Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 510: Simulated Battle - Continuous - Third Time Limit -

Kite was set to conduct a mock battle in his third time-limited physical education. The first and foremost opponent was Sierra in the neighbouring seat.


Apparently, Sierra is always her fluent to attack. Pack your distance from Kate early in the game and wave the Great Sickle.

"Quite fast"

"Ha! Huh! Damn!"

Kite will not meet for the first shot and will avoid it. That's how they dodged it, so Sierra goes on to wield the Great Sickle. That said, it was not such a messy object as Cicciacamechaca, but a one-way attack that exploited the properties of the Great Sickle to draw a circle.

"Whew! That's quite skillful! Sierra Kun is one of the best users in our school!

Seeing Kite continue to dodge, Luke raises his impressed voice. Apparently, Sierra is one of the leading martial arts artists in the School of Magic Conduction. Avoid it, so it would be natural to be impressed.

"Sickle... I miss fighting..."

"You can afford it! Heh heh! That's good! I can afford that! You're gonna want to smash it!

Hearing Kate squeak nostalgic, Sierra smiles fiercely, abusively. That said, Kate agreed with her words. So Kite takes a distance once to fit the dodge.

"I agree... you smashed my little girl's arrogance"

Now it's small enough for no one to ask, and Kite snaps. The original kite is s-keen. Especially, it can be a favorite to smash a girl's tenderness with the same arrogance as her own. So Kate decided to give herself just a little bit to her dangerous sexuality, which hadn't been around for a long time.


"Wow! This is the essence of the < > Brave Return!

"I don't think you're the only one with a sickle."

Sierra opens her eyes and Luke raises his impressed voice. What Kate created is the Great Sickle, just like Sierra. However, it was not a great sickle that took precedence over the elegance of the nobles of Sierra, but a disastrous sickle with a blade of silver like the moon in a pitch-black pattern.

"< >"


Once again, Sierra's surprise passes around. It was in the pitch-black darkness that Kate blew out of the Great Sickle. And the darkness changed shape, wrapped around kite as if it were a robe. So, after the release of darkness. The pattern of the large sickle, which was pitch-black, had turned into another disastrous crimson.

Incredibly, Shiel also stops attacking the boulder. No, on the contrary, all fights are interrupted, and sights are gathered on the battle between Sierra and Kate.

"Well, that's good! He said he could stop it to that extent."

I don't think so.

Block Sierra's line, Kite tells. By the time Sierra noticed, Kate had already taken her back. The force of clothing was applied to the movement by shrinkage.


Sierra's surprise voice echoes again. Indeed, Sierra watched Kite without alarm. But I didn't notice the move. No, on the contrary, I didn't even know if I'd moved.

I would have honestly believed it when they said metastasis. That said, no matter how surprised you are, you have a lot of training. Immediately dislodge with Sierra and relate to Kite.


Originally in Sierra's genre, the Great Sickle is a weapon used to draw circles. As a result, Sierra turns around and waves a blow of the horizontal giraffe.


Sierra's next surprise voice never resonated. Because it was close to the earliest cliché and it was an unexpected sound. Kite didn't do anything to avoid the sickle that Sierra wielded. The slaughter, thought to be a direct hit, only slashed and tore open the wrapping darkness of Kate as it was.

But that's not where the surprise comes from. Afterwards. After the slaughter of the sickle passed, behind the kite was visible. I mean, there was no body of Kate in the dark. As such, soon the darkness falls again into that space. That's as if the slaughter hadn't been waved.

"Ha! Ha! Ha!"

Did you shrug your body and avoid it? That's what I think, Sierra makes the slaughter continuous. But no matter how many times I did it, no, Kate's body didn't show up, even though I had chopped it up so fine that I didn't have room to hide her body.

"So how's your face!?


"Hmmm... this is brilliant"

Sierra is out of line again and Luke shouts an unexpected exclamation. What a blow to Sierra's face aim pierced Kate's face. But I did pierce it, but it wasn't the blood that blew it, it was the pitch-black darkness. That was blowing out of the part of Kate's face where the Great Sickle pierced her, as if it were Moya.

