Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 524: The Investigation Team - Who Sleeps While Not Opening -

hours after the start of the investigation. Tina and the others discovered a passage to a secret room hidden in the Terrar ruins, but it took a while to open the door.

But no matter how prehistoric civilization is, it's not a great deal of skill before Tina. The foundation is too different. So in about 30 minutes, I decided what to do.

"Hmm... you're lucky to have a trace. No, this is a spare system... Hmm... it would have been a good idea to procure it somewhere..."

Tina, who kept analyzing the system, was still planted with something like a backup in a fairly deep hierarchy of the system as read. In the unlikely event that it can be reclaimed, this will be used to restore the system.

"That said... Hmm. If the switch is physically unavailable, how difficult is it... to disclose information on all consoles?"

As a system, there was a backup to open and close the door. But I had to fix the console to get it moving. Parts were needed to repair it. It's also possible to make it if it's Tina's strength, but it takes time. So she decided to take the old way.

"Nos. 1 to 3... are not about important systems. We have to exclude it from here, just in case..."

According to the information Tina hacked into the main system and confirmed, as Kate guessed earlier, number one was the security system, number two alive was all the laboratory doors and electrical and other infrastructure equipment, and number three was the spare systems of numbers one and two.

Destroying these should not have destroyed most of the lab's systems because they would have stopped working. Tina then further checks the information on the console.

"Mm... is number 6 the database for the study report on the results of the study? This will tickle later... as you get it... 7th and 8th are offline...? Is this a console for communication with other laboratories? Just in case, I don't need this."

I don't know why there are two communication systems, but they both use the same parts as the other consoles. Therefore, Tina decides to get the parts from those who are in poor condition.

That's how she moves to the destroyed console to confirm the parts needed for repair, and then to the communication console to collect the parts. Consoles of further destroyed firearms control systems were restored.

"This is good...... so are we all ready?

Later, one switch ensures that the protective wall is released and Tina stands in the front row and asks everyone. For once, all circuits related to firearms control systems and security systems are disconnected. But it could be just in case. She's the strongest in this face, both offensive and defensive, so it was natural to be in the front row.

"Switch, press"

The weakest researcher in the face of the scene will stand in front of the console and prepare to press the switch. Besides, Shea nodded. Then, when he pressed the switch, the concealed door opened and the hidden passage represented its appearance.

At the same time, seeing the passage with nothing, Tina exhales deeply with relief. Just the stairs ahead, it didn't look like there was some special trick in place.

"... it doesn't look like anything. Don't worry about it."

"I'd be anxious if that brave man had a trump card other than a struggling opponent."

"... alert, untie me."

It was an escort led by Mel, who was still vigilant for some time after Shea and Tina unraveled the arrangement, but Mel's signal unraveled the vigilance. I haven't had a problem waiting for a while. There seemed to be no problem deciding that nothing would show up anymore.

"... coo. Can you ask for it?"

Copy that.

I'm not going to run into Darkless Arrow Cod without any investigation with Tina on the boulder. So call Ku, who is originally the demon of use in these cases, and let him wing. Furthermore, he will link Ku's vision to his own and initiate an investigation of the internal situation.

"... it still looks like the only way up the stairs"

"What about the existence of defensive weapons?

"Doesn't look like it...... hmm. Even if it gets to the top, it doesn't exist."

Tina answers Mel's question, borrowing Ku's sight, which was still climbing the stairs. I could imagine the general reason for this.

Naturally, defensive weapons are also powered by magic. And the power source is from the lab. It consumes magic even when it is in standby.

That way, it was also possible to confirm the existence of this room from the infrastructure system. That danger is as high as the greater the amount of magic consumed. If you were going to have a presence, it would have been a natural flow to eliminate it as much as possible.

On the road Tina goes up the stairs as she conveys her speculations about it. That's how we got there was a huge research area comparable to the lab's floor area.

"What... this..."

"This is... awesome"

The surprised voices of Mel and Tina going to the front row echoed, and the facades of the investigation team peering further from its back opened their eyes unexpectedly to the unusual sight.

"Hmm... I said it was special, but I guess this could be called a one-off"

For now, Tina tries to touch one of the capsules nearby, as there seemed to be no danger. It also looked like a near-future bed made of metal, with a lid made of some kind of transparent substance. Note that the lid is now closed.

"This is... Reinforced Plastics... Yet"

Konkon, and tap the lid, Tina makes a daimyo guess. It is true that, in Enefia, reinforced plastics, on the contrary, chemical fibres in general, are still developing, but if it is a civilization with a millennial peace, it may not be suspicious if it exists.

Well, given what I've only seen in places like this, mass production wasn't as good as Earth's, and it was probably a very small crop. Perhaps it was a rare material that could have been manufactured accidentally during some sort of magic experiment, Tina had guessed, but there, she felt uncomfortable.

