The cherry blossoms reached the village with the ruins, the next morning. Cherry blossoms decided to do a site tour named Exploring the Site, as originally planned.

Thus, when reached in front of the entrance to the ruins, the entrance and exit were usually set up as tourist destinations, and even existed until the reception. and one of those receptionists noticed Killier, smiling and bowing his head.

"Oh, you're from the Magic Instruction School. It's already this time of year..."

"Yep. Thanks again this year"

Because he comes every year, or Killier seemed familiar to me. Killier nodded and bowed her head, laughing at some emotional reception. The question that was asked was one that apparently became familiar to them.

"Who's next year?

"It's Riffi."

"Oh, Mr. Riffi... is he...? What about the people in the back?

Greetings. I was ready to enter there. Reception, but when I realized the cherry blossoms were behind me, I leaned my neck. Well, if we had a group together that we'd never even seen, we'd care.

"Oh, they're the escorts this time. I asked her to come with me."

"Oh, I see... you too, are you?

The receptionist further inquired about Luke. He was a little disturbed. He was alone, but apparently it was a different system because of it.


"... hmm? Oh, no, I'm a teacher at the Magic Instruction School. I'm sorry. I'm in for a reason this year, and I'm in for it."

"Oh, did I? I never saw anything other than Mr. Hull when I looked down, so... I'm sorry. So, as usual, the bottom line is good on the route to the upper level, right?

"Oh, so. For now, this is the last confirmation that we're going to go around like this."

"Yes... then, go ahead. Well, it's not unusual for all of you to come here again and again."

Listening to Killier's words, the receptionist opens the door to the route around the most superficial part of the gate where there are several. I'm just in the mood this time. Full investigation - or tourism - was to be left for real again.

"So... this is the ruin of Roman civilization, right? It's not like there's anything there, but... it's like this."


Cherry blossoms also nod at Killier's words. At the end of the dive into the gate, it was usually a cave. According to the brochure I received at the reception, apparently this site has several intrusion routes, the most maintained and least dangerous of which routes through this cave into the site.

"Well, this is the entrance to the ruins. It's some kind of factory."


Listening to Killier's commentary, the cherry blossoms walk away observing their surroundings. The material in the factory was basically structural material similar to the ruins Shamrock once showed us.

He was also making a request with the body investigating that civilization, not to mention making ruins that mimic that civilization, so naturally.

"The only place I can get from here is where there was the safest mass production magic prop for paper. They can make paper by adding paper and a special medicine solution... but I don't know the details. I'm not a scholar."

Killier laughs and tells her she's using some kind of drug. And that's how one question came to mind in the cherry blossoms. That was more than 600 years before the discovery of the ruins, but some traces were not visible.

"Speaking of which... this ruin... there's no sign of it being destroyed, is there..."

"Oh. Or... that's the mystery. This ruin, in fact, has not been destroyed during the war. For some reason, the previous Demon King even protected this ruin."

"? What do you mean,? Were you asleep with an important weapon?

"No, they say there isn't. Well, maybe that's why the Empire did a pretty massive investigation after the Brave Kite took office, and there was nothing there, so it became a tourist destination."

The cherry blossom inquiry, naturally, was something everyone wondered. And that makes no difference to the Empire. But all they found was spare parts and thoughts for the magic props they used in paper production. There was no such thing as hiding something important, even if it was protected.

"In fact, it seems that Justina, the Demon King, also looked into what was here... but she also said that after all, as she found it,"

"Justina the Demon King... found it?

"You don't know?... Dr. Hal, can I ask you a favor?

To the words of cherry blossoms, Killier tilts her neck. Apparently, it was so unexpected by then. Plus, my advisor, Hal, explained it to me with a bitter smile.

"It's my job, isn't it? This is how paper is normally used in Enefia... but it is Demon King Justina who has put in place the mass production system for this. This ruin was discovered when she was granted permission to the upper levels of the Empire at the time. The Empire also investigated magic props for paper production... well, all I can say is that it's stupid to try to stake out that great genius/demon king Justina against them, but that's something you can say now. So she ended the analysis with a ton of applause."

Hal explains as he wields the schedule for this look that Pella and herself have. This is a field of history. It was his realm, so Hal explained.

By the way, it is the western paper where we say on Earth that Tina has put in place a mass production system, but in application of that theory, Japanese paper usually also existed in Enefia today.


