From the end of the Dragon Knight race, a few days. Kate, who was still in Maxwell because she had to help transfer Raul and the others from the Imperial Capital of the Great Magic Armor, had been consulted by Cherry Blossom.

"I see..."

"Annoying, was it?

"Yes, it's useful… Now, to sum up the main points… I feel like I can't fight with a sword alone, rather than I can't, so..."


Hearing Kite's summary, the cherry blossoms nod troubledly. That said, as a matter of fact, for Kite, it wasn't that serious. Because I thought it would be time for someone to consult on this system. So Kite opened her mouth.

"Well, then, naturally. This world is not like Earth, and battle includes witchcraft. Then, instead of trifles, countless compatibilities are created. In one place, there's a situation where you'll never win."

"Yes... what is it?


Kate admits laughing at the cherry blossom inquiry. Rather, the situation in which the cherry blossoms were falling was also close to this.

It happened a while ago. When there was still an exchange study trial going on. As a student chairman on the boulder, I was unable to lose skill in responding to international students, so Cherry Blossom went out of the city with several students at the same time. It was there.


A cherry blossom waves a sword against a certain demon. As for the rank of the enemy, it is about the top of C. An enemy who is expected to win one of the cherry blossoms today, was.

That said, that's the cherry blossoms in the upper levels, so you can just win alone. We're fighting as a group now, and some of the students at the party are rank D. You can't be alarmed, and you can't fight around them in the first place. That's why cherry blossoms were the cornerstone and we decided to fight.

Therefore, everyone unexpectedly notices the phenomenon caused by the sword wielded by the cherry blossom that serves as the base against the demon that was stopped by traction.


Attacks that were seen to be stopped by traction and hit with certainty. It does strike directly at the enemy, smashing down a stunning barrier and hitting the demon directly. But it was deactivated by demonic hair, as if it were slippery.

What the cherry blossoms were now relative to was a round demon of hairy twitches covered in long body hair all over their bodies. It unleashed a slash on it, but its curved surface and greasy objects applied to the hair rendered the slash ineffective.


Cherry blossom cliché sounds. Whatever it is, it cannot be. I couldn't help but think so. Anyway, my body is covered in hair. Suspicious to think about physically. But they're demons. That's the kind of person who could normally think and be suspicious.

"Chairman! Yourself!


A shielded student changes the front row when he sees that the cherry attack has been rendered powerless. Besides, cherry blossoms use wind lineage witchcraft to restrain them and back off. Beyond not knowing how to get out against the enemy, it was also important to look at things once in order to think about the next hand.

"Ice, I'm going! < >!"

If a physical attack doesn't work, it's magic. So I shot the bullet I created with ice, but what the furry demon did to this was a strange and sensible attack to fly the hardened hair as a bullet as well. That's how the two collide, but what a winner, the demon hair.

"What the hell, you hair! unscrupulous hard!?

"Yes!? They're coming straight to the shield!

Apparently, the demons who understood that the cherry blossoms were taking time to see how things were going, reverse the hairs and eject countless hairs at once.

Until earlier, the hair seemed soft, sounding countless collision sounds like a storm, as if it had a steel-like strength together. Apparently, quite a shock is coming, and the shielded student distorts his face.


"I'll see if I can burn it! Just hold on a little longer!

"I'll resonate with magic!

Seeing the bitter expression of the shielded students, the wanded students rush to prepare < >.

The magicians learned < > and < > during the MasterCherry Blossom School trump card mastery, which resulted in more options in normal combat.

"< >!"

"< >!"

"< < Burning Tornado (Boyle Storm) > >!"

What the two mages produced was a tornado of swirling flames. By always sending the wind to the flames, it was boosting the firepower more than normal.

"Huh!? Aren't you covered in oil?

"What, that!? What kind of non-combustible oil is there?

It was them who thought it would be easy to burn when they saw oily, giddy body hair, but apparently not. Apparently, it was non-flammable. When I folded the upside-down hair, it shrunk slightly without burning at all and popped out flat due to the jumping procedure.

Incidentally, there is no such thing as a non-combustible oil, but it is only hard to burn and it does not burn completely. And it's super hot by magic. It would be subtle if asked if there is oil that doesn't burn with this, but it is also subtle if this is oil just because it looks like oil in the first place.

"Let's get out of here!

We can't do it ourselves right now. Cherry blossoms decide to get away with it instantly. Sakura was the Adventure Department's best judge of this escape. It's not that cherry blossoms are timid, it's that they smell danger and are good at identifying retreats.

It was the most necessary thing for the adventurer and, at the same time, the least available. It took a long time to get it.

The very rare experience of cherry blossoms being kidnapped as a child and even targeted for life many times had given her a keen sensor to identify life dangers.

The cherry blossoms that are getting their sensors at this age were actually the most leader oriented in the adventure department. Therefore, she is the deputy director of the Adventure Department.

If you don't have enough fighting power to be a monster like Kate, and you don't have the extraordinary intelligence to be like Tina, and you're not going to let anyone die in a situation where you only have ordinary talent, you have to be cowardly about danger. And the decision that comes from such an experience was the right one.

"Good judgment, it is"

'Yeah, brilliant. Brilliant judgment, let's praise'

The voices of two women echo. Naturally, there was no kite here right now, and it wasn't a situation where kite could rush at any time. So naturally, Kate was escorting him.

"I'll take your place. I'm more compatible with this person."

'Please. Yeah, please.'

