Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 511: Lunch Break - Little Devil and Devil's Day -

At the end of the third period of physical education, it's lunch time next. Lunch at the Magic Instruction School seems to be the norm in the dining room, and Kate is led by Mark to come to the dining room. By the way, since it's "routine," there are naturally no bad students who get out of school and go out to eat.

"How to buy a meal ticket... you don't have to ask"

"It was originally a Japanese custom."

Standing in front of a ticket machine - naturally, something that reproduces Earth's ticket machines with magic props - Mark asks Kite. but, well, obviously, I know it's kite. So I put in the money and choose a meal, just like a Japanese ticket machine.

By the way, Kate exercised quite a bit on the third time limit, so she wanted to eat guts and chose a bowl of cutlets. With miso soup and pickles. As a school of Japanese origin, he had asked the owner of the Nishimachi tavern, the only one who could offer it, to send a cook who knew how to cook.

"I'll take it."

"What, it"

"It's a prayer and a proper custom before dinner in the Patriarchate. Japanese."


Apparently Mark is not very familiar with Japanese customs. Properly hammered, he starts eating the meal in front of him. By the way, he was a seafood pasta. It comes with bread and soup. And a voice hung from the side there.

"Uh, kite, right?"

"Hmm?... oh. Seats, please."

"Oh, wow. You remember my name?

"You're Chris. I remember."

"Oh, Thankyou."

Turning sideways to his voice, he was a student I had seen in the classroom. Apparently, he was looking for a place to sit, but he didn't find it. but beside kite there was an empty seat and i guess i spoke to kite.

"Hey, you, you know those guys?


Several students sitting on the side give a voice to Kite. By the way, there were three of us sitting next to Kate. Among them, I now inquired about a student named Malik, the one remaining being a student council officer and saying Joshua. The latter had exchanged greetings in the case during this time. I guess he suggested it.

When Malik saw his finger pointed and sent his gaze to you, there were Rui Shu and Moon. Apparently, there was also an exchange of information, etc., and it appeared to be gathering in one place.

"Oh...... what's wrong with that? Introduce me to the boulder, and I won't do it if you say so."

"Shit... no, it's not..."

'Cause I can hear you pounding your tongue.

"Shit... that's why it's good!

"You, surprisingly, Nori."

To Kite, who laughs at Niyaniya, Joshua and the others glimpse Kite's bad character. but then ai would be good here, finally got to the point.

"All the time, so, that's good. Hey, that twin-tailed kid and the shortcut kid. A man or a woman? This one looks like a man. It's on me."

"Oh, a moon in the moon... Huh? Seriously, don't you get it?

"That's why I don't know. Mark, you, you understand?


Mark wasn't in the conversation because he was eating, but Joshua called him and pointed his consciousness at him. That's how we all explain once we see that we apparently weren't listening.

"Oh, that's the thing. Wait a minute. The smell of rice on the boulder is too strong, and you won't know until you clean it up."

When Mark says so, he starts eating with a little haste. That suited me well with the phrase "eat with a pretty big mouth open".

Incidentally, it is natural that the smell is strong, because seafood pasta contains lots of spices such as garlic.

"That's good eating..."

"He really eats a lot more."


To Malik's words, Mark blushes just a little while he eats. Apparently, it's true.

"I wonder where you're going into your little body."


"I've finished eating, I'll return the dishes."

Mark lights up and goes to return the dishes so he can escape. Then he stopped just a little while on the road and passed by the side of the corner where the moons were and came back. but something looks suspicious. You found out about this, and Kate laughs a little bit.

"How'd it go?

"... refreshing"


To the exact answer, kite raises her voice to her surprise. I didn't think you could tell from the reaction. Because Mark had dog ears and dog tails, Kite saw him as a dog beast, or dog tribe.

If they use their original power, they can get a sense of the smell of a true dog. Naturally, I thought it was possible to distinguish between men and women.

"Oh...... hey, are you serious about that?

"Haha, yeah. I couldn't...... sorry"

After grinning bitterly at Kite's inquiry, Mark apologizes to Kite, whose tail drooped and seemed rather sorry. This was vegan, not acting or anything on a boulder.

"Can't you even... then who... Chairman?

Do you want to go and say, "Look it up?

"It's no good."

To Mark's words, they all sighed. So Chris asked me if I was going to ask Killier, the beast man further up, and they both shook their heads.


Apparently, it was really, really impossible. It looked like everyone had no doubt about it. but aside from that, kite flashes on a moon that could fool the nose of the beast man as well.

Rather than that, even the earliest childhood taming kite became anxious to see if the moon was a true man. When you deceive the smell, you start to seriously worry about whether you are also perfuming a woman. Well, that seemed possible.

