Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 519: Specialty Teaching - Zest -

A class on the development of witchcraft that began to be commented upon by Zest teaching, but contrary to Kate's anticipation and reputation from around her, even very advanced commentary was usually exchanged.

"Because it is, we will incorporate this surgical formula... then, confirmation. Why is this behavior so difficult... Mr. Joshua? State it."

"Oh, yes... uh, by nature, being able to activate magic is something that's done alone. In particular, many of the magic that is now widely passed on is too complete, with no room for the earliest improvements, but is therefore difficult to develop further. Therefore, it is not possible to incorporate a new description."

"Great... well, take your seats"


After receiving Zest's words well, Joshua, who was standing, lowered his back. In response, Joshua resumed his commentary.

"With your explanation now, Joshua, I am not very much mistaken. But there is one thing missing right now, so I'll make it up to you."

When Zest says so, he unfolds some sort of magic again and keeps the magic formations projected again. But this was quite complicated, unlike earlier, magic that didn't seem easy.

"This is the magic formation of a technique called < >. If I were to raise someone you know who would specialize in this, it would be a technique that Dr. Kiwis in gymnastics specializes in. This, as its name suggests, is magic that produces a thousand blades… Now let's break this down"

When Zest says so, he breaks down a rather complex surgical formula one by one. And now we divide it according to certain laws. It was an expression with a homogeneous description and an otherwise.

"In this, from all of you, the right side is what makes up the blade, and the left side is about something else. but now we don't need the latter. So let's turn it off."

Forever, when you wave your left hand, all but one of the procedures that were on top of it disappears. And what's left is a magic ceremony about the countless blades gathered over your right hand. But it didn't look like there were a thousand of them, no matter what.

"Well... if you were taking my classes properly, you'd already understand, and if you weren't, you'd notice. Mr. Kite, what's left of this left hand?

Apparently, he decided to try kite here, too. Asked Kite, listing one remaining procedure on his left hand and countless remaining procedures on his right.

Well, if you and Kite had dined so far, you'd have noticed, even if you didn't know the metaphor. That's how Kite stood up and answered.

"It's a magic ceremony about reproduction, or decompression or liberation, right?

"Great. I was able to mention another possibility. Apparently you're not an idiot... take a seat."


Zest seems satisfied that Kite mentioned division and liberation, not just reproduction. One loud nod, Zest orders Kite to take a seat.

"Well... Kate, you were pointing me out, but there's something I haven't explained to you guys yet either. Just fine, let me explain. For example, if it is Dr. Kiwis's procedure, replication is used for this. So there are no thousand sorcery ceremonies about this blade. Because this technique of replication will multiply the technique of the blade, I explained to you before. That's good, huh?

Apparently, this procedure has been explained before. Probably thinking about Kate and having a review. That's how Zest confirmed the students' reaction before continuing to explain.

"Well... let's get to the bottom of the class. Today's class is about schizophrenia, replication, proliferation, etc. … I'll change the story, but you guys will have wondered. I wonder why similar rituals abound in this world. This is definitely a difference between developers, or just a dictation, or something like that."

Zest moves the magic ceremony he extracted earlier from the top of his hand for now and expands it into the hollow, this time letting him project several different ceremonies. Unlike < >, it was almost uncomplicated and only existed in a few magical ways.

"Let's start from the right… < >, < >, < > and < >. These are, as you all know, the first three of all sorcery."

All Zest has shown is the magic that produces fireballs as well. but it all mirrored different magic formations. I mean, it has the same effect, but it's written with a different symbol, I'm glad to say.

"This won't have to be demonstrated to the boulders, even you guys. So I'm not going to use it one by one... so let's break this down."

Disassemble the three new surgical formulas created by Zest. I saw it wasn't complicated. Okay, but apparently that's the truth. Even when all the magic formations were disassembled, only less than 10 descriptions existed. Thus, when three of the decomposed were collected on the right-hand side and the other objects were collected on the left-hand side, the narrative began again.

"Well... I've already explained it a few times, so I'm sure you can tell, but I'll explain it again because he's a novice. Each of the six on the left hand side is a technique for flying through power and fireballs. There will be no need to explain the power of the fireball itself. So delete it."

Remove three of the six relatively similar sorcery ceremonies in the left hand and all that remains is the presence of three sorceries in both hands.

"Now... is there anyone in here who can explain the difference between the three earlier sorceries?


"Mr. Milisha."

Upon Zest's request, one of the female students raises her hand. With that in mind, when Zest nodded, the Milician female student rose and began her commentary.

"Each of these three is a fireball flying technique, but < > is the most aggressive and fast flying technique. Therefore, it is the most preferred technique for adventurers, etc. In contrast, < > is a magic technique that is often used as a practice bench to master manipulative magic in the next stage of magic training, such as excellent manipulation after ejection and being able to wait hollow after ejection. Researchers prefer this. The last < > is a magic trick that employs both of these good places, so it's a little more difficult than the other two. This is a genius preference, so rarely do people use it."

"Great. That was an accurate description"

"Thank you."

Mirisha's words seemed to be a satisfactory thing to do, and Zest seats the girls students as they are. As such, I went back to the commentary on my left hand.

