First of all, I have something to say again. Except for certain types, the dragons basically do not act collectively. Because I have a strong sense of territory and don't act as a group. Therefore, in fact, the dragons acting collectively in the school were well-educated dragons.

Well, at the same time, the dragon breeds in the school are basically made to understand the whole of McDawell territory as the territory of Hitachi and Ise, so the instinctive suppression that it should not be rampant was also significant.

but that's only because it's a disciplined dragon breed, and as for demons of dragon breeds that aren't, suppression doesn't work. Sometimes if fighting was taking place close to my territory, I would come out excited.

Apparently, the Tenryu that Kate and the others encountered was the newborn demon who accidentally made this place a new territory. This can happen from time to time, so even as a school, I accompanied a number of skilled teachers to this club, but something slightly troublesome happened this time.

"It's troublesome! My head turns to the demon's ass!

"Can't you attract it!

"That's a little harsh! Focusing on dodging, it's a little nasty!

Teachers bite the umbilicus while dodging the < > dragon breath (dragon brace) > that can be planted in a faraway winding. Because it seems that the Tenryu who came to Kate and the others was a little smart. When I saw this one strong, I just shot < > from high above to avoid approaching it.

Normal warriors have no way of attacking when the boulder reaches an altitude of about 200 meters. If this is a top teacher as well as a warrior such as Luke, I can afford to deal with it, but unfortunately Luke is an advisor to other departments. And that's why Yuri put her face out of her pocket.

"Kite, I'm sorry. Intervene with him. It's gonna take a little longer."

"Dear, All right, Mizuki was just getting a demon gun, so it's no surprise if you let him cover you enough."

It was too much for the teachers to attack the boulders from out of range. These were the teachers of the pull rate who had decided to put the emergency contact in the Magic Instruction School and have the skilled teachers come, so when it came to what they could do now, it was about keeping themselves safe and ensuring the safety of the students.

"Killier! I'm sorry, but I'm out of the line! Mizuki, Mizuki, cover me! I'll help you in the adventure club! The others took the dragon ride we were riding!

"Oh, okay! I'm sorry, but I need backup!

Kite offers Killier to take command inside the junction deployed to ensure safety, and sends further signals to Mizuki and Moon, descending from Alan's back to the ground.

Kirier already knows that Kite is the brave Kite, so she decides to accept Kite's offer and let the other club members take care of the dragons they were riding. So with it on their backs, the kites jumped out of the junction.

"Yikes! What are you doing!?

"I'll cover you! Fortunately, we have a demon gun that came yesterday! We also have a captive bullet on board, so we draw it in and beat it all at once!

Upon Rickle's enquiry, Kite tells him as he lays down his sword. Originally, Kate is a celebrity as a man of strength. So with that, the teachers decided to get that support. The rank of the demons is about C, so if the Mizuki and the others alone hadn't flown high in the sky, they wouldn't have been unbeatable opponents.

"Okay! I'll follow your instructions! Do whatever you want!

"Yes! Mizuki! You manage to hit him with a captive bullet! Moon! If you attract to some extent, you attract at once with a whip! The teachers will need that cover when they start pulling! I prevent all < > Dragon Breath! To that extent, it will tear without any problems!

Kate improvises instructions to the teachers who are supposed to come in to cover him and to Mizuki and Moon, who originally came about him. And with that in mind, Mizuki begins to align the aim of the Magic Gun of the Great Sword Composite weapon deformed by Mizuki with the Tenryu.

The reason it's a demon bullet for captivity is because if it comes off, it can cause a lot of damage by attracting other demons with stray bullets. Except in situations where battle could be avoided or if you had to defeat them with demon bullets, but more than not, this choice was normal.

So while Mizuki was aiming for the fast moving Tenryu, Kate unleashed a slaughter toward Tenryu's < >.

"Divine Yin/< >"

Kite releases < > against the released < >. That was once an attack that completely offset Yuri's arrows, but it was originally a sword move that offset enemy attacks with a sword. It was just that Kate applied it as a bow and arrow bow.

