Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 509 Class - 3rd Time Limit -

Kite made experience admission to the Magic School as a consistent exchange between Heavenly Cherry Blossom School and Magic School, and until the second limit it was good to call it a regular class.

But this is still a different world. Therefore, in the third restricted physical education class, it was not something close to playing ball games, but a simulation class with actual weapons.

The place is a training ground in the school. There is a bond between Tina and Tina to avoid injuries to the workout. It was normal for the students to train here.

"Well! You're listening, gentlemen! I need you to start your mould audition 100 times today!

Physical education teachers tell you well together. Incidentally, it is impossible to say that boulders are unprotected, so the school has lent them armor along with weapons. Well, there's no problem with a guy who creates himself like Kate or the students he originally brings in, but that's more rare.

"Each with his own weapon starts with 100 mould auditions!

"Um, Doctor? What should the heavenly cherry blossoms do?

Sierra asks the gym teacher about the treatment of the students of Kite Datian Cherry Blossom. It was impossible because of the problem of location to give gym classes to boulders individually, so it was done in several class joints.

"Oh? Speaking of which, some guys couldn't handle weapons...... then you guys have 100 sword barebacks!


"Ah, you armored men are usually archaic!

When the physical education teacher tells him so, he also carries his favorite weapon and performs typology.

"The audition... I did it in the morning."

"Oh, you're unhappy!?

Once there is a beginner, the schoolchildren at Tensakura School are training beside their teachers. So they seem to have asked me. A gym teacher in the middle of a mould archery asks with a bitter smile. but then kite answered with a bitter smile.

By the way, since the gym teacher has nothing to hold on to, he's probably a fighter with a hand-to-hand fist. Several other students were equally unarmed.

"No, that's not what I meant. I'm not happy, I don't do anything every day."

"That's a good thing!

"Haha, that's normal, isn't it? I'm just not used to a single type of archery because of my characteristics."


Hear what Kite has to say and see how the gym teacher looks at Kite just a little sideways. Kate is currently doing mould arches with a knife. Besides, the model is that used by the Duke's soldiers in Maxwell. Therefore, it is not possible to switch between the various weapons that are characteristic of Kite. Rather than not, I don't handle it.

"So that's not your type?

"No, one of them, then. It's just that this is the type of audition we're going to do tomorrow."

"Hmm. What other mould... is it over? Unfortunately, that's it for the mould archery! Everybody, put your weapons in the sheath!

I was in the middle of a conversation, but I was in class in the first place and ready before that. I can't even spend my time here. It was in the middle of a conversation, but the gym teacher cuts up the conversation and the typology.

"Well! From here on out, you can't wait for a mock fight! I'm not going to add a beginner to the boulder, so take a tour of Heavenly Cherry Blossom! Oh, but Kite, Mizuki and Mizuki joined us! Make sure you show me the strength of the rumored Adventure Club!

I was going to skip the damn thing, Kite, but apparently they took control of the vanguard. That's what I'm told by my gym teacher.

"Well, gentlemen! Get your hands in front of me like I always do!

"What do you mean?

"Haha, you'll see if you try. Put your hands in front like this."

I don't understand what the gym teacher means, and when Kate tilts her neck, the mark next to her laughs and lets her stick out her open hand.

Apparently, they're used to talking about this. If you look at it, the other students had no doubt whatsoever and had their hands in the same way. So Kite also stuck out her open hand according to it.

"... good! You've all got your hands on it! Okay, let's go! Hmm!"

Fluffiness and wind blew with a breath of the temper of the gym teacher. At the same time, there are signs of something hitting Kate's hand.

"Hold on to it."


Apparently, it's the rule to hold something that hits your hand. Following Mark's words, Kate closes her hands. And then I look at it, and Mark, who was looking at his own hand, sees Kite's hand.

"What did it say inside?

Encouraged by the words, Kate confirms her palms. The symbol said what time it was written there.


"Oh, I'm a 13-b, so you're not the other guy. This is Dr. Luke's unique way of deciding who he's dealing with. I'm deciding who I'm dealing with with with the same number and A and B. It would be tragic if it said 0B. Because it's a mock fight in front with Dr. Luke."

Mark explains to Kite as he shows his palm - it did say 13B there. By the way, the gym teacher forgot to introduce himself, but from what he said, his name is apparently Luke.

"Well! Then open it and let me know how it turns out! Heavenly cherry blossoms don't know what you are! What did you guys write!?

Luke asks Kite and Moon. Besides, a little kite and moon look at each other. Apparently, Moon didn't hear anything from the caregiver next door, and he was leaning his neck.

"I am 5A"

"Am I... 0B?

"I'm 15B, right?"

"Oh! Yuzuki is 0B! That's exciting! Okay, Moonshine! Get out of the way!

"Uh, ah, yes"

Even though I don't know, Luke instructs me to come forward. Apparently, he's the type of person who forgets to explain when he's passionate about what's in front of him.

"Wow, Moon is a whip! I haven't had a whip opponent in a long time! Now, lay down your weapons!

Luke doesn't have anything of his own, he takes a stand with his bare fist. Moon also takes the whip off his waist and prepares him for battle when he realizes that his written "0B" from the situation is the role of coming forward and conducting a simulated battle.


