Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 495: Former Demon King's Activity

A few weeks after the visit of Kitra. It was when Kate was starting her life at the School of Magic Conduction. Tina was, in fact, busy for the time being here. Besides, this was not a job that could use someone's help, so she was supposed to work alone.

"Hmmm... Nah or not enough..."

Tina tilts her neck in front of her own dedicated crimson magic machine. Seeing all this seems like her usual hobby, but this, in fact, was her job now. Well, it's not enough to say that, it's totally her hobby, though.

"What's missing... hmm... the rest of the dedicated machines... speaking of witches... hmm? I don't need... oh, I don't have a cane."

Pom, noticed that Tina was missing something and slapped her hand. I seem to have thought of Kite as a myriad of weapons, a wand for myself.

"Hmmm... wand, no... wand... wand... hmm... best to make your own, whatsoever..."

Tina haunts her head for a while. By the way, for a magician, a wand can also be called life. So normally, I bought my own ingredients for the wand, and it was basic to create them. This wasn't just witches, it was the basics in the basics of those who fight all sorcery as their main source.

"Hmmm... it's best to go get it in conjunction with the test of the special machine... until the wood can't be stored... it would be nice to create everything with scarlet gold (Hiirokane)..."

Tina is attracted to a wand made of scarlet gold. That said, this has become a complete producer's hobby and has no real benefit. Mages don't have a lot of significance when it comes to strengthening their striking power.

Magnetic conductivity is good when everything is scarlet gold (hyilocane), but its role as an amplifier becomes inferior. Therefore, at least something had to be put in as a core material.

Note that the cane is made of this core material and the material constituting the exterior. In addition, as an amplifier for further magic, engraving was carved inside the wand and specially adjusted jewels and magic stones were mounted on the head area.

These are the ingredients that every sorcerer makes. It was difficult for artisans to adjust to each individual, and each individual had to make it. By the way, Tina had chosen to put them all on.

"Hmm...... no, you can't. If so, do we still have to collect some materials..."

Tina dismisses the proposal herself. I still needed to stick to weapons than to know above myself. If that's the case, we'll make blueprints.

So she sits in front of a magic device like the computer she uses to design it, and starts a dedicated application. It was supposed to be a magical guidance computer made by applying Earth's technology. Some of them also contain software for Earth's computers, so it could be said that they are a different form of computer development from quantum computers.

"Size is...... um. If you think about the rest of the way to fight, this is usually good at any ratio...... uh...... with 170cm left and 160cm cane then... hmm. The power of civilization is not convenient. Just type to calculate one shot... Scarlet gold (Hiirokane) is good for Gawa..."

Tina will enter the data she will need for now. She will think about designs and the like later when making blueprints, but she has to decide on the outline alone anyway.

And the outline is always fixed as long as she's the only one using it. That's when she was treasuring this computer. Because you don't have to calculate them all.

"Well... the biggest problem, then... isn't the core part."

Once she finishes entering the entire information, Tina stops her hand there once. The performance of the wand is essentially suspended on the core material placed at the center of the wand. The better the object, the better the performance of the wand as an amplifier. The exterior depends on the durability.

"You can't use the branches of the world tree that are often left over from boulders..."

Tina sighed as she looked at the wand placed unconstructively next to the chair. The core material of her wand at all times was the branches of the world tree - its fossils to be exact.

It is also not an earlier world tree, but a branch of the World Tree of the Original Plains, said to be the first world tree. This alone involved all the attributes. It was the perfect product for her to use, also known as the Demon King.

"That said, it's hard to use the rest because I'm biased against any attribute... my head hurts... and I have the best head in the world, because you can have it..."

Tina twists her head even further, muttering a dialogue that she thinks is disgusting. But it's true, so there's no way.

"You can't. I have an idea… take a bath and change your mood."

Tina decides to change her mood once and for all to a problem where she doesn't get an answer no matter how much she twists her head. That said, it wasn't the bathroom at the upper Duke's residence that was heading that way, it was the bathroom at the Alliance Home in Adventure. For his busy work as a public servant, he tried to show his face so that there was no clue.