So, a few degrees to repeat it. The moment Tenryu released the < > Dragon Breath (Dragon Breath) > >, Mizuki noticed that the movement was dull, and shot a captive demon bullet from the Magic Gun to match Tenryu's < >.

"Here it is!

Mizuki pulls the trigger of the magic cannon by targeting the moment Tenryu is unable to move due to the recoil that released < >. Then a 30 cm demon bullet is ejected, which strikes straight at the stunning, immobile Tenryu.

"Good! Hit them all! Kite, how much distance do you need?

"Some 50 meters, enough!

When the fired demon bullet hits Tenryu directly, it connects the chain to the Rui Tree demon cannon at once. A captive bullet was precisely a demon bullet for capturing. Unlike restraint bullets, they connect themselves with enemies.

Then, looking at it, the teachers secure her body so that Rui Tree can't hold it up. The rest of the operation ended with Kite slashing off, attracting Tenryu to a distance where Kite could attack him.

"... Speaking of which! I thought one thing!


Mizuki asks Kite as she struggles with the rampant Tenryu. Kite also responded while preventing < > from being randomly released from the dragon.

"You can't keep that Tenryu with us!

"... Oh, that's good. I know my tutor, and I can keep enough for a week or so."

"Oh, well, I'll just go and get it ready."

"Ooh, I asked for it"


It was Mizuki, who said it as sheer stupidity because he was pulled with great force, but Kate pounds when she hears it, and slaps her hand. Until now, I thought that if I didn't defeat them in the stream, I would catch them once upon a time. If that's how you decide, it's immediate. In response to Yuri's suggestion, Kite also begins to improvise and rethink the operational plan.

No way. With Mizuki elsewhere, who raised her surprise to Kate and Yuri, who suddenly made the decision to fly away from her own stupidity, Kate makes the knife disappear. And now he created something like a handkerchief in both hands.

"Hey, change of plan. Mizuki, I'll keep you down! Get on top! Hit me, moon!

"Oh, hey!?


With the moon and teachers elsewhere showing surprise at the sudden change of policy, Kate smiles joyfully and sticks her hands in front of her. And, at the next moment, for some reason, Tenryu's movements weakened all at once.

"What have you done!?

"Stop moving! You'll see! Can you prevent < > dragon breath without me?

It was the moon I asked because I didn't know it, but as for the phenomenon that's happening, that's all I can say. Kate is doing something and Tenryu's movements are weakening.

"Okay, come on down because it's slow and good!

Heavenly Dragon seems to be completely sealed in motion, slowly descending to the ground - or falling - without even being able to wing. As such, Kate told the moon when she saw that the original schedule had reached the range of the moon.

"Moon! Pull, too! You don't seem to be moving, but you're actually resisting so much, this!

"Huh...? Mm, well, I get it... oh! What is this!?

It was a moon that followed Kite's instructions even as she felt something unintelligible about the dragon that just seemed to be slowly unloaded, but what Kite was trying to say could be understood by connecting the whip extended by magic to the dragon.

It seems that the only thing that doesn't seem to be moving is the appearance, and when the moon lashed out, it was pulled with tremendous force. In fact, Tenryu had managed to prevent them from falling to the ground by releasing a large amount of magic.

In that way, after such a moonlight scream and a painful face, the teachers, who apparently guessed it was not an act, rush into support.

"Alright! Then we'll all pull it all at once!


"Come on!

In keeping with Kite's decree, teachers and kites join forces to conquer the Tenryu. No matter how Tenryu is on the boulder, he is still a weak individual from the top of rank D to the bottom of rank C. Originally also top in Rank C - and Mizuki is power-specific - the adventurers are drawn to the ground forcefully under the same force moves that contain kites in addition to the two.

"Mizuki, now! Get in! I'll do it so you don't fall! The way it's done is the way it's always done! I don't care if you care about that!


