A few hours after his meeting with the Marquis Fionel. When Kate and Yuri took off their disguised clothes and changed to their original outfits, they were acting mixed up with the advance party, along with Wellnest, the first and third son of the Marquis Fionel.

Because the jamming planted in the woods is quite ingenious, and if it wasn't for Kite, I wouldn't have been able to disarm it. Furthermore, it was important for the two of them to be ready just to get dressed. Enough for strength.

"This is the forest."

"Lord Ulysia, what can you do?


The advance party, who once reached the city of Phelet with guidance from Westin, decides to base its guard post in Phelet for now. Fortunately, the city of Fiere was close to Fionel, and those who left at noon had arrived by dusk.

If you ask me, it seems to be one of the satellite cities for examining the environmental impact of crops. They have several satellite cities like this on Fionel territory.

As such, the same person who retrieved the map at the guard station asks Yuri, who sits on Kate's shoulder. That's how, after taking it, Yuri started thinking about the operation for a little while.

"In the meantime, prepare a force that works at night and stands on your arms. The number of people is 5. With me and him, multiply the darkness of the night to the inside of the junction for reconnaissance. I'll be ready in case."


It is only tomorrow morning that we will move the army in full. Do a reconnaissance, and the flow of the attack will remain the same under no circumstances. So, when Wellnest nodded, he decided to give them a break so they wouldn't find out once.

Hours later. It will be late at night, and the date will change or not.

"Lord Ulysia, can you hear me?

"Yeah, I can hear you. Everybody ready?

Nodding at Westin's words, Yuri asks the kites. The number of people is 5. The composition consists of elves, dark elves, and even soldiers of the Orcs of the cat lineage. When the night worked in the woods, it was perfectly normal for them to be chosen.

"Kate, you take the lead. The others, just in case, can be immediately covered with bows."

At Yuri's behest, Kate cuts ahead. His body was now covered in the pitch-black coat he once used in his battle with Sierra.

Thanks to being homogeneous to the power of the goddess of the moon covering this place, it was blended into the woods, far more than the elves, dark elves and beasts used to in the night forest. Besides, I don't even make footsteps. More than anyone else, my presence was diluted.

"Okay, let's go. All hands, don't be alarmed."

To Yuri's words, when they all nod, there is no sound, into the woods. That way, after a while, we reached the corner where there were the strangest signs in the woods.

"This is where the jamming unfolds, right?"

'... I don't know anything from here... how about that one?

"No… we don't know… but there are signs similar to paying…"

In the wake of Wellnest's words, one of the advance party answers. If Yuri and the others hadn't told me in advance, I would have felt the effects of magic similar to paying for people.

"Perhaps there's a line unfolding that looks straight and slightly deviates. ingenious, very good junction. It just seems artificial."

"Again, there is a good chance that some enemy..."

Following Yuri's reflection, Welnest, ahead of the comms, sighed. It's normal not to notice if you're applying your hands so perfectly so far, but still, it was a shame you turned to the back.

As such, after walking in the woods for some more time, Kite feels strange. The artifact was slight, but it resonated.

"... the school director. I'm a little ahead of the center."

"Please. Everyone spread out and gather information around them."

Feeling Kite's anomaly, Yuri releases permission to Kite's offer. Give me this far, and I can only assume that they've already done something artificially.

So I decided to send Kite to the center and get the rest of us ready to nullify this bond. Yuri was waiting to secure his exit and, in case of an immediate attack, move on. If it's miniaturized, it's hard to find out in the woods at night.

'... kite. Can you hear me?


"The user demon I'm putting on you makes me pause. It'll only be audio from the comms, but watch your surroundings. '

A voice from Wellnest echoes in Kate's ear, who began one advance. In covert operations, secret detectives may be contacted at all times by pasting demons from their command. Especially so close, that was a lot.

