A few more days from the Swordsmen's workout. When Kate walked into Fionel's city, Around that time, a guest was visiting Mizuki. The guest was Kirier, president of the Association of Students of Magic Instruction School.

"And that's what I'm saying. I'm sorry, can you bring it?

"Oh, you say that, don't you? Tsubaki-san, can you please?

"Ah... I'm sorry. It's time for Aura to call you..."

Tsubaki sitting on her work desk bows her head sorry for Mizuki's offer. So is Tsubaki, but Aura is also in the process of working with the Imperial Army as an assistant to Kate. As part of the job, Aura said it was time for a call. With that in mind, Mizuki has no choice but to stand up.

"Mr. Killier. Would you like to come with me? I don't know what it is, so..."

"Oh, okay"

Kirier rises to the offer of Mizuki. Tsubaki tells Rui Shu where they might be looking for something.

"I'm sorry. When Kirier came to receive it, he told me that his husband was on the second shelf of his desk, so I thought you might."

"Okay... Mr. Killier, here we are."

To Tsubaki's words, Mizuki nods and starts walking towards Kite's room with Killier. Thus, in minutes of the thing, we reached Kite's room on the top floor.

"Well, I knew if you knew... you have a lot of good stuff"

Killier, who reached Kate's room, snapped as she looked around with a little emotion. It's different if you say it's a little different from what she imagined, but Kite's room was just well stocked with enough conditioning to say one aristocratic room.

That being said, this is a level of conditioning that anyone who understands. Never call this level of adventurer a suspiciously expensive product.

They obtained the sleeping objects as antiques cheaply as excavation markets and translated products. Besides, the original room itself is the finest suite. Just a few hands on there will look good enough.

"Looks like there's something special about it."

"Oh, you look like..."

I agree with Mizuki's words in an empty reply, while Kirier works her aesthetic eyes as an aristocratic maid. Thus, Kirier went into the appraisal of the condiments just to the point.

"Is this... could this tance be using fragments of the world tree...? I've never seen a tance with a world tree before... is this pottery from the Flaming Demons...? No, but these ruby cuttings... they're similar to the Dwarves' stuff... cooperation, huh? What if... it's from His Majesty's Great Exchange...?

"Do you understand?

"Oh... all the things that are said to be the best of that age, I guess... to those who know, I know very well. but those who don't get it have no idea. As a result, it is not worth it. But it's highly rated."

Answer the inquiry of Mizuki, roaring as Kirier was impressed. The price that can be placed on the market remains the same and does not lead to the valuation of the item. With proper handouts and decent aesthetic eyes, we could have gotten cheap but hidden good things, or digs. Kate was unifying her room with the excavations she said.

If decorated with such objects, those with decent aesthetic eyes would be very well received, as Killier is today. Paradoxically, the person who understands the value of the object is someone who understands the value of the object, which equates to the person who understands the value of the object, and is allowed to be educated by Kite.

And once you know where even one thing can be assured of a high rating, everyone is easily supported in a variety of ways. Having a definite aesthetic eye is one measure of the person. As such, Killier proceeds to the appraisal with a little excitement.

"... Is this... the sword of Argus famous Tiggles, who is said to have been used 150 years ago by Argus fierce Augustus and lost in the last battle? That's awesome... that demon left his sword pierced after he was repelled in consultation. Unknown, but it should have been... was he surviving, or did the wound come to an end? Is this...?

Killier, who was in the process of appraising, but there, he finds an odd object in the corner of the room, tilting his neck. It had a flag at the center, and a few armor pieces that were jerked off with worn cloth and chains, was.

"... what, is this...?

It's hard to say what avant-garde art is, and it doesn't seem to mean anything. But at least it's not like a specialty. None of this has a sense of unity.

The dishes and decorations in Kite's room were unified by hidden specialties, qualitative but elegant dishes, but this was the only one that floated out of its unity.

"... this is... an old 17 squad chapter... the breast plate is quite an old Imperial Army ceremonial recruit..."

Killier observes a worn out breast plate centered on him and puts it on the spot. The fame of the army that has been around since the founding of the country, it is not Dada. The Blanchett family houses a museum containing imperial ceremonial recruits since the founding of the country. So, she had seen a light infantry formula 300 years ago. It should be noted that the design of the old 17 numbers was learned in school classes.

"What the hell is this?

"My old buddy's weapon, that's it... from the war, that's it"

Kirier asks Mizuki about her history, which she never understood. Then what came out of her mouth was a convincing answer,.

"This is..."

I look somewhere in awe at Killier's troubled weapon. She's a famous member of the military. I knew about Kate's military career.

"Only a few of us challenged the fallen dragons, and the unknown heroes scattered to protect the brave..."

No one only knows why this is placed among these antiques. I just have a slightly lit smile when I ask Kite. But it would be a treasure far more valuable to Kate than any treasure or treasure. So maybe it is.

"I see... so, are you so worn out..."

Well-polished and well adjusted. But there were still countless fine scratches that could not be hidden. I guess that's because it's a trail of fierce fighting. Killier, who is bent on being a courtier of a famous military family, could not put forth any emotions other than to see this with respect.

