hours after Kite was taken. By the time the sun began to set, the kites had come to where Welt had instructed them.

"Ha... Fine, it was dangerous..."


The two remembered a few hours ago and sighed unexpectedly. I managed to gain an insider by being driven by a slight judgment, so it was okay, but it was dangerous if I took a wrong step. Maybe they shouldn't go to the grave cheaply, and they shake their heads. So, after a moment of waiting, Welt arrived.

"... Lord Ulysia. Thank you for waiting."

"There are no tails or gestures... are there? Kite, stay alert."


When Yuri checks to see if Welt is being tailed by someone, she orders Kite to hit perimeter alert. So I decided to start talking about the situation.

"Actually... it was me who ordered that booze. Lord Wellness and I know each other. Even though it's a secret life, it's in the corner, so I let him drink... I didn't know he was doing such a prank... I wasn't expecting it either."

"Oh, I see..."

To get started, Yuri makes an excuse in advance. Because I don't want them to notice anything unnecessary. Welt also thought it was incredible for a young adventurer to behave. But if this was Yuri's instruction, he was also easily convinced.

Kate and Yuri are partners. If Kate and Welt's ancestors Wellness knew each other, then there was no wonder that Wellness and Yuri knew each other. And if Yuri, who is now ostensibly known for his majestic appearance, this action even seemed extremely natural.

"So, Your Majesty's secret life, what...? What makes us suspect…"

"What I'm about to tell you is, naturally, a covert fate from His Majesty. Metaphor, do you understand that it's not even a matter of telling your family, including your real father, Marquis Fionel?

"I understand. With me, as the last seat of Fionel, the Imperial nobility who was awarded the Viscount by His Majesty. Metaphor Whether the father gives you the love of the father and the son, and the brother preaches the righteousness of the brother, you will not divulge a secret. Whether you take your wife for quality or not."

"… would be good"

Listening to Welt's response, Yuri starts talking about the situation. As such, he understood that it was a more dangerous and significant project than he thought, and as he saw it, Welt's face became tense.

"... ok. Let's work together."

"Thank you. Even as Your Majesty, I am not doubting my minister. I already told you, God doesn't even know where he slept, and if it's based on Lord Shamrock's words, it's time to wake up. 300 years at any rate, so be it. Perhaps in the land of Fionel, there is a good chance that there will be a temple where the god will sleep."

"... thank you"

A welt dyed bright blue in his face lowered his head to rest only just in case from Yuri. Just in case, it's not determined that Marquis Fionel is the killer, and I don't think a nobleman can do that, whether it's kite or yuri, and no other welt.

Because I don't think the royal family or the McDawell family will find out we have a connection to the Divine Clan. If that's what you know, I don't think you'll do it.

But in case there is. The cooperation was supposed to be after they could prove their innocence properly. There is no reason for him to be anxious. I still can't tell if my parents can trust me. To hold it in, it was a little too big a problem.

"In the meantime, as for the Marquis, our investigators are going to be secretly inside detectives. Wait for it. We are going to follow the landmarks and go to the land. Can you tell me about the situation in the area in question?

"Yes... you did mean Fionel or a little east... then my brother Westin is currently ruling. Until a few years ago, my brother Welnest ruled as an exercise to succeed the Marquis, but it was time to remember politics in earnest, leaving Fiore, my father's second city of Fionel, to my brother, who had just completed school..."

"Anything unusual about that brother?

"... no, I'm sorry... the last time I saw you was a few weeks ago, so..."

To Yuri's inquiry, Welt shakes his head. If you ask me in more detail, apparently it rained heavily a few weeks ago and a slightly more extensive earth-sand disaster occurred in the area under his control, so I asked my brothers for help before something unforeseen happened. There was nothing unusual at that time, and I felt a little tired when dealing with the disaster.

"Ok...... thank you. We'll be staying at Fionel's for the time being, while we investigate. We have the tools to examine the power of God, so if we were enemies, we might be taken for granted. That said, as for the day, I intend to go on an investigation. If anything happens, I'll give you this. If you twist the gemstone, you can reward us for an emergency."

"Thank you"

"Then go already. Yume, don't doubt your father. It wasn't his fault."

"... thank you"

When I wrap a pendant handed to me by Yuri in my pocket, Welt rises. So he bowed his head and went back to the mansion he had set up in Fionel.

"Phew...... kite, how was it?

"Hmm... the secret detective was here... but you were pretty, pretty surprised. If the Marquis was black and that spy was a spy watching Welt who knew nothing, I don't think he was informed. And if so, that surprise is a little crude. There was loosening in the cover-up. Soon after that, the Marquis also received a report, and you were seriously surprised. It's white."

Tell Yuri's inquiry what Kate has seen. As a matter of fact, Kite, who was here, was his own, and the main unit was standing by where he could steal the Lord's Office of the Marquis Fionel.

Kate made it look like she was on perimeter alert and was actually secretly following Welt through everything - I don't know about Welt - letting a secret detective slip through it.

Naturally, if the Marquis had been white, any undercover detective who doesn't even think this is happening would rush to the Marquis Fionel for a report. If we don't get suspicious right away, we're still considered traitors. The hero Yuri is on the move. For lying and dodging, it's too vicious.

But on the contrary, if this is an assumed route that is already well known, the covert detective must have been on alert or responding differently. To identify it, Kate and Yuri dared to let it slip away.

"Well, move it instantly and you'll be fine, I guess. White near the marquis, too, I guess. I'm still observing... but there's no way someone's moving. This could be a real normal precursor to awakening."

While observing the vicinity of the Marquis, which is in a hurry and is supposed to give an explanation to Yuri, I give my guess. If this prediction comes true, I'm sorry for the Marquis Fionel who just got caught up in it, but as for the kites, I'm all hail.