That said, if we were to approach the enemy formation, it was more likely that the user demon would be noticed, not the infiltrator. So we thought about approaching the enemy formation and deactivated the user demon to avoid finding out as much as possible.

"... this is... still"

"What's wrong?

"I found a shadow... some religious associate,"

After a short walk, Kate encounters several figures. That said, I just noticed this one, and I don't notice this one over there. Because he hides himself by the power of the artifact, naturally.

The reason Kate affirmed the shadow as a religious associate was simple. Because they were almost all dressed the same way. To a similar extent, you can make excuses within your Adventurer Alliance companions, etc., but I couldn't imagine that a group of adventurers would completely hide themselves wearing a pair of crimson robes from their heads.

"... photographed. I'll attach it to you."

'Got it... how's it going down there?

"... for now, you seem to be around. Now you should stop going in there in groups."

While transferring the photo to the guard station where the Wellnests are waiting, Kate tells the speculation. If I could, Yuri and the others were thinking about coming, but the watch looked pretty good.

Not so much as the power of each individual, but the bad news is that he may have enough magic props to mislead the artifact. If you have any dangerous magic tricks, this one could even be captured. I've never been more vigilant.

'... received. That's a bunch of people I've never seen here... hmm? Some people wear black coats...'

"... right. Apparently, there's some kind of commitment."

Kate agrees with Wellnest, who was watching the footage. In the process of transferring the photograph, I was discovering the existence of another coat of law.

"Dean of the school. How about you?

'This one is no different... but this sign... is definitely with the power of the Moon Goddess'

Yuri seemed convinced that being still was a sign of nostalgia. It is suspicious that Kate should tell him, so he kept his mouth shut.

"Hmmm... a cult group, sounds likely..."


Even as a kite, that's likely, I thought. The enemy is doing this in hiding. It couldn't have been a legitimate group. Because tongue-beating is abusing the power of my lover.

"Dean of the school. Does this look familiar to you?

'... I'm sorry. Nothing... but I think I've seen something...'

Kate notices a print that was painted on part of her coat and asks Yuri at the same time as she photographs it. But apparently she didn't recognize him either. Well, no matter how many yulies you say, you can't possibly understand the pattern of all groups.

'... kite. I've got information on the junction and a set of anchors. Let's retreat.'

"... ok"

While suppressing feelings about beating down enemies who seem to intend to get on board quickly and perform some sort of ritual, Kate follows Yuri's instructions to withdraw. I couldn't act driven by emotions, even though I couldn't grasp the identity of the enemy.


"Well, let's go back to the filet for once"

Seeing Kate come back, Yuri gives the instructions. Little magic items were set up on the heights of nearby trees, and even if this was marked, the metaphorical bond of payment would unfold, so that we could get here without guidance from Yuri or Kate. We shall return to the garrison together.

"Yes, the number of enemies seemed to be high enough to head to the center, so perhaps they were performing some sort of ritual in the center."

"I see... ok. Thank you. You should get some rest."


Following a report from Kite, Wellnest instructs Kite to rest. I was going to ask Kite to join the enemy tomorrow as the main force. Therefore, we decided to make an effort to restore our health.

As soon as Wellnest and the others did their final roundup, they were going to take a break to the extent of their hypnotic sleep. That's how Kite gets out of the guardhouse.

"Shit... I'm glad to hear it... because I'm gonna smash it"

Seeing the night sky, Kate crushes into a mixture of anger. I thought maybe we could finally meet again for the first time in 300 years, after all, it was some malicious enemy action. It was natural to be angry.

"This way, from before the Dragon Knight race, was it moving? Shit... I should have crushed it there, maybe it was..."

Looking at the moon, Kate worries about the status quo, which has turned a little backwards. That said, if this is something that uses the power of Char, there was still some leeway.

Her strongest strength is the full moon. It's also the best moment when the twin moons are full at the same time. It was a crescent moon a while ago, so it was still, far from it.