Thus, Kite moves and removes the Great Sickle as if nothing had happened. As usual, there was no scratch on Kate's face, which the Great Sickle had fallen out of.


So, Luke roars another one. But the reason that Sierra didn't seem to notice.


Kate doesn't have a hobby for keeping her surprised opponent intact. So Kite waves the Great Sickle relentlessly. And that's where I get a grin on Sierra's face.

"Ooh! If they do, I'll do it back! Good, good, good!

There is joy in Luke's face. The Great Sickle that Kate waved had disappeared just before Sierra. No, to be exact, up to half, it was swallowed up in a black hole.

"Pfft. I don't know what kind of spell it is... but mine is a blessing, right?

"I see. The protection of darkness."

Before Sierra is told, Kite is obvious but aware. Whatever it is about the Spirit, he is the best expert in the world. Nominally, I found the right answer.

"Hehe, that's an incredible spell. This side is protected. Let's see which one keeps it, shall we?

Smiles of abuse, Sierra tells. But the battle never started. So Luke's voice goes up.

"That's it! Great job! That's what I said < >! Looks like you've got too much experience in action!


The whole place quiets down. But if you don't mind, Sierra rounds her eyes to Luke's words of applause. At the same time. A smiling kite opened her mouth.

"Did you notice the boulder?"

"No, no! It was really brilliant! I don't know what time you set it up, but it's good to show you noticed it before the game is over!

"haha...... go back, < >"


Suddenly the ground moved and Sierra reached her buttocks. No, the ground didn't move. To be exact, Sierra's shadow has moved. So, after Kate has an invincible grin on it, she tells Luke that she's the only one who applauds.

"No, Sierra Kun! I'm so sorry! I thought it was a mock fight, so I left my mouth open, but it's what I thought would end in the next moment! I let you talk to me by accident!

"Huh? Huh?

Today, Sierra looks around, unable to understand what is happening. That's how I realized there was a pitch-black wolf next to Kite.

"If you want to use darkness, mind the shadows too. One second later, if Dr. Luke is too late to stop, it's a wingspan from behind."

"Gu, gu..."

And Puli, and seeing a pitch-black wolf melted on the ground, it seems that Sierra finally realizes that's the deciding factor, too. He was chewing his umbilical cord rather remorsefully. In other words, a pitch-black wolf assimilated into her shadow to determine the moment when attention would go only to kite from behind.

As Luke pointed out, the difference in experience in action seems to have been steadily on the table. Square is not the only fight. It's cowardly to dare make you think you're on the invitation, but it's a necessary tactic in interpersonal combat. No one is going to be square, I didn't say naked, nor was it stipulated in this mock fight.

"Ha ha! < > You finally have a black star! That said, it was a brilliant fight for both of us! Until the next battle, there will be a while! Get some rest now!

Apparently, what Sierra is going to regret is that there was a cause here.

"I will definitely beat you!

At the end of the day, Sierra, who seems rather grumpy, says so and leaves. Besides, Kate laughs a little bitterly, while lowering her back to the edge of the training field to keep her out of the way. And at the same time Mark, who finished the game, came this way and lowered his back to the side.

"You did it."

"Is something bad?

"Oh, yeah... well, she can see... well, I'll keep looking, but I'm pretty keen on it... plus, you're well equipped. Maybe you'll get involved for the time being, huh?

"Haha, I guess I'll be careful"

As Mark said was true, once Kate saw Sierra, she came to look at Kate as she was surrounded. After about 10 minutes of talking like that, Luke, who was summing up a one-man mock fight, opens his mouth with a clap.

"Well, gentlemen! The break is over! We're going into our next mock fight!


"Yeah. Unless Dr. Luke's class has something special to do, the simulation battle has been extended to 100 type auditions, so..."

Mark briefly explains the class. And with that in mind, they stuck their hands forward. Then again, there was the feeling of something hitting my hand.

"Come on! Grip it!

"Who's next?"


In the meantime, the two I gripped hold a little conversation before they say it's good to open it. but kite made no sense to me.

