Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 486: War of Exhaustion

In front of the large waiting room of the needy rescuers of the Magic School on the second level of the Terrar ruins, the rescue team finally encounters the special golem that has emerged, and Mizuki decides to wage a war of attrition. But the results were not fragrant.

"Yikes! Next supply, please!

"Ouch! Hold the shield! I'm sorry, but I need another job!

"Copy that! Your vision will only be blocked for a moment! Watch it, man!

There was nothing that could be done with just one side on the boulder, forming a barrage on both sides of the T-shaped road. For this reason, we need to stretch a shield all over the corridor for a moment to replenish it on the other side, and throw the healing pills into the gap.

"Ah, damn it! I get angry while the machine!

"Security golem, you're getting in the way too much!

Consider it a spectacular shootout, or the special golems didn't get lost. Oh, my God, you shielded my buddy, the security golem. Once most of the security golems that came out were destroyed, the remains were now piled up like earthbags and resisted.

Moreover, apparently, the special golem was rather carefully customized, much harder than the security golem. Even an attack that should have been pierced by a single blow by a security golem could only be to the point of denting it into a special golem. It seems that some airframes have been customized for proximity, and if the response was made in time, it could even be cancelled by simply ripping off the arm.

Worse still, the special golem was out of step in mobility. Therefore, avoid attacks that you think are necessary. That contributed to the frustration of the students. In the middle of such an adhesive state, Kite contacted Rui Shu.

Mizuki, are you okay? Special golems seem to have a lot of performance! Please don't die on me!

Somewhere in prayer, Kate's voice echoed from an incense-shaped communications machine attached to Mizuki's ear. Apparently, there was quite a fierce battle over there, with the sound of a sword trident outpacing this one.

"Mr. Kite! They're coming for you too!

"Good! He's alive! Totally wrong! Are there any special golems wearing full face helmets! He's rank S, which is also quite comparable to a high-ranking adventurer! If you see the whole thing, I gave it to you immediately. Expand the emergency line! Never pick up an enemy! You're not the enemy!

To the words, Mizuki peeks into the aisle. But there was no special golem there because I thought it looked familiar. Only a special golem with a large demonic stone attached to the center of the face for video reception.

"Mr. Kite! He's not here! Perhaps that's the commander plane or the custom one!


"That said, this one has too many numbers and barrages! They even held it up to the gatring and it's completely glued!

Apparently, even as a kite, he thought it was a custom aircraft as only one super high-performance commander aircraft. A slightly relieved voice sounds. But I could hear Kate tongue-in-cheek again at Rui Shu's words that followed.

"Shit! Sorry! This golem over here is pretty strong! We can't go for cover right away! Apparently, they've targeted each and every one of them! The moons are marching to be able to shut down the security system... it will take a little longer! Until then, enjoy it!

Quite strong in kite, to say the least. Given that, I'm glad you're not here, you should think. Mizuki found so much hope in the likelihood of falling into despair.

"I get it! I will try to endure this one somehow! Never, never die!

'... who are you telling? Don't worry. I'll definitely pick you up.


Apparently, Kate realized she was in a hurry. In response to the words of Mizuki, Kite's smile smiled invincibly at Mizuki's head.

Thus, with it, Mizuki also finds more hope. Kite can't lose. So if you can't stand it till then, this one wins. But the next moment. Even luckier.

"Hmm? Reduced barrage?


"... confirmed! Enemy count reduced!? He's gone about half way!

Students peering into the bend using demonic props for reconnaissance make a slight look of amazement and joy. I don't know why, but we have fewer enemies. It should be noted that, to be precise, a total of 15 bodies have been reduced.

"Whoops! Wait! The left and right walls are open again, and the guard golem is coming out!

The student who was scouting gives further news. But this was a winning opportunity. It doesn't make much sense where there are more security golems with weak ranged attacks and only about a shield in a shootout.

As such, I suppose there have been times when the flow has turned to me and when I talked to Kate, my spirit has calmed down. Ha, Mizuki noticed.

"Those who can use magic! I'll throw all three Grenade Launcher bullets! Anyone can do it, so please do it!

In this situation, you can't shoot Grenade Launcher where he loaded it. That's what I thought and didn't reload. So I saw this as an opportunity to reload, and I thought, Nothing, I was wondering if you didn't have to shoot a bullet in.

"Signal, I'm coming!... now!

"This one's off!... now! Anyone can do it, so hit it!



Mizuki throws it for a while, and the magician's students shoot their magic into Ciccia Camechaca. It's not like I had a goal or anything anymore. In the meantime, we just need to be able to destroy Mizuki's thrown bullet. That way, the disposable demon stone inside the bullet will explode. That's how the prayer arrived, there was a blast.

