Little bit of a strong demon crusade, then roughly two hours later. Kate was on Alan without anyone ever knowing that.

"It became a good prep movement. To that extent, I don't have a stomach, that's just fine. I'm glad to hear it later."

"So it's every kite that panics when you say you're late, right? Well, we want to fight once in a while, too. I don't think I'm gonna get fat because I'm dead, but I want to exercise."

"Then why don't we take care of Balan's old man? I think we can move a lot, huh?

"haha...... no"

To Kate's words, Lux, who manifests himself in the Imperial Capital, rejects him with a smile on his face. It's obvious, but it's a booze-loving Ballantine. Aye remained intoxicated the same, was. It was a common perception within my peers that taking care of it was some sort of punitive game.

Well, even so, where someone stopped him, Orrin made him drink it. So I can also say I was drunk. So we both drank like we were getting sober now.

"I don't think my sword arms rust with this body, but you still want to fight for a bit"

"Then come and vandalize me in the arena as well. You can afford to be wiped out."

"I guess that's good, too."

Lux snorts with laughter at Kate's suggestion. Fortunately now he has changed the color of his eyes and hair, and his hair has changed from an all-back to an all time lowered hair. If you wear a little mask on this, no one will be able to beat you.

"Then tell His Majesty once and for all. Big joy."

"Don't you cry? You won't be able to move from here."

"That's possible."

I agree with Lux's words, and Kite laughs. And take it, Lux disappears. Apparently, you're really going to leave.

Fortunately, their identity cards are made and given to them by the Duke McDawell family. Because it would be easier to keep one disguised than for the Duke family to intervene at once.

"Now... pray that the fool will never break the arena... it's time to start."

Ringing his neck, Kate waits a little until the start of the game. And in the meantime. A reading came in from Kuzha, who looked rather bewildered.

'Um... brother. Mr. Lux and Mr. Will are offering to... go out to the arena alone...'

"Oh, Will's leaving, too? Isn't that good?

"Ha, ha..."

I wonder if it's good, while Kuzha worries about what to do. Both of them will leave, and the worst emperor, Leonhardt, will leave. And they were right about that fear.

By the way, the reason Will started saying he wanted to leave, was simple, because Ballantine's sermon made him frustrated. I guess he's going to exercise and stress properly in the arena.

'... no, brother. Please stop. His Majesty wants to leave, he starts saying...'

"Isn't that good? It's those two, right? You said you knew you couldn't win."

'It won't be a good idea to lose......'

Kuzha drops her shoulder in disappointment at what Kate just says as if she's not interested. It's the face of the Empire in a bend. I have trouble getting you to lose. Well, the other one's the face of the Empire, too.

"'Cause it's okay. Do you really think those three could do that in the first place?


After Kate points it out, Kuzha notices much more. Shall we do it, not can we do it? There was a problem with the part where I couldn't.

Of course, Lux and Will are more likely to see the Emperor Leonhardt fly from modern times. They can all be said to be rank s s classes if represented as ranks of adventurers. All in all, they were comparable to military weapons, even though they were individuals.

And naturally, the Imperial Arena is not designed to allow such faces to fight with all their might. That's just a place for people to enjoy the fight.

It's a spectacle. At best, the face of Rank B is only enough to fight at all costs. More than that, it's not cost-effective.

"At best, fight moderately and time up, I guess. If it's not even your game, there's an out of time draw game. Besides, it's like those two are guarding the situation. You don't need an escort."

'I see. Sure, that's right. Now let us also advance His Majesty the mask and the disguise'

"Do that. Then it will be about half an hour, but arrange for a separation. And be careful not to make it in time."

Naturally, the Emperor Leonhardt enters as he is, and it can only be a nightmare for everyone. In other words, I can only laugh bitterly considering the headaches of the bureaucrats who can still make me run at the end of the day. Other personnel for the kites, though.

Thus, after confirming with signs that Kuzha has entered the arrangement, and Kate decides to wait for the match to begin again on Alan, the monitor mounted in front of the gate starts in about an hour.

Naturally, it is the emperor Leonhardt who shows up there. The red cheeks somewhere would be the effect of the battle. There was a satisfying look on his face.

"... so, gentlemen, don't give up when it comes to turning back, and do your best."

Emperor Leonhardt's words are over, the monitor footage switches, and the screen displays a countdown. In that way, the battle for Kite would begin again.

It can be said that Kate's running race was the first time this year, or she returned to the situation at the beginning of the Dragon Knight race. That was right at the start of the game.



He was Kite and Sierra, who continued to believe in his power yesterday but thus started all at once without stopping, but then, he leans his neck. There was no attack from above today.


"Anyway, it's all gone!

Kate continued yesterday, intending to cut through from the beginning with a full run of disease. but unlike yesterday, the vast majority came on board.

Of course, but I'm not doing this without meaning. It was simply yesterday's mistake that stopped the simultaneous shooting of < > as if we had shown each other.

Yesterday's kite wasn't accidentally notified, so he was going to do everything he could from the start, but either way, with Kite's skill, it's easy to break through the < > rain intact.

Until now, no one has been able to deal with < > while running at full speed, so everyone has aligned themselves, but this doesn't make sense. As things stand, if we stop ourselves and interfere with other players, Kite's solitary confinement will be confirmed.

"Well then... would you like me to accompany you to some bellyless exercise!