Where Tenryu was handed to a height where even Mizuki could jump enough to ride with one more jump, when Kate sent instructions to Rui Tree, Mizuki left the cannon to the teacher to jump across the Tenryu at once.

The next moment, the Tenryu was thought to burst, but it never burst. Kate was holding back, so she couldn't break out.

"I'm fine! So don't worry!

Tianlong can be deceived so that Mizuki can deceive the excited horse. Compared to the dragon species in the school that are taught by boulders, it seems that the wild dragon species are somewhat poorly heard, and the excitement of Tenryu did not subside for a short time.

but still a little bit above Mizuki, when I understand, it gradually grows more adult. He appealed to his instinct that he had no choice but to listen more than to be mounted.

"... Are you okay now?

"I don't know. but let's loosen the restraint a bit"

Mizuki asks Kite when she sees a heavenly dragon that has grown completely. And with that in mind, Kite, too, is on guard, but only a little, loosens the restraint. Then apparently, it was true that I had grown up completely, and there was no rambling.

"... you look fine. Good. Then remove the restraint... before, see, Mizuki. It's a compass. Put this on him."

"Oh, thank you very much."

Receive the reins offered by Kate - improvised and created - and Mizuki will put it on Tenryu's mouth. Tenryu has a rough temper but at the same time is a smart demon. Once you decide it's safe to be on it, there's no more rumbling.

"So, kite. I'm glad I captured you, but what are you going to do with that? Do you have permission to bring it back to school?

"Oh, I have a tutor I know, so I'll leave it with him for a week. He has a bad mouth and a lot of troublesome things, but I was sure of his arm... I've been free lately, so I thought I'd give him a job. Even if it's a breeding space, our guild home has a tenryu breeding shed, so there."

Open your mouth to the outline of the plan that popped out of Kite's mouth, not only the liqueur you inquired about, but also the teachers beside it and the directors of the Dragon Knight race. The expression uniformly expressed feelings of incomprehension.

It's true that Kate decided to improvise and capture him. And yet it was well thought out, so I was surprised by it. By the way, I'm a Duke's tutor with a tutor I know. I used to be familiar with him, but that's why my apprentice grew up and seemed free, so I decided to throw it at him.

He was originally a tutor and breeder who took care of dragons for the Dragon Knight Race and before. To boost the race, I read that he would be happy to do it - and it seemed to be true. As such, the words of Kate, who had carried out such a calculation, continue even further. It also looks somewhere delightful.

"This is where you originally wanted your moving feet to bring the remaining students to Maxwell, isn't it? So, I was just looking for a wild horse, but I didn't know Tenryu would get it first... the next ground dragon that could pull a carriage, the last one with the highest speed and low load, I thought. No, I was lucky. Besides, you can use it in this club. I'll send word now...... oh Tsubaki. I'm sorry, but I need an urgent job."

"Well, even though it's improvised, you're surprisingly thinking a lot about it..."

Likuru pulls her cheeks into words that Kate went on to say even more. I thought it was a young but unthinkable behavior, and I tried to reprimand it, but even though it was well thought out so far, I just felt like it would normally be returned if I said something.

If there was a problem here, it would be about filing a notice with the Duke's house, but I thought I was going to end up at this rate with Kite, who took out the magic props for communication and started doing his job busily. And it was clear that all the procedures had been completed. Well, Yuri was moving earlier in the first place, and Tsubaki, who received word from him, was moving. As a result, the procedure was almost over.

"Good. Now there's no problem. Excuse me, I'll go with Mizuki once and give him to the tutor I know."

"... oh, come on"

Without the strength and ability to do so far, the teachers decided to send out Kite and Mizuki. 10 minutes of the stuff. They had nothing more to say to finish what they had to do while they were stunned. More than that, I could only look back.

Thus, Kate and the Adventure Department unintentionally succeeded in capturing the Tenryu and decided to return to the city in order to deposit the Tenryu captured by the Tutor.