Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 548: Military God/Raid

At the end of the game, before the trip takes place. Once the athletes and their associates were all gathered in the Great Hall in the Imperial Castle. The festival to raise the country - hosted by the McDawell family - means that the emperor Leonhardt will speak to you immediately.

By the way, naturally, there is a good reason why this should take place on the first day. That's because this is a McDawell family-sponsored festival, so after the game, you'll be invited to the McDawell family, the organizer.

That said, even though the emperor is watching the game, he has no words, then it involves various outside hearings. Therefore, the impossibility coincided with the end of the first day, even if it was accepted.

It should be noted that each dragon cavalry has already been sent to the next starting point, and the athletes are all set to travel first thing tomorrow morning - the second day starts in the afternoon.

"First, gentlemen. It was a brilliant fight."

The emperor Leonhardt sees everyone gathered and sends words of labor first. Then I send various words, but that's mostly labor words.

So Kate tried to overhear most of it, but then, she opened her eyes. Because there was a man there who knew, and he was drinking with Gabgab alone, without worrying about the Emperor's words.

The man, two meters would exceed gracefully, was quite large and exactly the body he deserved to call muscle armor. If it's just my physique, it would be better than Ballantine. Shorter hair is like burning red, and skin is like burning brown every day. The clothes were somewhere kimono-like, but the upper body area was wet and exposed to various skin conditions.

That said, I can't rush over. I can't work that disrespect in the middle of the emperor's words on a boulder. That way, at the same time as the end, the other side came slightly.

"Whoa, kid!


The two reunite - quite serious about face aim - with fists to rejoice. I met God, who is said to be the strongest of all gods. To be a military god in Enefia, he was Luke's father, Orrin. By the way, it was common practice to beat him up quite seriously, so he deliberately spatialized his surroundings slightly differently.

"You look good! I was on my way home!

"Hahaha! I don't even know how you look when you're a kid!

While beating Bokoska, the two exchange words. By the way, Orrin was not greatly surprised that Kite's return had been conveyed through the Divine King Shamrock.

"Whoa! You're looking out for me in the middle of nowhere!

"You're my father! You're a good kid, dude!

The two converse as if they were kidding, while each blow carries out a ridiculous beating of power. So it counted exactly 100 rounds, and Gassili held his hand, and the two shook his hand.

"Ooh... it worked"

"Uh... it's been a good drunken awakening..."

"Your arm doesn't seem to be fading."

"That's my line!

The two compete for grip this time. By the way, basically when we're both drunk, we do this kind of lameness, so the god tribe other than Shamrock tells us never to let them meet us outside of the drinking party. Well, that's over if you feel like it too. So this time it ended in about 10 seconds.

That's how Orrin laughs as she looks at Kite. He is a god. Kite's changes were better understood than most of them.

"So, you, for a long time. Well, you brought it back!

"Don't you see?

"Have you done anything with a beast or something like that?!? Some weird attention or cancer!

"Haha...... leave me alone. Not a good man or just a mourner... well, there were quite a few of them I couldn't win, Earth. That pretty much reinforced me. You know that, too."

"Ha! That's good! There's hardly anyone here who can beat you conditionally!

Orrin laughs at the bitter words of Kate. Kite can't lose if we kill each other, but if we play a game, we can lose. The strongest and the invincible are different. And Kite was the strongest, not invincible. If only conditions had been attached, we would have lost.

"Lord Shinnozu, Lord Gilgamesh to your sister in Skasaha... I haven't fought, but I'm also strong in Alto, Arjuna, Karna, etc. There are other Hercules, Siegfried and Brunhild couples, big brothers Ferdia and Fergus...... I can't help but name a few. Blah, I didn't think the world's most famous heroes would ever have a wall this high."

Kate mentions the heroes who admitted to being strong on Earth. All these, except Brunhild, are not gods. Even if I inherited that blood, I was human. You can do that and compete with yourself. I was not insulted.

"With the exception of Lord Gilgamesh, I was about to be killed. Sister, you're such a bakemon with a pebble and a wind hole in my earthen belly... I don't want you to be complacent."

"You're getting big!

