I remembered what happened a few days ago. Kite and Cherry Blossom were the two of them, but what Kite told me was something else.

"In the first place, there's a strong reason why I'm using countless weapons because I can't win. Blah, when you become a Rank S demon, you die of bees"

Kate laughs at the crap and tells him it can't be him. But that's natural. Moonflower died after losing to a monster like no other. Even moonflowers of such ridiculous strength are. And it's also true that once Lux was dying against a demon. It was a word without lies.

"In the first place, it's the Rank S demons who can leave the Rank S adventurers. Blue ceilings over adventurers, but blue ceilings over demons. Every year a new species of demons of Rank S is discovered, and the people in the Union's clerical style are hurting their heads. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah Because I fought it, I thought it was cowardly, and there were enemies who wanted to scratch it, such as slaughter completely disabled, or any sorcery disabled, or Rasdan in some game. I guess he's conceptually deactivated already."

Kate smiles bitterly and tells the cherry blossoms about the demons she meets. I can't find out how demons are disabling these because they're dangerous, but I guess in principle they are.

Anything can be conceptually represented in the end. If you can acquire the power to disable it, you can disable it. Well, you can't be such a cheat disputer to people, so I guess it's some kind of uniqueness of the demon.

"Well, with that in mind, it's only natural to think about it from the beginning of the retreat. In this regard, cherry blossoms are best consulted. Well, if he's the only one who can deal with it, I can think of countless..."

As Kate asked where, looking at the cherry blossoms, the cherry blossoms smiled bitterly and returned the answer. By the way, it's a myriad of ways I said I'd think about it, but it's a way I could do it because it's him, not to the extent that I could do it with the power of the cherry blossoms.

"Well, no, what is it, then?"

"That sort of thing"

Kite also admits to inquiring about cherry blossoms. Naturally, but it's only because we know that that Cherry Blossom also brought a consultation with Kate.

If that whole furry demon thing is good, you don't have to bother waiting until now for Kite's time to free up, but you can also go to the Union and sell me demon information. If you can even pay for information with the Union, you won't hesitate to sell the demon information.

But that's the only thing I can deal with. There will be others. We cannot deal with countless others of an unusual nature. The only guy who can apply it is a similar demon. Then fundamental improvements had to be made. So once again, Kate said what the consultation was about.

"Is there any way we can stop our enemies?"


"Well, it's not. I mean, I've already done it... don't you notice?


In response to Kate's words, I noticed that the cherry blossom was for tilting my neck. I can't move my neck.

"Is that it? I can't move...... is that it?

If you noticed, the rest was early. I felt a strange neck and tried to put my hand on it, and the next thing I knew, that hand didn't move. Furthermore, my legs did not move.

"What the hell... ah!?

Cherry blossoms trying to ask me what the hell I did, but suddenly I feel uncomfortable in my chest and scream adorably. Besides, Kate had a bit of a fun grin and asked.

"I need to realize what I'm doing... like this..."

"Shah!? Huh!? My hand moves on its own......!?

When the cherry hand moves on its own, her laced black bra emerges from the underside of the cherry clothes as if it were out when it did. Earlier cherry blossom screams were the result of noticing that the bra's hock had come off. Thus, such a cherry blossom bra fell on a desk between them, pompous.

"Black. Good... Forget about that..."

"Hey, and, kite!?

The cherry blossoms turn bright red and shy and cover their breasts with their hands. Hand restraints were released.

"Cherry blossoms, notice how dare you. It doesn't mean anything. I didn't take my bra off."

"... Huh?

Once again, the bra returns to the cherry blossom garment and remains firmly attached to the chest again. Naturally, I'm not acting like this for nothing with Kite. It made sense, and I was doing this.

Well, it's a big deal that I put the cherry blossoms back together because it wasn't going to be easy to reason with. It was surprisingly colourful underwear.

"... Since just now, I've only moved a part of it, quite flourishing. Okay, where are we?


In the meantime, the cherry blossoms, shy, observe Kite in its entirety. but I couldn't figure it out. There was nothing wrong with it.

If Kate doesn't have a cane, she doesn't have any unusual gear. Normally I just sit in a chair with my arms and legs in front of my own eyes, was.

"Ha... you want some more breakthroughs?

"Hia! Please don't!

The cherry blossoms scream adorably in the wake of the twisted kite and the strange feeling of running on his back, scratching and holding him. When it came to Kate now, it wasn't something I knew what I would do.

If this is nothing on the bed or anything, then it's nothing good, but this is one of those empty rooms in the guild home where you don't know who's coming. I didn't have a hobby to see. Not even in kite. That said, this looks like a breakthrough. Just a little, seriousness dwells in the cherry blossom eyes.