Well, as a Fionel family with chilled liver, this is one of the remnants of the war scars that Enefia once suffered, and we just have to give up. Given there, it can be described as the pattern that fits most well.

"I don't know... Ah, kite. It's not a good idea to move too much, so it's time to intervene."

"... no, let's see how it goes a little. If the enemy is an unafraid opponent, there must be no immediate movement because the Marquises know. If you move now, it's like you're exposing yourself as an associate. Then I'll show you a move, right where I left off. If you can think about it, the Marquises won't be here any time soon to explain."

"Oh well... that's right"

Yuri agrees with Kite's explanation. Although it is more likely to be a precursor to Charles' awakening, it has not yet been decided. I couldn't be alarmed.

"So, for the time being?

"Go east and pretend to be the wind you're investigating. If the enemy wants to restrain this move, they'll see it there."

"Rikai. Well, for now, report to Shea."


When they discussed and decided on their next policy, they decided to go back to the inn and contact Shea for now.

'I see... ok. Marquis White, I'll let you know. Your father was a little distracted by the fact that the Fionel family, one of the empire's best farmland and best agricultural technology, would not be lost. "

"Oh. On that point, there won't be a problem. So, is anything different over there?

"Well... as much as Mel's still crying, I guess"

"I'm not crying..."

Reply to Shea's words in a way that would tear her up, as if Mel were exhausted. I could have been in a different room for the sisters, but they live in the same room because I can be with them in the corner. Precisely because Mel's attitude to life was rough during the journey, it seems that Shea embarked on a tutorial as she saw it.

"You're tired."

"Are you okay with doing that all the time...?

"The amount of magic, the amount of carbide."

"It's not just the amount of magic... haha... I wanted to double it later too..."

"Train them to stretch."

Shea reprimands Mel for crying. Mel was currently participating in the research and development of the Magic Conductor as Tina's assistant for a few reasons.

Well, for that reason, it was close to the roundup of Raul and the others. So Raul and the others were superficially, Mel's aides in the study of the ruins, the reason for the dispatch. It was noted that there may still be a special airframe for the special golem found inside the Terrar ruins.

"Armed is mostly omitted, so don't cry. If this is my airframe or something, I'll eat more. My special machine is a rice-eater."


"So... what's the difference?

It's a story derailed by Mel's crying, but Kate fixes it to the original story in Mel's reply. And Shea decided to fix it.

'Right...... for now, the experimental situation remains the same. I'm not in any trouble. Tsubaki, what's the status on those boys?

"Yes... according to regular reports, Sola and the others can arrive in the village of Minado a little later to carry out a sweep operation of the forest. They haven't seen any particular problems, but there's a little bit of goblin. '

Tsubaki, prompted by Shea, makes a report for Kite that she will stand in front of the comms. Shea was doing a roundup of Duke's family relations, while Tsubaki was compiling an exchange about the Adventure Department for me. So, to the words told, Kite sighed.

"Goblins increase as soon as you let them go... this is a lot of woods next to the village. Right... Shall we? Well, that's why you get regular sweep requests. I know it's a lot for Sola, but just tell her to give up. Anything else reported?

"No... I can now crusade the Torrents I encountered on the road alone, to the extent that I was embarrassed..."

Sounds like Sola, I thought, Kite snorts, laughing bitterly but being reasonable.

"Haha...... well, Trent is also a medium demon in Rank C. I have trouble losing...... hey, yeah. Did you say anything about Trent's special behavior that was previously reported?

'No... I thought perhaps you'd forgotten us too...'

Tsubaki answers Kite's query with a bitter smile. It's a conversation where there is no one in person on the boulder, so it's speculative, but if you look at what you haven't said, you probably forgot or didn't act like that. Good for you then.

"Ok...... what's going on with the rest of the adventure department?

"Sakura-sama, go ahead"

'Oh, yes... uh, nothing special makes a difference, right? Mizuki is still in the middle of Leia's training, and Meizuki was trained by Kojiro, right? I'm tired now, so I'm going to bed. Since that Kojiro has been dealing with everyone in the Kendo department and aspiring people for the usual bump arch, is it to the extent that only a little bit here for the last push, the request hasn't turned around...'

"That guy..."

In response from Cherry Blossom, Kite sighed. If you leave a little room, or if you don't put them all together, you'll get around to work, but it's Princess Asahi in Kojiro's condition who has no sights around. Instead of dramatically rising in strength, exhaustion and not being able to get around to anything else was something that hasn't changed since Kate's time.

"Well, is Princess Asahi the only one who says and asks? So, cherry blossoms...... did you manage the cotton candy?

'Ugh... no, you know, the...'

To Kate's tearing inquiry, the cherry blossom just blushed a little and leaned a little lightly. Well, it's not about getting there overnight. Naturally.

"Are you stuck?

'No, for once, it's thinning out step by step... like this...'

"Sure. Then you'll be fine. Keep it up."

Apparently I was practicing off-screen during the report as well. Cherry blossoms raise their hands and show off the results of their training over the past while. That was to the extent that it was originally about the size of a really slightly thinner noodle stick that became a little thinner than a pencil.

But still, growth will grow. Therefore, Kite did not need to give special advice either, he nodded and left it just to encourage him to continue his training.

"Good. So this is it? There's nothing else... The next time we all get together, we'll be a little further. Tsubaki, cherry blossoms. If anything happens in the meantime, let Tina or Shea through. This one stays at Fionel for the time being and continues the investigation. As if they were unharmed."

After a few exchanges afterwards, the kite tightens at the end because it is strong and there is nothing left to report. Besides, the beautiful princesses at the end of the comms machine nod and the communication is cut off. That's how Kate ended the day's activities.