An hour later, Kite was instructed to play his part in the military command. Kate was in front of the woods again, along with a team of about 20 starters. The purpose, of course, is to enter the ritual sites of strange religious groups.

"Kite, you're acting alone, but... what's the problem?

"None, right? I'm used to it, and your majesty has ordered me to do so."

"Well, I'm a little tempted to blame you for being close to another country, but... I asked for it."

"I'm an adventurer now. I was hired for money. I'll work for about the money."

"It's totally... it's just something. Don't die."

On departure. Towards Kite, a man with the rank of captain of the advance team inspires. Well, there's nothing else stronger about kite than him like that. They grasp it themselves, so there was no anxiety that far. That way, when you make sure everyone's really ready, the captain man uses the comms.

"Command. This is the advance team. We're leaving now."

"This is Command. Be careful. Unbonding, or at the same time as a set of anchors, the main unit enters at once '

'This is Ulysia. In the unlikely event that I use witchcraft in the heart of the junction and the place of thought, I blow every position. If you decide you can't, withdraw immediately.'

"Copy that. Okay, let's go."

When the captain pulls his sword out of the sheath of his hips, he signals toward the one he refrained from behind and starts walking as he prepares to put him into battle at any time. The landmark is the magic prop I set up last night.

Incidentally, the advance team had decided to go into action after entering the junction, so they decided to be careful not to find it until they entered. Fighting the Darkless Arrow Cod could have forced some sort of ritual if it was bad, so he entered the interior of the junction and then made it. Thus, walking slowly while alert for about 20 minutes together, they reached the edge of the junction.

"Beyond that, inside the junction. Everybody ready?

On the verge of entering the interior of the junction, the captain urges all men to confirm. From now on, in some cases, battle can be considered immediately. The preparations were complete. That's how they all pulled out their swords and nodded at the captain's man.

"Okay... well, let's go. Kite, you'll be here in a little while."

"I know, sir"

Kate uses them as a positive move and the aim is to look for the foundation of the junction. Because if you know the type of junction and what you're using, then you can deal with it.

Thus, the advance team enters one foot at a time, inside the junction. That's about a minute late. Almost at the same time as Kate started walking, she heard a man as captain of the advance team.

"We are under the Marquis Fionel..."

The captain speaks out and asks those who are inside the union why they should hold such a bond, and recommends surrender. For once, this is still an attempted stage, and it's largely unclear for what purpose you're doing this.

Maybe they would surrender because they found out - if they surrendered, they would not be able to fight on boulders - so they could not be easily slashed.

"Command. This is Kite. From this, we're breaking up with the advance team and heading for the unbundling."

Copy that. Be careful. '

Kate starts to act when she sees those in hood begin to gather at the advance team, which calls for surrender against a loud and odd group. Just like last night, he's still wearing a black jacket.

That was ideal for hiding because it could turn off footsteps and, if you take it a little seriously, it could transmit light. Even if not, it is difficult for the enemy to distinguish itself from the same appearance. It was suitable for disguise.

"Well... which one, stupid artifact"

The junction here is made by diverting the power of Charles. If so, Kite's artifact will react. So, as usual, Kate asks about the source of power over the artifact. In response to that inquiry, the artifact showed the centre of the junction.

"Over there... apparently, alone"

As for the artifact, which shows one direction without division, Kate makes predictions that this is a single technique, or a junction formed by a magic prop.

As such, Kate follows the guide of the artifact and moves to the centre, listening to the sound of the apparent start of the battle. Apparently, most of the lookouts headed that way when the battle began, and the patrol was quite modest.

"... this is Kite. I discovered a place that seemed to be the cornerstone of the junction... into the investigation."

Kite walks slowly for a while without anyone finding her and finally arrives in the center and space. What was there was a magic formation that seemed to constitute some sort of procedure and the appearance of some magic props placed on the pedestal. The magic team is not in Kite's knowledge, and Kite doesn't even know what the magic props are.

Thus, as Kate stood back and asked the artifact which was the cornerstone of the junction, the artifact showed a treasure-like magic prop placed on the pedestal.

"That treasure ball discovered its magic prop... the foundation of the bond and the magic prop."

"This is Command. What do you say? Destructible?

"No, you should stop. The foundation of the junction is set up in some kind of magic formation. Maybe he's applying this to something. I was wondering if it's the right thing to call a researcher or analyst and let them de-curse."

