Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 493: The Story of Gossip Breakup

As soon as she realized she was there, Kate realized that this was the place to dream. Anyway, I've only been there once.

That said, realizing you're in a dream that's not a clear dream doesn't mean you're free to move. It was just, you know, chasing past experiences.

The kite in the dream seemed cold, brought to a pedestal made of some warm stone, felt signs of movement behind his back and opened his mouth.

Sleep tight.

No, that's not what I was trying to say. Against Kite in her dreams, Kite now sends words that are also close to screaming. But so that the past would not change, neither would the dreams.

So the girl's words returned as Kate now knows them against the words. The direction of the voice is on the stone pedestal of Kite. Considering that was also heard from close proximity to Kate's ear, the girl is probably sleeping on the pedestal.

'... I don't want to. I decide when I fall asleep'

I'm telling you, I don't want to die yet. Let's just stay up, even if we're wrong, don't think about it. '

"... are you going to stay there even if the Moon Book is gone?

The girl throws an inquiry with a stubborn voice, but even though she wished with her heart that she would stay there forever, she never wanted to put her aspirations on the table. That's why I asked him how long he was going to be there. Besides, Kate replied with a bitter smile.

'I remember the way I came to this room. I don't care if you meditate on your eyes, you won't have a hard time going home. "

'Yes... but I'm in the way when I'm there. I can't sleep.'

Never, they don't try to face each other. No, before that, we were never going to turn to each other. For a while then, silence descends. It was Kite who opened his mouth again.

"Hey, if you don't get some sleep, there's no sign of cold tears."

Then you disappear. That way, I can sleep. '

"Stay with me till you go to sleep. Just disappear... you're a jerk, dude"

Kate matches her dreams with her current thoughts when she leaves, against the mouth of a girl who pushes her away.

For Kate in a dream who doesn't know the future, this is the part of this life. Now is why I can wait forever, and I never thought it would be like that at this time.

That's why I'm not leaving. And now Kate still wants to be here because it's been a long time since I've seen her, albeit in a dream.

'When I sleep, I don't know what will happen. Maybe I can't keep my blood under control, I'm gonna run wild.'

"Think, Think, Think"

Even if you listen to the girl, Kate won't bend her mind. I swore I'd stay with you till the end. That's why I wasn't leaving here until the girl fell asleep. And as it shows its will, kite is going to tear up.

"Besides, if this one turns his back, he could be cut again."

'... it won't. I'm not moving from here.'

The girl replied by seeping in her absolute will to the tearing words of Kate. Never, never move from this place. That's all I was going to ask, no matter whose wish it was.

Even if it's Kate's wish to share the bedroom. Then for a while, silence descends again. The next person to open his mouth was the girl.

"... hey, my contractor"

"... are you still awake?"

He's still here.

I know. I can't sleep. I have no confidence in the words that I have said with absolute intent. That's why I try to send out Kite at all costs. But my heart is afraid of separation. So the girl was in the same tone again.

"Between you I am inscribed a permanent covenant of blood and love. So you don't have to stay till the end."

"There's no covenant between blood and love...... I just got God's virgin, I feel itch!

"Eh, proof of the contract."

I think back to myself these days, and Kate laughs bitterly that there are no delicacies while I'm at it. So I guess it's natural that the girl hit me in the blindfold.

Well, now, I may have thrown up the same dialogue to tear it up, but that was a statement I really didn't think about Delicacy at the time.

"Or your poemy words, fix it."

"About what?

"Ha... I dont pull the bee poem the other night when I hear it"

"Hey, were you listening!? On! '

Apparently, there are many things missing from Kite at the time. A girl who didn't think she was being asked gets up unexpectedly, but because of it, something emerged that caused the two of them to break up.

It's a disastrous crimson flash close to black. It's also aimed at Kate's neck and runs in a straight line. Besides, Kite's about to be mutilated. But Kate turns herself over and dodges. If you know what you're after, it's easy to avoid it. It disappeared far away, without even calling it.

'So you're not leaving until you go to sleep. I know I left, and when I get up, this is it. "

"Hey, it's your fault now."

There were signs of the girl falling asleep again, and of the boy hanging on the pedestal again. But now there was enough for the girl to solidify her resolve. That's how for a while, kite opens her mouth again.


There are no words to return. That was not only Kite who knew after this, but also Kite in her dreams. That's why for the first time here, Kate turns around.

'Hey, Char... have you slept yet?

