Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 517: Teachers at prestigious schools

The second day of experience enrollment at the School of Magic Instruction began. As a matter of course, there is no morning prayer by Yuri on this day, so I'll start class in the morning. That's how when he leaves the dorm, Kate takes him along with the faces of the common space and starts moving to his own classroom.

"Dr. Zest's class is this afternoon, so you better not eat too heavy for lunch."

"No, wait... it's the development of magic to do it, isn't it?

"Yeah... more precisely, the development of hands-on magic... apparently."

In response to a surprised kite inquiry, Mark answered with his cheeks drawn together. Apparently, from him taking classes, that's probably uncertain.

"That teacher's class... you know, it's unique. I don't know... intense... well, if I may say so, Mad Scientist, what is it?"

"Could this school be without a decent teacher...?

As the founder, Kate sighed. I had a thin feeling about it, but if I got this far, I'd have to recognize it as a fact. That would be the case if the tradition was handed down, even though it was a stranger from the founders in the first place. but, well, if you think about it again, that's another thing.

"For once, we are one of the most prestigious schools in the Empire..."

"Too much free school style..."

Hearing Mark's bitter twinkle, Kate reflects on whether he weighed his freedom a little too much, while doing what he did. He was the one who originally set the school style free. It was therefore slightly different from the assumption that he was free to go as far as the teachers, but he was the one who left it as good. Even more so, I reflected a little.

Well, that being said, the current top of this school is no other prankster, Yuri. Beyond that, it wasn't hard to imagine that either way I would have done whatever I wanted.

"... hmm?

"What's going on?

We were walking together as we talked, but, uh, Kate started looking around and stopping.

"Scream... crowd... no way..."

'Lord. No way, Lord Riesha. "

Kate was looking around because she heard screams. but in a report from Stella, which secretly confirms that direction, Kite decides to withdraw immediately. And Joshua, who seemed to have spotted the situation in a crowd as well, sighed.

"Hey, can we do something we didn't see?

"Okay, let's do that"

"Don't even agree with Kate. Good luck, it's a student council job."


Apparently, Joshua, a student council officer, has to leave because of the rubbing at once. That's how he left. On Joshua's back, Kate joined hands with a very sinking face to it.

"Woe to you..."

"... you've met him?

"... oh"

"I said I'd see you in the city... could that be it? I thought you were a hero, so you said you went to see him.

Seeing Kate's grin and grasping that it was apparently true, they felt very overwhelmed. They and I once had an admiration for one of Kate's attending doctors, Reesha, one of the heroes of the war for her contribution in the medical field of treating injuries. But no woman would destroy that fantasy more than she did.

"A little hurt... huh? They liked it for some reason..."

"Wow... it's good to have you treated for injuries..."

"Woe to you..."

Against Kite, who blurted and answered, we all took a little distance from Kite, enough to gently distract ourselves from the mark.

"I don't want to get involved...... let's just go"


That's how we started walking, but there's only one person in this world who doesn't know about the Leisha teachings. Well, naturally, it's the moon. So I asked Kite as she tilted her neck.

"What kind of person?

"... the attending physician of the brave Kate... definitely a famous doctor, the best surgeon and pharmacist, I can only say"

"Yeah. We all admit that..."

Mark answers Kite's words with a very tired face. This was acknowledged by everyone. He's Kite's doctor, who has wandered the dead line more than once. Admittedly, achievements alone would have garnered tremendous trust from Kite.

"but. That's just a sexuality breaker...... said that the treatment of injuries was just a combination of hobbies and benefits. Says, I don't want you to think of me as the same race as that one. Says a hero who shouldn't show his children. I can't believe the knight has trouble dealing with your lady. Says, haha...... Says, immortal demonic bitch...... and only for that whore perverted mazo bitch pig, never get involved. The spirit diminishes at the price of treatment"

"Meh, bitch pig?

"Ah...... oops. Excuse me. You were a hero, not a word to use against your wife."

Together, we dont draw attention to her reputation, which is spoken of by Kate. Apparently, Kate's uncontrollable emotions have at times led to rumbling as the brave Kate. By the way, all that was said before that was his close friend Reesha's review.

"Piggy-yeah! Huh..."

"Yikes! The teacher fell down with a glorious look on his face!

"Oh! Dr. Riesha! Don't get tingly cramped in here!

"Hey! The contents of the robe suck! Anyone can do it, so hide it before the kid comes to school! Bad for education!

Is it because I skipped such a curse? A cute voice like a cat's tail stepped in the direction of the crowd followed by a slutty voice bored with pleasure. And listening to the huge disturbance of the students that happened, Kate freezes her spine.

"Let's go... damn it, hearing is a magical thing"


"... hell ears..."

Hearing a whisper that I just think is responding gradually to my own cursing, Kate can't stop arrows and shields, and that's what prompts her to move instantly without worrying about finding out who she is, leaving herself with the confused others to speed up. I didn't want to be a kite who couldn't handle Leishabale no matter how much more than Mark and the others could handle him.

Don't tell me you'll find out tomorrow anyway. If you can still get away with every minute of it, I want to get away. But apparently, this didn't surprise the Marks, who knew Leisha's character. They followed it with a bitter smile.

"Ha... I'm tired in the morning..."

"Oh, kite. Good morning. You look tired."

"Oh, Dr. Hal...... don't worry, I'm not saying I'm ill"

"He was baptized by one of his school specialties," he said.

If we split up from each other and went to class, apparently Hal, who was already in charge, would have come too. That's how I unwittingly inquired into Kate's face I saw, but I had to laugh bitterly at Mark's continued words as well.

