In the meantime, let's send the kidnapped villagers. That's what Karat told me. The kites were traveling while riding motorcycles.

"Uh... I did it... I thought it was healed..."

"Ha... I knew you were there. Perhaps my anger for myself outweighed my anger for the bandits, making it sound temporary."

Yuri tells the speculation to the words of how depressed Kate is. Upon hearing such a conversation between the two, Karat, who had spanned the horse beside him, tilted his neck.

"Are you having any problems? If you don't mind, I can just ask you."


To the words from Karat, Kate has no choice but to distort her face. From Karat's point of view, Kite is close to being a younger boy. There is also the burden of being annoyed. It must have been a natural reaction of some kind. Against Kite in trouble for what to do, Yuri had no choice but to open up the situation a little bit.

"Actually, well, he's got a kind of trauma."


It's their industry. I look at a mountain of corpses in a state where there is really nothing left but to see and maim them from a body that looks like a mess of food. There are countless reasons to have trauma.

That said, most of it can be dealt with through drug treatment, etc. Still, when it was an impossible trauma, it was pretty serious. Therefore, in Carat's eyes, there was considerable pity. That's how Yuri goes on.

"Yeah... he can't hear the bandits. No, to be precise, we can no longer process the voices of the bandits as voices. The reason for this is that the bandits are no longer visible to people. With animals and beasts, I've unconsciously judged them, and I've judged their voices to be with the senseless sounds they emit."

Yuri also pities somewhere and tells Karat about the problems that Kate has. This was Kate's biggest reason for imposing severe punishment on bandits. He did not see the bandits as true, the same person.

That said, there will be no choice in this either. He saw in front of him the tragedy caused by the bandits. Seeing it, he ignored his life begging out of tremendous anger and killed the bandits with a selfless obsession. He was too young to bear the guilt and anger.

The result was self-defense that they did not think of themselves as the same person. By not thinking of him as a person, the young Kate's mind managed to restore stability. No one can blame you for this.

Everyone would have anger if they had the right spirit together. Kite just got angry as well. That was just the rage of the out-of-popularity degree.

"... what the hell happened to you after that...?

"Karat, what should I give you back?

"... Indeed. Right...... sorry"

I realize that Karat was also silent on Yuri's words. I can't help but worry about the trauma that is so suspicious in this day and age, but I am certain it is traumatic. It couldn't have been better to whisk it back.

That said, in this kind of trauma, Karat cannot solve it. He is the one who dies when he adds his hand. It is not easy to eliminate trauma. So, with all due respect, I apologized.

"If it's something like that, there's nothing I can say... I'm sorry. Listen here."

"No, just that word, enough. I thought it was healing, but I'm sorry I couldn't capture everything."

"No, either way, they'll be mostly on death row after an investigation. It was the difference between you doing it or the executioner on the headstand. Don't worry about it."

With an apology from the bottom of Kate's heart, Carat sends such comfort. Naturally, you can't miss a captured bandit for acquittal. This punishment was naturally close.

And because it's peace, the bandits, as long as they're not so competent, make them punish you severely. There was so much room for mankind that there was no need to rehabilitate the bandits that it would be more useful to show them off and tighten up the rest of the people. By the way, Karat said the headstand is close to euthanasia due to witchcraft in modern times. It can't be that bad.

"Well... well, I'll go a little back and do my men's command"

"Yes... ha..."

Apparently, she's lost her temper. Karat leaves, and Kate sighs. With him, I understood. This wound will never heal. That said, when Meizu and Mizuki were attacked, they used to hear it, so they thought it would be all right now.

But it looks like this was, like, a temporary thing, as Yuri said. Beyond anger and disgust at the bandits, the danger to Sola and the others came out of their own predictions, and their disgust at themselves outweighed their disgust when they saw the enchantments sending absolute trust even when they were about to be mausoled.

"Well, I have trouble healing, when it comes to it,"

"That's the trouble..."

To Yuri's words, Kate agrees to sigh mixed up again. He is the absolute protector of the innocent people. It would be a problem for him to put his hands on those bandits who exchange outrage.

Therefore, this trauma could not be erased, and the violence from too mighty anger to overwhelming coming could create useless damage, and information could not be obtained. That was causing trouble.

"Ha... somehow, I don't know if I can resist..."

"I can't. I'll tell you. Absolutely not. That's why I'm here, right?

Yuri confidently affirms against Kate's crush. It's true that Kate wants to do something about it. As a matter of fact, the bandits were not the only targets. As such, Kite agrees with such Yuri's words as he chewed up the bitter bug.

"That's right... you don't have to ask your own army about boulders... is that a bad idea?

"Ah... if you say so... even I can't stop Kate from being serious..."

Now to Kate's words, Yuri agrees with the troubles. Yes, this trauma of his wasn't just about bandits. Soldiers who deviated from the military code by using force as violence were also subject to it.