In response to an inquiry from the command, Kite conveys a guess. As long as there were magic props on top of the magic formation, I shouldn't have gotten my hands on it cheaply.

Because if this is something that affects the pulse, the worst case scenario is, if you unbind it cheaply, magic will overflow from the pulse and it could blow the perimeter. In that case, it would be about Kate and Yuri who could live. At least, the city of Filet with the military on this occasion will be devastated.

'... got it. Now stick with your hands and stick with the marker. And then you guard it dead. The main unit will be entering soon'

Copy that.

On instructions from the command, Kate pierces deep into the ground with the dagger-shaped demonic props she was bringing. It is intended to guide you to this location in cases where it is difficult to penetrate because it is inhibited by this kind of junction.

The marker installed last night placed considerable emphasis on secrecy in order to prevent the enemy from finding out, and once the battle began, it could not be easily used due to the increase in the surrounding magic concentration, vibration, etc.

In contrast, this is likely to be noticed by the enemy, but for that matter, it was definitely possible to get here. The method is simple. It launches a pillar of light on top that has a special effect that attracts people the opposite of paying people.

Therefore, the Hood men, who were defending the foundation of the junction around them, raised their voices to the anomaly that occurred at the same time as they stabbed him.


"Over there! There's someone out there!

"After all, this is what happens... Command, the enemy has noticed. into battle."

'Okay. I'll get you back to cover right away.'

In response to a report from Kite, the command will make preparations with a little haste. The main unit has already left, and just like Kite, the troops to protect the markers would have started to move immediately, but they rushed it even further.

"You... who!?

"I'm a heretic. Kill the heretics."

When we find out what Kate looks like, the odd religious group arrives here at once. Apparently, they weren't markers, but rather angry with what Kate looked like. Apparently, there was a traitor among our own people. but in that way, kite gets grumpy.

"Shit... we're sorry together. Goddamn it, he's a bee messenger. You're not imitating people's gods on your own."

Kate lays a sickle and tells those who speak of heretics and traitors without concealing their frustration. I don't think I believe in the same god - Kite isn't like faith either - but from Kite's point of view, they're the heretics. Kate listens to the thoughts of God and protects them. You're right, Kite.

"Give our God the blood of a traitor!

"Come on. The Apostle of Reaper will deal with you."

Attacks begin to be launched against Kite at once, along with the signal of a man apparently a mentor. Apparently, their aim wasn't a marker, but a kite that made them look the same as they did. Thanks to this, as a kite, I didn't have to think about protecting the marker, as long as I was very grateful.

Well, that's how the battle started, of course, but the wins and losses were visible. In a matter of minutes, everyone who comes under attack will fall to the ground.

"Gu... ugh..."



"Uh... we have to relieve stress... think of God's power to use next. Charles is dismissed. Don't use anything but me and Yuri."

Kite, who has fallen to the ground without killing anyone, tells everyone as she rings her neck. He was protecting a place that seemed to be such an important base. I thought I knew what the ritual was about, so I decided to capture him without daring to kill him.

And at about the same time, a separate unit of the main unit, which was supposed to escort the markers to Kite's, arrives at Kite's place.

"Kite, it's okay... this is... awesome... isn't your match winner's strength Dada, or..."

"Separate squadrons... for once, all the guys that came at us, they just rammed us up."

That's when Kate tried to capture everyone. Suddenly, a slightly different odd bursting sound sounded like a water balloon bursting called Boo, with crimson flowers blooming. One of those defeated by Kite went into a similar act to a suicide bomber.


"Shit! The fanatics! Everybody, hurry up and restrain the limbs! Whoever can seal it, seal it!

Elsewhere in a separate squad that is flared by the decline that has taken place, Kate hurries and seals the magic so that it cannot be used by everyone who still survives. That said, the enemy's actions on the boulder were faster, they couldn't seal everyone off, besides the fact that some of the people hurt themselves instantly when the kites were distracted, and about 30% had already lost their own lives.

"This is Kite! The enemy could be launching a suicide bomber! There is also the possibility that even if you capture them, you will die for yourself! The captivity restrains the limbs and seals them so that no magic can be used on them! Command, prepare shackles with absorbent stones for their captivity! Dean, accept the change to Plan B!

On the sidelines of a separate task force that took me back at Kite's behest and began to act in a great panic, Kite himself will contact the main unit, which would be joining the command and the advance team, while carrying out sealing measures.

