Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 577: Initiating an Investigation

After visiting the tomb of an old friend Wellness and somehow flooded, Kate and Yuri were returning to their room, even as the innkeeper looked disgusted.

"Uh... sucks..."

"I'll give you double back if you answer the call..."

The two keep complaining about Gucci as they hang their wet clothes in a dry space. I didn't think this was going to happen just to mop my old friend's grave. The two were dressed to frustrate my nose.

Both Kate and Yuri acted covertly, which meant that it didn't hurt to have fairy black clothes on every long coat and much higher quality clothes than fairy folks did. They were both wearing regular commercials, so there was no way there was a waterproof specification, and they were just as tight as underwear.

"Heck... Ugh... I'm glad it's not battle underwear today..."

"Oh, you have that..."

"All the girls have it. Cherry blossoms, Yayoi... oh, normal... erm..."

I started thinking about it as I took my underwear off to Kate's words, Yuri, but it wasn't surprising that everyone had battle underwear. So I couldn't raise the person I had because no one seemed to have it.

Thus, when they are both bare, in the meantime, they develop a sorcery that replaces the hairdryer. I was going to dry my wet clothes and put them on again.

"< < Hot air (dryer) > >"

"That designation, as usual, you can't handle it?

'Cause I'm a hairdryer.

Kite starts drying their own clothes by deploying a magic formation on the front of the dry space, but Yuri tells her she feels awkward about such a kite.

By the way, they both had a cold while wet in the boulder when it came to summer, so they twisted into the bath towel and stuck to it perfectly.

Well, we know we're going to catch a cold, so Yuri's rolling out the same magic that Kate uses to dry our bodies. What is stuck was also related to the scope of the effects of witchcraft. As a result, when I gave him a little hot air by magic, the wet clothes dried quickly and the two of them decided to get dressed while not getting cold.

"Alright...... I'll just definitely be able to offer it next time"

"Kite's behavior, it's easy to understand..."


The two say one last stupidity in a sigh mix. And, within saying such stupidity, the change of clothes is over. When you're done dressing like that, you start thinking about lunch next.

I was visiting the grave because I had a little time, but because of that, it was almost the end of the day.

"In the meantime, let's make it dinner"

"Downstairs, there was a tavern or a restaurant, so why don't we eat there?

"Warm, please."


When the two leave the room and go to the liquor store that is co-located in the inn, they place an order for what they want to eat appropriately. After all, it was Fionel's territory, where agriculture flourished, and the menu focused on fresh vegetables. but at the same time, this one also grew fruit. They cut through the mountains, and even grew several fruits.

"Oh... look at the peach dessert"

"You still like it, Peach"

"Looks like there's a strawberry parfait, too, huh? Looks like the greenhouse is here."

"Damn! I did."

To Kate's words, Yuri happily orders a strawberry parfait for dessert. Kate liked peaches and Yuri liked strawberries.

"Mmm! Yum!"

"You look happy."

Kate laughs with a smile and observes Yuri eating a strawberry parfait with a smile and a happy laugh as well. Her face was blissfully loose.

"Because it seems appropriately fashionable, it was an inn that came in... Correct, it was"

"If you like it, most importantly... oh sure, the desserts are delicious"

Kate eats her own dessert with a bit of a bitter smile against Yuri, who mouths the parfait when she is happy. What Kate asked for was a moose cake with a peach compote on it.

The mousse has a fragrance of flaking, and you can enjoy a different sensation. Do peaches use peaches with seasonal fruits or are they unbeatably well claimed and tasted very intense.

"Do you want to move here?"

"Right. I'll put it together later and pay for a week or so."

The two decide to base themselves here, eating dessert with satisfaction. Once stated by Kate, meals are all basic. The good and the bad dictate the motivation of the two of us.

By the way, two really appropriately chosen, but this can be a pretty famous store on Fionel territory. It was around noon, so there was no crowd, but it was full day and night.

It doesn't seem bad at night, and even though it's rare to be full, people don't interrupt. The sense of smell of the two people who continued their journey accidentally searched for such a hidden famous store. And as we talked about that and ate, I saw soldiers at the entrance to the restaurant.

"Is it lunch?

"Well, I guess it's a rotation...... thank you for your hard work"

Kite and Yuri smile a little when men in boneless armor from non-fashionable mass-produced products eat in such a fashionable place, but even if they think that about boulders, they won't say it to their mouths. Think about TPO, but wherever you eat, it's their freedom. Besides, time is ticking. For once, I could also see that I was concerned.

But apparently it wasn't. There were signs of discussing something with the innkeeper and restaurant manager. That was a pretty serious look.

"Sounds like you're coming this way?

"... hmm?

To Yuri's words, Kate turns around. Then, she was right, the men in armor looked like they were paying attention to the two. And I walked to the desk where the two of us sat.

"Excuse me, are you the adventurers who got soaked with water in front of Master Wellness's grave earlier? The innkeeper also sees you coming in wet in the inn..."

"... uh... was that a bad idea? Alcohol for hands, it was..."

"... right. I'm sorry, but I need you to come with me. I don't mind that girl over there. Those who saw you get caught up in the wet just say so. After that, I'll just take care of the paperwork. There are no fines, just because you've drunk on a monument."

"Oh, well, will you just hang in there for a second? We just have to end the payment..."

"Hurry up."

I was wondering if Kite was a little bad, too. I still knew, that's why. So I decided to follow the words of the policeman's soldier, and I called my employees to end the payment.

By the way, the reason Yuri was exempt is extremely simple, and to this extent, she just needs to have more cleaning jobs in the city, and it's troublesome to stay without an identity underwriter.