"Ah, Tina. Were you still going somewhere today?

"Oh, um. The rest are technicians. Together with the training, I'm heading out to the Duke's Institute here for the time being...... So, what's the difference?

Arriving at the Guild Home, we met Meizu, Yuri, and Kanan. Apparently, they were going to ask for it, and they were doing the journey support.

"Sakura-chan and Senior Ichijo are returning to Heavenly Sakura School for the time being, and there are so many parts that haven't turned around."

"Hmmm... what about Canaan?

"Oh, yeah. I've been fine lately."

In response to Tina's inquiry, Canaan smiles softly. It's been nearly a month since she joined us. The wound already seemed covered with scabs. Nowadays I smiled relatively often. So, for a while, the four of us have a conversation there.

"Even if... Oops!

"Speaking of which, yes."

Yuri also tilts his neck a little against the irritable appearance of the charm. Apparently now was the stage of waiting for someone.

"Speaking of which... who are you waiting for?

"Oh, yeah. Sola. This face isn't on the front line this time, is it? Kite's in school. Sola just told me she wanted to test drive a new weapon, so I thought I'd add him to this face and stretch his legs a little out of town."

Apparently, it was Sola who wasn't here. Sometimes they say a word about being late for the rendezvous, but they didn't seem to have that today either.

"Oh, is that it... golden picky... could be good... golden picky... with tuna... tuna... I want it..."

Now I remember my own magic conductor painted crimson, and Tina crushes that there's no point in wanting a tuna. It is equipped with electronics because it mixes the technology of the Earth, but it is the mountain of Sekiyama that is grabbed by demons and broken in a pompous way where the tuna is applied. There's no point in putting such things on.

And when I saw Tina like that, the charm fumbled, and I questioned her. When she wasn't in the adventure club like this, she had some big job, I knew.

"Speaking of which... what are you making now?

"Mmm? Oh, um. Just a little job I was asked to do."


"Uhm... I need to sign the paperwork again though..."

Oh, boy, Tina sighed. The job you asked for. That was her job now. Because the emperor Leonhardt remembered his interest in the Magic Machine in an earlier joint exercise and craved it.

That said, there's no way I can give you that stuff all of a sudden. Yes, please. Therefore, the investigation had to be carried out in a variety of ways, so the investigation had become her job.

Actually, Mel is close to being a messenger for that. The McDawell family's request for assistance was for apparent reasons. Because the sword technique she used was similar to that of Emperor Leonhardt, it was also a test pilot for the Emperor's machine. That's why the prudential disposition was lifted less than a month later.

"How long is it going to take?

"I don't..."

In the wake of Meizu's words, Tina considers her plans for now. At least, we needed to finish everything by the intercontinental conference. So thinking about it, in a month's time, there will be an indication of completion for now.

I did the exam from there, and if so, I seemed to need two months. Besides the simultaneous investigation of the ruins. Instead of being busy, I was super busy.

"A few months later...... I guess. It's all buried for now this month."

If I had built my own dedicated plane, the next time I needed to finish the Emperor's dedicated plane on the express. The Emperor's special machine must be reduced to mediocre performance, except for some, so the first thing he said was to create his own special machine, mainly for the use of magic. The proximity could have been handled by Kite's prototype, but he had yet to see how to deal with magic.

"Oh well... good luck"

"Hmm. It looks like there are no injuries there... and has Sola arrived?"

Talking about that, Sola in armor shows herself from the stairs. So Tina decides to end the conversation here, and we'll finish the conversation later.

"Sora, it's late."

"Oh, bad, bad... a little hassle adjusting your weapon. I'm not used to it, so it took me a while to read the manual."

Tina starts walking as she hears the disgruntled girls and Sora, who seems sorry. Naturally, the bathroom is the way to go. That said, this time it was a hassle to head up, so it was a big bath on the ground floor part.

"Phew Phew... I was told..."

