Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 582: The Battle Continues

In the junction that was being imposed by a strange group of people who discovered it in the woods, just outside the city of Filet. The kites succeeded in capturing some of the groups they believed had imposed this bond and were to assemble in the place that had been decided upon. The place was a little open in the woods.

"Are you all right?

"Yeah, thanks..."

Kate lends a hand to the female adventurers getting off the carriage and walks out waiting for them all to get off. They were most likely captured with some intent. He asked them to help him while he waited for the carriage because he might have information. The Marquises of Fionel, who knew the end of the battle, had also already arrived at the meeting point thus reached.

"Were you able to come?

"Um, it was safe, so... rescue, thank you. You're the adventurers captured, aren't you?

Marquis Fionel asks more of the female adventurers who were walking behind her as she twisted Kate's labor. but apparently the other side doesn't know about the Marquis Fionel. So, with vigilance, he asked about his identity.

"... what about you?

"Mm-hmm... it's Marquis Fionel. He's ruling this area."

"Eh... yeah, we were captured by an odd bunch until he helped us"

The female adventurers were just a little surprised when they showed that the opponent was a high-ranking nobleman, but when they saw the flag standing beside them and the Imperial soldiers moving around them, they decided it was real. As soon as I was convinced, I nodded at the inquiry.

"Um... I know it's hard, but I need some answers. Who are they?

"... I'm sorry, we haven't been notified of anything, and I don't know where we are... anyone, you know?

"Me too, you're the same. For once, I remember you traveling in Fionel territory, but... what else?

Everyone else shakes their heads at the inquiry of one of the female adventurers. If you ask me in more detail, apparently they were all brought from somewhere in Fionel territory. I didn't know how to travel because I was sleeping or blindfolded.

So, then a few hours. While they were taking a break, they were to be interviewed by a female adventurer who had been imprisoned.

"The only thing that fits... is all women..."

After noon, we finish our hearings, and the Marquis Fionel crushes. That's really all I found out. Some of the people who were traveling were with them, while others were traveling alone.

Even in the circumstances, he was attacked during his journey, or he was targeted for a moment of alarm all over the city. There was nothing in common. If they still had a few things in common, it was only natural that they were targeted at one place.

"Director of the Ulysian Academy. Is there anything you can tell me?

"No... to the boulder. This is all you can tell from me..."

Wellnest asked me, Yuri, but I just have to shake my head. Even she doesn't know anything about boulders.

"Does that mean waiting for the results of the interrogator, or..."

"You will... what's the status of the investigation into the building that looks like a quarterhouse?

"We are currently moving forward"

Following Yuri's inquiry, one of the senior officers reports the current situation. As soon as the boulder is finished with the sweep operation, You don't even know what it is. And in that place, one of the soldiers came to the report in a slight panic.

"My lord."

"What's up?

"A team was investigating a magic formation in the heart of the junction, and they discovered a staircase that leads to the basement."

"What?... okay. Investigate if there's any danger."

In response to the report, Marquis Fionel begins his thoughts for a little while. The answer came right out, and Yuri hung up.

"Please wait... kite, you can ask"


Upon instructions from Yuri, Kite nods. With Kite, we can deal with almost every situation. It would be reasonable to investigate. And in view of his strength, Marquis Fionel could understand that that was the best course of action. So I'll give you permission immediately.

"Okay. Kate, then I'm sorry, but I need you to investigate. Show him around. Investigation team instruct him to proceed with caution."

"Yes, I did. Over here."


With the soldiers who came to report, Kate heads back to the center and where the magic team is. There the altar was only slightly deflected, and there was certainly a stair-like structure. The structure is dirt, and I could understand it just by seeing that it would be sudden.

"Then I'll take the lead. You guys, after that."

"I asked."

The soldiers nod at Kite's offer. Nobody's in there yet. It was no surprise what happened, so there was a sense of vigilance in everyone's face. but the worry was vain, only about 10 meters down the stairs, nothing happened and we reached the bottom floor.

"It was just in a straight line, or... but what, this place..."

"The stone room... sounds like..."