"No, this is plastic, but... high anti-magic resistance? Considering it's going to be a battle, I can take it for granted... how do I... do I mix some kind of magic metal with a polymeric compound...? No, I can't. Speaking of magic metals, in the end, metal elements. So much so that it looks like a polymer, but it should be able to..."

There is no complete escape from the laws of science. After all, somewhere in the end, it hits the wall. That was particularly common in the field of material creation. Tina made a guess from it and decided to recover for this.

"We should have this recovered by the investigation team."

We can't find out the details of the material in a survey on the rock. So Tina is fortunate enough to mark the capsule that it was possible to carry out. Now all you have to do is call in the personnel to collect it. As such, Tina was checking the details on the surrounding console, etc., but a researcher from the investigation team called.

"Lord Justina! Come this way!


Tina was checking the details of the capsule on the console, but yes, but therefore she didn't notice the most heterogeneous object in this room. It was at the end of the area that a huge box was installed, as if it were an object in itself. The voice was hung from you.


"... could you look at the display of this console?

"Hmm?... that this is a weapon in itself?

"Again, can you read that?

That's Tina too. She looks at a huge box about 30 meters long in front of her and looks at her face unexpectedly. If the contents of this box were just a single weapon, it could be said that it was comparable in size to a large demonic armor.

"So where's the power to move something like this... not built in? One of the Institute's defensive weapons... doesn't look like it... the system... hmm. What's the name... Special exterior? Again, this is a kind of big demon guidance armor thing... but it doesn't seem like it's for people... Is that special golem with a demon guidance furnace in it?

Tina's speculation makes the researchers around her look like that. Magic conductor furnaces are a kind of huge energy source. artificial core, you may call it. But given the output, no matter what you think, the size doesn't match.

It is a tool that creates magic in boulders. How Tina and the Magic Furnace will need a size commensurate with the output. It was also because of the difficulty that the demon conductor furnace for large demon conductor armor could not be developed yet.

If a weapon of this size were to be used as a demon conductor, the size of the demon conductor would be a few meters. Even Tina had the technical ability to wrap her tongue around it if she was equipped with a magic conductor that had that much output in a special golem that looked almost the same as everyone else.

"Is that possible?

"I just think so. but there has to be some trick... as a technician, I don't see how that's possible even with that empire... you lords check the surrounding console and see if there are any blueprints or anything for this weapon. They don't have it in the command room, so if you think about repairs, it's the only place you can find it."

It seemed impossible to Tina when it came to possible or impossible. Actually open it and confirm it, because it would be a hand, but opening it cheaply even though I don't know what will happen was a lower measure.

Therefore, we will first obtain information from blueprints, etc. And, apparently, you were right. A researcher who was examining the console in the center of the area raised his voice.

"Temple of the Devil! Look at this one!

"Mm... hmm. This isn't it... Hmm... Hmm... is the technology on the Magic Furnace still hidden?"

What was found was about the inside of the box. But unfortunately, not all the blueprints, but the part about the magic furnace was blackboxed. That's why Tina's tongue pounding. If this was all the main mountain presence, it might not have existed, but it didn't seem to be the case for boulders.

"Hmmm... but do you have a few black boxes... Hmmm... the part close to the core unit on this side is the part about the power connection with the special golem... then I'm pretty sure you still have the special golem as the power source... but some points around here..."

Tina, who will be checking hundreds of pages of blueprints and specifications with the researchers, is still erased and the work is a little difficult to navigate. The erased data are hundreds of years old, and they belong to a different civilization. It was also a struggle to repair.

That said, nothing can be done. If you make an inference based on the assumption that the erased part is important, you can analogize what was in it. And Tina was doing it.

"What if... this part incorporates an amplification circuit for the output?

"Ah... there was a list of parts for repair! Inventory is mostly listed!

"Uhm, here we go! Is there anything in the list about output adjustment!

"... No, I can't find it at the moment!

"Good! If so, I guess there will still be no renovations here...... Hmm. This is great."

To the researcher's words, Tina goes further into making inferences. If you don't have spare parts on your list, we won't fix them here.

That's why she praises it. It was thought that if there was so much strict secrecy, it would not be suspicious even in areas that had not yet been reached by itself.

"Phew... for now, now I know that I don't have the power. Then don't worry."

Zero chance of moving, so Tina sends people to tell Shea and Mel about it for now. The convoy remained much more alert in case it could start.

With that in mind, Shea was also relieved of alert by Mel and her lead convoy. Now it was equally confirmed that all underground facilities at this laboratory were safe. After that, it will be okay without Tina anymore. She thought so and exhaled.

"Phew... well, I saw this far in the boulder, so I thought I'd see what was there and go home."

"Is it safe to open it?

