Day three after launching a sweep operation in the woods near the village of Minad. It was supposed to rain this morning, so I planned to take a break during the middle of the day, but apparently, the weather forecast was off. It was cloudy, but there were no signs of rain.

"It's cloudy, but... you can see the sun a little out of the gap..."

"If it looks like this, it won't rain yet. The wind does not contain moisture. I know it's close to rain because the featherworms are coming down a little... but it won't rain all day."

"Oh... Thankyou, Nanami"

"Yeah, he said good is good. It's easy to tell when you're farming like this."

Sora smiled and thanked me, and Nanami shook her head happily. With regard to the sensory objects on the boulder, they have a day long to work at the farmhouse. I grew up in the countryside for over a decade. That view is accurate and you can believe it.

Besides, it's off the hook, sweetheart. When I say to the man in question - she has a thick blood of the beast man - the weather doesn't make sense. Predictions are predictions, predictions.

"... okay. Then should we gather them all together and work today?"

Sola thinks a little and decides not to take a break today, but to do the work a day early. Fortunately, we're still in the middle of breakfast, and it's a situation where we're all gathered. It wasn't a bad situation to notify.

That's how Sora communicates it together. Well, there was dissatisfaction from the students, but from Fuko, who was an adventurer from the beginning, there was no dissatisfaction. Because it was only natural for adventurers whose various behaviors were susceptible to weather to try to move in as good a weather as possible.

And seeing the satisfaction of those who were adventurers from such a source, it would be a good influence for the students to look back at themselves as if they had not yet reached it. Seeing such a situation, Sora is unwittingly impressed.

"He... you've been looking so far...?

"What do you mean?


Sola tells Yuri about the changes she noticed earlier on the student side. Disgruntled students were briefed by boys and girls who were originally adventurers from the side. With that in mind, Yuri also sees the students convinced.

"What do you think..."

If you ask me if I'm thinking about it, I don't think about it that far, and I feel bitter, and because there will be places where we won't see them alone, I opened the door wide to encourage change. I also feel like I would be given it back because I wanted it. That's where you won't know until you ask him.

"Well, shall we hear that when we get home? In the meantime, if you eat, decide on your crusade route for today, and you'll behave."

"Well, yes. Eat well and try your best."


With the rice handed to him by Nanami, Sola heads to the table with Yuri. By the way, Nanami is here because she's cooking for the adventurer.

Well, because the adventurer side has so many people, it's a hassle to cook one dish at a time, and I can't entertain anything, so the village side prepared the dish for me. Nanami was one of the waiters. Other village wives and village daughters were joining in to cook. This happened all the time.

"Well... then, today and today, we're going into the woods."

"There you go."

"Ah, am I in the house today?"

When I went to return the plate after dinner, Colin and some of the kids were just out. There were many adults, and many parents were here. Only at this time there is considerable movement of people to and from here, so it was agreed to go outside on the condition that this would be the case.

If you hold it down too long, it's possible that the kids won't be able to stand it this time and will go out on their own. Even for the village chief, the Duke's house was busy and it was going to take a while, so I had to allow him to go out in moderation. That is what I would call a compromise.

"I'm not complaining. If you wash your clothes, I'll be right back. I don't have any farming today, so I have to study, right?

"Yes... oh, I'd love to play outside..."

"Tell him to give up. And this is the land of the brave, isn't it? Soon we'll be able to play outside."


To Sora's words, Colin snorts, though unacceptable. I know as much as he and my father are tingling right now. I am also slightly aware that my mother, a former adventurer, keeps an eye on herself. I don't want to bother you, but I was still in a different mood. That's how Sora goes on.

"Besides, if there's a problem with the woods, we'll take care of it. So wait a little longer."

"Yeah... brother, do you mind?


Sora smiles and nods at Colin's words, which seem rather stressful and dissatisfied. Forest surveys are also conducted in parallel there. This was about half a service, but at the same time it was part of the job.

If there are such people - especially demons - it's because if you don't crusade, you won't get the job done. Even though the request was to ensure the safety of the forest, missing it was not a job completion.

Well, for once, they haven't even been told to crusade because ensuring safety is a top priority, but they have an obligation to report. And even grasping the cause would be quick to deal with.

"Okay. Well, we'll be ready, so go home with care, okay?


"Well, good luck with that"

While listening to Nanami's encouragement and Colin's dissatisfied voice on his back, Sola and Yuri decide to head back to the campsite to get ready. So we rushed a little bit to prepare for today's battle and headed into the woods.

The sweeping area that day was dominated by the south. Well, it goes without saying why, because it's close to the village. I thought I'd strike my hand early.

"< < Kusanaginotsurgi > >!"