"The more I look at a hero, the less I understand. We still have a way to go."

"Unfinished hero's show of command!

Orrin laughs lavishly at Kate's words. Kite is still an unfinished hero. The rating from the gods was that. Still training under someone. It was a strange story, but it was the strongest yet still in training.

"So, why are you here?"

"Oh, look!

Orrin fingers the rear with her thumb as she drinks. There was one shaved, half-naked tattooed snake that could be done there. That didn't have to be thought through, made him one of his people, one of the great heroes.

"... you'd want to do something you didn't see..."

"You didn't see it!

but laughing, Orrin mentions the emperor Leonhardt, who consciously decides not to look at you. Well, my own ancestors drank it for me. That's what happens.

"So, you're in. Oh, that's probably cheesy!

"Sidebar sidekick. It's no big deal."

Kate shook her head at Orrin's words with a laugh. The more active I was going to be. By the way, it's his habit to shout even after you finish greeting him. Orrin's voice looked great on his body. He was very loud.

"Even so... you're still a whale drinker"

"Ha! That's how long I've been here.

Orrin laughs heavily at Kate's words as she leans over her hips. Because there were several bottles of liquor rolling next to the Ballantine where he was earlier, just one corner there, in a different space.

By the way, there Will was preaching to Ballantine, who was drunk, but Kate decided to go through because of everything.

"Ha... well, I don't care"

"Yeah, yeah, I don't care, I don't care"

"So, here you are. What can I do for you?

"Whoa! Shamrock's husband asked me to give you a message!

Normally, a hidden god came all the way here. It doesn't make any sense, I don't think. On the face of it, I came to see Luke, I guess to some extent, but I didn't think he was going to move like he wrote this daring rave in a picture about that. To the name thus given, Kite tilts her neck.

"Lord Shamrock? You're not my husband, you're my brother."

"Don't worry about me! Well, it's about the Moon Goddess!

Kite picks up and moves on the words that are given out. Goddess of the Moon. That only meant something special to Kate and Yuri. That's why Yuri, who was secretly eavesdropping on the conversation, appeared over Kate's shoulder in an instant.


"Has there been any change in your artifact lately?!?

"There was."

In response to Orrin's inquiry, Kite takes out the artifact and gives an instant answer. An artifact is a tool used by God. A tool for the full use of its power. Kate had one of them, the artifact of Charlotte, her own lover. Kite didn't know it glowed during that time.

"Is it close?

"I don't know!

In response to Kite's inquiry, Orrin answers with a strained chest. Well, if I could understand if I was close to waking up, Shamrock would come above all. So Kite didn't float a great deal of disappointment.

"Ha... I don't know where the world can be used as a god of war"


"You're hurting my ears!

I agree with the sigh-minded words of Kate and Yuri, with Orrin still laughing. Well, when it comes to the role of the gods, it's about fighting. Neither the search for people nor the message will be within the scope of the role. but then stupid like that, one question comes to mind.

"... Wait a minute. Then why did Lord Shamrock send you? You're not gonna let me tell you that, are you?


The doubt was natural. You can't come here to tell me you don't know what's natural but you don't. Without any reason, it was suspicious.

"Weird signs are spreading," he said!

"Weird signs?

"Oops, that's a weird sign!

Orrin acknowledges Kite's inquiry. Weird signs, they say, but Kate doesn't feel that way. But you know something because you're a god.

No matter how fast you fly, Kate's senses are only people's. Therefore, it is slightly different from God, who is close to the end of the world. Therefore, there is no choice. So Kate decided to push further ahead.

"What do you mean?

"Strange signs...... don't you feel it!?

"I don't feel it, you're telling me.

"That too! Wait a minute!

To Kate's words, when she laughs aloud and admits that it makes sense, Orrin takes a deep breath and explores the signs.

"... Oh, there it is! Here it is. Here it is!

There are signs to explore something, and after a while, I nod like Orrin was convinced.

"There's a strange dark cloud standing in! To this Empire of Entesia, hey! Our powers are slightly inhibited! This must be the power of the moon!

"The power of Shall? What do you mean?"

"I don't know! So it's a request from Lord Shamrock! Investigate the cause, let's do it! That's what I call it!