"Hey, kite. Which one is it?

"... No, I'm sorry. Seriously, seriously, I'm not sure about his gender."

"Uh... I can't help it"

Apparently, it was thought that Kate had no choice but to speak. The beast man may be the man, he said. Kite, who was supposed to be human, believed in women, I guess he was received. By the way, kite was as good a character as ever around here daring to reveal he was childhood friendly and not articulate with a man.

"Okay, well, let's make up our minds on the Ami lottery. Don't go asking the loser."

"Oh, good."

"Make it what?

"Ah, me too. I'm curious if it stays that way."

In response to Joshua's suggestion, Mark and the others quickly execute an easy Ami lottery next to Kite, who eats seriously troubled. As such, Joshua called out to Kite when he finished drawing the line and filling in his name as a whole.

"Pull the line one at a time...... Kite, please at the end"


Kite leans her neck because she was about to get up to return the dishes after eating. Apparently, I decided to include Kite at the end of the day to ensure fairness, but when I saw it, there was room for Kite properly.

"Me, too?

"You, you don't want to know?


I wouldn't say Kite knows about boulders here either. So Kite also has no choice but to describe her name. That's how everyone drinks their saliva.

"Good. The odds are half... good?

"" You two are going!

Everyone accidentally clings to Joshua's words. I would normally be alone in this kind of thing. But with that, Joshua tells me.

"'Cause you can't go in there alone! Besides, he's the middle chairman, chairman!

"... uh"

I'm convinced that Joshua and the kites have no choice. It was chicken, but I had no choice. I was there anyway, mostly because I was a girl student.

And it's not just a girl student. In addition to the three Kagurasaka sisters, Mizuki, one of the top girls at Tensakura School, and Kirie, also a beautiful girl, were among the girls surrounding her.

No matter how many boys students from different worlds, Joshua and the others end up being boys of their age. I have a lot of experience with women, but I have trouble. There was no way to embarrass all these beautiful girls before.

"... we're opening it"

"... oops"

Joshua, looking a little obstinate, opens the part that was closed when he heard Malik's words. That's how the winner and the loser were decided.

"I'm sorry to hear that."

"Are you going inside that..."

Good luck.

After Joshua's slightly distracted voice, Chris entertains and inspires. Hearing that, Joshua stood up with Kate, who similarly pulled around, and opened his mouth.

"Kite, I'll leave you to it."

"You do it, because it's an offer."

"Hey, please! You're in the same school! Shame on the boulder!

"Ha... let's go"

It doesn't start that I'm not heading there for now. So Kate starts walking towards the corner where the moons are, with Joshua reluctant to speak out in a frightened mood. He looks like a chicken unexpectedly.

That's how I approached him, and the first thing I noticed to the two of them was Killier. Well, she's a pretty high-ranking beast, so I guess she's out of character and has a sharp sensation.

"Oh, kite. What's the matter with you?

"Oh, no... not Killier. This guy's on business on the moon."

"What, me?


In the words of Kite, the moon that was rinsing the soba noodles turned toward Kite. Seeing that, Kate stuck Joshua forward.

"... are you serious?

"You're the one who said it. Give it up."

The moon tilts its neck at the look of the two of us. At the point where Kate is, it's troublesome when she rubs it - because ultimately Kate will have wings to wipe her ass with - so I don't think it's a confession, etc. Yes, but at this point, I didn't know what to expect in the moon.

"Uh, um... I'm sorry... Mr. Moon... what, man? Woman?"

After taking a deep breath, Joshua becomes ready and asks the moon. He said to the boulder himself, but he thought he'd throw it out here. It seemed pretty embarrassing.

"... come on, which one do you think?

Chirali, turn up the hem of the skirt just a little so you can dare. Understanding the intent of the question, the face was the smile of the little devil.

"Uh, no... woman... child?


"Maybe... man, is it?


The moon just has a little satanic grin about both inquiries. He seemed to enjoy the situation very much.

"Answer, take a look?


With a small satanic grin, the moon turns bright red and asks Joshua flashing. The hand is still grabbing the skirt's hem, slowly, the skirt's hem rising.

Thus, up to the point where he could see or not see his underwear, he signaled the sound of drinking Joshua's saliva, shaking the harrison created by Kate with magic.


"Yes, stop"

With the sound of a span, the moon's hand leaves the skirt and the skirt's hem falls off. Thus, Kate sighed and complained about childhood tampering, which she had done as expected.

"Don't provoke him too much. And even if I'm mistaken, I'm annoying."

"It's been..."


