That night I started to practice with the Lux and the others while aboard the airship. We were both back home to get talks about today's activities, but then, one topic came in. That was a story about Kate's woman.

"Huh? Is that lady coming?

"Apparently... see. Princess Singh, after the meeting, she entered the Duke's territory."

"'... chip'"

Kuzha and Aura, who were listening to the conversation between the two people who were reading the newspaper, tongue at the same time. When I saw that face, I understood the emotions in an instant. This is probably the end of golden time.

'Well, good. Alisa can stop you any way she wants. "

"In the meantime, I'm going to put on a lot of things to get my travel clearance down."

"I'll leave that to Aura."

At a time like this, Kuzha may be good for jamming, but Aura is willing to take any measures to get time with Kate. There are two people who are hostile to each other, but at times like this, they will cooperate.

'Come on... don't do this to him. You got a job over there? Plus, it could develop into a diplomatic issue for the princess... and the fans would be sad too'

"Hey, honey, there's something I can't ask you."

"My sister will be rebellious, brother."

It's usually two replies if it's Kate's favor or adage, but apparently I can't hear this. Leaving the job to Kuzha, Aura begins to sneak into obstructive work in front of her brother. That said, the information was still going on.

It should also be noted that the fans are saddened, said Kite, but I suspect that Kite, who dropped that singing princess before that, will be killed, but there are no problems because she has continued to consolidate her fiancée's status for the last hundred years. They had become a common perception.

"Oh... before that, there were rumors that the Imperial Intelligence Department had sent < > to see Princess Singh?

"... Her Royal Highness Princess Laicia. Can you tell us more about that story? Those two moved, which is a very bad sign. '

Kuzha changes the color of her eyes to the information sent by Shea. Needless to say, all of them, were Kate's old ladies.

"Hmm. I'm glad Cherry Blossoms aren't here"

One kite snaps at Kuzha for starting to gather information. Cherry blossoms are usually there because this meeting is on the agenda about the Adventure Club, but today the Imperial City troupe came to the city and some of the upper levels - cherry blossoms and Mizuki are here - were invited to their first performance, so they were unable to attend this meeting. Tsubaki is an understudy, but there is no rubbing development where she asks me.

"No, that May lady has a horn... what's going on with the guild that our kid took over?

"Oh, < >? The branch is located in the Temple City, but the main office has been relocated to Urca. '

"What, you're home"

"It's your original birthplace, Mr. Balan's."

"I don't care."

Cut and throw away Ballantine looking really good on the bottom of my heart. In the first place, he doesn't have any good memories in his hometown. If there is, the smell of colosseum, blood and iron, and the voice of my fellow eaters, maybe.

I mean, as a slave, I can only remember continuing to fight as a gladiator. There were too many better memories afterwards, and there was really nothing untrained or attached to them in their homeland. Take either your hometown or McDawell, and if you say so, it was enough to take the latter immediately.

"Well, it's a long way from home and I think, old man. 'Cause I've been looking for my hometown.'

"I only have troublesome memories."

"I'm not going home, either. I haven't been home once, actually."

Apparently, Lux is coming to Ballantine. I say I have no untrained skills in my hometown. After all, I would prefer the land that I created with my friends and whose friends sleep.

"So, well, I don't care about that Urka story. I don't even have a problem eating rice over here... so did you come up with something?

"Whoa. Well, Tina just gave me an opinion."

In response to Ballantine's inquiry, Kite answers. I still couldn't think of it, so I asked him. It should be noted that Tina is too busy at work to participate.

"First of all, why don't we just fly with the airflow?"


'I mean...'

Again, Kite explains to Ballantine. That's how this day's talks ended.

That, the next day. Even today, Al and the others were doing a tour near Maxwell. The only reason it's nearby is because of Kate's backup. It's an army of one nobleman bent over, and you can't enter the territory of another lord without anything. Besides, we lose all our secrecy.

So I was able to move whenever I wanted, and I was waiting near Maxwell's military base. So, in fact, by this time all the Duke's army, which had been sent to the Adventure Department, had been notified to return to the military base.

"That's why."

"... no... the..."

I see a fluffy flying ballantine in front of me, and Lil pulls my cheeks apart. I discovered a way to fly without maneuverability, but without flying. There is no need to be abrupt. I was drawing diagonal conclusions.

As for ability, the silence, which was my biggest concern, is enough. It looks no different than normal flying techniques. Somewhat inferior to speed and mobility. It didn't seem like it could be used as an emergency.

"We need to constantly deploy < > with super low power to create airflow. That's right, fluffy with recoil."

"Ha ha..."

