The day after I destroyed the Bandits. Kate was reunited with Count Reames. That's how early we met, Kate was bowed her head by the Count.

"First of all, let me apologize... I'm sorry for the delay... but I should have given you this neck..."

I can't do that. Needless to say, Count Reames tells you so. He is the Count. And after having already been reprimanded both by the Duke McDawell family and by the Emperor Leonhardt. After the punishment had already been handed down, no more punishment could be imposed than that.

"... let's accept. Your sins must be redeemed by your future deeds."

"Never mind."

With forgiveness from Kite, Count Reames raises the head he was lowering. Such Count Reames had a different appearance than before.

The excess fat was removed from the fat and fat body, and there was no appearance there of even frogs and pigs being slapped in the pussy. Apparently, she also started exercising. There was a muscular appearance in his arms glimpsed from the cuffs, etc. It was as a result of a sincere retrospective of his own past, taking a genuine killing from Kite and reprimand from Emperor Leonhardt.

Once arrogance lurked the ringing, and the style and height of sight that he should have as a nobleman, at this age, was finally beginning to acquire on him as well. Improving security was part of this.

If I was shown that, I couldn't possibly not accept an apology with Kite. He had no intention of whipping anyone who moved to the Truth Rehabilitation. That's how he asks Kate to accept his apology, and furthermore he bows his head to Yuri.

"The director of the Ulysian Academy, too, annoyed the late days. I'm sorry."

"... make sure you stay on the right path. You were certainly a problem child, but at the same time one of my students, too. If you have any problems, come to us."

"... ok"

Count Reames, with his head up, takes Yuri's words sincerely. So, after a while of interaction, Yuri cut to the point.

"Your order from His Majesty the Emperor, that is all. Don't you know anything about it?

"... Anyone?

In response to words from Yuri, Count Reames asks a side-by-side squire. I don't understand everything with him. Calling the policing officer. Thus, after a while, came those who would cobble in the maintenance of law and order in the territory.

"... Ha... Any sign of anything strange lately?..."


"... I'm sorry. Apart from the bandits and the usual crusades these days, any unusual reports..."

After Yuri's words, the officer in charge answered while looking at the summary of the report, but apparently nothing unusual has been reported to him either.

By the way, as usual, that means people close to a kind of terrorist, weird religious group, etc. It is with both Enefia and Earth that a certain number of these will exist in any age.

And it was with them that they buzzed the paper from time to time. No matter how good governance is laid, there will be no way to do all this. I mean, there would be more in peacetime.

Well, about religious groups, there is a flat world of God, magic, etc. Therefore, only a little more frequently than Earth. It was the effect of having a believable foundation. There will be no way to do this either. It's different from the Earth. Everything cannot be done together.

"Really...... ok. If anything turns out, please contact Your Majesty or our house. We will continue our investigation west again. And the investigation is confidential. This is His Majesty's secret life."

"Yes, sir."

To Yuri's words, Count Reames and the officer in charge answer promptly. Count Reames and loyal minister of the Empire. That's all the kites can admit. Anyway, he himself is proud to have served the first generation of the Empire.

Therefore, it was decided that he and his men would not have any enemies against the Empire. I understand what clandestine life means, and I couldn't have divulged this.

Thus, after some time of talks, Count Reames was pleased with the investigation into the territory, and the talks were to come to an end. Well, you'd be suspicious if you stayed too long. Shortly, I finished it.

"We have an inn here today. Stay there."

"Thank you"

Kate expresses her gratitude for the words from Count Reames. So, when I saw Kite leaving, Count Reames unexpectedly, with a cold sweat, exhaled.

"Count...... what is it?

"That's... that guy,"

"The man?

"Uhm... I can't forget, it's that pale-haired guy..."

Count Reames, sitting on a chair without a scratch or force, answers a small, keyes question. Its breathing was slightly disturbed, but it was, with certainty, told.

"Well... everything, I understand... did Non sell a fight to such a man... lucky to be alive... no... only if his ancestors made friendship with him..."

"What did you find out?

"That's probably..."


Keyes and Karato, who had refrained beside him, end up with a speculation that was told so small that they could not hear without paying attention to their ears close together. He told me that Kite was the brave Kite, although he was small.

Naturally, neither Kate nor Yuri have let Kate smell who she is. I realized that I was the first man in more than a decade to seriously train and do aristocratic work because of the killing that I had been exposed to and the hostility that Kate had sent herself to warn me about in the past.

"Are you sure about that?

"You can't forget... the signs and the style... no matter how much you hide, you can tell by the immediate bath..."

In small, trembling words, the two of them realize that this will be the truth. As frightened as ever, it was well understood by the two of them, his belly, that he could not do so with lies or acts.

And with that in mind, all the Tsuji fit. All that fighting power, the lack of forgiveness of Kite and his trauma that Karat saw, and the reason why the decree is being given, were all stories that made sense, assuming he was the brave Kite who lived the war period 300 years ago.

Double cover-up that made Adventure Director Kate look like Yuri was moving into hiding, and even hid the fruit. This is the real operation, the three of them understood. That's how Count Reames opened his mouth.

"Keyes... to apologize, take some booze..."

"Yes, sir."

Keyes breaks his hips in words he says without power. Given Kite's history, the Count was lucky enough to have been missed. He's right, it would be only if my ancestors made friendships with Kite that I got your eye spill.

Even shortly after the end of the war, it is next door to an important stronghold to protect the Imperial Capital. Its importance is no less than that of Maxwell, the ultimate stronghold protecting the capital.