"Oh, really? I'm sad. But take your classes well."


Apparently, instead of being known about Risha, it's a baptism. Hal looked sorry for that, too. Around not asking for details, I guess it's pretty good.

That's how I ended my morning greeting with Kite and Mark, but then something tiresome happens again. Well, Kite forgot, but there was a girl in this class who identified Kite as a target.

"Hehe... you're here, Mr. Kite! Today's the day I'm gonna smash you with this!

"... what, that gear"

"Heh heh... this is an armed for me my home has raised its total strength to complete! I was a little off guard yesterday, but not today!

I stood up from my chair and walked away, and I saw Sierra in Jen-royal armor, and both Kite and Mark sighed. Physical education is still ahead of us, but there was already one hole in her plan in the first place. That's what Kate decided to point out.

"It's good to fight for something else... but can you let me choose to be a pair in the first place?

"I don't know..."

"... ah"

Apparently, Sierra didn't even notice there. I patted my eyes for a moment and opened my mouth. And while it's open, the air between them solidifies. but where it continued to solidify for about a minute, Sierra opened her mouth again.

"So, I'll show you something in the eye at the Dragon Rider!

"Oh, I asked the breeding committee to come out today."


To Kate's reply again, Sierra lowered her back to the chair, puffing. That's how Kate and Mark chose to leave her alone with a smile on her face.

By the way, I heard later that Sierra also usually acts as a dragon rider. Kate was listening to Killier blurry, who was surprised to have skipped even if she didn't know what was going on. It should be further noted that I was busy arranging this equipment yesterday and skipped it.

Because we can't fight boulders in the classroom, Sierra had nothing to rub about for a while. but apparently, unexpectedly, Sierra is blessed with luck. That was in the third limit of physical education class.

"Well, now that we're done with the morphology today, we're going to have a mock fight! I'd really like to have a team match here for once, but how many minutes are they here? I haven't been able to grasp my strength yet, so for a little while, he put up with me in a mock fight! Then get your hands on me today!

The students put their hands in front of Luke's instruction to do so with little concern. Because few people care about the content of the class if they think about it properly.


From then on, you're right. A print appears on the palm of my hand to determine a pair.


"I'm 14A...... good. If it wasn't the same, Kite, it would have been the other guy."

"Whew... I 13A..."

"Joshua... I would have liked to fight Mark once."

"Stop it. I'm dealing with a real job."

Mark and Joshua each react to the words that Kate groaned when she saw the prints floating over her palm.

By the way, Joshua received a one-handed sword without a common shield in the army because his military brother was there - the presence or absence of a shield depends on the genre, so Lucius and Al are not uncommon - so Mark had chosen a dagger as his weapon either to exploit his physical abilities as an animal man.

"Good. Then I guess I'll return to my normal way of fighting today."

Enter each of the opposing spaces, with Kate facing Joshua in front and facing each other with a hand-to-hand air fist. It's nothing. They're not tickled with abuse like Sierra, and Luke hasn't asked for anything. Therefore, we are free to fight today. The moment that Sierra waited for him came when he had about three simulated battles.

"Ugh... I'll let you win today!

"... well, do as you please"

Unfortunately, I'm not even going to lose to Sierra. So Kate sets up a knife in a sigh - nothing. I'm not going to fight with a sickle today either.



Both kick the ground at the same time and pack the distance. It goes without saying that the result is a battle.


"... hey, why..."

Then he went on fighting for about three minutes, and Kate stuck a dagger in Sierra's throat. He snuck himself out of the back, disguised himself as a kite with a knife. That's how he settles for the fight, and Kate tells Sierra. By the way, the fight itself was easier today than yesterday, but I tried to point out the cause.

"Uh... it's hard to say one thing..."

"What is it?

Sierra with pointy mouth, but realizing that Kate was about to send her advice, she asks in a stubborn manner.

"That full-order armor. Let me get this straight. Am I interrupting?

"Becomeā€¦ this is a Dwarf masterpiece Silva has worked out!

"No, I admit it's a specialty, but adjustment for infantry, did you do it? Maybe it's for dragon riding or dragon riding.


Sierra can't understand what she's been told, and leans her neck against Kate's words. Just in case, it never means you're inhibiting movement. So what, this was answered by Luke.

"That's a sound, Sierra! I didn't even realize you were always a student armor, but the way you fought is streamlined! It's always ringing and I'm telling you what time it moves!

"If you're a Great Swordsman or something, and you're focusing on a lot of power... If you're a Sickle, you can use your whole body to move, so your inertia worked and you always made a noise."

"Son... na..."

Damn, Sierra gives in to her knees feeling. Indeed, the armor she was wearing had the performance that a leading artisan would have tailored for her. As for physical ability, it was a few steps higher than yesterday thanks to the aid of armor, and fundamentally Sierra's movement itself is not a bad object. Her sickle genre itself fights like an entire body. There's nothing to point out about that, either, Kite, whose school is different.

That said, it's probably because I haven't worn it in a long time, like I said I took it from my parents' house. It didn't match her body, which she wore around like every other time, making noises.

Probably took it back, so my parents also made adjustments for dragon riding, so there seemed to be a lack of adjustment for walking and fighting. It was a mistake in her judgment that hastened her battle with Kate.

"See you today on my white star."


There's nothing Sierra can say. So all she had to do was get down on her knees disappointed and drool. That's how Tobotobo and I went back to the end, and not there, and I was depressed.

It should be noted that apparently she is returning early and she was usually hearing high laughter in the next fight. So normally, starting tomorrow, Kate is going to get tangled up with her, but I'm going to leave that aside.