Apparently, this was the real deal. God's power is inhibited, which means that the corresponding power is being used.

The most likely factor inhibiting that divine power was the power of this month, the power of Charlotte, the goddess of the moon. As a characteristic of this force, there existed the ability to conceal anything around it. Perhaps that was not a small scale, but rather large scale, so we embarked on an investigation.

By the way, dark clouds, is a mere metaphorical expression, and if there is nothing dark clouds standing in the empire, then there is no dark clouds in his sight. It feels like Moya, so that's all. Thus, following Orrin's words, Kate understood why she had brought the case to herself.

"Surely, with the power of the moon, it is also possible to inhibit the sensation of God, or... I see. I understand."

"It's not like you're doing something. Then it doesn't look like it!

"You bet. I even hide the artifact from you. I didn't do such a big thing. God second in rank in the bend. I'm sorry I laughed so hard at your wife."

Kite acknowledges Orrin's words. The fact that he has artifacts is probably the only thing he knows, including Tina, that is extremely minor.

"Okay. Let's take the request. It's not human resources for me either."

"Me, too."

The two of you convinced by Orrin's words decide to accept the request without having to think about it. The power used belongs to their loved ones. I couldn't leave you alone more than I heard.

Even so, the Adventure Department intends to process this as a separate personal request. The enemy is likely to be using God's power, and when it does, it's out of the reach of the Adventure Department today.

God's power is natural, but troublesome. Even the upper levels of the Adventure Department bundled up against Shamrock to the extent he was playing, he didn't think he could fight properly. Even if I borrowed a little, it was only natural that I could be a pretty nasty enemy.

The enemy is likely strong, and there may be a need for cover. From a variety of perspectives, kite and yuri alone worked best.

"Whoa! That would help!

"Fine. No, it's for our family."

"That sort of thing. Charles is our family. I'd like to introduce you soon."

Kite and Yuri embrace Orrin's words even as they smile bitterly. I'm not lost in that word. For Kate, she was once a broken up lover in tragedy, and for Yuri, she's the best friend who supported Kate, who was at that self-destructive pole.

And an equal, more irreplaceable companion than anyone else. It was only natural to move for it. That way, those two, in a bit of a laugh, say what they have to do to each other.

"Well, before then... Kite needs to be snagged"

"Haha...... well, no. You're the one who got mad at Charles for stumbling on grapes before he came out on his own, aren't you? Yeah, I can see that. He's surprisingly gooey."

"... that's okay. Such a long time ago... I don't remember. Yeah, he said he didn't remember."

"It was a long time ago for us... but it was a few days ago for Charles, wasn't it?

"Ugh! I did! This, luxury strawberries, will always be ready!

To Kate's point, Yuri panicked and hesitated. It was a long time ago for both of us, but not a day after that, for Shall, it was a few days ago. In other words, there could have been twelve possibilities of anger. And, against Yuri like that, Orrin tells her with a laugh.

"Strawberries or melons would be better!?

"Strawberries than melons! More grapes than strawberries! Wine over grapes! Oh, I need some red wine too!

"Ah... I remember with red wine. You're mad at me for switching red wine and tomato juice, aren't you? That bottle, I ended up taking the chal, I checked the recovered chal's luggage and it was drinkin 'up properly, and I smelled a little aromatic tomato on my clothes... that, I didn't tell you, was a broken mood bee"


To Kate's further point, Yuri screams adorably. All this is bad for her for playing tricks on me. If you don't, you won't get mad. I'm pissed off because I taunted you. It is a matter of reason.

"In the first place! I think it would be bad to leave alone without saying anything then!?

"Either way, you're naughty. I'm sorry."

"Cucumber... let's apologize with lots of fruit..."

With a groan, Yuri begins to figure out how to apologize to her best friend, who still can't even see her return. Naturally, but that's not the end of her prank. There are still a few things I don't know about Kate. In contrast, Kite was comfortable knowing that he would just get one shot slapped.

Thus, Kate and Yuri decided to enjoy a dinner party hosted by the Emperor while cheering up about their beloved friend, who was still invisible.