Immersed in a hot tub, Tina rings her neck. They were just before they became unavailable for bath cleaning, and at the end of the day, students who rushed in and asked to go home late at night or in the morning for a morning bath were seen. And that's how Tina observes her surroundings blurry, and, uh, finds out who she sees.

"Hmm? Your lord won't go back to school?

"Yeah. If both the chairman and vice chairman get back at the same time, there's gonna be a problem with this chain of command, right?

It was the maple that was there. For the time being, the final adjustment of the Magic Conductor was busy refreshing the meeting on the side of Tianxue School, so I didn't know what it was. And Tina nodded, asking such a maple, which is the best.

"Well, of course not... Daikatsu kite..."

"Yeah...... so, what's up?


"It's rare that you're taking a bath at this hour, isn't it?

"Oh, speaking of which, yes..."

Ask me, I remember Tina too. She does have a lot of crazy time with research, but still not a lot of morning baths. If you're taking a morning bath, if you're thrown into a kite that you don't see, or if you don't come up with an idea like you do now, you're in a mood swing. That said, speaking of maples, it was unusual.

"But if you say so, your lord, too?

"I'm a little..."

Something bothered me, and the maple sighed. Apparently, she also has problems.

"Hmm? What happened?


He thought it would be best to talk to Tina, and Maple starts explaining the situation. And that's how I finished asking, and I thought, is this the same problem?

"You were worried about the cane too... Hmm, well, it's about time we all felt the lack of firepower..."

"You too?

"No, actually, I'm still worried about the rest with my wand... even though it's a magic machine... for use in large magic armor."

Tina dares say it again, wondering if she can tell by the name of the Magic Conductor.

"Yes... how can I make you specialize in the core material of a wand?


Asked, Tina thinks only a little. She did some kind of cheat of using a special core material to specialize in everything, but it would be about her in many ways that she could do it. So naturally, I grasped the general method.

"It's not easy. You don't get a dedicated core material… for example, if you want to specialize in fire attributes, you can use wood or metal that grows in a volcano. But naturally this is a fire attribute. The power of water and ice attributes is weakened, and other attributes are affected. Well, on the contrary, mixing fire with the wind is a pretty good advantage."

"So you say it's an ice attribute?

"Mm?... I don't know..."

Maple was good at ice attributes. Therefore, it was necessary to think about strengthening the ice attributes. So Tina decided to fish for her knowledge just a little bit.

"Well, it's common to use the trees in the Tundra area in the northern part of the demonic territory for core materials. Others also use this old tree as their core material and for the gawa of their wands. There are other magical stones that the snowwomen possess..."

"What if you try to strengthen it the most?

"Trying to strengthen it the most..."

To the Maple words, Tina will look just a little farther away. Only one person who asked this question actually existed before the maple. That's what I remember.

"The strongest will be further north than the northern end of the Demonic Territory. How to use the object" Ice Zero "in the Arctic where you say it is. That's even better if it's the ice at the bottom of it too. It's the oldest ice in the Arctic. It can be used as an amplifier for the magic of the Ice attribute."

"Can you get it?

"Stop it. It's unscrupulously expensive... and for some reason it's not very often used."

"What do you mean?

It is the most powerful amplifier of ice attributes in the world. And yet no one uses it, I wasn't sure. That's how Tina gave a reason to laugh a little bitterly.

"... Tis... what the previous Demon King used was a cane that used its" Ice Zero "as its core material. Bad luck, huh?

He is recognized as a magician and engineer after Tina, but at the same time a usurper of the throne and demon king in a different sense than Tina, who knocked the world down in chaos. Moreover, at the end of the day, it was destroyed by the brave. For adventurers in charge of the exams, they didn't really want to use them.

"Well, if that's the case, will you come with me? I've been thinking about it, but I think we need to stretch our legs a little bit to the Devil's Lands."

"... then, please"

Maple thinks a little and decides to accept Tina's proposal. Tina, who was talking and thinking, decided that she would eventually have to go to Demonic territory once to collect the material. Thus, they went up from the bath to prepare for their journey to the demonic realm.