A few more days since the arrival of Orr. It was also the last day of our stay at Demon King's Castle. At night, Tina was in touch with Kate. After that, I just left, and many times I was too busy checking things like "helical magic (spelling helix)" to report. Therefore, I thought that I would make a report.

"So... I discovered a new technology or a new theory"

'I don't know... you, don't be too bouldering. The theory is, what is it?

"Well, we'll need to run a demonstration test on the boulder for the time being. Existing theories overshadow existing theories, even under certain circumstances. It would be better if the announcement was properly certified, and then kept in a coalition with renowned scholars."

Following a question from Kate, Tina reports her plans so far. In the meantime, Tina finds it impossible to report during the current fiscal year.

That's all it takes to demonstrate the theory, and there are many things that can still be considered as causes. There is also a lot of uncertainty about why it happens and how it happens. Taking those into account, we were likely to need them for nearly a year.

"I'll leave you to it... I don't know."

"Bye. Well, let's get the rest handled properly. If there is a sign from your Lord or Kuzha after that, we'll just get a good ink on the theory, and then we'll make a report. Now I see something like this, so... Oh, speaking of which, so I figured out one thing about arming your Lord's Magic Machine. I'm not going to renovate it."

"Hmmm...... Daiwa revolver related?

"Mm-hmm. Until now, I've just decorated it, but I can use it for the cylinder mechanism. Bunkers with attributes seem interesting."

"Well, do as you please"

Even Kite knows which side he wants to apply if he listens to the current report properly. So I decided to let Tina like it, with little concern for it.

By the way, I'm still hiding about the Orrs coming. after they had assembled. Well, simply put, bury the outer moat. I can see doing whatever I want, so before Kate tells me to novel, it was a decision to block the escape route.

"So... did it make any difference to Demon King Castle?

"Mm-hmm. Nothing unusual... the Four Heavens are still fine."

"Well... I'm glad you screwed around Nasim"

"Haha. That's not going to be the worst... No, Claudia might be a good match..."

"Oh, I don't like it, princess. I'm not going to fall until the princess's child is ready for the bar mitzvah."

Mireille laughs and tells Tina that she's starting to think a little seriously. Against the other two, who are a little perverse, Mireille contained a little parental drowsiness.

"Mmm... this guy's not dying all the time..."

"Haha. Isn't that a good thing? Don't lose it."

"... so is that. Speaking of which, isn't it time?

"Hmm...... you are right. If Lord Heisenberg is sure, it should be time."

Answer Tina's question as Mireille looks at the clock. Nothing is just for the two of us to keep in touch. Or if it's just a report, I'll be home tomorrow, so I should have done it then. Since I had some free time, I was wondering if I should report it anyway. And, speaking that way, on time, a communication came in from Lord Heisenberg, Jake.


"Hmm. Your grandfather seems to be feeling better."

"Dear Jake, Long time no see"

"Oh Lord Mireille with you... Lord Mireille? Tina, where are you now?

"Oh, a little something for you. Well, in the meantime, I need a little material on the request of the Emperor Leonhardt. I've come all the way to Devil's Lands."

Jake, the Duke of Heisenberg, naturally, but with Mireille, who was Tina's educator, is face-to-face. I also knew that he was the one who knew Tina's secret. By the way, if it were Lord Heisenberg Jake and Mireille, Mireille could be slightly older.

'Well... well, let's hear the report'

"Oh... first of all, that's one of the special golems ahead."

This time, Jake, Lord Heisenberg, has not contacted us in any way. The idea was to get his opinion and speculation again in order to report to Emperor Leonhardt on a series of disturbances at the Terrar site up to this point.

The Emperor Leonhardt had also requested proper cooperation on this, so once again, it was a good time, so it was this evening.

As such, opinions are exchanged between the two for some time about what they actually saw and felt, what they felt a long time ago, and what they saw.

'No, I'm sorry about that. I didn't know that special machine had been brought into that lab. Nor did Non and others know about it. I thought it was a prototype cannon.'

"So you didn't answer?

"Uhm. I mean, if I'd gotten out, I'd have forced a great struggle before I did."

Lord Heisenberg Jake laughs and affirms against Kite. This time it was a battle in an exclusive space: indoors with each other. Yes, but because of this, Kite struggled, but at the same time, it's not hard to imagine that this struggled even outside. Naturally, the enemy's aim is to defend the Institute. If so, naturally the enemy will have to squeeze the output.

Rather, the output was narrower on the enemy side than on the kites. In fact, the local interest existed on the kite side. Still, given the struggle, it wasn't hard to imagine the true strength of the enemy.

"So is that... well, good for me, you mean?"

'Would be... even so, well... that prototype...'

"P, prototype? Is that it? That was fantastic. I'm thriving."

"Uh-huh. That was like a helicopter for the Demon Emperor's escort... so it brought all that performance."

"You look like you hated so many people."

'Apparently. Well, the country is terminal. Almost no one can believe it. "

Kate's guess is also acknowledged by Lord Heisenberg, Jake. Naturally, they are conducting an investigation into the Reign Emperor after the rebellion. So what I saw was the unusual human disbelief of the emperor at the end of the day.

Given that, a golem that would never betray and could never be counter-insurgency would have been ideal as an escort. The demon of use can rebel, whereas the golem is the same as the machine. Perform only the orders given. No one could believe it. I guess for him, the golems, who had no rebellion or conspiracy, could have treasured more than anything.

Together, it seemed to me that there was a reason there for his deviation from the Golem's design idea of an ultra-high performance golem capable of autonomous action.

"I suppose eventually the commander was going to golem it all too...... if you got that far, you're pathetic"

"I have nothing but grudges."

"Well, the rest of us are in boulders. Not the next generation. That's the difference between the living and the later."

