Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 576: Retribution - Waterfall Theory -

The day after I got enough vegetables to hold them from the farmers. Kate and Yuri quickly rescheduled that they could not waste the vegetables they received and decided to camp without lodging in the lodging town, village, etc. Thanks to that, I was able to take a slower break than I expected and leave late in the morning... Until then, good. The next morning, Kate woke up only a little, in a grumpy mood.

"A sleeping bag. I knew it wasn't something for both of us to sleep on."

"I probably shouldn't have made it a special order after all..."

Kate's sleeping bag had a special bag so that Yuri could sleep even in fairy form. It's a pouch with an entrance and exit to Kate's sleeping interior.

This has been around for a long time, and this time let's do it the way it used to be, and Yuri usually slept in it, but the change in relationship and her growth made her want to flirt from time to time, so she entered Kate's space before she went to bed, or she wanted to prank like she used to and raided in the morning. Kate's sleeping space was also considerably larger in anticipation of it. Ridiculous story, because I make a fool of myself in my sleeping bag.

Well, that would be good. For flirting and playing games, there are no problems. But naturally, there is only limited space in the sleeping bag. And last night I snuggled in the flow from the bath, so we slept together. That's why Yuri was hitting Kate's face so hard when she hit him in the back.

"Uh, no. 'Cause I don't have room to sleep."

"I was wondering if I'd buy a dollhouse for you... but I don't like that..."

"Neither do I."

As she hugs Kate, Yuri joyfully raises her protest. Dollhouse refers to looking at it as it is. but it's not a toy for dolls on boulders, it's close to a kind of tent where fairies can live.

There's a bed, and there's a bathroom. Not to mention the kitchen. Luxury items may also be equipped with a refrigerator. There was plenty of room for life.

But the biggest difficulty with this was its appearance. There were a lot of merhentic looks for a little grown man to have.

Well, there's nothing wrong with living here because it's the fairies, but the way an adult man like an adventurer walks with it, even though everyone who looks at it knows what's going on, I could only get a dry laugh from everyone.

"Shit... well, no. Give up and sleep with me..."

"That's the best part. Waste is strictly forbidden"

"Ha... why don't you just cuddle up Yuri and go to sleep..."


In the morning sun entering the tent, Kate contemplates a countermeasure to the sigh mix. Then I suppose you have an opinion that don't sleep with me, but then you'll need another sleeping bag this time. That was a waste of money.

"Well, is that good... for now, if we eat again today, will we continue our journey?"


You don't have to go to bed now, and in the first place, you're going to have to start your journey again. I don't even have to think about going to bed now. Before that, I would probably normally rent an inn in the city of wellness today. It was useless to think about it.

In so doing, the two serve the salad and vegetable soup they made and left behind during last night, take breakfast with bread for preservation and milk they kept cold in different spaces, and start cleaning up the tent.

"Okay. Now you can go back on your journey."

"I think you'd be surprised. Grandpa's grave in Wellness. It's outrageous."


The two of them crossed the bike with their camping tools in a sachet, checking their direction, and then starting to run the bike.

"Pretty big...... or a monument already"

"Well, again... well, unfortunately, you're not going to get drunk."

"I wonder if you'd be mad at me."

The two laugh, increasing their speed. So we started moving west again.

From departure, three hours later. The surroundings presented a picture of the city as it became closer. but even though I could see that, I couldn't help but be surprised.

"... this is... a field, huh?

"Like, hey..."

The two unwittingly stop the bike and open their eyes to the figure of the fields they noticed looking around them. Indeed, this one is climatically warm and suitable for making rice. Since it is one of the most cultivated land in the Empire, the water resources are also abundant. Adequate water resources can be secured to conduct paddy fields.

But still, the main staple of the empire is wheat, so the majority of the crops grown were wheat. So the majority of the fields near the wellness I once saw were wheat fields. When I noticed one thing, I noticed a lot of other things.

"Is that... a vinyl house?

"Sounds like it. I don't know... I haven't been here lately, so things have changed."

Kite also looked at the mountain a little farther into Yuri's words, and it was open and the field could be made. This is not all. Whether it was using witchcraft to change temperatures, even for crops, had been cultivated all seasons, and the phrase "largest agricultural territory" seemed to be the correct one.

