Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 579: Investigation Continued

A few days after finishing meetings with Shea and the cherry blossoms. Kite, who was traveling from Fionel to a slightly larger countryside in the east for a few days today, turned out to be a few days without anything particularly remarkable happening.

"White again today, or... Yuri. Where's Marquis Mansion?

"This one is also white, hey... maybe if you put people in poorly, they could grab your tail from it when they find out or something, so you didn't let them in... don't let them in if you can't, okay, but depending on the number and purpose of the enemy, it's not a bad hand. A secret detective hasn't moved for days, so we're just going around the back, and there's no point in letting a secret detective in the first place."

"If you have enemies in the first place, it's a premise..."

The two sigh at an achievement that never goes up. For once, for the time being, Kate was able to continue the investigation using the artifact to find out where this strange book was. As you can read, it was in the territory ruled by Westin, the third son of the Fionel family.

But I haven't got my hands on the boulder yet. An additional investigation revealed that the Fionels were not the enemy. Because it is impossible to rule out the possibility that the enemy has entered, it was necessary to investigate the situation. Besides, I had to work out a variety of countermeasures, such as if this was a positive move.

"That said... when there is no movement so far, it will be time for the Marquis to make an appointment and move."

"I guess. It's time to go inside and investigate."

Yuri agrees with Kate. It was time for the two of us to start seeing the limits of what we could do alone. Then I thought it was time to enter a suspicious place. Even if we let it prolong too long, this time the damage that happens to the Empire on the contrary may just expand. It was important to identify them.

"Then, within tomorrow, you can make an appointment."

"That's better. If you allow the Emperor through Shea by the end of the day, you'll have your plans vacated immediately.

"I will."

Kite accepts Yuri's suggestion. Already the Marquis Fionel is supposed to be able to move his army secretly, but still without any meeting, and not immediately when I say it.

We needed to get information and plan accordingly. If you're going to move before the enemy moves you, it was time to make an appointment.

"Good. So, that's it for today, give Shea an interim report, and then ask His Majesty to ask for an appointment with the Fionel family"


"Good... then... oh, Shea. It's me. I've got an interim report and something I'd like you to move on."

As a result of the consultation, we decided to go with it, so Kite retrieves the magic props for communication. Naturally, it's Shea. That's how Kate and Yuri ended their activities on this day.

The next day. Kate and Yuri were taking a trip to Marquis Fionel's residence. Well, I already know the situation on the other side, and since I knew Yuri was coming as a messenger, a rather polite response had been received. As a result, a meeting with the Marquis Fionel was to be held shortly.

Marquis Fionel was a man in his late 40s. Although his hair was mixed with gray hair, like his sons, it was brown. His physique seems to be farming himself, and his muscles are firmly attached. The face was a soft object that I could tell would have grown up in an idyllic city, but now it was only a little shabby and a little shabby.

Next to it was Welt, who is an assistant to his father in this city, and Welnest, who is Welt's brother and next Marquis, who was summoned abruptly. Westin, a three man with a suspicious land, was intentionally not turned around and not called out because of the possibility of his enemies.

"Long time no see, Marquis Fionel"

"Yeah, it's been a while. Director of Ulysian Studies"

In response to Yuri's greeting, Marquis Fionel bows his head, looking a little hazy. Still at this point, he did not clearly understand whether he was black or white for the Empire, so there was an appearance of impatience.

"He... you don't have to say it"

"Long time no see, Marquis Fionel"

"Oh, it's you... I didn't expect you to move as a spy..."

Kate and Marquis Fionel used to meet in the Imperial Capital. And naturally he also watched the previous game, so he knew it, and even if a secret decree had been issued, he thought it was not a suspicious strength.

"Well... it would be bad for you to prolong your greetings too long. In conclusion, let me state: In conclusion, you have decided that White and Baron Westin, the three men, are also white."

"Really... good..."

Listening to Yuri's conclusion, the three nobles breathed a great relief. No matter how much you understand your innocence, you're still anxious until you come to a conclusion.

"So, Lord Ulysia. What the hell is going on?

Yeah, I'll explain.

Yuri starts explaining after being asked by Wellnest, who has been relieved and for the time being has been disoriented. Thus, in what was spoken, the two of them, except Welt, could not hide their surprises.

"No way, no..."

"Who the hell did that..."

Fathers and sons look at things that were happening in their own territory but they don't know where to keep them. They didn't feel anything strange, either.

"So next time we go to that puzzling place, we do an investigation," he said?

"Yep. An inexplicable jamming is unfolding in the woods and you'll have to try to get inside. It is very likely an artificial object. If that happens, there is a good chance that the enemy will be there. That's why I want you to move the army. The two of us alone will be able to deal with it, but depending on the number, the remnants could harm the people around us. I want you to lay a siege net."


To Yuri's words, Marquis Fionel nods. This is a problem going on in their territory. It's not something they should have taken the initiative into, but the situation is the situation. If Yuri herself moves, it was the best idea for them to follow it.

"Well... so, on top of that, I want to ask you something. Is there anything strange going on in that forest right now?

"... no, we're on a boulder... let's talk to my third son, Westin"

In response to Yuri's inquiry, Marquis Fionel manipulates the magic props provided for his desk. After several exchanges that way, this again showed a young man with brown hair - roughly in his early 20s - on the screen. Needless to say, it was my third son, Westin.

"Hey, Dad. What's the matter with you?

"Oh, Westin... now for sure, inside the airship, was it?

