The day after the realignment of the junction was completed. Whereas Fionel, where Kate was on this day, was clear, the village of Minado, where Sola and the others were, was raining. Well, it's thousands of kilometers away. No wonder the weather is different.

"Uh... it's not raining..."

Apparently, the main descent ended within the night. It wasn't dusty rain outside, but a good amount of rain was shaking. That said, now the ground in the woods will still be soaked with rain that fell within last night.

The rain will stop at the latest this evening if it is in good condition, but considering the ground, it would be best to make it a holiday today.

"Hey, Sola. Let's go eat."

"Oh, wow. Wait a minute. I'll get dressed soon."

It's obvious, but no matter how much you hang out with Yuri, you can't be in the same room. So to Sho's words in the same room, Sora starts dressing in a big hurry.

"I don't know. Today."

"If it's raining, we can't go for a walk outside."

Think about your plans for today as Sora eats breakfast with Sho at the camp, where you assumed rain before leaving yesterday and deployed a simple roof to keep it as a meal space for now.

If the sunshine or the village is safe, take a proper stroll, because it was conceived, but it is a situation that cannot be said to the boulder as it stands. A walk in a situation like this would be outside.

"Hmm... you want to play cards appropriately?

"That's all you seem to have?

I wonder if Sora will do that to Sho's words. When it comes to what you can do on a rainy holiday, there's no video game in Enefia. Besides, they're sleeping in a carriage, so there's no power. There are only a few things I can do. In the end, a possible card game, which is also in this world, would be the hand.

"Well, why not?"

"Anything else?

"There's no way."

Sora replies with a laugh to Sho's inquiry. If I did, I wouldn't be bothered in the first place. That's how we keep eating breakfast together for now.

"After all... freshly picked summer salad with vegetables is delicious..."

"I don't think... I didn't think vegetables would taste so good until we got here."

The two eat salads, soups made with plenty of summer vegetables, etc., while having a chat. Naturally speaking, the majority of the ingredients used here are vegetables picked in the village of Minado. It is a local customer.

As for the meat, it is imported from a nearby village where dairy farming is carried out on boulders, but the vegetables were used from what was just harvested yesterday and what was just picked up after that when it was good.

Therefore, urban-born, urban-grown people were eating fresh vegetables like they had never tasted. It was also extremely natural to remember the emotion.

"When I got here, I let you raw corn and stuff... it's so sweet."


"No, it's already surprisingly sweet"

Enefia has 48 months in a year. As a result, seasonal vegetables can be harvested many times a year depending on the land. In one of them, Sola was getting summer vegetables that had just been harvested by chance.

To the words of Sola, Xiang lifted up the corn in the salad with a fork and blurred.

"Maybe I'll just buy some and go home."

"Maybe that's true... why don't you call Kate before you go home and ask her if she can buy it and go home... oh, no. Haven't you been having a pretty rough time in the dining room lately?

"Uh, you don't know?

Ask Sora's question with a face that Xiang seems a little unexpected. Apparently, it was quite famous.

"I've been busy preparing for this and training Kojiro for the time being."

"Uh... will... see, you've got more people. Besides, the guy who's been a breeder lately, he's been in and out of here a lot, and... and now the dining room is growing pretty accelerating."

"Ah. No, the dining room had gotten pretty crowded lately... if it was crowded like that I would have had Yuri make it, so I never cared about it there..."

Sora nodded as she remembered what she saw in the dining room a while back. The only reason I've ever been around is because people were originally just students and teachers at Heavenly Cherry Blossom School. But now we have many more adventurers, and our diet has grown exponentially.

That said, where it has come to that, the face of the dining room has not increased. Anyway, this one was originally a student at school. And there aren't that many cooks. Therefore, my busy schedule had doubled.

"You bourgeois..."

"You... ah..."

"Don't look at me..."

Somewhere in Sora's pity glance, Sho spoons the soup with some distant eyes. As Shang is well known, there is an older lover named Cui who has spoken out over a year. He was there, but the cooking arm was, well, if you look at Sola's sympathetic gaze, you know.

"Is that it? But I do get it every year. Valentine's chocolate was so delicious. Didn't it?

"I wonder who Cui's best friend is... and I was so alarmed..."

"Uh... that three Kagurasaka sisters were making it together..."

A good looking after eldest daughter and a little devil's second daughter in Sora's brain? Poor three women? face floats. Yayong knew Cui's culinary skills, and at least he was making Valentine's Chocolate with him to make his crew dream sweetly. Well, it was called brother-in-law chocolate for the members. What do you care Yayoi's fans were chewing on your cheeks was impressive.

By the way, all the chocolates made by Yayoza then go to the stomach of Kate and Tina. You can also eat chocolate-flavoured treats made by Hour and in some cases, and in fact, last year, Sora and Yuri and the others did.

"Speaking of which... could it be that Yayoi's chocolate has been his destiny since those days...?


"No, I did start dating those two two two years ago when I heard the story, didn't I? You've been watching pretty good guys give Valentine's Chocolate to Kite since before that, haven't you?

"Well, you're famous. I was surprised when I started, but Inuida, who was lying next to me, was usually there all the time, so I followed him."

At that time, my classmates believed Kate's words, because they were childhood friendly - which was the truth when Sola actually met - but they were still annoyed by what they were getting.

And since the following year, Yayoi had given the chocolate to Kite in front of their own eyes, but it didn't look like it had turned into wrapping. I mean, together, all the time. That was to say, wasn't it my brother-in-law chocolate from the beginning?