A beautiful woman in silver passes by in a glimpse of wind, directly beside the same who decided to withdraw and formed a retreat formation. And at the same time, everyone's body is pulled away, away at once. And when they were brought down, there was also a fox with nine tails of silver.

"This is how we fight this demon."

Fluffy, lulu rises above as he fleshes to the furry demons. And then, slightly up, it plummeted all at once.

"< >"

Zudon. With a sudden descent to the ground, Lu steps on the furrowing demon with the momentum as it is, creating a crack on the ground.

However, the furry demon was only as big as a rubber claw, and there was no sign of crushing. Well, if I really wanted to, I could crusade with a single blow, but at first I was showing them how to fight.


Lulu, who concaved the furry demon, jumps up loud as when he lands behind the demon in a rear retrograde turn, pursuing a heavily bounced demon with a concave recoil.

"Moonflower, goal, please?

'Yeah, I've been entrusted. I've been entrusted.'

At the behest of Lu, Moonflower creates an elongated thread of magic from the tail of nine. So it was exactly the football goal net that created it. That's how I take it, and when Lu twirls, it spins in the air.

"SHOOT!... I'm a widow, but a little bit, I must be"

Lu, who kicked the furry demon into the ball with the momentum of rotation, began to flutter and land on the ground as it was, finishing the hem of his slit skirt.

By the way, he was a boy student who had opened quite a few large strands, so I was a little expecting to see underwear, but I could never see it. I'm not wearing it, so it's natural that I can't see it. Well, it's for them who don't wear underwear to the habit of moving around even if they wear it, so I can't see it.

'Goal, brilliant. Yeah, it was brilliant.'

On the other hand, Dodan, the demon of the hairy snail that was kicked away with the sound, but it was recessed again and momentum was going straight to the goal net, but the moment it hit directly to the goal net, it didn't rock the net, and all those hairy snail demons that couldn't be slashed were cut off as if they were dice steaks.

That's how the demon crusade ended, so Moonflower disappears the thread of magic that was making the net. And Moonflower, who triumphed unconsciously with overwhelming power, began his narrative.

"That demon is surprisingly elastic and resistant to blows, as well as resistant to slaughter, thanks to the fact that his body hair is covered with weird liquids. With semi-attack power, everything is deactivated. Besides, it also has strong resistance to magic. A surprisingly nasty demon, what is it? Yeah, it's surprisingly troublesome. '

Even if Moonflower didn't tell me, everyone understood. With their aggression, they were in a slightly worse situation.

'Well, the advantage is that it's not that dangerous demon because it doesn't have offensive power, and it doesn't travel that fast, so it's easy to escape, as long as you're careful with hair firing. Yeah, that's easy.'

"So you chose to escape because it was a good decision,"

Lulu, who has finished fixing the hem of his slit skirt, walks to further complement it. Due to party composition, compatibility issues, etc., there are enemies that cannot be fought no matter how they scratch. Discerning it was also an important talent as an adventurer.

'Run away from enemies who have no winning eyes. You can be very cowardly and cursed. That's the most important thing. Get a lot of information and gain a lot of experience. So for the first time, you can survive. Yes, you can survive.'

Moonflower is one of the top armies in a country when it comes to origin. Therefore, I knew above all the importance of the retreat. The better we retreat, the better we will be able to attack with no damage left in the next attack.

The decision to withdraw was defensive, but also because of the next attack. And because Moonflower told me that, cherry blossoms ask questions.

"Um... if you say so, how do I best withdraw?

'Right... first of all, think about stopping the movement and retreat from the facade of close range while the shield holder stops. It's a big deal because it opens the way out. Yeah, it's big. And when we can secure an exit route, then the person with the shield retreats first. The path made by the nearby is secure,. At that time, a ranged attacker attacked the enemy and took control. I thought it would be best to repeat this and retreat loosely. Yeah, the best, I think.'

Moonflower tells cherry blossoms what she thinks. This is either slowly pushing down the front, or it can be seen. No, well, that's exactly what I would do.

When everyone starts retreating unconstitutionally, that's no substitute for crushing, not retreating. In order not to do so, the withdrawal also had to be orderly. This was more difficult than anything in a state of mental pressure of defeat, and more important than anything to survive. Thus, one student questioned Moonflower, who gave such a commentary.

"Um... So, what if we're in a situation where we can't retreat?

"Who... well, we'll have to do something about it"

Moonflower tries to say something, but stop, Xuri, and laugh and say it again. Do something. Unlike before, it's hard to say anything without specificity. There is also a lot of gut theory. But she dared, she chose it.

"It's easy to understand"

'Don't tell me. Yeah, Don't Tell Me'

Moonflower turns that way against the tearing words of Lu back to the wolf. They could easily understand what had happened. It is difficult to say, and they are with the man who did it. I guess the two of you remembered the man.

But the only people I understood were the ones I've known for a long time. So all of a sudden everyone tilts their necks at the gut theory.

'Well, do your best to die, that is. Yeah, do your best. Live in death. If you're willing to die, it's mostly something you can handle. Yeah, I can handle it... Wouldn't you?'

"I can handle it, but if I try to manage it, I can handle it unexpectedly."

Laughing with Couscous, the two give appropriate advice. Survive the vast majority at the expense of someone. No such realistic advice, anyone can do it. That is what a child can judge if he or she learns a little bit about the military.

But it was the man they fuku who busted out such a realistic answer. Therefore, they used this abstract and normally impossible advice as the optimal solution. So, after training, we went back to school.