If a soldier works abusively against the people, for whatever reason, it is summarily executed by ordinance. That hasn't changed since the founding of the country. Even if slavery is revived, it will not change.

but still, you'll have to hang on to a military law conference because it won't. However, in the case of Kite, the reflexes of the conditions make the body at its own discretion, so the question is almost useless. Besides, when you get serious with his power, no one can avoid it, and you can't stop it. To the extent that it could be stopped unconsciously, but still, it was about Tina, Lux, and Ballantine.

That said, in order not to fall into the beast in a hell of a battlefield, someone has to be the object of fear to stop it. This is useless. Someone had to stop them in order not to fall into the beast.

Given that, even Kite's lack of forgiveness for this self-army is extremely helpful. And as long as there is this trauma, Kate can continue to be a hero (light) who won't fall into the beast even in hell. It was also necessary to make them realize that they were the protectors of the absolute people. There was no healing here either.

"Ha... There may be some kind of defect in being a brave man..."

"You... I'm gonna cry, Shini"

Kite tells a mix of words similar to the bad reviews from Yuri. That said, this is just what she dares to say. We had both grown up a lot since the time we suffered the trauma, so we could make jokes like this.

"It hurts to lose control..."

"I'm not impressed with keeping the kids under control."

To Kate's words, now Yuri tells the sigh mix. The only suppression that Kate had was about Sola, the cherry blossoms, and now her people. It was in front of them that I still managed to keep enjoying the obvious anomalies so far. If this were the Lux and the others, on the contrary, they would have been furious without any problems.

But it wasn't there now. Therefore, he had killed the bandit so far, as if to clean even the garbage.

So, talking about that, I saw a little small village in about an hour. The village where the kidnapped villagers lived, I guess. I don't see any shadows other than the wary soldiers, but the bandits attacked me, so I guess a restraining order has been issued for me to go out.

A little closer, he was able to confirm his appearance from the other side, and at the same time as he reached the village, several of the soldiers Carat had left in the village rushed towards him.

"Captain! Rescue of the needy rescuers inside the village and treatment of the injured, confirmation of the damage has been completed!

"Oh, let's hear the report... about the kidnapped villagers, they're all safe. Let your family know you're safe."


At the direction of Karat, the villagers who were abducted return to their families under the escort of soldiers. And before that, I came to thank Kate.

"Thank you. If you can't help me..."

"No, I don't mind. I also happened to be at Lord Carat's, and I just let him rush to the rescue. Besides, I owe it to my partner over here to find you. I did what I could."

"Ah... thank you too, Mr. Othibi"


One of the villagers, who noticed Yuri on his shoulder, reveals his gratitude to Yuri with a grin. Plus, Yuri snorts well. So, after a while of conversation, Kate decided to send them out.

"Please show your family you're safe now. Even if you are much appreciated, the marks just itch. I'm not used to it..."

"Haha...... yes. Thank you so much."

To the seemingly illuminating words of Kate, the villagers bow their heads again and head to the family home where they wait for themselves. As soon as the villagers who had been abducted in the house entered, they heard joy from all over the village. and Karat approaches the two places where he was looking at it with a smile.

"Lord Ulysia, Kite. Help, thank you."

"No... until I've done what I can."

"Same goes for me. So, how was the damage?

At the same time that Yuri is humbled following Kite, he asks Karat about the damage done to the village. It doesn't look that bad, but it just doesn't look, maybe. I was also thinking of contacting the Duke's house and sending it if I needed relief supplies.

"No... the bandits also noticed that we were nearby on the way to the villagers' words, and when they appropriately seized the objects they immediately pulled up, so much so that the village vigilante and garrison soldiers were injured."

"What about the dead?

"Fortunately, zero, and. After a while, the wound will heal with healing pills."

"Well... I'm glad..."

To the words from Karat, Kate exhaled, hey. A long time ago, even he couldn't make it to help. There was also countless angst coming from it with no place to go.

It was truly fortunate for him to know the mourning of such an innocent people and the wrath of no place to go, even though the land of other lords was blessed with good fortune. Karat bowed his head to Kite, who leaked such a sigh of relief.

"Oh. Thanks to you...... let's thank you. So, yeah. As a matter of fact, when I tell the Count about this matter, he would love to thank you all, including for your apologies... I know there are some things I think... I'm sorry, but will you come with me to Laemes?

"... ok"

Kate decided to snort at the offer from Karat after a little thought. As it stands on the boulder, Yuri is also present, and the emperor Leonhardt has spoken. Besides, Kate is currently working on a warrant. They won't even be alerted.

Besides, no matter how corrupt, I haven't forgotten my respect for the Emperor and my loyalty to the Empire. Count Reames won't be thinking of doing anything to them moving with a decree from the Emperor. I want information from the Count, even if I think about the job. I thought it would be better to go.

"Okay. Sorry."


"Okay, just wait a minute. I'll send instructions to the garrison personnel. Then we'll head to Laemes."


In response to Kite, Karat hurries to start skipping instructions. Then, waiting for it to end, we returned to the position of the temporarily set entrance to the forest, and then to Laemeth, where Count Laemeth waited.