To the words of the captain of the investigation team, Kite answers as he sees it. The bottom layer was a slightly open space of stone. That said, the pine lights that had apparently been installed had disappeared. There was no other light, so the captain ordered his men to use lamp-shaped magic props. As it is, the investigation is irresistible.

"Somebody, ask for a light... eh!

Not just the captain, but the breathtaking sound of everyone echoes inside the stone room. The size is a cube of 5 meters square and the materials of the walls and ceilings would be ordinary stones,. but that's not why they breathed. The reason for this was that it existed on a pedestal installed in the centre of the stone chamber.

"Sacrifice...?... Shit... bad chest..."

Kate's abominable words echo inside the stone room again. On the pedestal was the body of a female adventurer whose knife was piercing her chest. When I saw the blood clotting, it seemed a little after death.

That said, it was not rotten yet because it was a relatively cool stone room compared to outside the middle of summer, so the time would not have elapsed until then.

"Now you know why the female adventurers were kidnapped... Captain, can you get in touch?

"Oh, okay. Let's contact command... this is the investigation team. Command, respond..."

Upon Kite's offer, the captain's man will tell him about the stone room he discovered and the status of the body placed in its center, etc. In the meantime, Kate decided to go with the investigation team to investigate the stone room.

"Who has a 'cold stamp'?

"Oh, yeah, it's me... there you go"


When Kate receives a bill from one of the soldiers to store the body, known as the 'cold stamp', she affixes it to the chest of the body, which remains resting on the pedestal. Keeping the body at very low temperatures was meant to impede the progression of decay.

They can't move the body cheaply more than they don't know what ritual was performed. But even as it is, it would be pathetic towards the dead. It was a deal for that.

"Rest in peace, sleep"

When Kate closes her eyes, which were open with fear, hands together, praying for its blessings. Along with that, the facades of the investigation team also pray, in their respective forms, for the blessings of the dead. Thus, once we prayed for blessings, the investigation team resumed its investigation.

"... this is..."

Look at the tattoos engraved on the wall. Just a little on Kite's head, I have a bad feeling. The inscriptions appeared to be more precise inscriptions of objects embroidered on the back of the cult denomination robes. It wasn't like I knew, but I had seen similar prints.

"A little different... but if this is something unique to this denomination..."

"You figured something out?

"Guess, but... I've seen a tattoo resembling an ancient civilization..."

Answer the inquiry of one of the fact-finding teams who noticed how surprised Kate was, to the extent that Kate was unsuspecting. To this extent, it is not doubtful that Kate and the others know the purpose of investigating the heritage of ancient civilization.

"Ancient civilization... which, is it?

"Perhaps, Loomia... the details are not researchers on the boulder, so whatever..."

Kate answers the question, reflecting only a little. but I didn't know the details on the boulder. This was half true. This is a combination of two crests, half of which I know. Needless to say, it's a sign of the goddess of the moon. That said, the other half, I didn't know.

In the meantime, when Kate took the photograph and finished the investigation to make sure there was no danger, the captain hung the order.

"Hmm... for now, let's go back up there once. Professional investigations should be left to the experts. Kite, are you okay with that, too?

The captain tells Kite that he still looked bitter observing the tattoos that were engraved on the wall. Besides, Kate looked back.

"Right... right. Okay."

All right, everybody out.

Seeing Kate's acceptance, the captain starts climbing up. So we went outside once and told the soldiers who were waiting outside that they were safe for now.

Then, for a few more hours. The Marquis, who decided to conduct an investigation based in the city of Filet, had begun setting up positions in the woods in parallel with the investigation, in case they thought of recapturing this ritual site again.

Meanwhile, Kate and Yuri, who cut up the position on the way up, were to report directly to Emperor Leonhardt, along with Marquis Fionel.

'I see... okay. Likely it won't end on the spot alone, and...'

"Yeah... the magic formations that were engraved on that ground are very likely connected to some place. That was sending the magic of the ground vein somewhere. It must have been deep, that's why. The ground pulse here is relatively close to the surface. I guess that's why they targeted me. I don't know where that is until I keep investigating..."

