Upon finishing contact with Kate and returning to the meeting area where the cherry blossoms were in the carriage, there was a little commotion there.

"What's wrong with you?

"Ah, cherry blossoms... just now, that barrel..."

Sefi, apparently up from the bath, points to a barrel with food. That's what was moving. It wasn't like someone was moving it, it looked like it was spontaneously shaking.

"That... what was in it?

"Sure... it wasn't fruit..."

Basically, vitamins and other nutritional values tend to be lacking on the road, which makes it difficult to secure steady fresh food. Then the fruit is very good for its replenishment. So Kate instructed me to buy the fruit as food for my journey, but the box was shaking.

"What about Dr. Luke?

"He's taking a bath."

Joshua tells the cherry blossom inquiry as he seeps through a little anxiety. This is the inside of the junction. Besides, this is the junction used by Shamrock, the god king. It's hard to imagine demons getting in.

Plus for someone's prank, everyone is seriously scared. If so, only about a strange phenomenon such as the Poltergeist phenomenon could be considered.

"Chairman. Don't you smell it?

"No. The smell of soap from the bath is too strong to tell anything"

Killier answers Riffi's query with a slight hiccup in her nose. The fact that there was a bath meant that everyone was going to take a bath, and most of them had already taken a bath, except for the teachers in the pull rate and the Cherry Blossoms Adventure Department, so that bedtime would not be too late because it was a school activity at first. The smell of soap was quite full indoors. Deadline indoors were disastrous.

In this way, no matter how good the sense of smell was, on the contrary, it became an enemy and the sniffing division was harsh. Unless you have specialized training or are as ridiculously capable as Lu, it would be cruel to expect that from Killier.

That's how Kirier looks at the cherry blossoms. Now that Luke is gone, the best fighters in strength were these two.

"... cherry blossoms. Can I ask you to join me?

"... yes. Okay, I'll open it, so please be vigilant. Just in case."

"Oh... yes"

Borrowing a shield from one of the Adventure Department faces, Cherry Blossom and Killier move in front of a shaky barrel. That's how the cherry blossoms slowly start to spin the barrel lid. The barrel was dominated by the type of turning and closing so that the contents could not be zeroed because it wobbled in the battle against evil roads and demons. Thus, as the lid of the barrel was to be opened, the lid jumped up from the inside.

"" Aah!

The cute screams of cherry blossoms and Kirier echo what I didn't expect to open on my own from the inside. At the same time, the faces that watched it from behind shouted. but when the cherry blossoms raised their fearful faces, there they were, Kate's love dragon thing day by day.

"... that?


"Wop... I finally got out -"

Following the trend of tipping his little neck, Ise faces out of the barrel. Apparently the barrel was shaking as a result of two desperate rampant attempts to get out of the inside.

"To Nikko... Ise?

"Heh? How did the master's pet get here...?

In the voice of cherry blossoms, faces hidden in the shadows appear. No matter how many adventurers you say, those are the boys and girls who deserve their age. Regardless of the demons of existence that could be beaten with physics and cared for, they were still afraid of ghosts.

Besides, the Adventure Department's guild home is what it should be called a haunted mecca. It was an extra situation as a possible cause. They all believed in it for real with Poltergeist.

"Come on..."

"Everyone's gone... and the Kuzha and the others won't play..."

'No, um... I stopped the sunshine from trying to sneak in... and the apple came down from the top... and, uh... they couldn't move together anymore...'

Ise shyly explains the situation in response to the trend of fluttering her cheeks with dissatisfaction. Apparently, an apple came down from above when I loaded my stuff, and I buried it in it. Try them as small animals as they are, and the fruit is a threat enough to fill the barrel.

If you're serious about getting out, you should be able to destroy the barrel itself, but they didn't do a forceful escape play when Kite got mad at you for breaking the phrase supplies that made the food crude. I forgot about the metastasis when I asked later.

"Daimyo, you must have gotten mixed up... pathetically. In that place..."

Killier strokes her sun-directed head around. The voice was adjusted to only sound like a cherry blossom, so I guessed. but apparently the force was slightly stronger, and the sun was moving with it. And, such a kirier, but when I looked closely, my eyes were a little suspicious. Somehow, my cheeks were loose.

"Ugh, heh..."

"Ahhh... I did it, that guy..."

Joshua sighed at Killier, who leaked a voice close to intoxication. Later I heard, Killier seems to have no eyes for cute little animals. It's unclear if using dragons as small animals is a good idea, but for now, those creepy eyes in the sun direction or exactly small animal tick behavior fitted into the dots, apparently.

"Kikyu? Kew? Kew?

"What, that cutie?"

"Ah, Ise better not touch it. He hates being able to do anything but master. After that, it looks like a wolf, not a dog, so be careful."


Killier can pull the hand that was slowly stretching into the words put out by one of the adventure clubs, albeit quite shabby. Basically, no matter who caresses me, I have no complaints. In response to the trend, Ise puts Kate at the top, followed by Tina Below Kuzha and the rest of her old family. Other than that, I didn't really forgive my heart.

Even if he looks like that real dog, the wolf, and Kirier is a werewolf beast just like Ise, so he must be on guard as a similar one.


