs, followed by the kites entering. Apparently he was alive. From the internal broadcast, his voice sounded.

The progression of the "… < > White Rebels to the second tier cannot be stopped… now the security system is transferred to Red. Consider it an extraordinary first-degree situation and approve the activation of the special golem. Researchers, stand by in the prescribed room... repeat... take security to Red... '

"... seniors, is this... bad? What is it, < >?

"Dear, The < > White Rebels are about His Majesty's army... not because His Majesty was a pure white leader... Everybody, hurry up! I don't think I can afford any more!

Gigi, and the back kite replied with a similarly pulled face to the pulled face sunset that turned around. And Kite answers and immediately hangs the decree.

Apparently, the security system doesn't know if the kites are malfunctioning or for a reason, but they've determined the Ixphos and the rebels. In this way, we rushed to the destination point together.