Following a report from Kite, Emperor Leonhardt sighed. Apparently, it was developing into an issue that seemed rather deep-rooted.

And that's the time. The communication was forcefully interrupted. I didn't even have to think about it. It would be about Tina who could do that.

"Kate, can you hear me!?

"Hey... don't interrupt the top communications network in an instant..."

'Not in that case, fool!

"For now, calm down. Don't be in a hurry, but it's your teaching, isn't it?

On Tina's sword screen, neither Kate nor Emperor Leonhardt accidentally opens their eyes to reveal their surprises. Apparently, how hasty the case is. As such, once Tina calms down, she conveys the information to Kite. That was a surprising piece of information to do with Kite and Emperor Leonhardt.

"... discovered in the Duke's territory the same artifact that your Lord discovered there. Fireflies are currently gathering information over the sky. There's something else that Sola and the others discovered. Even here, apparently, I ran into the same group, destroyed them, but... thank God, a few village daughters were kidnapped, apparently. I'm putting out a rescue request. '

"Become!? Kidnapped!?


The surprise voices of Kate and Emperor Leonhardt echo at the same time. And with that in mind, they finally got a point together. At first, the artifact was lost because at the same time it was disturbed, there were several originating sources. I don't know where that is, but I couldn't help it.

And now a ritual venue has been discovered east and west of Maxwell and north. It was inevitable, then, that there would be a ceremonial venue to the south, which was very likely. It would be more unnatural to think that there is none.

"I mean, there's at least two more, you know..."

"Let the Kingsguards out and conduct an immediate investigation into the heavens and the earth. At the same time, let us order the Maximilian family to carry out a search in the territory '

Apparently, to the conclusion reached by Kite, the Emperor Leonhardt also appeared. He also rushes to send instructions to his men, while immediately starting to get his hands on them.

But that wasn't enough. Kite's territory lies at its northernmost point. The south is heaven only slightly adjacent to Maximilian territory, but not without noble territory to the south.

"Your majesty, even more so to the nobles of the South, an order of inquiry. There is no regularity in distance. There can be twelve possibilities south of heaven. Plus, not just four. There are still twelve possibilities."

'That too... okay. What about the public?

"In the meantime, I will head to the ritual site that I was found in the village of Minado by airship. That's the thinnest thing there is. It could be taken back. We'll need to rescue the kidnapped villagers, and we'll need to get new information on the enemy. If my people are there to keep the army alert for the whole realm, I'll be the best one on my way."

'I'll take care of it. In an emergency, I'll ask the public's family for help, okay?

"Thank you. We'll get back to you then."

Upon his reign from Emperor Leonhardt, Kate hurriedly tries to leave the scene behind, and, uh, stops. That's it, it's not.

"No... it's not enough... this. Then it's not enough..."

"What's up?

"No... that surgical ceremony, somewhere, was to send magic converted at that altar. If so, there must be somewhere."

'Right!... So where are you going...'

The Emperor Leonhardt also remembers what Kate remembered. Originally, this was an altar for sending. That means this is where it starts. Without an end point, it would have been suspicious.

And the end of it, I don't know. If the altars found by Sola and Tina are the same, they will not be left behind. This one just keeps going around the back to find no home base.

"Don't even think about it, or... Your Majesty. In the meantime, I was wondering if we should inform the nobility east of Fionel of our exploration '.

'... if this is the end of the east, is it likely that the enemy's home is between McDawell at the end of the west... OK. Let's give life to the noblemen in question here. Fionel, send instructions to all your troops immediately. It is highly likely that the enemy has already understood this move. We have to clean it up as soon as possible.'

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Following instructions from Emperor Leonhardt, Marquis Fionel begins sending the instructions he had in mind as he listened. I had some doubts about the conversation between the two of them, but now it was as critical as that didn't matter.

"Your Majesty. I will head back to McDawell to the woods where I found him, as I was earlier. In the meantime, I want information on where I'm finding it. Maybe we have information on the enemy."

'Okay. Lord Ulysses, you need help with him, too. "


Following an order from Emperor Leonhardt, Yuri also begins to travel following Kite. Thus, the first case came to an end, and the next case was to follow.