"Oh, Kite! I'm sorry, but you'll have a mock fight in front of me! I also fought Yuki-kun in the corner, and most of my students don't seem to be dealing with you because of your strength! Okay, open it!

"Haha, sad lady"


Mark, who smiled bitterly and laughed somewhere fun, sees the letter '0B' on the palm of the truth kite and speaks to kite. Besides, Kate answered with a tongue-in-cheek. As such, Kate leaves in front of the other students who make the group.

"Okay, Kite! I'm sorry I seem to crush your advantage, but could you give me the same sickle just now!?


As for Kite, there was no reason to reject this. Though often misunderstood, Kite can't fight with nothing but a single weapon. Switching weapons and fighting is just the way it's supposed to be.

"Can the darkness come out again?

"Yeah, normally. < >"

"Good. So is there anything wrong with the condition as it is?

"You can't possibly use that stuff in combat without meaning it."

"Good. Okay, here we go!

Luke nods one thing, announcing the start. So I announced the start and early, this time I attacked from Luke's side.


As she fleshed out to Kite, Luke rolled out a positive fist thrust on her hips. But it didn't do any good by just playing Kite's wrapped black coat.


Apparently, Luke's skill is something known to the students. I cheer on Kite for letting that attack be deactivated without difficulty. That said, Luke seemed happy even though he was being deactivated from his attacks.

"All right, all right! You're up and running!


Kite launches an attack against Luke who looks happy. Naturally, there's no way the enemy will be waiting for us on the battlefield. Whether you're happy or sad, the enemy will attack you. And Luke knew that, naturally.

"Huh! Okay! There's no hesitation in attacking you under the circumstances!

Luke joins the back fist of his left hand at the tip of the waving kite's sickle. Kin, and the sound of clear iron rang, but it was only for a moment, too. Pushing back Kate's sickle, Luke pulled his right hand as it was.

"Next time, I'll rely on that move and let you see what hasn't happened!?


Seeing the golden light in Luke's hand, Kite enters the defensive posture. And at the same time. Luke's right hand was unleashed on the kite, and a dry sound rang.

The attack, which made no sense until now, finally came through. Plus, the students cheer the most ever.


"All right, all right. You seem to know your weaknesses. I don't know why I can use that power... but it's the power of the moon. Not compatible with the power of the sun"

"As far as I'm concerned, I'd like to commend you for discerning the weakness of this coat in the moment ahead and wielding the least amount of power to break it."

That's right, it should be, naturally. Apparently, the heroes' interested school teachers had first-rate skills. He found out in an instant that this was Schal's power.

As a kite, it was a pleasure to have a first-rate teacher educating the students in charge of the next generation of the Duke's heavy town. But such an exchange of praise is only for a moment. Immediately, the two engage in a conversation, while engaging in an attack.

"Even now, I am the son of Orrin, a godly warrior! I'm proud to say it's a pretty good line among the demigods!


"Haha! Even you don't like fighting demi-Urgos on boulders!?

Apparently, Kate's disgusting face was against fighting a demigod (Demiurgos) who drew the blood of a powerful God. But the truth is different. His father and kite were close friends of drinking or fighting.

It is Orrin who is named at the top of God, who must not be allowed to pair with Kite. Although mainly in the sense that there will be a lot of damage around. We are very close.

"Now, don't hesitate to attack me!

Luke distances himself once, as his hands on the attack from Kate dull after hearing about the Son of God. That's what Kite said for now, so I only pulled my face in and regained my temper.

"Ha ha... Okay, I'll go"

At that moment, kite turns to the rear of Luke in an instant, just as it did at Sierra again.

"Wow! That's a lot of trouble when you get hit! I wonder what the principle is!?

That said, even Sierra could have dealt with it. Luke lets him deal with it with his back fist when it's easy. Besides, there was a golden light in his hand, just as it was ahead of him. This golden power belongs to Shamrock. He is the Sun God. If he wanted to attack Kite, he would have had to constantly use the power of the sun.

So using it naturally hit Kite... should have. Kite and I are seeing out the other guy's power. Behind you was a mere mass of shadows. The body of the kite was further behind it.