I know. There are no answers to return. That was also well understood by the two kites in tears. The girl used the will of iron to suppress her own instincts to kill Kite.

This sleep is a ritual to extinguish the urge. She is, Reaper. Moon and Goddess of Death with an impulse close to the nasty instinct to prune the lives of those who loved her. That's a nasty trait that the deeper you love, the more you can't escape the urge of death. Being loved by her was tantamount to being fascinated by death.

This is still a ritual of sedation, although I wanted to be with the man I loved. That's why I don't get any more reactions back. I just woke up and tried to reap the lives of my loved ones on my own. She had come to a place that she could no longer contain.

"... when you wake up, I can't stay... hey, Charlotte. A goddess whose earliest and most accurate name is not even noted in history. I'm your only contractor. Now the only one who knows the name of God. A warrior fascinated by death. You can make my destiny... reborn, but let me come here when I wake up '

Kate wishes her own wishes to God, who fulfilled his covenant with herself in the last resort. I can't see anything, not just the girl's face. Not because my vision is distorted by the tears that are flowing, but because I am physically magical, completely in constant darkness.

The slight lights that accompanied the girl's sleep disappeared and a completely pitch-black book descended so as to put the girl to sleep. Instead of under my own feet, I can't even see my own hands wiped with tears. Outside the girl's face. But still, Kate relies on her own senses to look for the girl's face.

"Goodbye... We'll see each other again... my goddess of the moon"

Kite looks up with the last crease on her searched face. Tears are constant. But she won't let you stay here forever. That's how I tried to walk, stuck to something, unnecessarily cocky.

'I'm... Ha. I guess I should have just left within the bright...'

In tears, Kate whines one to her self-derision. Even Kite at the time, there's nothing to get cocky about in the dark where you can't see anything. Because only the sensation on the soles of the feet and the signs felt on the polished skin allowed us to explore the surrounding signs sufficiently.

Thousands of emotions were disturbed and I couldn't walk satisfactorily, so I sneered. And it came to pass, that the thing that Kite had moaned was kicked in, and Cashan, and the sound of metal was made.

'Ah... hey, Shall. Mark, I'll take it... so if I die... even if I'm reborn, I'll count on this, and I'll definitely come back here'

It was the symbol of God, the artifact, which the girl called. Just the sound. When Kate observes it, she picks it up carefully.

She used it the most. It was her symbolic object and she said she could tell wherever it was. Then I thought it would be good as a landmark to look for herself and vice versa as a signpost to reach below her.

'... sooo... Ha!

Kate pierces it without hesitation into her own heart. Whether it's Kite now or Kite at the time, it's an unscrupulous behavior that makes me want to laugh. I was young, but I couldn't help it.

But still. If I hadn't done this, I wouldn't have let myself go. Even Kite at the time understood how impotent and ridiculous what she was trying to do was. It was a bet, but it was a success.

'... Now you and I will not leave when you die. It's me with you, Charles. So I tied the artifact to me... as long as I had this connection, I'd get to you. Even if death takes us both apart. "

Pull the pierced artifact out of your heart. There is no blood flowing. This is a kind of ritual. By piercing the artifact into his own heart, he linked the artifact to his own soul.

It was a real witch mountain bet if you take it from the current kite, and the technique you used was really naive. That's what Tina would have probably laughed at me through the rage if she'd seen me.

But because Kate is her contractor, it's a success, besides being recognized by the artifact. Given the power of the day, it's a bet that you won't succeed where you made 10,000 numbers. But still, Kite succeeded.

"Come with me while the Lord is asleep."

With a girl's artifact in both hands, Kate tells the artifact. Then, as if to answer Kate's words, the artifact showed him the way home. It was as if to clear the carelessness of the Lord who could not go with him.

"O my beloved goddess, who flees eternity, lives eternally, and sleeps short. See you again...... hmm? Come on, isn't this Schal... I think it's stained. '

While walking down the path illuminated by the artifact, Kate mumbles the words that come to mind. But I laugh when I realize that the words that came out of my mouth were close to a girl's mumbling poem. It was probably because of my mind that the radiance of the artifact seemed to flash as if I agreed to it.

Thus, while Kite is illuminated by the light of the artifact, after this, no matter how hard she hands, she will never return to the temple. So now Kate's consciousness also awakened from her dreams.


"What the fuck?"

What Kate, who awakened, saw was a fairy girl, or Yuri, who was waiting for herself where she had followed the temple. It is also a facial doop. That was like peeking into his face from up close.

