Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 553: The Organizers - Coming Down -

When the faces of the second runner were attacked by a group of 'Stone Gigantes', of course, Kite caught a glimpse of it over the monitor. It's a nationwide live feed, so it's natural.

but at the time of the raid on the boulder, I didn't intend to intervene, and it was strong to see how the army was doing. This has happened several times before, and the army is there for it. We didn't even have to intervene like fools.

"Ho...... pretty funny"

"Fleet of airships, they didn't exist 300 years ago."

I feel like we're only using the airship as a fortress to fly after all.

Seeing an attack on a airship with a mouthful of glimpses from the monitor makes that argument. Will and the others have never seen a fight on a airship. Only three airships were once capable of combat owned by the kites. Nor was it all high firepower, and there was no such battle for the airship's main battle.

I mean, it's a very strange story, but the guys on board were overwhelmingly stronger compared to today's airships. It was faster for us to fight on our own than to use the airship.

"Even so... you're holding hands a little"

'I don't have a choice. It's like attacking an enemy in the woods with a fighter. It's supposed to be the role of attackers and bombers destroying the woods...'

Anyway, there are no bombers on the Enefia airship.

I agree with Tina that Kate laughed bitterly, too. Aircraft that seem to be treated similarly to Earth fighters, etc., but naturally, there are differences. The biggest of these was the place where the bomber type didn't exist.

This is a very real problem in Enefia, where we cannot destroy the forest to the Darkless Arrow Cod. We have to choose the means to defeat our enemies so as not to destroy nature as much as possible because of the combination of species living in the woods where we live in our own armies. Of course, but there's no way I can destroy my people's living quarters.

You fight to protect it, but you destroy it without an ex-child. Besides, worst of all, I buy the chi of the Great Spirit. Bad hands have passed. Even Tina still hasn't developed a system of bomber-type airships.

"So. What are you gonna do?

"... don't follow me where it hurts, Lord McDawell"

Kite is a bystander, but at the same time the Duke of McDawell, who hosts this tournament. So I asked Abel, who was in charge of security, but Abel's face on the call was a little bitter. Well, I have to do this myself. It would be slightly disgusting.

'Well... there are not many ways you can take it when you say what to do... Your Majesty. Can I borrow some wisdom?


Nothing. Abel alone doesn't have to decide everything. And failing in a hurry is the worst result. If so, it was extremely natural to ask the wise.

"What are the top members of the military thinking?

'... in the meantime, accept Killier's proposal,' he said. You want to bring my sister to the Savior. "

'Oh man... what's her power?

'I don't know what my brother himself says, but I thought it wasn't bad. I don't have any heroic aspirations either. We can survive properly. Ailong's Tetra isn't bad either'

Abel objectively identifies the facts and answers Will's query. This is as a soldier, with no eyes for a brother. I didn't even mean to bring in that kind of personal affection. That's how you take it, and Will runs the wisdom, just a little bit.

'... ok. Then proceed with the operation. Then recruit applicants too. It's not something we can handle alone. Also, weave a few taunts so you can attract enemies. It is possible that you will follow me as is, but it is more effective to provoke'

Copy that, sir.

Will sends further instructions in anticipation of the strength of the athletes he saw earlier and how they will emerge after this. And with that, Abel sends instructions via Killier's headset. So, for a while. The battle of the Dragon Knights by Killiers was to be shown on the monitor.


"Quite well received...... Kuzha. How's that?

'That's a pretty good take. Kirier is also known in Maxwell, and I'm glad to see that beautiful girls come into play.'

'Ilis smiled and went on a little longer,' he said. Good selling of drinks and stuff '

"The money keeper."

Kate laughs bitterly at reports sent by Aura following Kuzha. The audience were bewildered by the happenings at first, but this is also some kind of show. Then, naturally, the money moves. Even those who were not interested in mere racing, few were interested in this sudden battle of race and nothing.

"The Blanchetts aren't a bad reaction, either, I guess. Kirier is the girl in the house."

"Grandpa's not interested."

"Will Grandpa leave me alone? Well, Astraire is the only one after that... well, three is popular and one doesn't concern me, so why don't you say something?"

In response to reports from Aura and Yuri, Kate considers the movements of the other Dukes. Well, I didn't even have to think about it. So, for now, Kate decided to watch the battle shown on the screen, but it looked a little less fragrant.