Naturally Will was also an inside detective, and he was allowed to set up a territory in this place because he was judged a loyal minister of the Empire. Count Reames, when he was his ancestor, also admitted that the kites were heroes.

So, a while from that conversation. Fine liquor was delivered to Kate and Yuri as an apology from Keyes.

"Okay. Let's have it."

"Thank you"

Seeing as Kate has received it, Keyes breaks his back and shows his appreciation. The two were instructed to stay at one of the finest hotels in his territory. Proof of apology.

"... one, are you sure?

"What is it?

Keyes asks against Kite for putting the liquor he was given into the fridge.

"How can you two see this city? Tell us what you say without abomination."

"... right..."

To Keyes' words, Kate looks out the window. At first glance, it was a normal city. But when you do it so that you can see the distance with a little magic, things change. Similar insecurity was observed in Slam Street.

No matter how much security has improved, it will not improve overnight. It makes sense. That's why Kate decided to answer as she saw it.

"Where I can see it, it's not insecure. Until you're out of sight, you're out of reach. Where the light does not plug in, darkness is tucked in"

"Really, there's no taboo...... still, does that look like it?

Apparently, Keyes noticed this too. Even with a grin close to a bitter laugh at the words of a nodded kite, I admit. And on top of that, I inquired.

"What do you suppose should be done?

"What should we do… what do the school directors think?

"You give your opinion, not mine."

In the words of Kate, Yuri answers with a majestic face. Appears to have encouraged the apparent child to think for himself, but the truth is it's troublesome, so I just threw it.

Besides, her specialization as an educator is not internal affairs. In the end, they become gatekeepers, just like Kate. Then, for a while, Kate uses all over the city and begins to observe through the demons.

"... right... crack window theory, did you know that?


"Well, to put it simply, we control any minor crime..."

"Of course it is."

To Kite's words, Keyes would be perfectly natural. It was only natural from him, and it was no wonder. And now, under his leadership, he's in good control. That's why Kate decided to keep going.

"Yeah, right. Cracked window theory, is the theory used to explain it... right... leaving a broken window unattended, what do you think the situation is in that area?

"It seems to be… an area that we can't afford economically, democratically,"

"Yeah. Exactly, I guess. In other words, the inhabitants of the land are no more than a testament to the fact that no one cares about their surroundings. Then it's convenient for the criminals. Even if they commit a crime, the residents can't afford to deal with it. I mean, you can't get caught."

"Speaking of which... Lord Kite, the brave man, once rebuilt the city. Fold, let the soldiers around look at the broken windows to compete for that number and pay bonuses according to the number. You've heard more about giving subsidies to the house and letting it be repaired..."

Looks like Keyes remembered Kate's former measures after she explained them to him. This was a measure to turn the economy around, but also to restore security. And so Kite nodded, and went on.

"Perhaps it was based on the same theory. Soldiers around are motivated if they only get incentives to report small defects in the city. Then they take the initiative and look around every corner of the city. Especially if the windows are easily cracked in the insecure areas, if you notice them, you will also focus on looking around. If you discover a crime in it, naturally, you also deal with it. Because that's what you do. When that happens, the criminals lose their place in the city. Wherever you go, the crime is exposed. There's no darkness, so..."

"I see... in the end, focus on the insecurity, the fundamentals in the basics, so..."

With Kite's words, Keyes realizes that the restoration of law and order will basically come to an end. Kate's words made sense. So, with that advice, Keyes seems satisfied. I bowed my head and showed my gratitude.

"Thank you. In the meantime, I was wondering if I could focus even more on looking around, etc. with reference to the records of the Brave Kite."

"Yeah, do that"

To Keyes' words, Kite snorts, too. Everything is about the basics. And Kate just showed it in theory. So, taking it, Keyes left.

"Get back on your feet..."

"Maybe not?

"Well, good. Well, slowly, but security has been restored. Two years... No, in three years, this Laemeth territory will be as safe as any other... I guess."

Kate looks out over the city, blurry and twinkly. Kites and I were not able to improve security overnight in war-torn territory. It took me a few years to improve security. The result of being the safest in the empire today was that it took 300 years to do so.

"Well...... so, stupid artifacts. Which way should we go next?

When Kate returns to the room for now, she retrieves the artifact again and investigates its orientation. Then, even though he was lost again this time, he still pointed west.

"I wonder if this fits..."

"You don't know. We don't even know that."

As usual, they sighed with a suspicious face as they saw the light of a confusing artifact twirling. Perhaps the correct answer is, I suppose.

"... maybe, but... the power of Charles is working on artifacts, too?

"By your own power, you mean you're confused yourself?

"Well...... oh, so serious"

I tried to acknowledge Yuri's words, Kite, but before that, the artifact itself acknowledges the words. Apparently, the mess was working on the artifacts as well. So I guess I can't get an exact location.

"Ha... yes, that's good, you're starting to sound like a pain in the ass..."

"If it stinks, it doesn't stink. Hooray if this is a side effect of Shall's awakening..."

"If you're some idiot, don't be angry"

The two sighed, imagining a future they didn't know which way to fall. It is impossible to tell which is the case even when it comes here.

Because Schal's power is powerful. When she woke up in a permanent sleep, she thought there might be no choice but to create confusion.

It's already 300 years since we broke up. There could be twelve possibilities to wake up. Well, if you're going to sleep any more than anything, you'll no longer sleep too much, Kate and Yuri wanted to say.

"Waking up should be good, what the heck"

"The sleeping minister is bad, but... you've been smashed a few times, you"

"... uh... speaking of which, that happened."

In nostalgia, the two of you remind me of my beloved, who I haven't seen yet. That's how they stayed at the inn today and took a break.