A new phenomenon discovered by chance by the wand developed by Tina. It was a phenomenon that could overshadow modern magic theories, where resonance occurs even though it is not the same magic.

That said, it was only confirmed, and there were still many uncertainties about the cause and whether it was really happening. So Tina decided to temporarily interrupt the production of the wand and serve to elucidate the phenomenon for a while.

"Uhm... still... Lord, are you sure you're not doing anything?

"Naturally! Unrighteous in front of the Demon King, the most disgraceful act for us! I swear, I didn't do anything!

After all the exams, Claudia says grandiose. Naturally, and the other two snort firmly. And Tina and Claudia and the others had this as long as they could believe it.

By the way, it's easy to say why you're even doing the exam to Claudia. It was decided that Mireille would do the exam at the beginning, but Nassim and Claudia had to do it after her, too, because she was not the only one who could cooperate.

"Smanu. Just to make sure."

"No... So, how was it?

"Hmmm... I guess it's better if you guys keep watching"

"" "That's right, I'm the Demon King!

In keeping with Claudia's words, Nassim and Mireille also kneel and send praise. This is my fourth exam. In all of them, the same phenomenon was confirmed as Tina did.

Moreover, all combinations of all attributes were performed in the next test. Thus, it was discovered that resonance phenomena caused by spirals occurred in every attribute.

"Ha-ha-ha! This is amazing! History changes! Uhm! With the help of your Lord, we can get closer to figuring out the phenomenon at once! That's the rest of the Four Heavens! My arm's not fading!

"" "Thank you!

At the same time, the three express their gratitude. Nevertheless, I didn't say anything about Tina in terms of rhetoric, labor, etc. They are the best warriors and magicians of the Demon Nation. It was possible to save far more extra factors than asking a bad professional magician to investigate. There was really no other way to do this than to be an attributed technique of sorcery.

"So, Demon King. What's the name of this?

"Mm... right. I'm sure this has to be named."

It's a phenomenon of new discoveries. So naturally, I don't have a name. Therefore, as the right of the discoverer at all times, it was necessary to think of a name.

"... right. Because of the resonance phenomenon that occurs by drawing helixes, this phenomenon should be called < >. So, for the resonant magic that happens, let's call it < >. So let's say this wand is called Cylinder Rod."

Tina, given a little bit of thought, names all of this < > related to Helix Resonance at once. These things are easier to understand and understand while you watch them. So the naming stayed on the lookout. That's how I hear it and ask Nasim what went into it even more.

"I did... so could you analyze how it's happening?

"Hmmm... I could do some analysis on that. We still have to do research on how resonance can occur in boulders, etc. … In the meantime, it turns out why it can be developed other than the rest of the time now."

When Tina says so, she manipulates the provided console to display a schematic view of the inside of the wand on the monitor. That's how the first thing I put out was the wand I've ever had.

"The wand has not been ejected at the same time and at the same time as the surgeon's timing when deploying magic. But no matter how < > executor it was, it wasn't entirely possible at the same time. That's common sense, isn't it?

"Yes, < > by the division of thought, but not at the same time. Mains and subs exist even when dividing thoughts. The main thing is giving orders to the sub, and there's a time lag."


Tina acknowledges Claudia's words. This is what Tina told them a long time ago. So I knew and deserved it.

"Well, naturally. I can't resist this no matter what. So no one has ever been able to express themselves."

"If you're a princess and you can't do it, no one can."

"If anyone specializes in division, it might be possible, so I'm not buying that much extra power... back to the story. Well, that's why I couldn't eject magic at the same time, number one. Secondly, the idea of painting a spiral does not exist per se. These two are the biggest factors."

Tina tells the three of them what to expect from the exams she's had. By the way, it doesn't seem surprising that someone is doing it for the second reason, but it isn't.

The engraving naturally engraves the object. And there is a conductivity in all things except scarlet gold (Hiirokane), which is how much magic can flow through the magic called magic conductivity. If so, the longer the engraving, the more loss will occur.

In the case of amplification by cane, it is used because it obtains an effect that exceeds that of loss, but there is still less loss in the straight line. It was something a fool would do to draw a spiral. Just like Tina is, the skilled don't do it.

"How did the Demon King deal with it?

"Hmm. Well, I can't do it in Enefia... for the first reason, I was referred to Earth's technology. Actually, it's excellent to activate it at the same time. We applied it extra and synchronized the two sorceries so that they could be fired inside the cane at the same time. Develop magic to match orders that came first."

Tina finally unfolds the cane drawings she made earlier. As such, various differences in the engraved parts will be explained to the three of us.

"This is the sync part. So this is the part where it changes according to the core material..."

For a while, technical commentary is exchanged for the three of us. That's how I finished hearing it all - the three of them were Tina's assistants at the same time, so I understood most of the explanation - and then Claudia raises the question.

"Does that mean you can't use < > without a cane?

"I've been thinking about it for a while, but I don't know if I can try it there. but you could probably."

Tina only worries a little, and tells the guess.