"Inuida... how is he... is he? No, that guy, he was giving it to someone else chocolate...?

"... uh... man is dull after all"

"" Wow!?

Sora and Sho jump at the same time to Yuri's voice heard from behind. Because I was talking, or when I realized, people were almost gone from the surroundings. It was a couple of sleepers, talking after eating. To those two, the charm tells them even more.

"That's the way it's always been."

"Huh? I knew it?

"Yeah. 'Cause I've been in love since then, too. You'll see. Oh, he's a rival, too."

Meizi laughs and talks about Yayoi. After all, he understands because he's a maiden in love, and because he fell in love with the same man. I was confident there.

"So, aside from that... if you don't eat now, Mr. Nanami, you're not gonna clean it up, are you?


Seeing Sora and Sho start cleaning up after the meal, she panicked and started eating breakfast.

Then, a few hours. We were playing cards in the morning, reading, and spending time together, but by the time we approached around noon, Kate contacted us, and Sola decided to stay away from us with Yuri and hide in the shadow of the carriage to keep in touch with Kate.

I hid in the shadow of the carriage because the contents were there, and I had the honour of not knowing who Kate was even though I was playing cards and such. Yuri is watchful.

"Oh, Sola. Sorry I couldn't reach you yesterday."

"No, he said it was good. You've been busy that way, haven't you?

'Fair enough. I just took control of it after the crusade. So, just give me a minute. It's a holiday. "


Apparently, he finished the crusade with Kite, so he put me in touch. Well, it seemed that Kuzha and the others were getting around to it, and they thought there seemed to be no problem. The two of us tried to get into such chatter, but before that, Yuri's voice came in.

"Kite, we don't have much time, do we? If I don't get through to you soon, I'll wear a marquis. I just heard the carriage."

'And... you did. So... as soon as the case ends here, I'll send Al and the others to you. As long as we're done investigating here, we'll see the enemy's main circle. If I know Honmaru, it's enough for me and our idiots after that. That way, Al and the others can move. You can rest assured.'

"Oh well. That helps. Thanks."

To Kate's words, Sola gets relief. Apparently, I just wanted to say that this project is almost over, so just be patient a little longer. Sora would be grateful to receive such care from her best friend.

"But how reassuring, even though it still is, is that why? The interrogators are interrogating us right now, but we need a little more to draw conclusions. It will be around noon tomorrow as soon as Al and the others get out. Tomorrow night is the guide for arrival? I fell asleep in the morning, caught off guard, screwed something up, and I can't take care of myself if I get hurt. Be careful. '

"I know. Good luck with that."

"Oh. Well, all we have to do is investigate, so... The worst I can do is call Tina.

"Haha. Bye."


To Kate's words, when Sora laughs and says goodbye, Kate laughs and nods, too, and hangs up. It seemed like a kite when I told him to be careful.

"I think I can handle it."

"Oh. Well, if they're coming, we'll just settle the case, right?"

Sora and Yuri, to Kate's words, eliminate anxiety. The Al's are special forces, and Kite is a brave man. There was nothing more comforting than that help.

Let's go home.

"... solar"

I will ask Sora to go home because I have finished contacting her. Besides, as Sora approached, Yuri kissed her.

We were all together for the time being.

"You can't help it, can you?

"I know that."

Answer Sora's words as if Yuri had been somewhere lit. Naturally, this expedition is a collective action. Therefore, there is no room for one person due to money problems, etc. I also lack a place to hide.

But if it was hidden, I worked on the holidays a little bit, so I thought it would be okay to flirt. Actually, Yuri takes good care of his brother and the others, or he was pretty sweet. but this time, just a little, alarmed, was. There's the sound of cancer.

"... Huh?

"... Oh, I'm sorry! I'm here to call you because it's lunch... Bye!


Before they turned around, there was a nanomi with a crying face about what caused it. I don't even have to think about why I'm going to cry. If the person you like is kissing another woman, you'll want to cry too. Seeing the face of such a crying friend, Yuri could only do an awkward face on the boulder.

"Uh... I was wondering if it was a little bad..."

"... it's better not to chase him, right..."

"Of course, right?

With serious eyes, Yuri tells. This was not because my lover was in front of me, but because of Nanami.

No matter what Sora says to Nanami right now, it's no use. On the contrary, it is equal to applying salt to the wound. Sora and I started dating Yuri, and that's about all I understood. Even Yuri is with me. Without chasing the two of us now, we had to wait for time, we had no hands.

Meanwhile, Nanami, who had followed the scene so as to escape, was a little overwhelmed by boulders and walked through the village in spite of the rain. It was flowing in the rain, but tears were also flowing from my eyes.

"... I knew it. Nah..."

I knew it was a bad fight from the beginning. Anyway, we've been together a long time, and we've been dating longer than ourselves. But still, it was heartbreaking to be poked at it this way as a reality.

"Haha... what are you doing, I... I didn't even confess in the first place, but..."

I just liked myself because I knew that I was dating in the first place and I still like it. I haven't even confessed. I kiss and I express my feelings, but I didn't make any representations. You're right that I didn't have the courage to.

"Huh... Ngu!?

Like running away in tears - which is exactly what I'm running from - a nanami who was walking without any of it, but I can hold my mouth against a feather tightening from someone.

"Hey, Monkey Gu Wo"

"Don't scratch me. It's an important sacrifice. Put him to sleep."


The last thing Nanami saw was a red-hood woman using some sort of magic. Finally, Nanami's consciousness fell into darkness.