Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 585: Gathering - The Hobbyist Livers

After recovering the special exterior. Tina was returning to her own room in the Duke's residence when she brought the special exterior into her own laboratory and began to hang it on specialist demonic props for analysis.

"So I'm going to finish collecting and renovating"

"Do as you please."

"Mm-hmm. So your lord loves it."

Tina nods happily against Kite, who laughs a little bitterly but gives her immediate permission. In this case, many tops would wait for some sort of deliberation, but in Kite's case, permission was given immediately.

Well, I know it's useless because I can't even do it on my own until I get my permission down, and if I'm going to get my permission down anyway, the paperwork will be fine later. I'll have the paperwork submitted firmly later, and unless Tina forgets, she'll submit firmly.

"So. I didn't put you in touch for that."

'Fine, I think it's important... well, good. So, what?

"By name. I don't know what to..."

Moving the girl-type special golem to the position visible from the kite, Tina asks about the troubles. No matter how you scratch it, Kite's safety is paramount, so let's talk to Kite about it.

"Name, hey... hope?

"No, Master"

In response to an inquiry from Kate, the girl-shaped special golem wipes her neck. I would have liked to adopt it if I had, but she still didn't have enough emotion to prescribe her own name.

"Phew... that would be a very troublesome naming job..."


"No, I don't apologize, but... well, with fireflies,"

After some consideration, Kate tells him the name she came up with for now. Since a good name appeared outside, Tina looked a little surprised and inquired about her coming.


"Hotarumaru Kunijon"

"Why that choice..."

Hotarumaru Kunijon is one of Japan's famous swords. Originally, there was an anecdote that the blade repaired itself after taking the spiritual test when the blade was missing in the defeat. The spiritual experiment was the dream that the bearers gathered in their dreams to fix the missing knife, and since then it has become known as the Fluorescent Maru.

"There's something else, but... you look like a man when it comes to abbreviations like Alondite or Longomiant, and Toranaga's Kids Che 'an Tsuba is as a name, Rebel... if you're a firefly, how about cute?

"Get away from the weapon..."

"I'm sorry, with a boy"

To the bitterness from Tina, Kate turns that way as illuminated. That said, it didn't mean anything, and the name Firefly wasn't like her.

And I didn't take it from the weapon without any abbreviations. The three sisters have armor to protect me. Aigis is a shield to protect the city I use. By contrast, I'm the sword that wields the extraction and makes you rise in rank. Shields and... That's why it was derived from fluorescent circles. Besides, you have that self-repair feature over there, right? You're just fine. '

"... don't be surprised, Lord..."

Tina unexpectedly blinks at the rather serious opinion that came out of Kate. He seemed to think nothing of it and was surprisingly well thought out. So against the surprised Tina, Kate puts her chest up with a doya face.


"Well, if you're thinking about it, that would be good. Then the Lord will now call you Firefly."

"Oh, I'm Through"

Copy that.

Girl-type special golem revamped fireflies recognize it as their own name on orders from Tina. And that's how I thought I'd name it, what did the lords before it call it?

'No, fireflies. What did they call you at the lab you were at?

"Huh... Dolls Sevens, and"

"Sevens (7th)? What do you mean?

Tina tilts her neck to the number and name that came out of the firefly's mouth. Dolls would refer to the doll as it is, because if it has a number, it must mean something.

"The machine is the seventh aircraft developed. So it's Seven."

"... hey, wait... you exist six more planes..."?

"I affirm."

Fireflies nod in response to a query from Kate who had a bad feeling and pulled her cheeks. She wasn't one-of-a-kind, one of several, apparently.

That meant that somewhere in this vast Enesian continent, there were at least six special golems for girls like her sleeping. It was also natural for Kate's cheeks to draw, knowing her prowess well. but there was still more to the information.

"but I will partially deny it. Consolidating the information when the machine links to the base, four of the six special golems outside the machine have already been lost. It should be noted that after the machine, it appears that two aircraft were developed as escorts to the Rhine Emperor, but both were seized at the escape of the captive Ixphos, just before the input of the priority. At the same time, development materials were discarded, so development stopped after that."

"Sasa but Your Majesty! Different eye base!

To the information obtained, Kate raises her hands to praise. I mean, most of it's already lost. If you only have two planes left, you won't have to be frightened of the possibility of encountering them.

Anyway, the Mars Empire held much of the continent in its hands, and at the end of the day, rebellions broke out everywhere. It would be astronomical probability that fireflies alone encountered it. but one thing there, I had my doubts.