Apparently, the enemy is a fanatic who's not going to talk about anything. Since the enemy was the maneuver to capture as much as possible, there is nothing more troublesome for the imperial side to say kite.

There's nothing troublesome about it, but I still can't get any information about the ritual from the enemy, and then it's more troublesome for you. Because if you don't know what this is, you're going to have to decipher everything on your own about how to decurse (dispel) it.

'It will be good. Please carry out the assault'

"Roger! One leaf! Intervention decision! You use captive witchcraft from above! Let Three Leaves investigate the area! Let Erba come down here! Set up an assault with me to capture the remaining enemies at once!

"As commanded (Jesus My Lord). Everyone, out."

At the behest of Kite, the leaves jump off the airship simultaneously. One leaf and three leaves were waiting in the air as they were, and two leaves were part of a raid operation with Kate.

Thus, in less than ten seconds of the thing, Erba descended upon Kite. This time the operation was an operation, so her gear was a small magic armor. Incidentally, one leaf and three leaves are used to support the sky, so the Magic Guide shell is used.

"Erba, attack at once! Mitsuha, show me!

"As you command (Jesus Mylord). Erba, I will go"


Kite, who immediately changed the operation, leaves the captured men to be dealt with by a separate task force, lets Mitsuha provide guidance and starts moving inside the junction with two leaves. If there was any material inside the Order, it was meant to be recovered before it was destroyed.

"Master. Building at Point C-2. Oh, and on point A-5. '

"Copy that. Then we'll get there all at once! Ask Yuri for A-5!

Ok, I'll go to that building from here.

Three leaves appear to have discovered a hut built in haste inside the junction, and contact is made for the three of them. If anything else was out of the ordinary, she was supposed to put in contact with the main unit through the magic props for communication and have them deal with it.

"Right here! Huh!"

Kicked through the cabin door and checked inside, Kite, but what was there was the appearance of several adventurers apparently captured. There is no way to get lost unintentionally in trying to deploy some advanced personnel payments, or maybe they were captured here for some purpose. Therefore, when Kite asks Mitsuha for further enemy defense and Mitsuha for perimeter alert, he decides to untie the Adventurer.

"This is Kite... Command, I've discovered someone who seems to have been captured as an adventurer. Rescue than this."

"This is Command... be careful. It's possible the enemy is turning. '

"Roger... Erba, I need a lookout... are you all right?

"Ah, ah... stick around!

"Wait a minute..."

Apparently, he was injured when he was being captured. Against a facetious female adventurer, Kate takes her recovery pills out of her West Porch and gives them away. Apparently, it was not an enemy because of the way it was done, the injury situation, and the slight harm done to it. He must be the one who was imprisoned.

"Oh, thank you... can you untie the rest of them, too? I don't know your face, but we were captured together..."

"... ok"

When Kate sees that there is no lie in the face of the weary female adventurer, she unties the remaining captive adventurer. I didn't untie them at once because they could have been enemies. In so doing, Kate unties each and every one of the captives.

"Oh... thank you"

"Anyone else hurt?

"No, because that lady over there was the most violent... unless those guys got busted, he didn't look like he was going to get any hands on..."

Looking tired, the last female adventurer I helped answers Kite's question. So Kite realized that it was all women who had been captured. Seeing that they had not done mausoleums etc. would not mean that they had been captured for a humiliating purpose, and not all of them seemed lost.

"What do you mean...?

'Kate, this one looks like the cabin I was probably using for my quarters. I wonder if you've found anything big. "

"Hmm... any women over there?

'I'm not here. This smell... yeah. There's no mausoleum. There's no smell of tragedy. "

In response from Yuri, Kate haunts her head. I couldn't see the purpose of the enemy. And that's where the command contacted me. The message was about the destruction of the enemy.

"This is Command. All hands, the sweep operation is over. All hands, gather in place... '

"... it looks like we should get together and organize the information once, or... Yuri, let's get together. Erba, you go back to the airship and ask for perimeter alert."

"As You Command (Jesus My Lord)"


"Command. Ask for personnel to escort the captured adventurer. This one goes with it, that way."

Copy that. I'll arrange it right away '

Where I was worried about myself here alone, nothing would solve it. With that in mind, Kite waited for personnel to escort the adventurers to the area where they were supposed to meet, in order to interrogate those captured once.