"Well... but the summons hasn't played its part"

'I'm sorry. Even though the intellect of the Stone Gigantes is low after many minutes, the vigilance is not bad. Apparently, he was wary of getting hit by a few of them first. "

'I see. You were probably more alert in yesterday's fight in the race... abandoned, hands too'

'If you do, your surroundings will be in danger this time, won't they? I think you should take it down.'

Will and Lux express their opinions on Abel's words. Sure, leave it like Will says and start over, or maybe it's a hand, but then the hunters who went into this forest will be in danger this time. When that happened, it was still where I wanted to crusade.

"What's the status of the army?

"We are now preparing a large unit of demon guidance armor for launch... but due to another circumstance, we need some time now to deploy"

"I mean, Thousand Hands Again, and... well... what do we do?

Kite, who received Abel's answer, asks together. From what I can see, it would be a thousand hands as it stands. Then we need a hand in moving things around. And when it came to being one of them, we were there. We're all just free, and this is a festival they host.

By the way, Abel's other story is about Raul and the others. The Imperial Capital's army paid for the exchange and the storage of the Magic Armor in the convoy in preparation.

Because the number of enemies is so many, this is where I want to number them, but it's been a while. As such, they send a response to Kite's inquiry.

"Well, let's go."

"Can I dump my drunk in the woods?

"Isn't that good? The old men won't be left alone or eaten, and the poison won't work. I'm just snoring and scratching where the demon attacked me without even realizing it. If you're lucky, they're there after you wake up. They sweep the demons and help keep you safe. If you look around and collect it, it's the best."

'Good. Now, give me the sun. Let's transport it. I don't need two coarse rubbish in my castle. No, I don't need one. I'll throw them both away.'

"Isn't illegal dumping a crime?

'I don't mind. The Empire is my garden. No matter what I dump in my yard. "

My buddies' voices echo in the reading. Apparently, he's getting on. Well, about one person - Ballantine - looks like he's scratching his snoring and sleeping. That said, I'm just saying this.

"Even so... I can't believe you're tarnishing our festival..."

"And because of that, the young guys are dreaming... dirty, you have a good gut"

Two people, Kate and Lux, smile a little harsh. This is a festival they made. They're the hosts. And it's a festival for all. No innocent demons were needed there. And at the same time, it must be enjoyed by those who live now. If so, yes.

"Let's go... this is our job. Leave it to the adventurers and the military."

Kite hangs the order. Yes. This is what they have to do. That's why I won't let any guild ask for it, not just the Adventure Department, while I'm telling you something. They have more duty to protect than they have created a festival.

"Well... Hitachi, go. Then dump the two old men in place."


Shta, with the signs that the sun is disappearing somewhere. We headed to the Imperial Castle. So Will and I are getting drunk and scratching the snoring Ballantine and then we're going to collect Orrin and dump him in the woods, I guess.

"Hey, so... Kuzha. Connect me."

"Yes, sir."

If we are to hold hands in the army, we decide that we are, and Kate orders Kuzha to contact the Emperor Leonhardt. Thus, the Emperor Leonhardt is shown only on the monitor in front of Kite.

"... Lord McDawell. Hey, what's up?

"I thought I'd do my organizer duty,"

"Well... let's get the most out of our military cameras"

Apparently, even as Emperor Leonhardt, I was not grateful for the situation in which he was holding his hand. Immediately release permission to Kite's offer.

It would be good if he knew what was going on, but if he did not, the criticism of what the army was doing would be inevitable if the thousand hands went on like this. There will be no need to think it's time to do something about it.

"The sun direction is on its way because they're finally throwing away the royal castle's coarse waste. Don't be surprised."

"Ah, oh."

Even though they were emperors Leonhardt, they didn't know how to react by being heroes and handling rough waste. I had to nod with a face drawn to Kate's words.

"Come on... it's our turn."

"... Lord McDawell. Let's go myself just in case. Worst of all, there's a special unit that I'm leading, and it's easier to cover up."

"Okay. Where?"

"Kuzha and the others told me that I know the rest. Let's take him with us. '

"I asked."

Apparently, Tina knew where Abel was, so Kate decided to leave it to you. As such, Kate snuck out of the race venue and went back to her original form to cover up, put on a mask, and embarked on a waiting day over the sky.

A short distance from Fort Entesia, where Kate is, the Imperial Castle. Here one giant pale dragon was dancing in the sky.