"Yikes! I also got about 10 special golems! The guy who was trying to destroy the junction almost stopped moving after eating it from behind!


At the same time as the explosion ends, use demonic props to peek into the end of the aisle. That's how I saw it was the remains of a massive security golem and a special golem.

That said, it's still a custom golem. I couldn't take it all down, and there were quite a few golems with security golems in the defense that weren't hurt. But that's the first quarter. Winning opportunities were completely different.

"Good! We'll crush Gatling somehow! And then I asked you to!

"Whoa! I got it!

When I saw the winning opportunity, I began to see the students vibrant at once. But that didn't end the enemy either. The guard golem has made a strange move.

"... swarmed by broken specialty golems...?

During the shooting, which began again, a student who was observing the enemy form is surprised with a root on his eyebrow. It's no different that the newly increased security golems are shielded from the front, but we saw a move from that gap, like a safe security golem swarming into a relatively undamaged special golem.

"... what are you doing...? Destroy the security golem on the right now! Special Golems are coming back!

He was on surveillance for a while, but, uh, the long gun that the special golem had moved. When I saw that, I realized what the security golems were trying to do.

They were using their allies as shields to repair the warriorly high specialty golem. Sure, in this situation, you won't be able to make satisfactory repairs, but I still don't want to be resurrected.

"Yikes! Concentrate fire on the right!

"Roger! Don't worry about anything else!

Mizuki, who hears the students' voices, hastens to hang the decree. But I guess the enemy was anticipating that move, too. Deal with the wall of the security golem that stands in front of it even thicker.

In that way, the interception void and the airframe, which had long-range weapons among the special golems, is revived. The idea was to put up a barrage first to equalize the attack. At this rate, it would be only a matter of time before a special golem with more melee weapons is revived.

"You don't have enough hands!

"Ah, damn it! Replenishment again! Throw me!

"I'm sorry! I can't help you!

A spear-held student tells as he seeps through his thoughts. Still, shielded students are good. You can be a shield in these places.

But a student with a weapon in both hands and no shield cannot do it either. Therefore, I watched students desperately chanting their magic beside me and mourned their uselessness.

"Damn! We got guns, too!

"Shrine Temple! You don't have any more bullets!

"It's empty!... Ah!

Mizuki was questioned by the students, but there, it occurred to me. Yes, as long as there's a gun, it is. And there's a gun on this spot. No, there are enemies with guns, to be exact.

Mizuki accidentally leaks a bitter laugh at the abdominal proposal that came to mind. That's because, as a lady, it was never a praised means.


"What's wrong!?

"No! I'll change my strategy! Shield holding, forward! It's good in an instant, so don't attack! Next, hold the whip! Please pull that gatring holding this way in total!

"Copy that!"

Mizuki hangs the decree on everyone. I don't understand everyone's intentions, but seeing Rui Shu's grin earlier, I understand that something has come up with a ventriloquist and follow the instructions.

"Gu! Please hurry!

"We're gonna get Gatling on the right! Fit it! Now!


With the hanging, a special golem with a gatring flies inside the shield.


It must not be destroyed by high-powered attacks. From the purpose of Mizuki, that was absolute. Mizuki only cut off the two hands of the special golem that flew as instructed, and even more just in case, destroyed the demonic stone in the center of his face and kicked it.

That way, we return to the herd of golems again. He was concerned about the suicide bombing, just like the other hammer students. This one was right, and thanks to being custom, it was also possible to self-destruct.


As such, it was the Gatling cannon that was left behind. Seeing it, the students understand Rui Shu's intentions. The point is, I should have gotten away with it. Mizuki saw the students' words and that Kite had recovered the Grenade Launcher, and thought that if not, she should procure it locally.

"If you're still safe, take this one! Next time, I'm coming! I'll do everything I can before the measures are hit!

"Whoa! Next! One more right!

The remaining Gatling cannon is recovered at the hands of the student using the knife and disappears at the end of the bend. In doing so, he figured out how to use it, tested it only once, and made sure it was usable. That's how I let him snort with a grin against Rui Tree.

"You can do it!

Seeing that nod, Mizuki confirms the success of the measure. Collect the next golem the same way, cut off your arms and retrieve the Gatling Cannon. But I didn't make it to the boulder the third time. On the verge of grabbing it with a whip, a special golem with a heavily damaged sword broke into it.

"Yikes! You'll still be hit with measures here!

That said, if you keep your weapon down, it will lead to a later loss of power. So Mizuki blows off the left arm that was left in the special golem and knocks off the great sword.

And then tap into the swarm of specialty golems again. The fuselage that lost both arms to the boulder seems to be of low priority for repair, and the security golems are blind.