"In other words, we should set him up so he can draw spirals at the same time. I would need to build a special procedure for that... but I don't think I can do it. but it's still going to be a trial and error, so let's get ahead of ourselves."

"Ok...... so do you plan to do that at the Duke's house at Demon King Castle and Lord Kite about there?

"Bye. Military conversion is possible. Until you step forward, let me keep the rest of it a secret."

With Claudia's words, Tina decides on a general policy. Just decided to submit the Magic Guide to the Empire. As an alternative technology, it would be optimal. Anyway, everyone thinks it's impossible. As a hand tag, it was a level that could be used as a trump card equal to a magic conductor.

"No, I could have done something unexpected. I just came to make a cane, what..."

Tina laughs unexpectedly. It was really unexpected all this time. I just made it because I just want to make it with interest, but the result is a great discovery of the century. It was an unexpectedly painful event even for her.

That said, that's not her to end it. Originally, this was just a prep for making a prototype. At that point an unknown phenomenon had occurred, which had been completely sidelined on the subject.

"Well... let's take this data down and make a wand for the Magic Machine... oh yeah. Nasim, if you are an enemy in the army that might be good for some exams, tell them. Let's put the rest on the experimental bench soon."

"Okay. I will see the best demons."

Taking Tina's word for it, Nasim breaks his hip. And finally, the three of them went back to work, and Tina also worked on the production of a wand for the Magic Machine, which was the main issue.

Then, about 6 hours. It's Tina, who was doing a lot of things across lunch, but Maple was also at a stage where she could paragraph.

"Tina, once you're done, can I ask you to adjust?

"Mm-hmm. Let's be good..."

Once Tina stops the hand on the blueprint of the cylinder rod for the magic conductor she was making herself, she looks at the blueprint of the wand given to her by the maple.

"Hmm... the material on the outside is" Cold Oak "in the northern part of the continent... well, it's not a bad decision. This is because Maxwell doesn't get around much... the core material... Hmm... is that normal northern demon ice? Well, being the lord now is not reasonable. Even if you use a very strong core material, you can still swing by the force of the wand."

"Yeah, that's what I call it."

Apparently, he was loading information on the reference books that had been placed in the laboratory, such as information on how to make the wand and the ingredients. Faithful to the basics, I didn't design anything half as close to my hobby as Tina did. As a novice to the custom-made of the wand, I was given a sufficient pass score.

"Mm-hmm. This would be good. It's still too early for you, Lord. So, as for the engraving to be engraved inside, are you thinking about it?

"For once, just the draft, but..."

Maple then shows Tina the engraving to carve inside the wand. but for this one, there was no use coming out of Tina.

"Hmm... I guess this one needs fixing"

"Where are you?

"The engraving also enhances the ice attribute is not very impressive. Too much ice bias makes water and fire attributes satisfactorily available this time. That could be detrimental in the future. It has to go too far, but it is like that. You can't always bring a specialization wand like this to all eight attributes?


Maple was also said, and I noticed. Naturally, the reality is that you can't change gear during battle like a game, or you can easily change gear by removing gear from a toolbag, etc. during a journey. Like the advanced adventurers, Kite and others, magic can create and carry a special space for herself.

I really need to think about convenience somewhere. If you encounter an enemy whose ice attributes do not work, Maple will be luggage at that point. That's awkward. If so, not much pointy performance was complimented either. So Tina announces the amendment again.

"Right...... here is the best place to just amplify it as it is to Orthodox. I'm used to making canes. Weirdly, you should avoid coloring. As for the engraving, each should consider the optimal shape. Well, it's a simple amplification circuit this time, so you don't have to worry about it that much. Try it and carve it in a textbook."

"Right, thanks."

Following policy instructions from Tina, Maple goes to rewrite the blueprint for the wand again.

"Well, if I had enough skill to handle the amplification of the 8 attributes like the rest, I'd be fine."

Tina smiles bitterly as she looks at the cylinder rod. Although she said oh first, in fact, that tina was the one making the specialty wand that didn't work out. Well, in her case, she's a witch clan, so you'll have to take into account there.

That said, this is the difference in technical skills, I suppose. In her case, the engraving was engraved to match the core material so that the various attributes could be enhanced. Reaching this point, he was a first-rate magician.

"Well... for now, the rest of you don't just have to choose the core material..."

After sending out the maple, Tina turns again to the blueprint. Unlike maple, Tina was used to the design itself, so it doesn't take that long.

If there was a problem, this time an unknown phenomenon was confirmed, so it would have taken a while to install a safety circuit to it in case. That being said, that was already an earlier story too.

"I don't know if I'm going to go to the vault and take a look at the core material at all times... I wish I had something rare... it would be great if we had all kinds of big 'dragon balls'"

When Tina says so, she stands up once. I was gonna go check out the material warehouse at the lab. It was about checking what was stored and thinking about the core material based on the status of that material and so on.

Incidentally, "Dragon Ball" is one of the dragon's cores, and it was the largest of them. It rarely went out with the strength of a dragon, but it was the castle of the demon king. The possibility of being stored was well thought out. So Tina decided to go to the warehouse and look at the core material.