'Yeah. Right. I'm on my way back from Fiore to Fionel. "

Westin acknowledges Marquis Fionel's inquiry. This was actually what Marquis Fionel ordered. If Westin was black, if he was in the airship, there would be no escape.

Surrounded by the sky. If he specializes in witchcraft more than Al can do, there's still no reason he can do it. Then, according to the free fall, all you have to do later is clash to the ground. At worst, even if we can't capture them, if we shoot down every airship, the problem will be removed for now. I was supposed to think about it.

That said, it also ended in concern, and Marquis Fionel will explain the situation. He thought it was some kind of joke at first, but he was surprised when he was shown there a secret book from Yuri and Emperor Leonhardt to understand it was true.

"No way, that happened in my territory... I'm sorry, Doctor..."

"No. If this is the enemy, it would be a pretty good one. Neither have we enlightened the movement. Well, you should think we're using some kind of special means."


Answer the consolation from Yuri in such a way that you don't know where Westin is. He doesn't have enough practical experience yet. I won't have a choice.

"So, yeah. You know the woods a little west of the city of Filet, where you're based?

"Oh, yeah."

"Have you changed anything in that forest lately?

"Something unusual..."

Westin takes Yuri's inquiry and begins to carry on a few memories with the butler he was taking with him. Then it seems that Westin had a verse that came to mind.

"Oh, speaking of which... a few days ago, didn't you talk about how the goblins are?

"Oh, that was... that was the story of a plea that sweeps because it's been growing all the time."

'No, I don't. Didn't we talk about how fast the pace has increased lately?

'Speaking of which...'

Listening to Westin, the butler traces his memory. Then, apparently, it was about that content.

'Right. Sure, I thought so. But the growth rate of goblins is unlikely to be obvious to anyone. Interpretation, demon. Besides, it's a demon at the bottom.'

'Well, so is that, what... Doctor. The anomaly that I can now think of was, to this extent,'

'... oh, speaking of which... there may not be a relationship, but there is one more thing. Boo, didn't you get a report a few weeks ago that there was a strange shadow?


Come here and wait for details as we embark ourselves on a suspicious existence that we finally see. A few weeks ago, it was still before the Dragon Knight race took place. It was a long time before Orrin came.

That said, that's a race up the country, so I've been busy adjusting toward it for quite a while in some territories, and security has tended to be thin.

And Fionel was in a busy category because this is a busy time of the year due to the relationship between food procurement for the festival. If it was an act of poking through that gap, the muscles went through.

'Oh, is that it... but after that, there was certainly no further news, so I guess the adventurer's party went in at the request, wasn't it?


"That said, I think it's suspicious or suspicious... but can you say anything later..."

Together, I begin to wonder if this is a story that has anything to do with it. When it comes to troubles, it's a troublesome story, but I couldn't help but interrupt it immediately.

Adventurers are the ones who travel. Therefore, in the case of adventurers from afar, even normal outfits may appear in the land that preceded the adventurer, but also in strange outfits in the distance and elsewhere. Then you can't tell if it's a suspicious person or an adventurer from afar. No wonder I hide it with loose clothes all over my body, like I once did in a tenor.

Therefore, if there were no further reports after that, they would have misjudged the adventurer from afar. That means there was no way we could have come to a conclusion when we were talking here.

"... you can't conclude by talking about it... Westin. As soon as you return to your territory, you should investigate this case. We'll set up an army immediately and head over there. Lord Fionel, prepare your troops. We'll be in touch with the McDawell family, ready for reinforcements and access."

"Yes, I did. Wellnest, you lead the advance party with Westin as soon as the airship arrives and start monitoring the woods. Welt, you stay in Fionel, just in case. If you notice that an enemy has been approached, there is a possibility of some sort of outrage in the city. I will lead the main unit to the filet"

Following instructions from Yuri, Marquis Fionel begins to send instructions to his sons. Everyone, I was going to move immediately, was. Assuming the enemy had been moving for weeks, it didn't seem like much time was left.

"Kite. We will address Her Royal Highness Princess Laicia and ask Her Majesty the Emperor to play on it. Fionel, the comms are heavily classified, aren't they?


"I'll borrow some"

When Yuri checks with the Marquis Fionel, she connects it to the communication props she has. Thus, when I sent out the signal of urgency, I immediately received a reply from the other side.

"What is it, Lord Ulysses?"

"It's been a long time, Her Royal Highness Princess Laicia. I have a follow-up report on the investigation."

Let's hear it.

In response to advances from Yuri, Shea begins to listen to the report. By the way, she's polite because there's an outsider named Fionel for once. If it's just inside me, I act like I always do. By the way, that's what happened, so the clothes on the boulder had changed from made-up clothes to dresses early.

'... okay. Let your father play it from me. For infiltration, etc., I am at the disposal of Lord Ulysses. "

"Thank you, Her Royal Highness Princess Laicia"

"About the three sisters, I'll let you head over there. By the time you start, you should be there. Marquis Fionel, one of the airships is on its way from the Duke McDawell house for reinforcements. Understand. '

"Yes, Your Highness."

Marquis Fionel acknowledges the offer from Shea. More reinforcements were better than having to mount an attack in a situation where the identity of the enemy could not be grasped. If that came from the McDawell family, one of the best armed men on the continent, it was even more so. It should be noted that the airship is boarded by a group of leaves. It's already in there, but it was to show itself.

"Now I hope each of you is excited"

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To Shea's words, we all hang our heads together. As such, Kate and Yuri rented a room from the Marquis Fionel to change into their original gear, and the Marquis Fionel rushed to prepare the army.