Joshua tilts her neck because she doesn't understand the situation. This is how they get me wrong. In case there is, it's the only other kite that gets driven out. I don't know that. It's not Kite. As a matter of fact, Kite purposefully pulled around using only a few small pieces. Therefore, he gave Joshua an answer in response to the appearance that the moon was a little fuzzy.

"... man. Like this."


"I guess... not at all... hmm? Ooh... eh!?

To the assertion of the moon, the surrounding, which also includes Killier, raises a voice of surprise. Apparently, even with her nose, she couldn't tell about the sex of the moon. Kite was very surprised at Killier like that.

"... are you really a man?

"I thought we took a bath together, didn't I?

"I'm in... but seriously, I doubt it. I doubt my memories right now... 'cause I'm confused..."

To the words of the moon, kite leans just a little. Now that I think about it, I don't know if it was on or not. Besides, his body is making a lot of noise. No wonder my memory is suspicious.

Little Satanic grinned at Kite for such a lack of confidence, seeing when he could be on offense that hadn't been for a long time.

"So let's go in together next time, shall we? Man to man, no wonder, huh?

"Oh... no, that reasoning is dubious. It's rare for men to take a bath with each other."

Almost responding to the crisis, Kate notices the moon's grin. It was a bad flag for sure. Incidentally, the moon looks like that, so even hot springs, etc. deflect time or put up with indoor baths.

Because if she doesn't, her own chastity, along with the reason of the men around her, is at stake. Beyond his appearance and hobby, he was more careful with the boulders. If it was still awkward, I decided to do something about it.

Shit, did you find out?

"... hey, if you were up to it, what would you do?

Kite inquired with an invincible grin against the moon she had made her tongue pound. If they do, I'll do it back. That's how kite works.

And more powerful than ever before, Kate is in many ways. Even if they were flirting, they were ready to cut back immediately. So I dared to approach the moon just a little bit and pull a pretty face far above the beautiful girl in line with the woman, and I dared to ask her with a serious look.

"Uh... oh, I don't know what to do..."


"Don't blush there! We have nothing to do with this!

Apparently, the moon didn't think about it in the unlikely event of a response. He blushed and teased me to twirl the ends of the twin tails. By the way, I'll tell you just in case. It's true I hadn't thought about it, but this moon attitude is acting. Apparently, she was still going to lay it on her ass for the time being.

In response to such a moon, Kite speaks up unexpectedly. Unfortunately, though, despite Kate's clear statement, Sephi and the other female students had guessed with a yellow voice about Hisohiso, Kate and Moon's friendship.

"... hey, one good thing?

And in the middle of that. Joshua, who is finally back, asks the two familiar exchanges as an aside.


"Kate, you, Mr. Moon... huh? Did you know the gender of

"Oh, it's childhood friendly."

do it, and Kate laughs at Joshua's inquiry. Around deliberately taking the story to the moon to make a small satanic response, maybe these two are like each other. That said, to such a kite, Joshua absurds his voice.

"Then you, you knew because you were soggy!

"Sort of."


Joshua regrets it all the more when he realizes that you are dancing completely on Kate's palm. At the same time, Joshua is convinced of Kite's poor character. As such, he remembers one more thing he has to ask with an incredible face at the earliest opportunity.

"Hey, Mutsuki is... a woman, isn't she?

"... Ha. I'm a girl now."

"Wow! Sorry!"

Joshua also noticed that he cared deeply for her during the good moon when she told him so with a dry laugh. Joshua apologizes in great haste.

"It's good enough... if you're dressed as a girl, it's a great value for a ladies day or something... I'm used to pretty clothes..."

"Sorry! Seriously, sorry!

Joshua apologizes quite seriously for the shadowy Moon. By the way, at this time. As a kite, I had another concern. It did not matter if Mutsuki was in the frontier of giving up quite a bit, but whether there will not be another little demon.

Just like my sister, it's Kite who demonizes and if anything happens, it's the one who's sure to be borrowed out. Therefore, it is a worrying place whether to follow up later so as not to do so. Killier spoke up against such a kite.

"Oh, kite. Speaking of which, I have some business to attend to. Are you free after school today?

"Hmm? Well, I'm going around watching a lot of clubs today, so if it doesn't take that long, I don't mind?

"Oh, that's good. I just wanted to tell you something."

"Okay. If that's the case, I'll show my face later."

"Do that... Joshua, I'll be back about that. Mark and the others are waiting with their necks long."

"Ah, oh. Seriously, sorry."

"It's okay now... I'm used to it..."

One last apology to the depressing Good Moon, and Joshua will follow the scene. Afterwards, Mark and the others were surprised to report the results.