Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 520: Activities of the Breeding Commissioner

It was Kite who finished her Zest teaching class, but her face was a very tired object. Instead of saying that, his appearance was now no less coaled than that of the other students.

"I didn't know there were idiots at class level who would bite an explosion into compression and replication..."


Mark laughs bitterly at the words Kate sighs at. It was easy to say that Kite was coal-fired and Zest's accomplished behavior.

After that, Zest used magic a few times because he responded to students' questions and so on, but all of it was something that I normally thought about and didn't use the student level against them. One of them was in the magic of continuously exploding, so there was coal attached to Kite's white coat in the aftermath.

"Ha... I'm tired"

"Haha...... today is still a good day. For example, it was a flame. If it's a bad day, I try to use lightning after using water, so it's hard not to get electric shock."

Mark looked more tired to Kate's words. Apparently, today was a good day by chance. I guess it's because I just burned coal.

"Well, at the end of the day, it's math class, so I think Kite's gonna end up easy."

"That won't help."

Naturally, when it comes to Tensakura School and Enefia, Math classes at Tensakura School are a few steps ahead. The same goes for other physics, etc. If it were pure science based classes, the kites would have been more advantageous. So they went back to the classroom again and took the class.

"Well, I'll show you today. I have a job as a breeding commissioner every day, but I also have club work on boulders. I write on a piece of paper that gets handed out at the beginning of every month... because there's no name for kite on the boulder. Let's go ask the general manager first. Well, it's working on a class-by-class basis for once, so maybe it's a date with me..."

"Sorry, I asked for it"

At the end of class and after school, Kate decides to show her face to the breeding commissioner's work as planned. The next guide is Mark. By the way, I'm not doing a breeding commissioner because I'm an animal man.

That's how a girl student rang me against the two of them trying to start moving on foot. That was a student named Mirisha who referred Kite to the Breeding Commissioner and gave a commentary in Zest's lecture earlier, but only slightly, the atmosphere was different. I felt uncomfortable with that, Kite, but the discomfort seems to have been right.

"Oh, wait a minute. I'm going, too."

"Ah, Mr. Misha"

"Hmm? Misha? Aren't you Milisha?

"Oh, that's my sister over there. Me and Milisha are twins. Milisha is a librarian"

When Misha says so, she points to the corner of the room where her twin sister is. Then there was Milisha, who seemed to be reading. Apparently I noticed my sister pointed this way and she smiled at me this way.

If you take a good look at that, Misha is the sauce-eye that seems a little more concerned, whereas Mirisha was shining a light that seemed soft, although it was the eye of a slice length. I guess it's the difference around there.

"Today's cleaning is definitely a dragon house, and the department manager will refrain from sending students like you, Kate, to Tensakura this week. I wonder where the feeding was..."

"Feeding is at the beast house. I hope the Beast King isn't here..."

"Oh well."

Listening to Misha, Kate takes the three of us together and starts walking. That's how I left the school building for about 5 minutes and arrived at the dragon hut where the dragons usually live. And, at the same time, a loud chirp rang.

By the way, dragons are a few meters tall on boulders, and if they aren't even pieces of world trees in wooden architecture that have been magically fortified, they're easily destroyed. So the dragon house was made of total magic silver (misril). For once, it was a calculation that would not be destroyed if it was not even in the sun direction.


"Ugh... uh... I had earaches..."

The ringing lords are the dragons in this dragon house. That is what barked. If so, it was only natural for the sound to sound like pinching your ears.

That said, it doesn't seem surprising to hear it from afar if it has been so loud, but it seemed like it had barely leaked outside. Plus, Mark laughs bitterly and resumes his commentary.

"... uh... my ears... once the junction is unfolding here, I have no problem with it, but when I get inside, I sometimes howl and stuff, so be careful, it's pretty May..."

"I don't have to be told. Now I know..."

"I have earplugs, so you should use them when looking after me..."

Mark scratches his beast ear and walks to the cabin where he first cleans up the cleaning tools, etc. that are nearby. When Kate and Misha moved along as well, there was one older, seemingly male student in the cabin, reading plainly. He was a gentle, seemingly gentle student.

"Hi, Mr. Mark. Were you at your place today?

"Ah, yes. Chairman Manaus... Uh, so I brought in someone who was a student of Heavenly Cherry Blossom and who joined me on the breeding committee..."

Mark pointed to the kite on the side, taking it and Manaus turned to you too. That's how it felt to look at Kate's face and think about something.

"That... oh, in the meantime"

"Hmm? I saw you somewhere...... did you?

"Oh, no. That's not what I'm saying. It just so happens that my class was on duty the day you forgive the queen. So I was looking at you. Yeah, you can safely count on me... eh, wait a minute"

Manaus was a student who spoke a little relaxed. I get the impression that somewhere elegant and relaxed, both as a look and as an action, so it's probably quite famous out there. As for the same age, it is a school of magic, which is also the largest academic institution in the empire, so it was not a rare story to have students from famous families. That's how, when he takes out a piece of paper, he writes something down.

"Yes, this is the piece of paper that will be in your charge. Follow this, come to work."

"Oh, thank you"

What Manaus took out was a piece of paper. Apparently, he was normally with Mark and the others. That's how he laughs and tells against Kite, who was looking at the paper.

"Well, if the queen is angry, we'll have the students gather in the middle of the club, so please be flexible there."