"Huh... this is awesome. Unlike ours, idyllic, it's easy to understand..."

"Even if it's a airship, it's not as diverse as ours, it's a lot of big boats."

They observe wellness as they look around at their surroundings as they roam. Many of the flying airships were transporters capable of carrying large containers that could be used to transport food. And naturally, because the transporter does not have an attack power, small airships are also flying to keep their perimeter alert.

Apparently, the McDawell family has also asked me to come, and there was a fuselage with a McDawell family tattoo on the airship. And observing such a thing, a voice rang from before.

"... uh... boy? What the hell are you doing here?

"Huh? Oh, oh, excuse me. It was a little unusual..."

It was one of the soldiers conducting a patrol around the city - it would be the captain who spoke up because he was not patrolling alone - who spoke up. Well, if you're stuck across a weird ride in the middle of the street, you'll wonder.

"Well, that would be nice... an unusual ride, huh?

"Oh, it was developed at the McDawell family. Well, a little."

"Oh there... as usual don't develop all kinds of stuff there... so even something went wrong?

The McDawell family, led by Kate, is basically developing items not found in Enefia, as well as magic props for new axes. So you thought motorcycles were one of them. And she thought that if it was a new product, there would be a common problem and she was stuck.

"Oh no... I've never seen such a scenic countryside since I came from Maxwell via Laemes..."

"Oh, I see... isn't that awesome? You won't be able to see all this except us."

Understand why the kites got stuck and one of the city's soldiers looks around with some proud smile. Indeed, in terms of development, etc., it is inferior to Maxwell and the Imperial Capital. But only this scenic and idyllic landscape far surpassed those two.

"Yep. There's another virtue to it from the Temple City"

"You've been there before?

"If you lived in the Duke's land, you'd want to go to a temple city dedicated to all the great spirits, right?

To Kate's words, the city soldiers nodded with the same face as they understood. The Temple City is one of the largest cities in McDawell territory. Not just the Empire, but a good city to call the Holy Land of the Great Spirit Faith throughout Enefia, was.

It is inferior to Maxwell in terms of economic size, etc., but in terms of the size of the city, it is no less than unbeatable. It's the second largest city in McDawell territory. It was also this city that once had a temple visited by Sol and Luna.

"Oh, that's right...... I'd like to travel some time too. Oh, so don't tell me what it was like, okay?

"Haha, yes"

A soldier tells Kite, with some amusing signs. That's how they were chatting, but the soldiers are on patrol. I can't be talking to you all the time.

"Always, then, if you're properly satisfied, be quick. What a joke to see the bridge down until the blur?

"Oops...... thank you. Okay, now."

To the words of the soldier, Kite also remembers that the city of wellness is surrounded by water. The city of wellness surrounds it by waterways, and bridges can be raised at dusk. The boundaries can be narrowed down, and it's easier to protect them in the unlikely event of a raid on a group of people.

but on the contrary, when the bridge was raised, now those out there also had the disadvantage that they would only be able to enter the city using a boat floating in the waterway. This one pays, so if you can avoid it, you should have avoided it. That way, when Kate gets off the bike, she slowly starts walking as she pushes the bike.

"... apparently something unusual hasn't happened."

"Right. I'm not nervous about the soldiers."

Kate wasn't talking to the soldiers for nothing. Based on the condition of the soldiers, they were checking to see if there was anything strange about the city. If only the soldiers could see the slightest tension, it would mean that something is happening around the city.

"Again, wellness is off, is it?

"What do you think... only the upper management still grasps it now, and I don't know if that's a possibility"

"It also depends on how the upper management perceives it."

"I guess."

As they walk, they talk about speculation. No matter how much you hide, when people get anxious or are pushed into different situations than at all times, they emit different behaviors and atmospheres than at all times.

Therefore, no matter how much they hide, those around them will feel it, and the tingling mood will spread throughout the city, not far away. Naturally, the soldiers at the end don't leak into the example either. Without it, there was nothing more than a lack of urgency in the upper management.

"In the meantime, take the inn and visit Grandpa's grave,"


Kate and Yuri nod at each other as they look at the city gates they see. Maybe those soldiers are the only ones special. I had to look around the city more than it was an investigation. That's how they get tested and knock over the city gates.

