We stopped at the sudden howl of the sun. Together, but to the howl again, now we pay attention outside the school. In response to the voices that had been heard, Kate decided to ask the next class as a freshman.

"... what voice is that?

"No, I have a verse that comes to mind..."

Apparently, he's not the only one with a verse in mind. Everyone looked surprised. but apparently that thoughtful verse was correct. We all opened our eyes to the giant wolf who showed up kicking the wind at the next moment.

"I knew you were the Beast King! Why are you here?

"The Beast King?

"Oh. We have a few pets of the brave Kate... the whole thing is that Ise. Well, we all call ourselves the Beast Kings because we have dogs all over the city and animals at the Beast House."

Even during such a conversation, Ise approaches with tremendous momentum. So he stopped in front of Kite and the sun, and whispered as it were. As for the size, it was quite large because it was about the same size as the sun direction and gaze. The total length would be about 5 meters.

By the way, this one is supposed to be the pets of Aura and Kuzha and the others, not Kate's pets, but apparently now they're treating Kate's dog owners. Well, the fact is, they were the most connected, so I can't help it.

"I called...?

"Come on......"

Even as a kite, I don't know the intent of the sun direction. So just keep observing the two pets staring at each other. After about a minute like that, the odd discussion apparently ended. Ise barked again.

"Ugh... what the hell...?


Everywhere else, Ise approaches under the kite. As she rubbed her head off, Kate decided to do Ise's head secretly, knowing what she wanted. Then we just looked around together to see what would happen for a while, but at the next moment, the communications machine with the lead student rang again.

'Hey! Something's going on over there!?

"Duh, what's up!?

"The animals in the beast house are so raging! I'm so tired of letting you out already!


He was a surprised lead student, but the surprise continues even further.

'Hey, it's Manaus. Raus, are you there?

"Ah? Ah, the chairman of the committee"

"Something warm over there? The dragons in the dragon house are pretty rampant... '

"Yeah!? We were just talking about a riot in the beast house!?

"Haha, sounds like it"

From the comms machine, Manaus's voice sounds relaxed even in this situation. Apparently, it's just the beast house, and even the dragon houses are raging. That's how Raus was explaining the situation, but as he interrupted there, Yuri's voice came in.

'Open it all up to you. There's a verse in this situation that comes to mind.'

"Dean of the school?...... ok. Then I'll open them all up. '

I didn't know what the intention was, but that's what the school director says, so Manaus tells everyone about the complete opening of the dragon and beast houses. While that circulation was thus well received, Yuri opened her mouth with signs that she would hold her temples slightly.

Raus, Ise is there?

"Ah, yes. I'm sure he is."


So far, no one has told me about Ise, who could not grasp the intention of the visit even if he had told me about the sunset. I just got here in the first place. I didn't even have time to tell her. Yet Yuri was inquiring in a manner close to certainty. That's how I came back. After all, I sighed and started an old story that Kate didn't even know about.

'It was a long time ago... still before I went to school as a teacher... when the city was still developing. At the time, this city, like other cities, was occasionally attacked by demonic groups. At one point, I and Aura were going out to the Imperial Capital, and only Kuzha had arrived to escort the city… Ise had led the surrounding wolf-shaped demons and the warcraft who were teaching in the school and the city at the time to defend the city. "

"Ha... what's wrong with that?

I rub my head even more, as if Ise were trying to get praise from the Lord for listening to stories of the past that resonate from the comms machine. Besides, Kate used to keep an eye out for all the comms, and when she stroked her head a little harder on the bitter mix of laughter, she was narrowing her eyes to feeling good.

Then apparently the sun was jealous. Giving her head to stroke herself, Kate decided to stroke her two heads for a while until the communication was over.

"I don't know what happened... but I thought something similar might have happened from the howl this time."

'Even the animals won't want their habitat to be vandalized. I think it's possible.'


"Oh, I see"

To Yuri's conjecture, Raus and the manaus at the end of the comms machine, and even the students who appear to be in the beast house, are all satisfied. Originally said to be queens and beast kings, practically no one knows their origins. That's why I was convinced.

That's because it's quite a story from the past that they came to say so. Now it was just telling and listening to the seniors say that. Perhaps it is not suspicious to have some of the teachers who do not know.


It was Laus who was convinced of Yuri's words, but there he realized once again. Ise gathered all the warcraft and animals around her, Yuri said. And where is Ise, on Kite's side, that is to ourselves? And at the same time, I heard Manaus.

"Hey, guys, I'm here to help."

"Oh, haha... you're awesome, as always"

When he sees Manaus, who brought in a large number of animals and warcraft, raise his voice from the top of the white haired heavenly dragon, not the scales, he raises his praise with the face that Raus drew.

Despite this situation, Manaus' voice was relaxed, and there was no rush for anything more. On the contrary, he had the same soft, slight grin that we had just met.

"Well, I thought I'd finish your walk anyway, so everyone else will be here in a little while. Wait for it, then let's go."

"Ooh... you, seriously, I can do a tutor at the Imperial Castle or Duke's house..."

Laus sends his greatest praise to Manaus, even though he pulls on his cheeks. Besides, Manaus replied with a relaxed laugh.