"Well, okay. What are you going to do, let me ask you tomorrow"

"Master. What about the intervention?

I get word from one leaf to the blurry kite. They are now lurking in the airship that has secretly kept them waiting over the sky. He secretly called them up in the air to keep an eye on them from above.

With cover-up magic spread over 10,000 metres in altitude on boulders, no one, including my own army, would have noticed.

"... yet, I see how it goes. I don't know how the enemy moves. But in times of need, intervene immediately."

"Keep Your Command (Jesus My Lord)"

One leaf indicates acceptance of Kite's order. They're the trump card for this one. In case one leaf and three leaves set up sniping and bombing from high altitude, they were supposed to blow up every magic formation the enemy would be deploying.

"If you're ready, rest now and get ready for tomorrow."

"Thank you"

Finally, one leaf of response, communication is interrupted. Saying it's homunculus doesn't mean you don't need rest. On the contrary, they needed to rest just as much because they were made just like people.

"Good... then I'll take a break too..."

Still, the enemy had no movement. Then it would be a good idea to rest when you can. So Kate decided to head to the room she was given and go to bed.

The next morning. When Kate woke up to the sounds she had heard with the dawn, a Marquis Army main unit, led by Marquis Fionel, had arrived. Apparently, he secretly left before it got bright. According to what I heard a while later, he made it an operation to raid first thing in the morning, and he acted accordingly.

"Kite, when you have breakfast, get ready. I'll be out in a minute."


Listening to Yuri's words, Kate decides for now to wash her face with cold water created by witchcraft and go for breakfast. Fortunately, this time in the military, they prepared breakfast, so all I had to do was go to the dining room and eat.

As such, after breakfast, Kate decided to show her face to the guard post that was in command. Such a command, but naturally, it was moving in a hurry. So it wasn't the senior officers, the Wellnests, who welcomed Kite, but military men in armor packing into command.

"Oh, are you here? You sure, Kate, right?

"Yeah...... what's my role?

"You, with the advance team, break into the interior of the junction one foot away. You infiltrate further into the back as the advance team begins its operations. Try and see if you can undo the bond. If you can't, magically set the anchor. Deal with this so the main unit can get into the center. I went there last night. You're the one I can ask for."

Upon Kite's request, a military member directs Kite's role. Apparently, Kate's role will be on yesterday's extension.

Well, sure, now it's action in the light of the sun. Since the battle was well thought out, it would be reasonable to ask Kite to destroy it, which is much stronger than the other soldiers, and even more capable of covert action.

"Okay. What's the start of the operation?

"About an hour later… it starts at 6: 30. Can you make it?

"I'm already ready."

To the enquiry of the military, Kate grins and nods. When it comes to kite preparation, there's really nothing else like weaving a coat. There is no problem. He grasped that, too, he laughed and nodded.

"Right. If you need restorative medicine, please call the medical team. Make it ready."

"Okay, thank you"

Kite bows her head to an offer from the military. As such, since this was the end of the communication, Kite began moving to the waiting space for the medical team.

I don't think there is a need for restorative medicine. Kate's strength won't hurt you, and you can treat your allies' injuries by magic, but if you're thinking about hiding your strength, you should take the healing pills. Besides, if there were any injuries, we could make them use it. I was reminded that there was no harm in keeping it, and that I was going to lead the Adventure Department.

"Do you know how to use this?

"Yeah, I lent it to you from the Duke's Army a while back in Portland Emeria."

From a female soldier who responded to Kite in the medical squad's waiting space, Kite receives a West Pouch to put her recovery pills in. That is the standard equipment of the Imperial Army, so its use is no different from that of the Duke's.

"The contents are 5 bottles. Take care of yourself."


Kite wears it firmly on her hips following a lecture such as the number of residues in the contents. Kite's clothes were not military, but Kite's clothes were equipped with a special fastener to attach them. As such, Kite decided to be ready and await the decision of the operation.