Today and today, a slash comes from the insertion blade attached to Sola's left arm. The ground isn't bad because it hasn't rained yet, so it was well stepped in and the offense was excellent.

"More in a row!

Sola wields her left arm even more continuously. Basically, I leave the sweep of the miscellaneous fish to other faces, and this is not like a series of fights where you don't have time to take your recovery pills as before. So Sora did not hesitate to knock in a series of weapon moves (arts).

"Sort of. Don't let it get too burdensome."

Sola, who buried Trent three times in a row, stops the slaughter there. Essentially, the pseudo-weapon moves (arts) that Sola and the others can use for a moment when considering the depletion of weapons. That doesn't change where the quality of the weapon has increased.

No matter how enhanced, the weapons used by Sola and the others are at the hands of men. It was the mountain of Sekiyama that collapsed without even a bit if the heroes used it and copied such a mighty power, albeit a dead copy of the power of the weapon that led to the divine domain.

"Okay. Well, here..."

Having finished Trent's crusade, Sola pierces several rod-shaped magic props on the spot. Today is the same as today, and what we do is no different. No, I'd be in trouble if it changed.

"Uh... now this point is over,"

Sola puts a peke mark on the map she brings. If you don't write down where you stabbed the demon prop, you don't know how much range you attacked. There is also the possibility of using magic props in vain.

For once, this magic item has been handed over by the Duke's house - the client is the Duke's house, not the village of Minado - including spare parts, but still finite. I should have made as little mistake as possible.

"Uh... 100 meters north of here next?"

"Mr. Sola."

Canaan and Charming approached Sola, who was looking at the map and the compass and checking the next point to head to. They watched the whole thing move and it was their role to hang fixes on it. That it came here must have caused some discrepancy in the movement.

"It's a little off"


"This is the route I've been walking... here, see. It's slipping from left to right."

Following Canaan, Charming presents his smartphone magic props to Sola. What appeared on the screen was something that revealed the same current location. Apparently, he was starting to fall apart a little to the left and right.

Well, they're moving through the woods without a mark. With the battle against demons, we would not be able to go straight ahead, so it was considered that only a few march routes would follow.

"... that? I should have been watching the compass... wait a minute. Let's gather them all once."

Presented with a formation that was beginning to spread across the board by the charm coat, Sola laughs like a little illuminated, but uses a marker to hang the assembly on everyone. Let's get together once and make adjustments again.

"What's up?

"No, it's a little uneven. Fix it once."


This is the job. I have pride as an adventurer with them. Therefore, as soon as we understand the situation, we will be convinced to wait for everyone to assemble and make adjustments again. Then another hour later. Sora noticed the discomfort.

"... uh... that?

"What are you doing?

Lateral Yuri asks Sola, who frowned at the roots of her eyebrows while looking at a smartphone type magic prop. but Sola took it into account just a little more than answering something. She was Sola's escort when this happened.

"I knew it was suspicious..."

While manipulating the smartphone type demonic props, Sola reviews the routes she has come to. The work done so far was about 20 kilometers from their entrance area to the centre, and since we were going to proceed to fill a 90 degree fan-shaped area, the majority of it was over. but I came there and the discomfort became clear.

"I didn't put you in the center...?

Sora's view of her marching situation shifted a little in the western direction, as if avoiding the center. I was always doing it while watching the compass, and even checking my current location with a little bit of smartphone type magic props in response to a charm allegation an hour ago. It was weird because I checked there.

"That's suspicious..."

"Solar. For now, you should collect it. Okay?

"Oh, well..."

In response to allegations from Yuri, Sola gathers everyone at the marker again. Now I can't overlook it as uncomfortable with boulders.

"What's up?

"No... I'm a little off west,"


Earlier, he said it was uneven and made a correction. Yet when I heard the results that were off, I was surprised at the same face.

"Does anybody feel any strange signs?


To Sola's inquiry, each of the assembled together faces and tilts his neck. No one felt like they were manipulating recognition with witchcraft or something. That's how I tried to worry about Sola a little bit, but then the pounding droplets fell off there and I looked up.

"Ah, rain..."

"Shit... I'm a little early on schedule today, but should I cut it up here"

I'd like to get to work on the center, if possible, but the rain is coming down. If I think about going back, I wouldn't appreciate it if they took my legs off to the soaked ground, or if I was hit by rain and had a cold body to influence my work the day after tomorrow. So Sola decides to cut up her thoughts and make her work cut up.

"Everybody, just fine, we're going back today -!


"Let's hurry! If we don't hurry up, it's gonna rain!

"My hair! My hair gets wet! I'm proud of you, Chemomimi!

