Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 614: The gossip - the continuation of the case -

Sometimes it can happen that everything seemed to be over and actually went on. It was, in fact, the same case.



The beast-eared man rolls out his arms and punches the men on the spot. For once, I didn't kill him. My client, or the girl who was helping me with this job, told me to make them pay for their sins, so I tried not to kill them.

"This is... < >... < > the only beast that the Night King (Yahoo) > > recognizes..."

There is only one enemy. Nonetheless, the armies of one nobleman had been destroyed. This is Blanchett territory dominated by the Beasts. It is basically an army made up of beasts with several times more physical capability than humans, even in local armies. The army was much more physically capable than the other army. But still, one man was overwhelmingly stronger.

"For once, I'll tell you. Surrender. Your top is already on the run. It's no use where I fought any more. Turn around, I'm < >. Don't think I can win, do you?

The enemy is still there. There will be no more than ten thousand, but there will be a thousand. However, < > Rackham does not hold anything, and he is ordered to surrender. And the fact is, he alone will be able to afford to destroy the army here. Besides, the commander here will remain silent.

"Captain... what can I do?


What should I do? The commander kept saying that he wanted to hear it. Anyway, the enemy is one of the heroes of the war. That was also a corner of the name that would always come out early if you were told to name the famous Docolo.

If you suck at Blanchett territory and the beasts who are close to it, you might raise your name before Kite. That's how heroic he was. There's no reason to win. Seeing such distress, Rackham continues to inquire further.

"What do we do? Do you want any more? Don't kill me, they're asking me to, so I'm not gonna kill you, but... if it's any more than that, it's time to skip the maneuvers, and I'll beastify you, okay?

"Captain! What are you going to do!

"You can't win by doing this any more!

In an overwhelming inquiry by Rackham, his men whisper a weak tone in their mouths and ask the commander for instructions. Besides, the commander gave instructions.

"... drop your weapon.... There is no winning battle if you keep fighting like this. The Viscount has already fled... and there is no reason for us to fight..."

The commander tells his men to drop the weapon and surrender himself. Defeat is already visible. In addition, where we have continued to fight here, we will only be treated as questioners from the Imperial side. There was no reason to fight, even though we had already fled the lord we were supposed to protect.

Few of our men have been fought because of their orders. Some have families. And the enemy is one of the great heroes. Seeing the morale of my men, I couldn't fight any more.

"< > Lord Rackham Blanche... we surrender. Guarantee the safety of my men..."

"Oh, that would be good. In the name of < > and in the name of our friend Kite the Brave, we guarantee your surrender and your safety."

To the commander who knelt down and showed his surrender, Rackham shows assurance of his safety through his style as king. It was also necessary as a king to show the measure against the enemy who showed surrender and revealed Kyoujun. And this was the deciding factor.

With the Commander's response and Rackham's words, the army of lords will all throw down their weapons. I knew from the beginning that I couldn't win. They were just forced to fight because it was an order, and they weren't going to fight until they put their lives on the line.

"Then temporarily give life in the name of < >. You are to stand by until the Blanchetts tell you otherwise. You can't leave the army quarters."

[]/(exp, adj-na) (1) (uk) (uk) (uk)

"I'm going after the guy who ran away like this. In the meantime, take command so you don't continue to flee."

All of you, go back to your quarters and wait until you have your lives.

To Rackham's order, the commander gives instructions and orders everyone to wait in the quarters. I guess Rackham should be watching him, but unfortunately, he doesn't have that much human leeway right now. Somehow the girl who helped me was chasing the escaped lord. I also needed your reinforcements.

"Okay... well, let's go"

Rackham turns the soldiers who have begun to return to the army quarters into lions boasting about three metres of giant bodies. As such, when he breaks through the window in one step, he decides to leave the Lords' Hall behind and look for the girl he sent out first and his gestures.

"... this way. You smell in the wind."

As Rackham said < >, his physical abilities far outweighed those of his fellow beasts. Therefore, I could immediately grasp the smell of the girl who was already more than 10 kilometers away and her gestures. That's how Rackham leaves the sound behind and starts moving. but by the time we got there, they were already done with the catch.

Was it over?

"Oh, Lord Rackham. Thanks for your help."

Seeing a giant lion, one silver kemono-eared girl bows her head. In my early teens, I guess. She was a girl of her age who changed from a girl to an adult. Thus, to the catch that was over, Rackham takes the figure of man again.

"You all look safe, huh?

"Yes, thanks to you, I managed to capture the lord without any problems. Thank you, Lord Rackham.

"No, I don't care. We were formerly of our own kind. It is a clan that ancestors the same. If Blanchett's clan asks, we Blanchett's clan will also help."

To the words of the silver kemono-eared girl, Rackham sends her words as head of the clan. Blanchett clan. Being that silver girl, I guess she's Killier at the time. Such a Kirier bowed his head to Rackham again.

"Never mind."

"Accept it... so, is that the lord of this place?

"Oh, yeah"

"A scroll. It's good."

Rackham grins joyfully when he sees a strange minotaur shaped object that is wrapped around and tied around a wrap. My face unfortunately fell asleep so I couldn't see it, but seeing where all I could hear was groaning, I guess that's pretty lame.

Well, this is what he deserved when it comes to what he deserved, because he did numerous wrongdoing and illegal activities but it's the end of the day. Evil flourished. No trial. Speaking of course, it would end naturally.

"Unfortunately, some escaped... but fortunately, capturing him succeeded. Thank you, Blanche."

"I don't mind. As I said earlier, I only got the help of the clan. Besides, this is a continuation of the project I was following. Don't worry about it."

To Killier's gratitude, Rackham waves her head carelessly. This one, I guess, is as Killier later told it. Rackham shook his head, not looking particularly concerned. And so Rackham tells us even more just before he turns his back together.