"Haha. I think I'd like to do the same."

While stroking the hair of Pough Pough and Tenryu, Manaus nods about the future path he is currently thinking about. Of course, there are dragons and warcraft tutors in the Imperial Castle and in the Duke's house. I guess getting a job there is where he aspires after graduation.

Then, for a while, the other breeding commissioners gather. Seeing the mix of teachers there, apparently the teachers came too, just in case.

"Good. Let's go then"

Seeing that everyone was in place, Manaus hung the decree, and the breeding commissioner and a large group began to move. Incidentally, Ise was conducting such a large group of warcraft on the boulder that he could not be a teacher rather than a manaus.

That's how we moved together was a meadow a little far from the city. Originally, they used it in order, but because of the rare situation in which everyone said there was no dispute today, it was at the same time. I mean, yeah. There was a situation that no one had ever seen before.


A certain female student raises a very happy voice. Apparently, she was an animal lover from the roots, playing with a lot of animals. Even now, again, I was pushed down by the whole thing in there.

"Yikes! Hey! Uh-huh!

The fun voice of this girl student goes up. Other than that, I guess for animal-loving students, this situation is truly heaven. There was a sound of fun and a sound of difficulty halfway up.


At such dusk, Kate was reading behind Ise's back during her nap. Fortunately, the time now is pretty long in the summer, and even though I said it was past 16: 30, it was still bright.


A girl student who had been nostalgic to the animals earlier seemed to envy such a kite. In fact, she was the only person on the breeding committee who could feed Ise and the sunshine. If she saw Kite like that, now she'd be playing like a pompous and a balloon in the sun.

"Hey. It's a little hard to read."


It's a day I thought I'd drop you according to Kate's words, but apparently you're not playing enough. Keep it up. Now toss it to Ise.



It was Ise who had been napping until now, but I would wake up if the boulder threw down something as heavy as a kite. As it rose momentum and reflexed, Kite was blown away with momentum. but kite is used to it too. I turned myself flat and landed beautifully.

That's how I tried to get into reading flat again, Kite, but the students around me panicked. For whatever reason, because Hitachi and Ise started a fight.



Ise jumps, exposed to the Lord after being disturbed in his sleep, and the sun escapes as if enjoying it. Apparently Ise is pretty excited and the barking was pretty loud.

"Yes, how are you?"

Kite usually breaks in and forgives the two of them. but then there are two excited. Now I try to assault Kite, but I guess it's because she's still the Lord. Whether it's trying to bite or not, it's all staying to the point where it's sweet.

"Whoa... wait a minute! So wait!

"... Yes?

Against two of the great excitement, Kate avoids it flat out with pleasure. It was understood by everyone that neither Hitachi nor Ise meant it. To the extent that the dog merely reminds the owner to play. I know it's never powerful enough to kill.

But still, the opponent is a giant wolf with the strength to live hundreds of years and suppress even the < > serpent. If I could understand that, I wouldn't have avoided it in a fun way.

"Damn... both of you! A treat!"

In the words of Kate, Ise and Hideyoshi behave well. No matter how excited you get, it's the Lord's word. If you tell him over and over again, the excitement naturally subsides. As such, where the two normally groomed, Kite inquired about the sighing mixture.

"Ha... you want to play?



Apparently, they both saw what Kate had given up. I raise my happy voice when I hear Kite grinning and inquiring.

"Hmm... just frisbee would be advantageous to the sun..."

Think about what Kite will play before you hurry. That's how they came up with something.

"Good! Well, first of all, both of you, miniaturize"

The two take the word of kite and shrink to a size of about a metre large. Regardless of the direction of the sun, if this happened, it only seemed to be a bit of a big brave dog position leading up to Ise.

"Good. Then remember this."

Kate shows it to the smaller sunset and Ise as she rotates the Frisbee she created as she twirls. I just threw it, the sun is in my favor. So Kite decided to come up with something.

"Good! Then be weak < >!"

Kate wields her right hand, where she splits into about 10 bodies using her own genre's advanced split-generating skills. It was a simple phantom, so it created a very advanced identity.

"Get it!

Put the stunner together elsewhere, Kate throws Frisbee with momentum. In response, the sun direction jumps up a straight line towards Frisbee, and Ise begins to run fast on the ground.

There's only one real thing in this. It was a futilely advanced play that I could do because these two were the ones who would have won if I had looked for it first. Well, that's what I've been doing all the time, so the two of them figured it out.

"Go away!"

That's where Frisbee is set for each of the two, and Kate makes the phantom disappear. but that didn't seem to be the frisbee that both of them were after.

"Ho, we both failed"



With a very sad look on their face somewhere, they both came back to Kate's. It wasn't a battle before the win or loss, so you can't help it. If you say so, it was a win for Kite.

"See you next. Now we're gonna throw a little faster."

Once again, when Kate creates Frisbee, she throws it in the same procedure as before, and the two begin to run through at the same time. but apparently both of them are after the same frisbee this time. Increase your speed so that you can compete.

"Brilliant. Go away."

Kite looks at it with a smile and disappears the phantom. Then fulfilled, now Frisbee, which the two of them did aim for, was the real deal. As such, the same kind of play as normal dogs has been around for some time now.