"Mm-hmm? If so, why isn't that number eight and number nine in the Empire?

"It's in the treasure trove of the Imperial Castle, isn't it? So, the pattern is that nobody knows how to use it. Or are you turning me into a figurine without listening to my orders, mainly because of His Majesty the First? The most likely thing is to have been used during the Great War and destroyed? Your Majesty would have used it. Coalition wars are more intense than rebel wars, so it wouldn't be suspicious if they were destroyed."

"I see..."

Following Kate's guess, Tina nods. Sure, so much power. There was no reason not to use it, and if not, no one was likely to know its value.

"I deny it. If the timer of the machine is certain, after interrupting the signal once in Emperor history in 1764, the signal was confirmed inside Terrar base in the late 1800s. Communication is interrupted again in a few hours. but we have not received any reports of destruction at this time"

"Emperor history... what year did you turn into imperial history? I know nothing but a unified history."

"I know that the Mars Empire perished around 1720. Details are scattered, so I don't know. Well, I'm not sure I've been on your side for about 40 years. Considering the number of years between His Majesty's reign and his death, it would be good to see that it matches... and then alter it into a unified history. Emperor history is not used anymore."

Copy that.

Following instructions from Tina, Firefly begins to change all the years in his own knowledge from imperial history to the unified history currently in use throughout Enefia. Meanwhile, Kate and Tina decided to keep speculating.

"If that's the case, I'm still worried about... the drive in 100 years. What happened here..."

"You, you're active there, aren't you? Don't you know what it is?

"Ugh... nothing's happening, I don't think..."


While pretending to think with Tina, Kate was able to make all the assumptions. I guess that was when Emperor Ixphos came here. It wasn't in the footage, but I guess we were together then.

Anyway, Kite just walked in and the ruins came back to function and set off an alarm. But Ixfoss was through with it. I mean, those two planes were still active, and I can only assume that they had mastered the base system to keep him safe.

And with that in mind, I can also understand why Ixphos was able to get that blueprint. I had the real thing, because. I guess I analyzed the actual thing and determined the blueprint. Anyway, his wife was the chief researcher, Justitia. I didn't think I could.

That said, I won't let that be revealed in front of my daughter. So Kate decided to stray from the conversation before it even occurred to her there.

"Well, I don't even think about it, do I? We were born before. Maybe there was a battle that His Majesty the Emperor or something was hiding with some intent. We didn't inherit all the information from our predecessors either."

"Well, maybe... um. So let's end this now."

Tina also convinced herself that it was no wonder we didn't know about it. Pan, slap your hand, and switch your mind. I didn't originally contact you to talk about this.

"Well, in the meantime, I've been working on a renovation plan... so I've come up with a few ideas, and I'm going to create a further development for the Magic Machine."

"Make a special machine first, then..."

"There's enough loading as it is now! I want to build a turret like that! Do you want to use Queen Emelia's main cannon?

Tina is the most excited of the day and asks Kite. Apparently, the turret mounted behind that special exterior had something very appealing to her heart. To Tina like that, Kate had no choice but to give her a dry laugh.

"haha... you're stupid"

"A compliment!

In response to Kate's shuddering 100% remark, Tina arms up, breasts up and affirms grandly. And even more, it makes me feel excited.

"I'm thinking about a lot of other things... but on second thought, I don't even make a deformation mechanism! It's not a good place to drop one hand! Super huge swords are good too! How about building a big sword that's 150 meters away!?

"I'm not here. He said he could make it that far."

There is no need for kite in Tina's words, I assure you. Or in his case, I can afford about 13 kilometers. If it were anything, I would try to rip up room for about one little star. In a way, Tina gets seriousness from the story. Did Tina get the poison out of her, and she pointy her mouth in a obstinate manner?

"What, I'm bored... so why don't you just put it on the redom?

'But when you get home, give Jack some advice. America is currently in the advanced system, trying to build a massive people-type showdown weapon.'

"We already have MBT-sized man-made weapons. Inevitably, I can say... well, the Magic Shell is either that's the Big Book, or the rest of it has been reverse-engineered from the outside and remainder improved, so..."

As a matter of course, Tina and I sometimes develop something with reference to Earth's technology. The spacecraft Tina developed after her return was precisely made with reference to the aerodynamics of the Earth, and in fact, the Magic Guide Shell was one of them. And that's how he calmed down because he was delayed in his memorabilia.