"Well, I'll be back... but you don't mind if I leave it to Blanchett's later, do you?

"Oh, no... if I may, I'd like you to receive a compliment from your fathers..."

"No, I don't need it. I don't want to be a little famous right now."


Killier leans her neck toward Rackham's words, who turned her back a little hastily. As Killier later tells us, he's a celebrity from the beginning. I thought, "I'm a celebrity, but I don't want to be famous."


"Oh, hey..."

Without hearing Killier stop, Rackham beasts and leaves nowhere. Besides, one of Killier's escorts asked Killier.

"Ma'am. What will you do?

"Whatever you say, um... it's best to ask your fathers, or...?

Show me how young you deserve to be, and worry about what Killier will do as she tilts her neck. The search for the escaped had to proceed, as well as telling Anhel, his father. Killier at the time still had no choice.

"... right. In the meantime, send word to your father and brother. My brother must still be here."

"Yes, sir."

Her escort bows his head to Killier's words and gets ready as he should. By the way, Kirier was embarrassed, so I didn't tell her, but this move was a discretionary one, so after this, Angel, my father, was going to be so pissed off that I wouldn't have a problem with it.

"Even so... where the hell are the kidnapped...?

"Ma'am. I was wondering if it would be best to make you throw up on this"

An elderly woman in maid clothes tells Killier. She was Killier's exclusive maid. I suppressed her, but I couldn't suppress her, so she came with me. And to the words of such a maid, so did Killier and so did that, he nodded.

"Is that true, too? If you do this too much, you won't take the military's lead."

"Yes, and no more, it's not the lady's job. Besides, Mr. Abel was finally named the next principal yesterday. Give your brother a hand."

"I didn't do it because I wanted something else."

"I know, sir."

In response to Killier's bitter smile, the maid bows her head. Kirier was young at the time, but therefore a little pigsty, but I'm not doing it with the idea of setting a handle. A word of righteousness suffices.

She simply didn't know at this time that no one, including my father, could move - or could not move cheaply because she was young - so she just moved.

"Well, let's go back."

"Yes, I did. I'll make arrangements."

To Killier's words, the maid bows her head. In the meantime, the lord, the mastermind in this matter, captured it. After that, if I let him wash up and talk, it would be over.

And there are those who saw it against the Killiers, who went back. It was a group of about three people fitted with engraved gloves on the hood that Kate would be chasing in a few years.

"Shit... get him ready to pull out now"

One of the men sees the captured lord and throws up abominably and throws it away. There were many other similarly dressed men around him. but there are those who watched them even more. It was a special unit belonging to Abel and his Duke Blanchett family.

"Hmm... still is. Are you his people?"

"Yes!? Who!"

"Abel Blanchett... is the next Duke. I'll have you throw up about the rest of the kidnappers."


Killier is the only one in motion. Surprise propagates to a group that thought so. Yes, in fact, just unknown, Abel - and even more my father, Angel - who worried about Killier was actually secretly assistant from behind. It was because of this that they found the group stamped on these gloves.

Moreover, thanks to their attention to the Killiers, Abel had no problems and had succeeded in besieging his enemies with the main forces he had secretly led. I was able to move in the shadows just because I couldn't make a stand.

"Don't think you can get away with it... what!?

Abel's surprise echoes in a situation that was completely besieged and later ended if captured. All of a sudden, everyone collapsed.

"... make sure."

"... no pulse... he's killing himself."

Abel was led by a special unit of the military. I guess I hurt myself to avoid leaking information because I didn't think I could win.

"Shit... who is it?

"... you can't, right? What makes it so distinctive... is the outfit together..."

"Gloves after that, huh? They're all wearing gloves together."

"Yeah... the blank leather gloves..."

Rugged skin gloves. The engraving that should have been had disappeared with their death. So everyone didn't realize that this would lead to one of the later kites.

"Collect the body. There may be others. Let's hear it from that lord."

"Yes, sir."

To Abel's order, a man of the army's special forces nods. So, without Killier and the others noticing, they decided to pick Killier up at once and join Killier.

But then, the lord never got much information about this suicidal group. He simply knew that it was a customer.

Thus, this matter was publicly handled as a mere misdemeanor of the Lords, and it was also handled as if they were some kind of slave trader.

Then, a few years. Being customers, they will remember it in McDawell, far from Blanchett territory.

"Is that... Killier Blanchett?"

"This is a tragedy... that neither the bishop nor the high priest forgot that the ritual was interrupted at that time..."

Those who were missing were never discovered afterwards. Naturally, it was because they were offering to sacrifice. In fact, at that time, the reason they were paying was simple, because they couldn't get enough sacrifice for not having a handout on top that they didn't want to be out-of-the-box.

However, the tightening in the name of the investigation after the capture of the lord who was its wholesale source prevented them from moving satisfactorily and forced them to withdraw from Blanchett territory.

Besides, in its shadow, the ritual was bankrupt at that time, and it had taken several years to get ready again. In other words, Killier had bought a lot of grudges from them, without her knowing either.

"Contact the High Priest. This reunion must be at the mercy of our God, even though the ritual is near..."

Copy that, Bishop.

They secretly giggle under the hood as they watch the Killiers travel to the inn. Better than then, the situation was quite favorable.

First and foremost, Killier is now close to being isolated and helpless. Once the escort was there, Kirier was much stronger than he was then, but there was still no support from the Blanchetts, and he wouldn't be able to get them to move as soon as he offered to another house, the McDawell family.

What if this is not destiny? It only seemed to them that it was giving a revelation that its own god had once interrupted the ritual to sacrifice Killier. That's how they secretly sent word to the top of their list, and with the call they returned, they moved out.