"Something's wrong..."

Cherry blossoms with a close glimpse of Kite, but Kite just sits and arms together with her fingers. The rest of my legs are hanging around, I guess.

"I'm giving you a pretty big tip. So you're putting it on a time basis, right?


Apparently, it's pretty easy to understand. Kate doesn't hide her shuddering, and strokes her cherry spine with a fun grin. Other places in the cherry blossom felt like they were being tickled.

and a cherry blossom that was bored by such a weird feeling, but, uh, I noticed. One part of the kite was moving according to the cherry blossom.

"Hicha... Amen... ah..."

"... Shit"

After receiving the cherry blossom gaze of how he noticed, Kite pounds his tongue and stops moving. He wanted to hear some more of the adorable whispers.

"I thought you'd notice when you glanced... but you didn't surprise me"

"Ha... ha... gotta!

Kite moves her fingers to go with it, and the hot exhaling cherry blossom body lifts. Besides, the cherry blossoms screamed small. I didn't expect it to suddenly rise. Thus, such cherry blossoms slowly moved through the air and landed on Kite's lap, Poussan.


"Catch...... Thanx your pretty voice, cherry blossoms"

Kate caresses the long-haired, patent black hair of the still slightly moisturizing cherry blossom in her eyes with pleasure. That's how Kite was seen pranking about the cherry blossoms she couldn't resist for a while.

"Phew... and well I played Sage Time..."

"... Um... So, how did you do it?

A while later. When Kate stopped hitting on cherry blossoms, she decided to answer the cherry blossom question.

"Well, here's the thing"

When Kite gets a cherry blossom question, she takes her finger in front of the cherry blossom and makes it pay attention to its tip. I didn't attract him because I wanted to flirt with anything. Because the only way to show this cause was to get closer to the cherry blossoms. That said, from the close cherry blossom eyes, I saw nothing.




As Kite moves her fingers slightly, the cherry blossoms roar again. Now he felt like caressing his chest.

"Look closely, cherry blossoms. With your power, you must see."

"Kite is interrupting..."

"Nothing, from when, right? I'll take a good look when I find out."

It was a cherry blossom with the utmost scratch, but I cut up my complaints about Kate's words and pay attention to her fingertips again. Taking it, Kate moves her fingers into small pieces. Now I didn't feel any discomfort. And, cherry blossoms finally, I realized that.

"Ah... something... glow..."

"Jesus, Off Course"

To the cherry blossom answer, Kite twirls her fingers with a grin. Then, now it grows and begins to take a clear shape. It was a glowing yarn.

"It's a magic thread. This thing is knitted with my magic. The raw materials in my black clothes are one of a kind. Well, my clothes aren't my yarn. This is why I was crawling around the cherry blossom body earlier. And this is what keeps the cherry blossom body from running away from me right now."

"... Huh?

Cherry blossoms try to move into Kate's words, and I realize I can't move. It felt as if the whole body was being ice pickled and restrained from being able to hang around. As Kate said, the thin yarn restrained her body while she was unaware.

Incidentally, a cloth knitted using this demonic yarn is called a demonic cloth (mafu) or a demonic cloth (magic cloth). The ingredients in Kite's black clothes were exactly that.

"I'll take a consultation fee"


"For now, it's an advance... well, for now... this yarn is handy. This way, you can also lock up a little far away."

When Kate kisses the cherry blossom and tells her with a good smile, she manipulates the yarn to lock the empty room and hangs it. It's good because you were actually doing it to look like a cherry blossom now, but if it had stayed invisible, you wouldn't have figured it out.

"As I showed you earlier, you can move your enemies on your own, unhook your bra, or if it's just a physical key, you can also unlock it with this. Don't open it much easier and faster than picking it up poorly with wire or something. If it's a regular padlock, I can open it for five seconds."

"... you did it..."

Cherry blossoms couldn't hide the bitterness in Kate's thoughts as if she had tried it. Well, I don't know why I did it, but I guess I did it because I needed it. So the cherry blossoms weren't even going to make a blind eye. but this was kind of incorrect. I didn't have to be scared.

By the way, I pulled out the cherry blossom bra to say that with this, I can freely manipulate the movement of my enemies. Well, cherry blossoms realize it's still a while away.

"No, padlock unlocking is normal for this training. If you cut it by roughly 10 seconds with a fairly high-performance padlock on the market, it's a good arm, they say. Beginner, I can't open it after taking a minute. Whoever destroys them by mistake is with Gorman."