Mixed with the other athletes who do the best they can with themselves, Kate smiles and creates a double sword. I had a good lunch, and even crusaded the proper demons as a prep movement came. My body was just warming up for the hard work. That's how Kate started the second day of the Dragon Knight race while running Alan.

"Shit! You're in a super mess today! Mizuki, watch out! We're going into a second runner in a mix-up more than yesterday!

Leaving the Imperial Capital, about an hour later. Kate had arrived a little later at Fort Carm, where the second runner was waiting. but because everyone was conserving the health and magic of the earth dragon, unlike yesterday, it was going to rush through with all its strength, and the state of confusion continued.

The one who fell off would be the player position that misread the speed adjustment and the stamina didn't last because of a dark hose named Kite in yesterday's battle.

'I get it. You look rough today.'

"It would...... be!

Waving the Great Sickle, Kite deals with an attack that can be launched from all around herself. I have trouble getting people to think I'm going to lose to this extent.

"Hehe, Mr. Kite is still the strongest!

"Can't we do it together? < >... Interesting!

Sierra and Maki attack at the same time, and they laugh when they see a situation that they still couldn't finish. Kate was eating into the lead group with yesterday's stamina warmth playing its part. That's the same for Sierra and Maki, and as a result, these players who didn't have to fight Kate yesterday were in the lead group.

but yes, so everyone can't get out - or kite's range is too long to get out - and it's in a state of confusion.

"Chi! I'm glad you two beautiful ladies invited me! Long time no see, double sickle!



Against the two coming at him, Kate creates two sickles to deal with. Now is the time for Yuri to have one crack in the artifact, but it was originally one of those artifacts that directly connected Kate's heart. Kite was originally the owner.

In other words, Charles, the original owner of the artifact, is a goddess who uses both at the same time, and Kite, who calls herself the god angel, was able to use both at the same time.

"< >"

The kite, which joins the two sickles together in a patterned part, is further spun overhead to produce a giant tornado that covers itself perfectly. But just creating a tornado doesn't end Kite's attack.

"< >"

From the inside of the tornado, Kite flies countless slaughters to restrain the perimeter. Numerous acts of violence to Kate, that's what I've been subjected to in everyday tea meals. I have trouble getting people to think that I can handle it in the surroundings. That's why, it was an attack.

But still, Kite's attack is not over. Until now, it's a combination of shalls. Then, beyond that. Kite's bill existed.

"It's over... < >"

As Kate separates the two Great Sickles, a tornado descends all at once. The tornado then narrows its upward range and, with it, becomes a giant tornado wall around the kite. And at the end of the day, a tornado could play, creating an austere breeze.



The other players who were trying not to be flown by the wind couldn't stand this auspicious breeze of kite on the boulder. So although they managed not to fall, the dragons were also unable to move satisfactorily on the boulder and were only to slow down for a moment.

"Right here! Alan! We're getting out of here at once!

"Brilliant! Mizuki! Kite's coming first! Get ready to go. Hurry up!


Seeing Kite get out of the group and take first place, Likuru sends instructions to Mizuki to hurry up with the drinks. I didn't use this while Kite was surrounded many times on his first day or before because this was enough trump cards.

Naturally, any excellent trump card will become less effective and countermeasures will be put in place when it is shown a second time. It's a trump card just in case, but apparently it helped.

As such, Kite, who stepped out of the perimeter by slowing it down, intends to use up all of Alan's stamina left at once and instructs full speed.

Unfortunately, Sierra and Maki's local dragons are supposed to perform better. I couldn't spare any more than I could already see the fort.

Such a kite finally crawled through the goal gate south of Fort Entesia, dealing with countless attacks that could be launched from behind, all at once on the way to remaining.

"Good! Mizuki, go!

"Chi, you're late!

"Chairman! I'm sorry, I'm begging you!

"The Great Madness Following the First Day! No way, no way. The Japanese kite is the top passer! The second place is the Wolf Army School First Team! Third place is almost simultaneously the Orders First Team! This is getting to be a fun game! This year is the rare mayhem we've seen in recent years!

The time Kite earned was about five seconds. Either way, the other two love dragons are truly love dragons, the ground dragons who have been practicing for them for a long time. It was much more sophisticated than Alan, and even if it ran at full speed, the difference narrowed slightly.

"Then you're coming! Just a few seconds! Just a few seconds! Enough time to run to the sky first!

From the gate that opened at the same time as Kate's goal, Mizuki on Leia jumps out in momentum. The time Kite has earned me is small, but for Mizuki, who is inferior in strength, it is that little time that shapes victory and defeat. There was no hand to not take advantage of. And right after she left. The other two gates opened.

"Shit! He'll do it! What is a Rank A adventurer so troublesome! < >... Don't be alarmed!

"Though you've done me a favor, five seconds to the brave kite opponent, or... well, Sierra did a good job, where you say. Five seconds...... don't manage, Tetra. Okay, let's go!

Students at the Wolf Military School, who received a baton from Maki, and Killier, who received a baton from Sierra, leave at about the same time. Shortly thereafter, leading players from each other's schools, who had a top fight with the kites, had begun.

The opposite Mizuki is still where they started to run and start to increase their speed. It was a distance that I could catch up with twelve minutes, but still, it was a distance that I couldn't stay alert to for them either. Thus, the race on the second day and the facade began to go smoothly without anything.