"Now, punch me in! You can start anywhere!

Using that word as a signal, the moon whips Luke. That was a speed of sight for once, but it was still a solid hips and a decent attack. But that is mildly avoided by Luke.


Kite roars a little intrigued. Moon's arms aren't bad. She is a pretty good adventurer in the first place, due to her good swallowing and direct training from the kites. I avoided it in peace.

"Do your best!


Luke's words make the moon even more magical. That took about a minute to reach the same output that Moon usually delivers in battle. I did, but it still doesn't change the outcome.

"Good, good! We should be able to do it faster!

"Hey! What!? I'm unscrupulous!?

The moon, which has already reached its full potential, unexpectedly opens its eyes. I was willing to reach full force, but still, all I could afford was Luke's face.

"If you can use your skills, use them! Don't hesitate!

"Yes! < >!"

Seeing as Luke can afford to float around, he decides that the moon doesn't need to be shy. That's how the whip breaks up again at the end of the pattern with the oral vote, hunting Luke down.

"Ha! Brilliant! I wonder if < > can be used! I'm < >, but I'll be fine!

"Yikes! Then don't hesitate! < >!"

Apparently it's too avoidable, so the moon is clean. Decide to use Weapon moves (Arts) instead of moves (Skills). Thus, the whip, which was again, returns to one at a time, and thunder dwells around it. No, I only stayed there for a moment. The iron whip disappears, followed by a whip made of thunder.

"Oh! This is amazing! That's good, that's good! Hit it!

Seeing how it goes, Luke tells the moon in a delightful way.

"I'm coming! < >!"

The moon waves a thunderous whip, along with a verbal vote. The speed at the tip of the whip was exactly thunder, comparable to the true speed of light. But still. It won't reach Luke.


"Ha! Good, good, good! I didn't know you'd let real thunder manipulate you as a whip! My students will definitely get the best grades this semester!

Luke avoids the whip swinging at the speed of light without difficulty. Incidentally, it is not easy to capture objects moving at light speeds, so to speak of Luke.

But you don't have to cut off anything. It was easy for him to anticipate the movement of the whip due to the movement of the moon's hands and the flow of magic.

"Rei! < >!"

Apparently, the moon is getting pretty hot. Use a weapon technique (Arts) that combines < >, the legendary Chinese weapon, with < >, which originates in Enefia. It was a trump card for her.

"Whew! You can go up there now!

"How about this!?

"But... not yet!

Luke stops and sticks his hands out to the left and right, in contrast to the moon, which waved another thunderous whip with a flash of temper. It was difficult to avoid boulders.


"... ho"

Seeing what Kite did to Luke, he roars unexpectedly. It was a puzzling expression that I didn't understand until the moon. Luke smiles when he sees the look on the face of such a student.

How dare he let him grab the whip of thunder moving at the speed of light with both hands. Of course, but the absurdity of going to grab it and shock it has not happened. Thunder, which should normally be energized, was stopping with Luke's hands to make a bee sound.



And a flash of temper. When Luke gets in the mood, Lunar's < > disappears and returns to the original iron whip, and even more so, the moon gets a bump just because of the mood. Seeing that, Luke announced the end.

"So far! All right, all right! Apparently, you guys at Heavenly Cherry Blossom were training well too! You can't beat her, so train hard!

Luke, who ended the game, squeals his hand and tells him together. Besides, Kate accidentally put an admiration in her mouth.

"Wow, that teacher. Was that Dr. Luke? Is that normal?

"Haha, because Dr. Luke is one of the leading warriors in our school..."

"I'd have to laugh if they told me that down there or something."

To the words of Mark, who smiled bitterly, Kite also smiles bitterly back. I didn't even want to think about Kite on the boulder to say that it was average to grab a whip moving at the speed of light.

"Now, Tsuki-kun, you need to rest!

Aside from those two, Luke continues his class. The moon, after getting to his buttocks, let him breathe and move to the edge of the training ground, but he wasn't out of breath one.

"Come on, it's your turn next! Pair up on the street at hours each! Kite was definitely a 5B! The 5A student taught you how to do it!


To Luke's words, the students begin to move with one reply. That was with both Kite and Mark. We can't be together forever to fight in pairs of boulders. So you two are going to split up and act.

Well, I'll be there.

"Oh. Well... 5A's opponent..."

Kite, like the students around her, looks around and looks for students who pair with herself. but there was no need for it, and a voice was immediately called from the other side.

"5A is me."


Apparently, it was a familiar Sierra about what kind of coincidence Kate's opponent was. That said, now she was not in the uniform of the School of Magic Instruction, she wore pitch-black armor from the top, underneath which she was dressed in pitch-black clothing. Furthermore, she had a sickle and hung it on her shoulder. And he had the ultimate grin on his face and a tongue lick.

"Hehe, I'm looking forward to it. < > I can't believe I can fight the Brave Return of the Brave.

"He's superimposed."

She apparently feels a little s. Originally, she looked righteous and carefree, but it was not surprising to say where the arrogant lady looked with a smile of glory and a lick of her tongue on her sadistic heart.

"The battle between < > and < > the return of the Goddess. Come on, have fun!

Sierra, who stood in a standing position and thanked him, tells him. That's how Kite's first simulation began.