"Well, Redom is not a lie. In battles between magicians, you can think of electronic warfare. That said, either way, we're going to have to develop something late, protagonistic that further improves the dedicated plane..."


Kate tilts her neck to the odd saying that we just have to develop it out of Tina. If he wants to develop it or needs to develop it, he's used to hearing it too. Anyway, Tina used to say - mainly the former - there is.

But I wondered what it meant to have to develop it. And to such a kite, in a slight light, Tina answered as she looked at the next room.

"... blah blah blah blah... the presence of the Magic Machine has been found out by Orr"

'... ha... then get in there. You're in the next room anyway, aren't you?

Kite, these are the two most likeable combinations in your technical squad. Tina improves on the interior surface, Ore improves on the exterior surface, and the two of them run wild, making a lot of weapons.

This was coupled with a massive number of Mad Scientists who were able to advance the centuries-old technology of already capable steel airships during the war. So the next moment in Kate's words, the door opened up vigorously and a little girl appeared.

"Hey, General! You smell like water! If you're doing such a funny thing, ask me out too!

"Well, that's why... I'm writing up blueprints now... right?

Maybe, beside the waving oar, Tina presents her blueprints and thoughts as she tongues adorably. I'm still on the verge of writing, but it was already separate from the current Magic Machine.

"Er... Implementing < > on the Magic Machine... this is, well. Next up... with a protective system... if you can mass produce it, don't change the history of the big magic armor, hey... I want to make a sword that turns from a knife to a great sword with liquid metal... you want me to say chesto you, but scream? Etosetra Etosetra... '

In the meantime, they've lined up what they want to do. It no longer presented the appearance of all the rides. Well, at least, Kite's the only one who can move this stupid stuff properly where it's practical. Instead of developing it as a kite-only machine, the result theory was that it would become a kite-only machine.

And I found something in there that I didn't have to make new, so Kate decided to ask the two of them.

"So, why < >?"

"I want to do the final depths of a certain genre oriental. Naturally, everything to the heat end, bye. Oh, my God, Master Voice is on board."

"Because I make rocket punches"

Tina and Orr returned a hobby-filled answer when they asked what seemed to be possible. but even if you say that, unlike the special exterior of a firefly that you find necessary, this one is not whether you admit it or not.

'You think I'll admit it?

"You wouldn't admit it."

"Yes, sir."

To Kate's smiling inquiry, the two of them nod with a smile. If they were to say whether such a hobby-filled waste could also be allowed to develop a futile magic machine, that could not have been the case.

but we both understand that from the beginning. We've been dating a long time, and it's very deep. And just because I understood, these two couldn't have stopped.

"And so I say..."

"Doesn't everyone look like they're having fun, because, General!

"Wait, no! Everybody, who, everyone!

Kite puts a thoughtful scratch on the word told by Orr. Well, he understood what was going on at this point, too. And then the door opened again. Besides, not one or two people came in, more than 10, were.

"Admiral! Long time no see! I don't think I have enough hands, so I brought in a kid born in 300 years, and I'm gonna rent a room!

"Kite! How are you! You're trying to do something funny!

"Kid! I borrowed a lady from the residence permit process, but it's not a problem!

"Oh, here we go. So I gathered them all together!

When he sees the countless facial acquaintances who came in with Zukazka, Orr tells Kite. I knew all of these guys, Kate, too. Of course. All of them, of their former own people, it's also the face of the tech squad.

He's a fellow Kite, so, naturally, he has a wide variety of races and ages. Only the guy who lives on this spot in the boulder right now, but worst of all, he's on track to order Kite - not a request - and even the guy who's already dead will call him in. And at the time this face was aligned, Kite had no way to stop it.

'... Huh. Do as you please. Then wake me up with a breakthrough in technology and put my money in the Duke's house at best...'

"Say it! General, permission has been given to you by the General! We're staying here!


Following Orr's decree, everyone gets tempered. Of course. I got permission to do whatever they want. You'll be motivated.

If there is only one thing that Kate is thankful for, it is usually gathering faces that cannot be gathered for a variety of reasons, so at present, the McDawell family's technical skill will bring further breakthroughs into the flying technology of being a certainty. The profits will certainly far outweigh the materials lost by making them on their own.


"Kite, I know you're scared... but you're actually the most shabby lord I've ever seen."

"Hahaha! Don't deny it. So let me tell you something. Can you make a piece that will satisfy me?


Everyone answers the order sounded after Kate's high laugh with a similar invincible grin. And so began the rampage with no one to stop.