"It's idyllic outside the city... idyllic inside,"

'Cause that's what this city sells.

To Kate's words, Yuri tells. The streets were western-style stone. That said, while "Witches Garden" was Gothic somewhere, this one had a lot of bright color schemes and a modern feel. The sunlight was plenty incorporated, and the overall impression is bright.

Normally, the farmers are the main inhabitants of this house against the witches who pull it into their homes to study magic and drugs. I was walking at all costs.

"Well... I wonder where the lodging is."

"This way. There must have been a few lodgings for travelers coming from the east."

To Kate's words, Yuri jumps off Kate's shoulder and tells her. So they started walking to secure the lodging once.

When the kites secured the inn for the day, they decided to say no to the innkeeper and go to the tomb of an old friend.

"Erm... which one?

"In the middle of the city, yes. Right in front of the Lords' Mansion"

"Uh, because this is the East Side... this way"

To Yuri's words, Kate starts moving by dividing the direction from the sun. After a short walk, we reached a plaza that looked like the heart of the city. There it was, rather than a tomb, a stone tablet the size of which should be called a monument. The name being carved was naturally Wellness, one of Kite's old friends, the person.

"This is... the size that surprises us."

"Well, I don't like being extravagant."

Kate and Yuri unwittingly laugh when they see a stone tablet that would probably have been rebuilt in later years for some reason. As they say, those who are worshipped were not fond of this much luxury.

"In the meantime, Yuri. Here."


When Kate appropriately hands together, she instructs Yuri to stand in front of the stone tablet. That's how Kate took out the demon props for the shooting. It's not something that the adventure department uses, it's a commercial product that the public uses.

"... whoa. That's good. I'll have it developed later, even the delivery."

"Yeah. That's it. That's it."

I wanted to send a proof photo of what they were going to do to the farmers who gave me the vegetables yesterday.

Well, those adventurers who send stuff like this with promises are about the kites, but still, they'll convey their minds. You can also date photos, so you should have known they were taken after that.

"Goodbye. Well, for now..."

Kite serves the alcohol she brings to the grave of a former, separated friend. The label had been stripped off, so that if it was removed, it would not be found out.

"It's an alcoholic beverage made from Japanese rice that Grandpa wanted to try. Wow, I can't make it... it's a sweet drink my grandfather likes. If you really want to hit the grave... no, hit it!


Yuri laughs when she sees Kate get up thinking she can't drink to the grave after all. No matter how luxuriously rebuilt it is, it's the tomb of an old friend. It would be my heart to let you bathe.

"Ok... Grandpa, don't say that from a high place."

In particular, Kate can drink from the top of the grave. It was big on boulders, so I had to float in the flying technique, but that's not what I should have said. But as he soaked his liquor with a little tear, the light dwelt in the demonic stone mounted on the top of the stone tablet in front of him.

"... hmm?


Apparently, Yuri was also the first phenomenon to see. In other words, it was a phenomenon that the people of the city had never seen before. The city's people, who were paying attention to drunken travellers who could bother to soak up alcohol until they used flying techniques, all lean their necks at the first event they saw. and the next moment they all tilted their necks, the water blew out of the demonic stone.



Well, let the boulders avoid it in this situation, it would be lame. That's why Kate and Yuri, who were in front of her, get wet in thoughtless water. So, after a while, such water stopped. Thus, the people of the surrounding city laugh greatly at how such flooded kites are.

"Damn... I'll never forget my grudge. It's Grandpa..."

"I'm a convoluter!

The two of them, who watched the letters floating on the Demon Stone only for a moment, were unhappy with revenge for what was already a prank of an old friend who had died while convulsing his cheeks. The only thing that surfaced on the Demon Stone for a moment was the watering theory,.

In other words, the revenge of the water bathed in the waterboarding theory, which was not a metaphor I went to at the time. That way, one letter flickers down before the two of them.

"Ah?... Shit. You were right, I can't say anything..."

"Ha... I'm spooky... kaito. Why don't you go home and get dressed?


When they retrieve the letter, they begin to return to the inn to run off the spot with the laughing city people on their asses. What was written in the letter was that it would be about kite who could bathe his grave with alcohol made of rice.

And as the saying goes, if this letter came down, I guess you were right. So they went back to the inn once and decided to get dressed.