"That's awesome... it's totally devastating once..."

"You know what I mean?

Mizuki opens her eyes to information she has never even heard of herself. That's how she snapped as she looked at Kate's breast plate.

"Oh... here... slightly, but there are signs of perfect destruction. The material wasn't used by the Empire... it was refurbished somewhere..."

As Kirier seeps through some kind of fear, she shows a point in the Mizuki tree and glances her fingers diagonally over it. That was a trail that was quietly decided from the left shoulder area to hanging on the flank.

"It was often destroyed like this and it was safe... it would have been a force that could have blown most of my upper body instead of my heart..."

"At that time, equipment not commensurate with skill anyway, wasn't it?

"Oh, I guess... well, I guess I'll just have to be stunned"

Killier laughs bitterly, imagining Kite at the time, who would have turned his protective gear into more than just an ornament. I couldn't imagine anything else to say that I was safe after all this destruction. If he's not safe, on the contrary, there's a scratch about what he is now.

"I guess I can't get rid of it and repair it."

"I guess. Mr. Kite is an unexpected person who cannot be abandoned."

Don't think he's a brave man.

Kirier smiles and nods at the words of Mizuki. I don't know about having such a borough as a duke, but as a brave man, I guess that's good. And that's how Killier remembered the real issue, where she was satisfied to observe Kite's room once and for all.

"... oh, what if I said so... oh, earcuffs? I forgot."

"Oh, if you say so."

To Kirier's words, Mizuki also remembers the main point. As a matter of fact, Kate was using Conne to develop ear cuff-shaped magic props for the breeding commissioners at the Magic Instruction School. I came to pick it up.

"Yeah... yeah, if you say so, you left it in the desk drawer, you said... this, huh?

The two check their desks and find a box with a piece of paper on top that says' To Killier '. So Killier takes it out and on the desk, checks the contents.

Then, it was for 5 people because what was inside was indicative that about 10 ear cuffs - or ear cuff-shaped magic props to be exact - would be used two per person.

"... oh, this is it. It's exactly what you asked for."

"What is it?

"Oh, it's a demon prop for soundproofing. Complaints have come that the magic equipment used by the breeding commissioner is difficult to use in the summer. Kite went through it, and she threw in some personal expenses."

If you're still here, you guys can make it, so Kate was throwing a round of Earcuff production into the Uncrowned Troops (No Orders) technical squad, but that's what she said just now, come finish it and get it. but by the time kite left, Killier was a little busier this time, and she said she was now.

It should be noted that it is not the Duke Kite for development costs, etc., but the Adventurer Kite's personal expenses were thrown and made a gift. Because there's nothing more unnatural about you.

"Even so... I was wondering if I could do it a little faster... but it took a surprisingly long time"



The technique used here was not to be fitted with much more complex objects. Whatever. Kite the Adventurer's personal expenses. I couldn't see the budget that high.

In that case, the performance was going to be to that ear level, and the prototype should be ready in a week. Yet delivery was significantly delayed.

"Ask me something... you're not here."

"That's right."

Mizuki agrees with Kirier's inquiry. It was because I hadn't heard it in the first place that I had Killier come with me. Naturally.

Incidentally, the reason for the delay in delivery was simple, and as a result of the massive rampage of technical squad faces on time, a fairly high output laser beam was eventually fired from the demonic props attached to the ear cuff, which made Kite do the redesign with a twisted face.

It should be noted that Kite's words, which showed the same wasteful spirit that it would not be sneaky to dump you like this, were now being redesigned and improved as a protective magic prop for the noble ladies.

Later, it will defeat the innocent man as a ladies' protective gear in the social world, but at the same time, it will also be a big hit in part as a work of art, but leave it aside. The Duke's house wouldn't just wake up if I fell, it was.

"Well, good... I can't believe it, I did receive it. Tell Kite that, too."

"Okay, I get it."

Mizuki nods at Killier, who once again wrapped his earcuff-shaped demonic props in a box and put them in his nostalgia. And such a kirier, but I tell Mizuki as I recall.

"Oh, yeah... you better have these magic tools, too. Especially when you start keeping lots of dragons, it's intimidating. The breeding house will be soundproofed... but it's terrible inside."

"Oh, I hear you've already done your job."

"... oh, and so is that"

Killier thought about it, and I didn't even think Kate had a clue where she was. I guess Daita will mass-produce this and solicit opinions from the Demon Guidance School and Adventure Department as a tester. I actually meant to. As usual, there was no loophole.

"Well, I couldn't resist, I gratefully received it. I'll try this once, and I'll send you a confirmation call later... via the Director of the Ulysian Academy, okay?

"Perhaps you are. Either way, it's a while till you get back, so in the meantime, why don't you use it?

"Well, I suppose so... but there would also be instructions in the large box. I'll follow it."

Kirier tells Mizuki, tapping the box. This is a newly developed magic prop. I don't think there is any instruction manual.

Besides, Mizuki nodded, and Kirier went back to school after Kate's room, and Mizuki dropped it off and decided to go back to the office again.