"Oh! Here comes the Patron of the McDawell family!

"Wow! Wow!

The sun is the pet of the brave that everyone knows. That is why its presence is known throughout the Empire, but still her only place of birth is in the territory of the Duke of McDawell. This means that the inhabitants of the Imperial Capital look up to the sky with great excitement at the rare beauty of the sun.

"Good," he said. That's why you don't want to take care of these two. "

"Are you here? Sunshine! Throw these two coarse wastes in the woods for me!

Will sends instructions toward the sun aloud as he sleeps with Ballantine and Orrin, who are drunk and scratch a loud snore, on a balcony in one of the Imperial Castle rooms with Lux.

Then, at the behest of them, the sunshine rejoiced with a relaxed voice, and grabbed the two drunkards. By the way, I wasn't going to wake up to that extent about how drunk I was.


"Good. I'm gonna borrow your back."

"Sorry to bother you."


Will and Lux catch on to the back of a sunset that grabbed Orrin and Ballantine and tried to jump up.

"Bye, Lucia! I'll be there in a minute!

"Yes, come on in!

"Follow Me"

Leaving Lucia in a room in the Imperial Castle, the two and one rise to the sky. As such, Tina and Abel appeared above the sun at the same time as the sun was reaching an altitude where there were no problems even at full speed.

"This place..."

"In the sun. Good, sunshine. After taking too long, it can be a military failure."

"Never mind."

To Tina's words, Abel bows her head. This time we've got the help of the kites out of their reach. It was natural to bow my head. At Tina's behest, the sun turns toward Kate.


"If you're a woman, Mum, you're right."


With his swallowing voice, he disappears from the top of the Imperial Castle, leaving behind the explosion that the sun is going on and on. We started moving fast. and two drunkards woke up grabbed in the hands of the sunshine because they received such an auspicious breeze.

"Wow! What the hell!

"Stop... it hits my head... uhh..."

"Ha! I'm drunk to this extent. Ah, you're still weak!

It seems that Orrin, who remains grabbed by the sun, was more important that Ballantine was sick than what was going on. Make a big laugh. Well, I haven't heard that big laugh blocked by the wind up there.

So, about three minutes. Kite or his dragon riders, Alan, spend nearly an hour trying to break through the journey, and that's all the time the sun takes to break through. And as we arrived over Fort Entesia, Kite appeared above the sun direction.

"Hey, hey."

"Whoa! That's Kite! Thanks for the hard work!

"Ooh! If I had been a little late for congratulations, I could have dumped them illegally in the woods!

By stopping, I could hear Orrin's voice, and at the same time, Kate's voice had reached Orrin below. So when Kate tells him to tear it up, Orrin laughs out loud at it.

"Ha! As always, hiccup!

"So shut up... ahhh... my head is so annoying..."

Apparently Ballantine is in the middle of a hangover. He had a bright blue face. Ignore him like that, and the sunshine asks Kite.

"Oji-san. Can we go now?

"Whoa! Hitachi, go!


At the behest of Kite, the sun direction begins to move again. Now it's not that far away, and since there's a kite, the strained sun speed increases at once, reaching the Mizuki and the others in just about 30 seconds.

"Okay, so, suppose we all do it? Old man, this is gonna be a brawl!

"Ooh, sunshine... I had a drunken wake-up shot..."


I saw what was happening on the road or downstairs, and apparently Ballantine figured out what was going on as well. I wave to see how powerless Kate is in her words and tell her even more about the sun.

As such, the requested day slammed Ballantine to the ground as the kites fell.

"Ooh... it worked..."

"How about then, drink!

"Ohh...... Kukah! I thought you were a hangover!

It was Ballantine, who clashed to the ground with the roar, but to that extent, it was not him who could inflict one scratch. Whereas the ground cracked, the shock shook my head somewhat.

So I take the liquor bottle offered to me by Orrin, who landed beside me, and I sip it down for a breath, with a fierce grin. He was the one who was most pleased with this festival. There couldn't have been any reluctance on the innocent ones who interrupted it.

"Sa... the kids are having fun... hey, let's do it..."

Ballantine, once again containing liquor in his mouth, lets the flame blow out of his whole body at once, as if he had fueled it, to become a burning pillar of flame. Thus, for the first time in 300 years, the battle between the kites began.