Kite learned of the weakness of a special golem wearing a full face helmet by information left by the first king Ixphos. Naturally, it was a hand in offense from there.

"Come on! We're starting to fight back!

If you know where to aim, you'll find it later. That said, I know that my weakness has been exposed with my opponent. So naturally, the special golem has cemented the protection of weaknesses.

"Change of priority… From preserving the base, move to defending the machine"

Copy that.

Give orders to the bureaucratic plane and recall the special golem that was in battle with the three daughters of Ichiba. Thus, they both fell into an adhesive state waiting for the other party to come out.

"Master...... I'm sorry. Couldn't finish......"

"I've managed to withstand it... but I'll train you for proximity when I get home"

"Ugh... I could have shot more..."

I samurai to kite's side looking pretty sorry for Erba. Following that, one leaf and three leaves also arrive. Two leaves were fast, simply because she was the fastest.

"No, good. That was the highest masterpiece level 700 years ago. On the contrary, we should praise those researchers who had all that technical skills."

"When they say that, there's something that doesn't make sense..."

I'm a little dissapointed with Kate's words. They have the pride of being Tina's greatest masterpiece. And there was also the pride of an end point in one area. In contrast, Kate praised the enemy. It was natural to be obstinate.

"Bye. I could win that you guys did it like that. It took me a long time to find a place like this and a bad situation."

Kite laughs bitterly at those three and tells them. So was Kite, but the place, the situation was bad. When they were serious, they were too small in this room.

What's more, they only have a magical guide shell in their area. They deserved enough praise to be able to fight the greatest masterpiece 700 years ago, even though they were not in such a state of completeness. And in fact, there was a slightly unique reason why Kate didn't decide to fight in an instant.

"So, master. What are you going to do?

"I want that one. Ideal for souvenirs to Tina. A culmination of a different kind from you guys. You'll be happy."

"As You Command (Jesus My Lord). Give Our Mother a Good Souvenir"

At the same time, the three accept Kite's orders. Yes, actually, Kite was decided to fight in an instant if he tried. But clearly, I wanted this special golem. But I didn't know how to capture it almost intact, so I couldn't decide.

That said, I could already understand what to do. So kite shouts out. To call, he's his most trusted partner.

"Yuri! Now! Do it!"

"Whoa! < >, ha-ha!

Like swallowing special golems, purple polar lightning crossed them and swallowed them. She is not alarmed by the machine. So they shouldn't have been alarmed.

But the machine is judged by the data. That doesn't change the golem either. Therefore, first sight behavior cannot be dealt with in a way that exceeds expectations. Yuri's strength was completely misjudged and swallowed up by a side-by-side attack.

"Will you survive after all! Thank you!"

But there's a single ride, a surviving fuselage. Of course, it was a full-face helmet that was even more custom in a custom airframe.

Only she escaped up on the brink of a direct hit using metastasis. Plus, Kite, who was moving up in anticipation of that behavior, launches an attack.

"One leaf! Do it!

"As You Command (Jesus My Lord)!"

"< >"

The last surviving special golem sparks pure white light from all over the body against a continuum of light emitted by a single leaf. Apparently, he's going to activate magic around himself. But that wasn't the undisclosed kites.

"I don't really like it."

"Gdagda, do it without telling me!

"Ugh... < >!"

Mitsuha, yelled at by the two leaves, activates a shabby sorcery. Activated is a jamming magic that cancels or delays the magic the enemy attempts to activate.

Forgotten, Mitsuha's main post is reconnaissance and obstruction. Besides, it's a polar gesture to it. Therefore, even ancient magic (enchanted spelling) can be disrupted if there is so little difference between him and me.

Originally the enemy of Kite, it is a prerequisite to use the equivalent of ancient magic (enchanted spelling) without having to go as far. Therefore, she is set to be able to use a level of witchcraft that allows her to interfere with it.

"A masterpiece 700 years ago, I got it!

Kite sticks his right hand out against a special golem that is completely sealed in action. Naturally, the palm has a technique developed to take control.

"Ga... Ga Ga Ga... Error... Object... Enemy Shadow Disappeared... Enemy... Error... Recognize the object in front of you as Lord... Ga Ga... Error..."

The kites breathed a sigh of relief against the special golem that made an error after Kate's operation and stopped the movement. Now I feel safe. That was the moment I thought so. I hear the recording was still going on.

'Oh, yeah. Don't think about taking control or anything. Absolutely, absolutely. Don't do it. Never do it.'

"... what?

"Take me on base road and blow myself up. You got it? Never do it. '

To the words of Ixphos, who laughs in the screen, the kites become. At the same time. The special golem gave a flat voice.

"Confirm loss of control... Emergency system activated... Base defense determined to have failed... Erase information on the machine with the base. Count 3…… 2…… 1………"

"Oh, hey!

Kate's scream woods spirits, but there's nothing we can do on Count 3 on the boulder. I can't do anything about it, and the count is finally zero. At the same time, a roar sounded. Except from the main monitor that Ixphos was showing, though.

"... Huh?

Together with the video and what was happening, attention is paid to the main monitor, which is making a roar.

"... what is this... that explosion-based MAD famous on Earth? There's a meteorite crashing into our planet. I don't know, the explosion is spreading..."

"Sound too... thoughtfully that famous guy... right... or earth no matter how you look at it..."