"Mm-hmm. I don't have the power but I don't have the tools to move. Open it. It's okay. Wait a minute. Find that system for opening now"

In response to Shea's inquiry, Tina gets back to work. Even Tina wants a cup of coffee because it's just a long task, but she can't want it on boulders, and if she returns to the Duke's mansion with a metastasis, she can drink much better than she drinks in an unlimited number of places. Now he was a child of patience.

"... not this one. Well, let's see what it looks like."

All the researchers who apparently overheard Tina's behavior were gathering near her. In so doing, Tina performs the last operation of opening the exterior of the giant weapon that was resting in the corner of the room with it sideways.

"Well, now you just wait for the rest to move... hmm? Hmm? Hmm?

Tina raises her surprise at the exterior that opens up gradually. I see the whole thing in the blueprint, but the actual thing was completely different.

"What a so-so..."

"Let me be honest... aren't you stupid?

"I thought the Empire was a scary country... but maybe not..."

To the Trinity, this is terrible, cut and throw away. No, it's certainly not bad, and if I make up for what I can't do with current technology, I can use it with no problems. But it's only technology now. Without it, it just seemed futile.

"Do you have anything similar to flying planes? Let's all split up and search. There may be a reason why we dared to adopt an infinite orbit when we originally had so many innovative technologies on board. Those who were boostered by the Great Sword. It can be twelve minutes."


In case our imagination is wrong. So Tina will summon the researchers to find out the full extent of the giant weapon. but the results still did not exist.

"I still prefer Gatitanium... but that only requires the premise that it comes with hovers and flying planes. Such iron scraps, if you put them on the battlefield, they won't just snipe you... well, hello, maybe it was meant to be disposable from the golem... what a waste. I couldn't help but admire the combined system with the Golem..."

As a result of the search, it was determined that there was nothing similar to a flying plane, and Tina cut the weapon off with a bushel. Yes, the giant weapon was certainly something of a large demonic armor dedicated to a special golem, but the lower body was an infinite orbit, or Caterpillar.

"No, could it have been something to carry a giant turret up there?

"Then you just have to be human. That size would have made it sufficiently portable for the technology of the day. Besides, there are limits to where you can go with an infinite weight-focused orbit. After all, in a merely infinite orbit, you can't beat two-legged walking like a magic armor. It's not maneuverable. It's not just a sniper."

Listening to Mel's guess, Tina shakes her head. Sure, infinite orbit isn't bad either. In terms of mounted capacity, there is more overwhelming capacity than two legs or four wheels.

But there was one thing really inferior about it. That was the part about speed of movement and range of action. In Enefia, where there are many enemies with overwhelming speeds regardless of the giant, movement is more dull than defense is thinner than anything else is neglected. Sure, it would be nice to have a frigate around, but if not, it was just plain simple.

That's why Tina let her look for the plane. These two things are boosters on Earth called flying planes.

Without this, the same would have been true of a large demonic armor with an infinite orbit of lower body, just a scrap of iron. The fixed turret would still be easier to repair and mass production would be possible because I kept it from moving. There was no need for the three of them to look back.

"I was hoping for blueprints and four legs, so how many... I'm not interested in an infinite orbit with no flying planes... It's only natural to do reverse engineering once, but if we're going to use it, we'll have to renovate it later."

"Can I leave Reverse Engineering to you?

"If there's anyone else who can do it, what else can I do?

"I'm telling you because I'm not here."

To Shea's words, Tina flaunts her shoulders. She didn't tell me if she was there in the first place. Tina then decides to take it to the lab near Maxwell.

Either way, reverse engineering was definitive. So Tina decided to renovate it anyway.

Besides, in the first place, there is no one else who can use Tina other than the special golem she is currently analyzing. Unless you can rewrite that ownership. This will also be the Duke's property for sure, and then all Tina had to do was mess with whatever she wanted later.

"Bye...... hmm? Wow! This is already the time! I think it's better to keep the boulders to the end of the day."

Tina replied by laughing at Shea's words, but there she opened her eyes unexpectedly, dropping her gaze on the watch. Already about 15 hours from the start of the work. I had started work at 8: 00 in the morning, but still, it would be around the time when the sun had already fallen abundantly outside.

"Okay, guys, let's just say that's it for today, and then we'll turn it around tomorrow"

Fortunately, the camp is ready. So we tried to get together and go outside, and that's where Tina's comms came in.

"Uh... Tina? You ready now?

"What is it, kite? Do you mind?

Kate's voice, seemingly bewildered, was heard from the comms. Apparently, Tina figured it out, but the voice didn't feel rushed, so she decided to encourage her first.

"So, did something weird happen to you in class?

"... hey, demons... could you be a person in a fundamental sense?

"... what? Master, are you asleep?

'And for now... Come here. I don't know what it is anymore...'

In the meantime, Tina decided to travel to the School of Magic Conduction with a metastasis at the behest of Kate.