I can understand what you're going to say. < > is a flame. If so, it is producing heat. Therefore, it is not impossible to create airflow. I did that, but the unscrupulous thing was unscrupulous.

"So. Then, Kite said, you can also use < > to enhance it. I certainly didn't think about it, but I think I can."

"Ah... I see... that's certainly possible..."

She snorts at the message she receives from Ballantine, as she notices. The idea was to use the acceleration of < > to accelerate like a chase wind. This one would be an enhancement, one way or another, in line with her purpose.

"Oops...... so you got pretty fast when you tried it"

Apparently, it was a blind spot here, and he tried Ballantine. Then, once demonstrated, < > was used to create a chase wind and < > was used.

"Try it."


Demonstrated from Ballantine to get Lil running. But then I used the < > - the fig to remind me that my ancestors were monsters.

"Yeah? I don't have any momentum..."


Lil's rarely heard and adorable screams echo inside the military base. She is practicing far more than moments or shoots. < > is perfect, and the derivative system is almost perfectly mastered. < > can also be exercised continuously in a few moments.

but this one was separate from that. The blast created by < > may be referred to as the Australian wind. Normally, it's best not to lose your posture.

Besides, in her case, she doesn't know < > perfectly. I just did what Ballantine showed me so many times, with his appearance imitation. Even in that respect, it was not a good success. That's why Ballantine's question was.

Therefore, it was natural to lose balance from the overall lack of skill. So Lil blew away when the blast struck him. That's why.

"Ho ho"

"Le, Master Lux...... Oh, thank you......"

Lil, who blew it away, but by Lux, who heard the scream and took immediate action, it is recovered. I was waiting because I thought it would happen from the moment I saw Ballantine's behavior.

"Mm, I couldn't..."

"Oh, I knew it?

"Did you understand...?

"You know what? Besides me, can you do it at first sight?"

To Lil's inquiry, Ballantine laughs happily. This luxury was his flavor. And what lies ahead was his flavor again.

"Well, you can't, so I thought about it. Look."

When Ballantine says so, she leans forward a little to use < >. So, the next moment. With the roar, his body jumped to be played. And on my way home, I came back with < > without making any noise. Both were invisible speeds in Lil's eyes.

"< >. < > While using it, the blast is slightly better. After using it, I used the < > blast wave as the starting point for the timing of < >. It's hard to maintain balance."

Apparently, the < > used on the way was not a regular < >. There was a loud noise, so I guess that was the difference.

Apparently, Ballantine also figured out that she couldn't do it, and she developed things at a level she could do. I guess the only reason I can develop it overnight is because he's still a battle genius too.

"That's why. From now on, get into that practice."


Take Ballantine's word for it, and Lil behaves like that first. I know what I'm going to do. I'm also grateful to be able to fly.

But before that, we have to get into the < > practice. So Lil, who had previously imitated his appearance, decided to offer again.

"... I'd like to know exactly how to do the... < >..."

"Ah? You were made, weren't you?

"For once, I was doing it with an appearance imitation...... was that good?

"No, you were a little slow... I thought that was enough if that was all you could do..."

Ballantine sighed at Lil. That's all I showed you, so I thought it would be natural to do it. And actually, the muscles themselves weren't bad. So Ballantine said nothing.

Bend is only famous for its special forces, and Lil was able to use < > even in appearance imitation. That said, he thought I'd teach Ballantine properly for once. Once again, we decided to explain < >.

"Well, you're not supposed to get it out of your leg... watch it"

That's what Ballantine says, sticking his right hand out in front of Lil. That's how we only collect hot air. < > was originally intended to compress hot air and add more water to it, causing a similar phenomenon to a water vapor explosion, blowing up enemies and destroying them with that shockwave.


With the temper of tearing, throw the mass of hot air and water collected by Ballantine up. That's where it came up reasonably well, and Ballantine exploded it. We worked so hard to make it easier to understand, we had to stay away from it so the base could be destroyed.

"You see that? I mixed water with fire. How dare you? That's all the easy moves."

"Ah, yes..."

I just gathered the heat. Lil returns a raw reply to the phenomenon. That's not an offensive move (skill). One of the last stages, < > 's abilities were horrible.

"Well, hang in there by yourself later. Well, you're pulling in."

When I tell Lil that, Ballantine disappears from the spot. Apparently, that's the end of my role. Now, if we're going to call him, we need to get in touch with Kite.

That said, they taught me how to do it and I can't do that, can't even tell Lil to boulder. Descendants of a flourishing hero with her. Heroes. I couldn't throw up such weak noises while I was being taught straight away. From this day on, she will be practicing to use < >.