"Look at your sleeping face... you're crying, and your face looks like you chewed up an oversized bitter bug. What dreams did you have?

"I guess...... Yikes!


Hate and Kate don't have any odd tastes to be glad to get peeked into her sleeping face. So keep your face up just a little bit and let Yuri eat your head-bad.


Seeing Yuri rubbing her forehead, the laughter of the other girls apparently waking up echoed. Well, sometimes when Kite wakes up the last time, this is how someone peeks into Kite's face.

I wonder what's fun, but Kate sometimes observes the sleeping faces of the girls she likes. I think you feel the same way, but I also think it would be fun to see the man's sleep face. Probably the difference between a man and a woman.

In the meantime, Kate woke up feeling good about the head-bad pain, so for now, she decided to ask Yuri, who would be at work already if she were normal.

"Ha... So, what's your job?

"I was... I was waiting for Kite to wake up because I was worried about something before!

Apparently, the unintentional head bat worked quite well. Yuri raises her voice of protest to Kite in tears.

"What do you care?

"Hey, hey."

Apparently, nobody wants to see me. Yuri invites and leads Kite to the terrace.

"... this"

What Yuri took out, who led Kate to the terrace, was a crack in the artifact she had just dreamed of. When Kate returned to Earth, she took care of one of the cracks. When the girl woke up before she returned to Enefia, she thought that she could reach Yuri.

"Glowing...? What's mine?

Looking at the artifact Yuri took out, Kate takes out even more of her own artifact. Then, kite's artifact was still glowing, too. It is not a gleaming thing, but rather a pale glow to the extent that it can be seen by gazing into the morning sun.


But that's only for a few moments. While they are watching, the dazzling light disappears.

"300 years to date. Is this what happened?

"Yeah...... never"

In response to Kite's inquiry, Yuri gives a complex expression of various emotions, such as expectations and waiting.

"I wonder if it's close..."

"You don't know."

The two speak as they once were, with their cheeks on the terrace. Whether she glowed because of her proximity to awakening, or whether she glowed over the Lord affected by Kate's dreams she was having, that's not even known by Kate connected to the artifact.

Legend has it that there is no will in artifacts. Even if there were, the only girl who could understand that would be the original owner. Well, that's what I think, but sometimes it's brilliant to give Kate an opinion. Perhaps the legend is like a mourning god by mistake.

"Well, maybe it has something to do with my dreams."


"What a coincidence, Charles came out. Poem said it was still my contractor's blood contract."

"Sounds like Charles. Or was he saying the contract again outside of there?

There, that's the night Kate told the girl. It wasn't actually just Kate who was listening to the poems I was reading there by chance. And Yuri, who was almost always with him at the time, heard of it.

Well, more than that, the two witnessed by chance on the way home from dating Yuri's bathroom, who said the night sky was too beautiful to go to the bathroom alone because she was afraid.

By the way, I don't know what Yuri knows either. After he returned, he kept it in his chest for 300 years.

"Whether the artifact glowed due to dreams, or whether Charles was close to waking up but I dreamed and the artifact glowed... I don't know that"

"Ask Tina?

"... No, let's not. He decided to welcome us both, didn't he?


This was decided by the two of us. There are only two people who know about Charles. It was long before I met her or broke up with her, but I still met such teachers as Lux and Will and Princess Asahi. And before we even met them yet, we decided to wait for them.

"My dear goddess. Sleep long and never wake up."

"Kite, Charles is dying."


Shortly before a story similar to Kate's Poem begins, Yuri blocks the story with a shuddering face. That's how they pointed it out, and Kate looked like she was about to cry. I have already taken it off from my age to say I have two diseases in the middle for more than 10 years. I was shocked to find out again.

"Well, I could use it for speeches and stuff, so good... and so on"

"Ha... I don't like it, do I? Poem couple blast? I like kite a lot of dramatic behavior in the first place."

"I knew it was tied to the artifact. Did you screw it up?"

Hearing Yuri's tearing words, Kate groaned in a sigh mix. Mentioning it just in case, it does not mean that it is influenced by the character of the original bearer of the artifact because it unites the artifact with the soul. It's just that this one was similar to the girl and kite, I guess.

"Well, you got it, too, so I'm going. Tsubaki's got breakfast too, so I'll eat over there."


Fluffy, and dropping Yuri off flying back to her big form, Kate returns to the room looking a little tired. And so today was the same day, and it began.