"Well... Milisha, as you explained, each of the left-hand sorceries is an object with a variety of options in addition to the art of flying. It's good to take a closer look at this, but unfortunately we don't have enough time. Therefore, it will be an assignment until the next class to investigate what sorcery ceremony has been added to this."

When Zest tells him so, he waves his left hand and deletes three sorcery ceremonies. So now he unfolded the three remaining procedures in his right hand, before himself.

"Let's get down to business. This is the three things I should show you this time."

Zest shows the students the last three remaining sorcery ceremonies side by side. I guess that's all from his description creating fireballs, but everything was in different forms.

"All of this is part of producing a fireball… I wouldn't even have to dare point it out and get an answer. Everything takes on a different shape. In other words, there is never one way to produce a single result. Now we can define the existence of" similar sorcery "that you are wondering about… but naturally, there are other things that are different in the process while deriving the same results."

Zest concluded so by waving his right hand to erase all three surgical ceremonies in order to continue the narrative further.

"Well... there are many things that result in the same end from different descriptions as before, especially the lowest level of the procedure. So, what other ways are there, the difference in the added procedure? Now let's return to the magic ceremony of the previous < >"

Apparently, this is where this class comes from. I put the < > magic ceremony back on hand, which I had kept on hold for a long time.

"Well... let me give you one example here. Dr. Kiwis is known to be good at < >, but I know about four procedures that have the same effect. but within this, the two depend on the difference in the description of the procedure I mentioned earlier. Well... let's ask here. Who can guess the difference between the two remaining blades and the < >?

We thought together in response to Zest's inquiry, but even if we waited a moment, no one would raise their hand - Kite understood the boulder, but did not raise his hand - and there was no such thing. Apparently, there was no answer. Seeing that, Zest separated it.

"Great. No one can guess, I decide. Okay, here's the answer. That's about the increase in compression, liberation, reproduction, etc. that you raised earlier, Kite. There is a difference between how you handle the part of the statement you raised about the blade on the < >... Look. These are the other two techniques I illustrated earlier."

Zest further develops two separate surgical formulas on both hands. According to his words, this would be the same ending as < >.

And so, for some reason, Kate realized that the surrounding faces were just a little stiff. At the same time I noticed that, Mark pulled the hem of Kite's white coat.

"... in a few moments, you'd better be ready to defend yourself against escape at any time."

"What do you mean?

"... if you look, you'll see."

Side by side with Zest's commentary, Mark tells Kite with a tired face. but of course but so far so serious that kite didn't know why.

"Now… the procedure on the left is a procedure that contains about 1000 compressed blades of < >. This is said to be a < > chick shape, or an early procedure. In contrast, the right technique is a magic technique that replicates the blade technique as well, but also expands the magic formation along the way to pass through it and multiply it. The number of blades can be increased or decreased depending on the number of magic formations deployed. This is a < > subspecies, or developmental form."

So far, good. Nothing happens. but to the next dialogue, kite breathed unexpectedly.

"Now let's actually see what difference these three make"

"... what?

"First of all, it's a < > chick-shaped technique... < >"

At that next moment, Zest activates the magic that was on standby without any pulse abbreviations. Then, naturally, the demon blade was scattered in the classroom.




Unexpectedly, Kate opens her eyes and instantly projects a double sword about the length of a military knife, cleaving countless blades that strike herself as they are. Unfortunately, because this demon blade has no attributes, it cannot be absorbed by the power of Kate's ring. Well, even if I could, it would lead me to find out, so I would have to tear myself apart in the end.

Incidentally, there are no injuries due to the same surgical ceremonies being developed within the school as those deployed in the Adventure Department training area. There is no pain. but still as human psychology, I want to run away. Even if we knew there was no danger, we would still defend and evade.


After about a second of waving the double sword and disabling the blade, the blade release stopped. Seeing it, Kate exhales loudly and looks around. Apparently, it was handicapped properly, and even the students were not able to react, and there was no scratch on the immobile notes, etc.

This is certainly an amazing thing to do, but what about at the time of doing this in the first place? Well, more than an experiment, we have to let the practical examples. This was the right thing to do.

"Kite! You can't have a sword! He's still coming twice!

"Are you serious!?

"In the wind, a blade centered on a point becomes a technique that strikes. Now let's take a look at < >"

Mark himself manipulated the barrier to prevent the attack against Kite, who was sighing. At the same time, Zest, who apparently continued his narrative as it was, activated more sorcery. Besides, Kate opened her eyes again and dealt with it by creating a double sword about the knife again.


"This technique will strike 1000 blades simultaneously from the technique... you won't even have to show the last one to the boulder at the earliest. As explained earlier, the demon blade released from the < > magic formation will enter the magic formation even further. That's where it's replicated."

Kite and the students, who were even more vigilant, were apparently worried. The demonstration ended there. So when Zest let all the magic ceremonies disappear, he began the narrative again.

"Well... then I have to mention compatibility here... some compatibility exists in the description of magic, but let's just say that's another lecture. Okay, let's get into today's internship. Today's training involves the development of a new technique for < > using such techniques as reproduction, growth, and compression liberation described earlier in < >. Well, do it and see."

To Zest's words, the students who were finally returning to their seats began to develop their own new magic.