This time, I was going to preach once and just finish, so weirdly, I wasn't going to pull off the identity underwriter to increase the hassle I didn't need.

"Okay, I'm gonna go for a second"

"Okay, I'll wait."

With a flickering wave of Yuri on her back, Kate begins walking with the soldier of the police officer. When he left the inn, there was a dedicated carriage parked there for the soldiers of the police officers.

The police officers had trouble with criminals using magic, etc., so they were supposed to use special carriages coated with absorbent stones. As such, Kite is taken to the city's soldiers' quarters.

"Ha... well, Master Wellness. I know how you feel about respecting it... at least flush it with water... no, I don't know what else to do."

"No, I'm sorry... I thought it would be rude if my ancestors took care of me and couldn't even bathe me in one of the booze..."

What you've done is normal if you're someone you've taken care of or taken care of. Therefore, the interrogation of the soldiers was quite close. It was closer to something that made me laugh than reprimand my face.

Well, the city dwellers who were watching also testified that Kate and the others had bowed their heads properly and prayed politely. I knew it was not harmful behavior, so it seemed calm somewhere all the time.

More importantly, there is even water hanging from the tomb itself as punishment. It was made clear that there would be no need to re-punish him. So it was just reprimand for liquor hanging on the monument without permission.

These are the kites who were doing research close to a race where they could do something like that, but then, it gets a little noisy out there. When I saw the soldiers' voices in some polite place, some sort of executive officer would have come.

And when the police officer and kite were distracted by such a disturbance, the door of the interview room was knocked and one brown-haired man came in. When I was in my late 20s, I guess.

"Excuse me."

"Master Welt? What's the matter, sir?

For the man who came in, the man who was looking into kite snaps his neck with a strange face. As for the man's perception, it shouldn't have been as much of an opponent as he was coming, or a case he was dealing with.

And, such a welt, I took out a single letter. That was one of the paperwork from Emperor Leonhardt that Kate kept in his nostalgia. The destination is for each nobleman in the province. It was an indication that he was a messenger.

"The boy there, he had this letter?

"Ha... all the boy's baggage, we're seizing it for once..."

At once, the investigator becomes more alert to Welt's inquiry. but Welt took control of it by hand. It is a messenger from the Emperor. I didn't think he needed to be vigilant.

"It's Fionel's consul welt. I haven't seen the letter, and only the person who discovered the letter knows... what the hell is that?

"... Well..."

From here on out, it's a fight. Kate rings her neck. The very fact that Wellness would play such a prank, even as a kite, was unexpected from the kites. I never thought I liked such pranks.

That said, it was also convenient. Thanks to this, we were able to get close to the center without any warning. As a matter of fact, I saw that the police officers had arrived and decided to strike a few hands. Actually, I dared to keep it in my pocket.

It should also be noted that they did not check the contents of the letter, which is magically sealed on the boulder. Because if you take a bad peek, you might get unwanted guesses from a secret (kite). Apparently, up to this point, it looked like Kate was on track. Well, even if they're looking at it, the opposite is true, so it's good.

"Payments and listening measures, okay?

"... I don't mind"

Upon Kite's offer, Welt thinks a little and lowers his permission. From his perspective, it is likely that Kate has received a secret order from the Emperor. I could easily understand that if I refused, I would have doubts that I didn't need it badly.

It is auspicious to obey. Welt, who knows that, instructs all the investigators to step outside and take the hearing measures to the maximum level.

"So, what are you doing in this territory with a secret book from His Majesty?

"… If you want to answer that, please sign this"

Upon enquiry from a vigilant welt, Kate decides to place a bet. It was a piece of paper called the < > Mandatory Affidavit.

What it says is, you can't lie about what you're about to be asked. Things used by those suspected of felonies, etc., were. Kate decided to reverse her role here. Seeing it, the man saying Welt took the pen without hesitation.

"That would be good...... do you mind if I do this?

"Yeah...... well, I'll ask. Are you using the power of the Moon Goddess to plan something?


Welt instantly understands the questioned word and ceases to carry on the two sentences. Seriously, he was suspected of conspiracy. But as far as this reaction is concerned, I guess that's impossible. So Welt, who regained me, inquired the other way with a bright blue face.

"What are you saying? No way... No way, is that really happening?

"Good... you seem to be on my side"

When Kite breathes a sigh of relief, she incinerates < > with determined means. I could tell it wasn't a lie, so I don't need it anymore.

Because they bind their souls, even if they tamper with or cover up their memories with metaphorical magic, they can't lie. He didn't use this to lie, which meant he didn't know anything.

"Yeah... before I explain the situation, can I open the window?

"... oh"

"Now, if you'll excuse me"

Kate opens the window before explaining the situation. So, it was Yuri who came in through a window like that. Thus, as she grew older, she bowed her head.

"Welt, it's been a while"

"Lord Ulysia... are you being moved...?


Welt asks as he opens his eyes to the appearance of the big man who appeared unexpectedly. He didn't expect a big guy like Yuri to be moving.

"Before we talk about the circumstances...... we have a problem here. Is there somewhere... in the Fionel family you're the only one who knows?

"... then leave the city to the east. Come to where greenhouse cultivation is taking place. There are usually very few farmers and magicians in and out of there. Because temperatures are controlled by magic props, they can sometimes be seen around. Even if someone's watching, it's easy to find. It's safe there."

"Okay. Then, as soon as you're done with your work, there you go."

"... Yes, sir."

To Yuri's words, Welt nods with a serious face. Depending on what happens, my parents are in danger of survival. It was natural to get serious. As such, they made a small bet, but managed to find an ally in the Fionel family.