"Mind your clothes!

"When I get wet, I can say it because I don't have a hard time drying it!

It will still be far from the main descent at the level of pomposity, but it is still starting to descend, and this is more than 20 km from the village of Minado. It's not like I can go back soon. So everyone decided to rush back into the woods in a little hurry.

That night. After finishing dinner early, Sora decided to contact Kuzha because she tried to report it to Kate, but could not reach her.

"Oh, I see... you're in a mess over there."

'Yeah... well, anyway, as far as we're concerned, I'm glad they found us over there. The crusade begins tomorrow morning and everything should be cleared up by noon. At the same time, we plan to lower our alert levels.'

To the words from Kuzha, Sola caressed her chest down with relief. I suspected that the discomfort in this forest might have something to do with Kite. I put my chest down because of the idea that if Kate cleared it up better, this is the next missing person case.

"Well, when you're done, can you work on this case, please?

'Yeah. You've also received this information about the missing persons case, so start responding immediately. Well, I know it's a generous demon if it looks like this... but from time to time, there are demons that expose people across boundaries like this... but did they show up before... oh, blanchett territory about 5 years ago, surely? Indeed, Mr. Rackham was requested by Lord Blanchett, and you were crusaded. Sola. We are secretly distributing the setting of the junction by basing the information that Rackham collected at that time, so if you are anxious, please make a suggestion to change the accuracy of the junction to an emergency object. Well, I know you already have...'

"Oh, you have that. I get it. Guys."

Sola expresses her gratitude for the words from Kuzha. Thus, Sola terminates the communication and follows the scene. I am concerned about the discomfort in the heart of the forest, but I have not yet obtained confirmation. It's also possible that it just slipped away by chance in the first place. I didn't tell Kuzha.

It was also a big wonder if it would be a good idea to let Kuzha, who seems busy with Kate's assistant in preparation for tomorrow's raid. If I had told him at this time, I would have told him that the Duke's army would be here at this time.

"And so I say..."

"Father, have you heard of it?

"Oh... speaking of which, there was a demon who said so at the time..."

When I heard a suggestion from Sola, the village chief nodded. Apparently, he didn't expand. Well, it was a far away place where he came and went with a rare demon. I couldn't help but forget.

"I see. The possibility of that demon is likely. Thank you. The world can be adjusted from home, so let's do it right away."

"Yeah, just in case, I think you should."

"Can you see it? Nothing unusual..."

"Oh, please"

Suggestions are made by the village chief to Sola, who shows only slightly more interesting signs. Besides, Sola nods in a slightly lit manner and follows him on foot. The way to go was the basement down the stairs at the end of the hidden passage hidden by the bookshelf in the village chief's office.

Most village chiefs' houses, city halls, etc. have hidden passageways like this, and there are things like control rooms that operate boundaries ahead of them. They also have other things like shelters where everyone in the village can evacuate in case a bond is broken. The latter was the Duke's own policy with relatively spare time in the budget.

"This is the room that presides over the junction of the village of Minad."


Sola looks around the guided basement. It was a slightly spacious metal room, surrounded by engravings that seemed magically meaningful and glowing. If you ask later, it's glowing because the junction is unfolding at night, and it's not glowing at daytime stop time.

"That's why this demonic stone is stamped with the necessary manoeuvres for the safety of the village. We're going to adjust it on this console."

The village chief walks to and manipulates the console in front of about 3 meters of glowing demonic stone placed in the center of the room and the console placed in front of it. but I narrowed my eyes a little and explored my pockets and noticed that I forgot my presbyopia.

"Uh... um... sorry, Corathon. I asked for a little. Forget the presbyopia..."

"Ha... Dad, don't forget... which junction?

"Oh, it's in the column for certain species, it's in the third from the top, it's the fifth"

"Oh, this or... uh, startup approval," he said. Good. Now you'll be okay with that demon. "

Corason, who took over the manipulation from the village chief - who was taught as the next village chief - manipulates the magic props to re-establish the junction.

Naturally, there is no point in having special means that require expert knowledge to reset. It was only natural for operations to systematize it so that anyone could easily operate it. Well, after the demon stone has grown larger for that matter, there will be no choice but to make it difficult for the adjustment experts to work.

"... oh, yeah. Corason. Send out the early horses first thing tomorrow morning and tell the neighboring village as well. Few must remember."

"Oh, okay. I'll stay and keep patrolling, but I'll run the vigilante guy."

In the wake of the village chief's words, the colason nods. So did the village chief, but few people were serious because they thought the case was thousands of kilometers away. It was quite likely that I had forgotten. It was then that we reconstituted the boundaries and, for the time being, all the work of the day would be completed.