Tina and Lord Heisenberg Jake laugh bitterly. That said, I can't let such emotions seep in. So Kite put it back to business.

'Well, that's good. He's dead anyway. Let's think about what's going on with him right now... so. Does prototype mean there's something else?

"Nong et al have also destroyed several planes... I don't know the details. Anyway, the most important secret. All information had been destroyed before the arrival of Nong et al. '

"If you don't have a choice, or..., it would be better if after the adjustment and inspection is complete again."

'I would. They can link the base to the information. It's best to hear more from there. "

Jake, Lord Heisenberg, acknowledges Tina's thoughts. Even they didn't get all the information about the previous empire, and if there's still a hidden lab or a fuselage like that special golem, it's their duty to destroy the Malus Empire to put a kedgel on it. I was going to move the army myself, and even offer Graia my cooperation if necessary.

"Okay. Well, there's a lot going on here. It'll be a while before we get any information from that special. Do you mind if we discuss it again then?

'Do that. Please let me know about the schedule again. Let's schedule an appointment with Noh. "


'Oh, I asked... then this time it's open, so'

Kite's words. Finally, all communications are cut off. That's how Tina shrugged small.

"Hmmm... the legacy of the previous empire, or... the prototype... is something that has developed something quite remarkable."

"Is that so"

"Hmmm. Honestly the rest is admittedly great...... well, let me try to learn the rest"

Tina says so, standing up to go back to her room. That's how she took the maple and returned to McDawell territory Maxwell again the next day.

Meanwhile, that night. One guest was visiting the lord's room in the mansion where the lord of Heisenberg territory lived. That said, there was no light on in the room even though the guest was coming, and only a voice sounded in the dark.

"And so I say. At least leave me some information..."

"No. Bad, bad. I didn't think you were getting that strong, actually. I think it's my fault too."

A man laughs and apologizes for the words of Lord Heisenberg, Jake. Jake, Lord Heisenberg, looked back at him like that. but something is suspicious. His voice is a little youthful.

"Damn... I'd be relieved if that wasn't Kite"

"Ha ha. Well, you're gonna be fine. Anyway, as far as I know, Kite was the strongest."

"Ha... where were you watching this time?

"Oh, I haven't seen it this time"

Beautiful, but I shake my head as I tilt my neck. And into such a room, the moonlight plugged in. Then, with the appearance of Lord Heisenberg Jake, the appearance of the Guest emerges.

"I mean, that's why I'm here to hear the results."

"That too...... so, ix. Where have you been this time?

Ikes. That name, which Jake, the Duke of Heisenberg, calls affectionately, is no more than that of Ixphos, the first king. In fact, he even kept it a secret from the Empire, but secretly, he had a meeting with Ixphos. So, only a little Ixphos like that, I teased him.

"Mmm... well, I've been there a lot"

"Well... let people think you're dead, it's a free-handed thing"

The moonlight plunges further into the room to bring up Jake, Lord Heisenberg, with a bitter mix of laughter. It was 700 years ago during the rebel war. For the Dragons, it was possible because appearance depended on the inner spirit.

So, in fact, if we were to be young, we would have been young all the time. I was just taking that look because I needed it as majesty and style.

"It's time, isn't it good? She already understands where she stands."

What Lord Heisenberg Jake had shown in the dark was that it was time to go see Tina secretly, though.

Not long ago, Kate said that Tia and the others would tell her, but it was simply a late response, although it could not convey the survival of Ixphos. The final decision was for them to make. Besides, Ixphos scratched his cheek like it was lit.

"Mmm... well, actually, yes. I went to Earth, too."


"No, actually, my sister's on Earth, that's what I was talking about. You went. So, well, I was looking."

The fact that Ixphos has a sister is itself a known story among the upper echelons of the Empire and researchers. He cares about his sister, too. Therefore, it was not suspicious.

"Earth, or..."

"When I asked my dads, it seemed like it was a coincidence... but, well, I wondered if they had any clues a few times, so I went. That's when you got the lab footage... and a couple of times. I saw it from a distance on the planet... and it was getting so annoying... that it looked just like Justy."

For a while, Ixphos tells memorabilia in nostalgia. So, where it came to a paragraph, he got down to business.

"I knew it. I want to go see him after I get it right. Besides, we have to say hello to Kite's parents, right? Because of our unscrupulous behavior, your family is unscrupulous... so... It's too early."

"Really... So we're going again?

"Yeah. We have to do what we do... so please do something about Sophie and Kate for a little while."

"Ha... I have no choice. Then come on. And next time, bring even one of the souvenirs. Oh, Earth's champagne was quite delicious. It looks like real champagne from a place called the Champagne region. Still bring it."

"Yeah...... bye"

When Ixfoss says so, it disappears again. He must have moved to some world to serve his purpose. Thus, with it, Lord Heisenberg Jake takes up his appearance as Lord Heisenberg Jake again. and that's where the door to the room was knocked.

"Father. A little... What were you doing in such a dark room?

"Jeff... no, what. The moon and night were beautiful. I turned off the lights and watched."

"Has anyone been here?

"... an old friend. but I left earlier"


I miss my father somewhere, and then my son Jeff tilts his neck at his rare smile. I only know that Ixphos survives, except for him and the subordinates of the first emperor in hiding, as much as Kite, who forms friendships with his sister on Earth. So I decided to let it get to the bottom of the matter in order to get off topic.

"So, what's your business?

"Ah, yes. Abel has sent me a letter. He wants to hear your opinion on the previous matter."

"Right. Okay."

Ixphos was never here. Without taking a look at the snack, Jake, Lord Heisenberg, once again embarks on his work as Jake, Lord Heisenberg. So the night ended without anyone ever knowing.