When Kate takes out one padlock to try with a laugh, she decides to lock it once while lifting it with yarn in front of the cherry blossom and use a small yarn to demonstrate how to unlock it. So, as Kate put it, in five seconds of things, the padlock was easily unlocked.



The cherry blossoms unexpectedly open their eyes from admiration to the easy keying without touching their hands. Now that it had been demonstrated with visible yarn, we knew it would be unlocked, but if this was the finest level of bra removed from the cherry blossom's body at the beginning, the cherry blossom would not have been unlocked if it had not been told in advance.

"And so, cherry blossoms are to master this"

"... Huh?

I don't understand what they said, and the cherry blossoms look up at Kite unexpectedly. The face is usually incredible, he told the story. but of course, it's not a kite asking that, and there's nothing to look for in the first place, I wasn't saying it.

"No, well... it's a pretty delicate move, I know. but you can't master this other than cherry blossoms, now adventure department"

Kate laughs bitterly and tells the cherry blossoms in the upper hand. Cherry blossoms are the average strength when viewed as a warrior at the top of the Adventure Club. I have never jumped out as much as I would like to highlight, but there was no missing talent as I would highlight. He had an extremely versatile talent.

Well, she's trained to specialize in command line skills for that matter, but what she's best at in battle like that was this area of delicacy, the opposite of Mizuki. Her unique battle style of fighting while weaving witchcraft told the story above all else.

It was interesting that the ladies were the opposite, but there would be differences in character and natural talent. Only this delicacy can greatly affect character and natural talent, and cherry blossoms possessed tremendous talent.

"I'll lend you the tools for practice, and I'll look after them when I can take care of them on the side... these are the tools for practice,"

"... Sounds like a pointy harp claw ahead..."

Handed to cherry blossoms, she was right, was like a harp claw used to play the harp. That said, the nail part is made of demon stone, so if you try to play the harp with this, you will probably cut the thread. Besides, unlike harp claws, it is still unlikely that harp claws can be substituted because they are attached to the claw side of the magic stone.

"It's only natural that the tip is pointy, because you're going to learn the art of stretching your magic thin out of here and threading it. It's about to stop at the first joint part... try it, fit it in?

"Oh, yes... I think it's going to fall out."

"I'm not fighting with this. For combat purposes, it's attached to the tip of a handkerchief or glove. Next time I'll introduce you to a store that sells special gloves... good, I'm sure you can wear them. Then let the magic pass."

Take Kite's instructions and make sure the cherry blossom attaches a nail-shaped magic item to your finger. So I also got confirmation from Kite to try and put magic through my index finger.

Then the thread was released from the pointed part of the tip of the demonic stone. but if you try the magic thread, it was not good enough. The thickness was about the chopstick before it was broken, and it was flaky.

"... I don't know... you're radial..."

"Well, that's the mon at first. I mean, if it was soggy, it wouldn't take practice."


To Kate's words, the cherry blossoms nod, and rekindle their temper. If I can do it from the start, I won't struggle with anything. You practice because you can't.

"But... is this stuff really useful in combat?

"Dude... this is surprisingly awkward, huh?

Kite laughs bitterly at Cherry Blossom Points. This is only a supporting role, so the user will not be famous, but if we can use this, it will be truthful.

"Hey cherry blossoms...... can you resist now?

"Huh...? Ah.................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

"Look, I get kissed, but I stay. My thighs are thrilled, but they remain. You can get your tits rubbed all you want, too, huh?

Kate laughs and dares to prank against cherry blossoms who can't move. The restraint I had unlocked during practice, but again at some point.

That's how Kate tauntingly said it and started a serious commentary. Well, my hands were mocking the cherry blossom body.

"If I get more practice, I don't even know what time I was detained. Once the thread has been planted in advance and the attack is unintentional, the enemy will be unable to evade if restrained. Besides, this yarn depends on the maker, but it's far tougher than the spider's yarn, so it's hard in an instant if there's not so much power difference to get out of it forcefully. Perfect for stopping numerous enemies when retreating."

"Wow, I get it! Do not put your hands in your clothes!

"I finished what I had to say, so I decided to ask for a consultation fee. So the application is denied."

"Ahhh... ahhh... there... is..."

Against the cherry blossom she manages to escape from the embarrassment, Kate laughs and puts it on her neck, hanging her clothes off. Everything that has already been said, the tools to be given, the instructions on the way forward, and what needs to be done is done.

You did what you had to do right, so you won't be complaining where you messed with your pretty girlfriend. As such, Kate spent some time flirting with cherry blossoms.