"Shit. This can't be it"

Luke comes off the prospect and accidentally hits his tongue. Apparently he was going to do that much damage with the current blow. And then Kate waves the Great Sickle from behind a chunk of shadows that have been slashed and torn apart.

"< >"

The Great Sickle that Kate waved was swinging from a position that didn't reach Luke in the first place. But that's good. The slaughter of silver born in the Great Sickle that Kate waves is smashed, creating multiple beautiful stars as if the moon were brilliant.


Apparently, Luke had a bad feeling about it. I opened my eyes and accidentally took a distance in the back step at once.

That's how he shifts his half and drops his hips, pulling his left hand forward and his right hand back. Apparently, the structure is familiar to the students and cheers them up.

"Oh, I'm leaving, Dr. Luke's special!

"< >!"

The voices of the students overlap with those of Luke. At the same time, Luke uses his pulled right hand to protrude before he thinks through the spring of his whole body to produce a fist of magic.

"< >"

At the same time. Kite also gives a verbatim vote. And from the countless beautiful stars created by Kate, silver flashes of silver arise. It goes straight to Luke, but naturally before that there was Luke's unleashed golden magic fist.

It splits into countless fists, as soon as it is released from Luke's hands. Dividing golden fists and converging silver flashes bumped into each other and made everything disappear. Seeing it, the students opened their eyes in amazement and Luke opened his mouth with such faces as a delightful face.

"You're lying..."

"Haha! I've been a teacher of physical education here for 100 years! You've never been offset by a student before! Maybe we should include more practical training too!

"You're going to get hurt. You should stop."

"It's all right! Me and the other teachers are brilliant!

Luke responds to Kate's words, laughing with great satisfaction. In the meantime, they will not attack for the next hand. We were going to fight each other's classes just like we are now.

"Well, then I guess I'll let you decide with the next hand! I'll make sure you're ready, too! My next hand is something I've never used in a mock fight before!

"... Let's take it. < >"

Unlike ahead, he drops his hips and sees Luke pull both arms, and Kate releases her lacquered black coat and sets the Great Sickle with both hands. With that, the crimson pattern of the Great Sickle held by Kite is stained again in pitch black.

Even with time in mind, this is our last blow to each other. If you can't stand it, Kite wins. If you push it through, Luke will win. The students who were cheering on the boulders also calm down for this whole time. Thus, finally, the time came to settle.

"< >"

"< >"

Luke sticks his hands out alternately over and over again to produce countless golden fists. But the fist created is not just a fist of magic. It's a fist that splits into countless fists, just like the rest. But that fist, which should have split, begins to gather in one piece scratching a spiral as it goes straight to kite.

The opposing kite protrudes the sickle forward and turns it to circle in front of the kite. At first, it was a circle that was pitch-black, but it gradually changed color to silver, and finally it was transformed into a full moon of silver.



With Luke's ripping temper, a spiral of golden fists collides into the full moon of Kate's created silver. That's how I took it and found out that I definitely have as much power as the Son of God can get.

That was definitely a force that an ostensibly more than a dozen year old boy named Kite couldn't possibly have gotten through. Sure, the original kite can afford to defend it. But that was clearly an anomaly. So Kate decided to choose this settlement.

"Yikes! Guuuuuuuuuuu... guuuuu!

Kite's full moon cracks and her golden fist hits Kite straight. It does not cause a single injury to Kite due to the potency of the junction, but the shock comes to Kite's body.

It's far from taking away consciousness for Kate, but she still had some itching. Therefore, in the sense of suppressing it, I dared to decide not to relieve the pain in order to produce fatigue.


The students cheered when they saw Kite blow up.

"Haha! Sorry! I'm still a teacher! I can't beat my students yet!

Luke speaks out against Kite in cheer. That said, he didn't scratch a single sweat on the boulder, either, and there was some sweat on his forehead.

"Haha...... have you worked a little too hard? Kite, you're done for today, so rest up! Then do your best so the other students don't lose the battle now!


Luke's encouragement returns the students' energetic voice. That's how Kite was exempt from subsequent workouts.