"Yeah. Well, I'll ask you two about the job description. I'll wait here because there might be something else coming, but if anything happens, just ask me."


Smile and Manaus goes back to reading again. By the way, considering the dragons' shouts have been ringing many times in the middle of this, apparently his nerves are pretty thick. Nothing seemed to bother me at all.

"Well, I have earplugs over here, so let's borrow them."

"I hope it's not this shark summer."

"I don't have the money to buy it separately for summer and winter, so I can't help it."

Mark laughs bitterly at Misha's words, who also had earplugs in his hand. Apparently, the earplugs are for both summer and winter, and the one with fur was also something that I did. Sure, considering it's summer, I can't help but feel hot and bitter, but in winter, it's Maxwell, where the snow falls. I was certain I would treasure it.

"For once, earplugs prevent you from shouting, but because they're earplugs, you can't hear them unless you speak out loud, so be careful!

"Oh, okay!

With earplugs, the dragons barked almost no more, but at the same time, naturally, their voices became harder to hear. It's still a special earplug made of magic, so you can't hear it, but it's still hard to hear if you cover it around your ear. So the conversation between the three of them was loud.

"Some dragons are about to play and hope, and sometimes they cleverly take their earplugs off, so be careful!


With the attention from Misha and Mark, Kate enters the dragon house with one hand of the cleaning tools. What I thought when I went inside was that the smell wasn't any worse than I thought. Luckily, the dragons have little excretion to convert what they eat into magic, and there will be no smell other than their body odor.

"I'm going to sweep it once and for all, but it's not going to accumulate that much garbage, so it's good enough to soil it all up!


Apparently, there are three other cleaning students, and about 10 people will clean the dragon house. It would have been fine if the soil, etc. that would have adhered to it when it went outside had been properly swept away with water due to the scarcity of excrement.

But the real job of the breeding commissioner came from here. That's how the cleaners get together, and among them, the most advanced students tell Kite out loud.

"So, next thing you know, this is the hard part! Um, that was definitely Kite! We're going to have to play the dragons! but it's really dangerous when you get excited, so be careful!

"Where do you want me to play!?

"Oh, come with me for that! Somebody get Kite on board with you! Anyone else who can't ride, follow the man who can ride!

Apparently he's taking a bunch of dragons somewhere. By the way, it's impossible to say all at once on a boulder, so they split the move several times. There was no escape from wearing collar-shaped magic props. Together, they take off their earplugs and start crossing the dragons and the dragons in charge.

"What do you do with the sun direction?

"Oh, I can't have a queen on a boulder. So if you feel like it, you should come."

A sun-driven howl echoed blocking the words of a leading male student across the earth dragon questioned by Kate. At the same time, about 3 meters of Tenryu descend. Needless to say, it was a trend in the matter. That's how the sun came down and at the same time instantly stuck his neck between Kate's crotches.


As the neck of the sun rises, Kate crosses the sun even as she loses her balance. All I could do was look at it. That's how Kate grins bitterly but asks the leading male student.

"... what shall we do with this? Maybe it was because of a previous incident or they missed me..."

"Uh... what are we gonna do?

"No, don't tell yourself."

I don't know what the sun is thinking with Kite on the boulder. It was a sudden action, so I couldn't even prevent it. Maybe he came this way sniffing signs of a walk with the Lord that hasn't been around for a long time. That's how smart she was. Even for Kite, I had the burden of leaving it alone for 300 years, so I had trouble but couldn't get out too tight.

That's how I look at Kite with such a troubled face, and the leading boy student thinks for a little while and starts consulting with the faculty using the demonic props for communications that apparently are being given to the pull. but apparently there were also signs of confusion on the part of the staff room.

"Well, then, why don't you come with me on the queen..."

"I'll leave it to the queen."

"Do that. Then we're all coming with you! Kite, if you deviate, if you don't get shaken off by the queen, we'll figure it out! Good luck!"

"I'll try!

A leading male student raised her voice and kicked her own riding ground dragon belly. Then the other dragons start moving along with it. Follow it and start walking slowly in the sun direction as well. and that's how one of the seniors spoke out against kite when they left the school grounds and everyone removed their earplugs.

"Hey, I thought of one thing, kite. Can't you use the queen to travel together?

No, I don't know. I don't know.

Kite on the boulder and I don't know this. I had no idea what the day was like at school in the first place. So I answered with vegetables, not even acting, and just a little bit of kite learned to be interested in this as well.

"Hitachi, can you call a buddy or something?


In response to Kite's inquiry, the sun turned this way. But apparently, just looking at the curly eye in this direction won't show any movement. If I were to compare, it felt like tilting my neck because I don't understand the child.

"Sounds impossible."

Oh, my God.

Well, I'm just nostalgic, so I can't get that far, and I'm convinced that these boys are. I don't think that kite is the true lord to the extent that he was nostalgic to animals by boulders. So I won't have a choice. but apparently this decision was premature. The next moment, the sun barked.


"How's it going!"

"Something happened!

Seeing a sudden barking trend, all students turned to Kite, not just the leading male students. but the trends I saw that way remain as dear as ever.

"No, I don't have anything..."

"From what I've seen, but I haven't done anything...?

He was a boy student of Kate and her upper classes that resulted in the same attention, but Kate doesn't know what it is either. So I just get the look of confusion with the upper classmates ahead. So bewildered was the howling, which was not the dragon's.