"Gu!... Shrine Temple! Exactly. I can't do any more! It's time to retreat!

"Yikes! At least two more! Any of them are fine! If you can, we'll retrieve the gun and retreat to the corner!

"We're going for the left and right end! Pull him out of the herd, even if you mean it!

Until now, the students collectively collect two pullouts that have been carried out by all the whips. And at the same time slap and slap both arms in the mood so that the swordsman student who was waiting at the bend would hit his anger as it is now.

"We've recovered the longgun! Kick it!"



"Here's how you get your big sword!

At the end of the day, a whipping student retrieves the sword that was rolling on the ground. And at the same time, another student kicked the special golem and slammed it back into the aisle. And, at the same time, the explosion sounds in the aisle. Two special golems blew themselves up.

"Damn, Hollywood, you have tears!

"If you see something like this, you won't see the creation anymore!

Students laugh at each other with a fierce grin. It should be noted that the suicide bombing of the special golem is normal, but thanks to the bend of the aisle, it had no effect. Mizuki speaks up elsewhere about students who seem to be able to afford it.

"Long gun! What do you say?

"All undamaged! Maybe, it works!

Newly armed students battle with fierce laughter. Outcomes include two gatling guns, one big sword swinging, and two long guns. There are a few more guns over there, but they're a little more powerful. Everyone laughs.

"I'll repeat the current one and reduce it to the point where I can push it back!

"... wait! The boulder hit me! The guard golem is acting weird! Maybe you can get in the back and pull it!

A student who was scouting tells me. The guard golems snagged around the legs of the special golem, as if they were fixed so that they could not move.

"That's fast!

Mizuki gets irritated in the face. Well, if they're machines, it's no wonder they're so early. Mizuki thinks so and works out his next operation. And, the student there recovered it and noticed the great sword that was left intact because it was in the way.

"... oh?

It's the big sword the special golem had, but something was suspicious. Because it is a large sword, it is extensive, but the appearance of a single blade was mounted with an object like a booster on the side of the peak, and there was an odd hole in the tip part of the blade.

"... could this be... a cannon, is it?

Sometimes the thought boiled down and Mizuki observed it, but, uh, I noticed. Something like a trigger was attached to the pattern. Yes, this was a combined weapon with a great sword and artillery.

Few of the weapons customized for the special golem were as special as the various types of weapons hung together in this way.

That said, where I found out, what would I do? In the end, the adhesive state remains the same. So Mizuki laughs bitterly. But a hand that broke the glue suddenly struck me.

It wasn't them who hit it, it wasn't the special golems, and behind it were the students at the Magic Instruction School who were waiting for rescue.

"Everybody! Attack from behind! I need you guys to cover for magic alone!


Along with the anger, teachers from the School of Magic Collapse into the aisle. When they saw that they were glued again, teachers who could never fight struck out.

And at the same time, the students start covering with magic. A moment of stagnation occurs on the specialty golems who did not expect the rescuers to unravel the boundaries on the boulder and strike out. It wasn't Rui Shu who missed it.

"Whoops! Now! We'll storm them all at once! Shield forward!

"Gatling, don't miss! Hold the spear! If the shield prevents it, we'll storm it all at once!

"Don't worry about the other guys and some other bullets! I'll clear up all the grudges I've had!


After the barrage faded further, it slipped into turmoil, making it possible to storm the Mizuki and the others. With that in mind, the students with the shield gather their magic on the shield and storm at full speed.

This was a move with the < > name as it was. The principle is simple, just a move to focus your magic on the shield, increase your defense, and further concentrate your reinforcements on your feet and cut into it all at once.

"Well, I got a corner, so I'll use it!

A student with a shield and a student with a spear cuts in, and Rui Shu cuts in at once with the great sword in his hand the path they cut open. An attack was launched on the part of the School of Magic Conductor when he accidentally held the Great Sword in his hand and accidentally left the two-handed sword in the aisle.

"... oh?

A sword-wielding Mizuki, but there, I notice a strange anomaly. The sound of something being charged was echoing from the sword I had. Then, he feels strange resistance to his hands and releases his fingers from that part.

"Whoops! It's a booster!

The sound that was ringing from the Great Sword stops at the same time as I release my fingers. Looking at the sword, there was a slight overflow of light from objects like the booster mounted on the rear. Looking further at the patterned area, there was an outpouring like a switch on the area where the finger was touching.

"Sounds like you need to be careful how you handle it!

That said, I don't have time to go back and get my weapon at the earliest opportunity. So Mizuki goes into battle, careful not to touch the switch.

Thus, although it was accidental, we managed to eliminate the special golem by obtaining support from the school side.