"Uh... so, what are you gonna do, these two..."

"What shall we do... in the meantime, ask Kite..."

It would be best to ask the Lord for both the raven and the corner, Sakura decided to take out the magic props for communication and send a contact to Kite to ask for a response.

"Yes. In Yuri." Cherry Blossom, what's wrong?

"Oh, Kite, are you there?

Apparently, Kite was in a situation where she couldn't take it, and Yuri came out. It would have been an awkward situation if it had not been for personal magic props. Such a Yuri, but after a cherry blossom inquiry, I threw a smartphone type magic prop at Kite.

"Hoi Sai"

"Don't throw... cherry blossoms? Hey, what's up?

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. I'm a girl, I need to clean it up. '

He immediately responded to me, Kite, but the kite in the screen was bare, so he took a bath. A little further away, I heard Yuri's pleasant voice. Besides, there were signs that Kite was moving a little gassy.

"Er, towel towel..."

Apparently, I don't know what's going on here, so I was going to hide the place to hide it. They were looking for a towel, but by the time it was over, there was a response.

"So, what's up?

"Oh, no... actually, Hitachi and Ise got mixed up over here and it was nice..."


To the words of cherry blossoms, kite leans her neck. Besides, cherry blossoms point the camera of the smartphone prop at Kite and change the call mode to microphone mode so that it can be heard by everyone.



Kate sighed when she saw Ise in a leaning sun and a state of euphemism. I understood everything.

"Well, if I was hiding anything, the fruit would come down from the top and I couldn't get out, so..."

"Well, I guess the truth is that we're about to have Ise with a big sunshine... well, it won't get in the way. Why don't you use it as an escort? If you don't need me, leave me alone until you get home. You'll come back to the carriage on your own where you left off. Give me some food, some fruit. If not, I'll get it."

Kite sees the situation perfectly without having to ask, but when she decides that she can't even bring her back now, she asks the cherry blossoms to stay put.

"Haha. I get it. Well, I'll keep it here."

'Sorry. I asked for it. You don't need to take a walk. It ends with a proper haze. "

Basically, Kite understands that this request from Killiers is a less dangerous job with very little combat. Besides, when you get to the village, you can ask the students at the Magic School for a walk to play.

They don't do almost anything while they say they look down. Yuri told me that it was a half-action meeting and memorabilia making. And that's how Killier questioned him when he was having a conversation.

"Speaking of which... why, Hitachi and Ise, what?

"What? Why, no matter what they say... there was some reason for Hitachi and Ise..."

To a question from Killier, Kate remembers the beginning of her own half life. Ise is a flow from the sun, but I couldn't remember what the sun was.

"Uh... what's the sunshine... sunshine summer? No, there's no such thing as sunshine and summer over here... because it sounds so hard, was it? Ise... what the... '

"No, that's not what happened..."

I started remembering about Ise, Kite, but Killier hangs there waiting. That's not what I wanted to hear. Incidentally, it is mere coincidence that Ise's named parent is not his owner, Kuzha or Aura, but his guardian, Kite.

Both Aura and Kuzha were struggling to call it by their own names, but they were lucky to have a small animal lover and a nostalgic physique, and Ise liked the name "Ise", which Kate called for some reason.

"Why are these two in the sun with Ise?

"Hmm? Hitachi and Ise are Hitachi and Ise, right?

Apparently, there was a perception between the two of them. From Kate, the sun direction and Ise are the same, but from Kirier, they thought it was another individual.

Both miniaturize so far only before kite, and only cherry blossoms on this occasion know that this is the sunset with Ise, the Duke's pet, in the first place. I certainly don't know about girling either. So I don't know Killier, but I can't help it.

"? Really?

"Oh... and. Then it's time to go up, so don't go up on me. Nice to meet you, Hitachi and Ise."

"Oh, I'll take care of it"

A little excited, Killier nods. This small trend was apparently a Dompisha to Killier's hobby. Thus, when the direction of the sun and Ise's companion decided, Kite disconnected.

It should be noted, in fact, that what Kate said is a lie. Outside the screen, Yuri was washing her body. The nose was quite May and I decided to cut it before I found out. I was about to ask the boulder if he could make me a hero and show me where the dean of the school of magic is taking a bath with a man as a single woman.

"Good. Well, for now... neither the sun nor Ise, come here... then, it wasn't there. Shall we begin the meeting?"


Killier's mistake decided to go through with the loose cheeks and the cherry blossoms sat back in the living room chair again. The cherry blossoms just fell out to contact me regularly in the first place. When it was over, we met again, it was.

As such, we will hold further meetings on the upcoming moves as we exchange Luke who has come up from the bath and the faculty who are going to take the bath in order.

"Good. Then there's nothing else from us. If there is, it would be nice to come home."

"Right. Okay."

To Killier's words, cherry blossoms nod. When they got to the village, they didn't plan on doing anything. Rather than that, if you need an escort until you get to the village, you can't possibly have such a club authorized in the first place. Because security is safe, there will be clubs dominated by students.

So, Ise and Hitachi are on a new journey companion? We decided to finish the meeting today and prepare for tomorrow.