Mutsuki and Yayoi - who joined the moons when the security golem stopped - groaned. I don't know what's going on. That's all I understood. And then Ixphos showed up again after the footage was finished.

"Heh heh! You surprised me, didn't you? I don't have this!

In his hand, which was reflected again, was a picture of one small metallic substance.

"Well, I don't know. This is one of the most important parts directly connected to this base's suicide bombing system. He can't blow himself up without this!

When he told him so, he squeezed it with his hand. And when it opened again, the wreckage of the shattered metal parts fell zero out of his hand.

"I had a hard time shooting this... I'm going all the way to the world to capture footage... it was already a mess"

Stupid Ixphos, but here's how I felt about him, General. It's just a word, 'let's see'. But it's one of the greatest emperors in history, the ancestor of the nation. No one can complain about being frustrated. but naturally there was another guy who didn't care.

"Kite! Wait a minute! I know how you feel, but even that one, because it's His Majesty Ixfoss!

"Don't stop! Let him hit me one shot!

"Wait, kite! I'll let the boulders stop disrespecting His Majesty, too! No, I can understand that!

Yuri was a kite with wings tightened, but apparently a descendant (Will) came out without being seen by a boulder. Well, he understood the feelings.

By the way, he could understand that this was going to happen, and it would be the English break that Will and Yuri panicked and unfolded their boundaries around them to make them invisible.

"Don't stop, Will! If you hit him with one shot, your highly-popular majesty wouldn't be complaining!

"No, let me stop you!

Two people heating up like that, but there goes a word more irritating from Ixphos.

"Oh, maybe Leva's mad? You're mad, aren't you? Then try to follow me this far!

That's what I said, Guerraggera. Against the laughing Ixphos, Kite finally kicked ass. He wasn't Reva, but he was still a frustrating video. And then the gogo and magic start to nag.


"Ma, wait! Tell the boulders what you're going to start!

"I'll try to summon His Majesty Ixfoss somehow"

"Wow! Kate, I'm stuck!

You can't just call a stranger with Kite. In other words, Kite is on edge and can call for the first time. So I pushed it and tried to force it, and the magic was swirling.

That said, the heavenly punishment didn't fall forever. Another voice entered Ixphos' footage. The Lord of the voice was like a man.

"Ho... apparently you're doing something funny."

"Ho!? Leva! Why are you here!? You can't move from there...?

'Well... when did anyone say that? So let's end this recording'

With the man's words, the recording ends. Seeing that, Kate lowered her drinks. I didn't see the man until the end, but at the end of the day, there was a roar, and it was because I could see that heavenly punishment had definitely come down.

"… Your Majesty. I don't think it's a prank."

Seeing the disappeared footage, Will left it that way and disappeared. He had a headache himself, he had a grin somewhere. As such, Kite also lowered her drinks, so the bond is lifted.

"... go home"

"... right. Guys, wake up! If you don't remember, it's a thunderstorm!

"(a) As commanded (Jesus my Lord)"

Both Yuri and her three daughters had to laugh bitterly at the boulder. While Yuri is rebooting everyone who flashes up, Kite observes a special golem that has stopped completely this time. The first thing to do is naturally touch it.

"... you're soft. Erba, how about that special golem with the face there?

I knew when I touched my chest when I first took control, but I touched it again and Kate realized that her skin was soft.

And Kate lets Erba, who was waiting near her own escort, touch a special golem that is falling near her. It seemed soft over there, but it was quite a crop feel compared to the special golem on this one.

"… this one is also soft"


"Master. I checked the special golem with the demon stone mounted on the other face. It's made of metal."

While Kite thinks about it a little, get the information you think a leaf is needed and report it to Kite. Apparently, the special golem that Mizuki and the others fought was made entirely of metal, and the kites fought for something similar to silicon, covered in leather and muscle. Perhaps the difference in performance is here.

"Do you take back the relatively safe stuff? All three of you, look for something relatively safe in a special metal golem."

"As You Command (Jesus My Lord)"

It was originally called a burglary, but in the first place, this lab was inside Kite's territory. Therefore, if you report to Emperor Leonhardt in the name of an investigation, there is no problem.

Instead, it ends up being sent under Tina saying it's all this delicacy. As long as the information is submitted properly, they won't complain. Well, the world will be more ambitious with another discovery than this one.

"... I guess it's a big historical discovery. And this."

Kate looks back at the main monitor, which now doesn't photograph anything. I think it would be nice not to be on the table if I could. Because it was too far from the image of ordinary people and emperors and nobles.

By the way. The footage from the suicide bombing was apparently just set so that Ixphos would be embarrassed later and deleted in a single playback, and never appeared on the table.

Kate yelled at us when she heard about it, but it's an eternal mystery unless she asks why it stayed that way.

"Master. The special golem Mr. Yuri destroyed was in relatively good condition. Over there."

"I thought I needed to check the area above, but I advise you that there is a lot of damage in this area after a peek."

Submit a special golem brought to kite by one and two leaves. It appears that Yuri destroyed the special golem by witchcraft, leaving a fuselage that was not in a bad state of destruction.

"Good. It'll be a good souvenir... and I think I can upgrade your weapons"

"Thank you"


After all, I guess we're glad our own work tools are empowering. The three laugh happily. Thus, the kites took the returning Killiers and Henri and turned to the second tier.