"After all, you're a great man of history"

It seems common sense, in fact, that unknown things are often done. So apparently the other boys and girls in the adventure department didn't know that either. They all nodded unexpectedly at the information they were informed for the first time.

Well, what makes Tina famous is that she was active during the war and that the war broke out because of her coup d 'état, and that she resigned all of her blame. It would be rare when it comes to knowing something useful for someone like this.

"So this is the paper mill that will be the major book of paper production technology today, that's why. Well, it's a factory for once, and there are demons around, so security golems, etc. have been discovered. That's the extent to which it was discovered in this ruin."

"Hmm... so I left it there because it's not worth destroying, then?

"No, that's not worth protecting, is it?

"What do you think... did it make any sense?

Listen to Hal and the boys and girls start arguing troubled. Apparently this was a delightful reaction for Hal, and he had a smile on his face. And against such a hull, Luke whispers.

"Dr. Hal... is that a little good?

"Ah, yes. What is it?

"Don't you feel anything?

"Huh... something, is it...?

To Luke's words, Hal looks around and explores the signs. but I still don't feel anything in his power either.

"No... nothing..."

"Hmm... I knew it was my fault, is it...?

"What's wrong?

"No... nagging, but something... like this, something more... wrapped up in fog? But should I say..."

Luke's father is a friend of Kate's, Orrin, or God's half. So he realized the power of the moon goddess drifting on this occasion.

That said, he's still half-assed and young. There were limits. Therefore I could only say that it was my fault, and I had no certainty. Moreover, I noticed it also this morning, that is, because the ritual was approaching, and even more so because those who use its power were lurking.

"... I'll tell you what. It's not in the request for once..."

"... let's do that. Cherry Blossom!

"Oh, yes... what is it"

This time the captain is a cherry blossom. Therefore, she decided to tell Cherry Blossom only because she was still unsure. In so doing, Luke conveys his noticed discomfort to the cherry blossoms.

"I see..."

"Don't you guys feel anything?

"Yeah... that said, could you give me a minute?

"Oh, okay."

Cherry blossoms with Luke's permission will contact Kite immediately. Then kite came out for me. The battle was over just a little while ago, and my hands were empty. I haven't heard from Sola and the others yet, and it seemed flat.

"Oh, what?

"Kite. Is that okay?

"Oh, I just got a piece on the case. It's just the end of the day after that... what, you miss me?

At this point, Kite almost cleared up the problem, I think. Therefore, once the job was cleared up, I went in to tear up the cherry blossoms. I knew that cherry blossoms were on vacation, so I thought maybe you wanted to talk to me. Plus, the cherry blossoms nodded.

"Yes... well, no, that's... uh, so here's a little problem..."

When the cherry blossoms told the story in a bit of a panic, so Kite noticed the two behind the cherry blossoms too.

"Hmm?" Oh, Dr. Luke, Dr. Hal... it's been a while. "

"Hey, long time no see."

"Yes, it's been a long time"

Kite greets Hal and Luke, who were peeking into what this is from behind the cherry blossoms. Besides, the two were greeted by a boy who was, to say the least, a godchild, and nodded with a smile.

Note that the two know that Kate is acting with Yuri. That's why Luke decided to tell Kate's inquiry about the situation. I was hoping to pass it on from him to Yuri.

"So, what's up?

"Oh, no... I feel odd signs..."

"Weird...? Oh, I see. Maybe this is the case. There was a case of a slight abuse of the power of the Moon Goddess... and so, the dark clouds that have now covered the entire empire are dripping in, and, uh... the school director said, the teacher's father told me that there was a tall comedy... '

"Oh, the power on my aunt? With that said, I thought it was a force I'd felt a few times before... ha... I haven't been told anything. Ma, that guy... he's gone without saying..."

Kite, whom Luke thought he knew, could therefore only smile bitterly. He could have realized more than he had inherited the power of God by bending over.

And more than that, it's not suspicious if he finds out. So I knew Orrin had told him, but apparently he hadn't. Luke was very frightened.

'Ha ha... well, for now. I'm going to be doing an altar survey with the Ulysian dean and others, so I don't think they'll disappear for a little while. Is there anything wrong with it?

"Oh, no. That's not what I meant. Feel a little uncomfortable. If that's the case, I'm convinced. You work hard, too."

'Yes, then.'

When I was briefed by Kite about a single situation, Luke nodded as he was convinced. If only I had been properly briefed, as the officer at Count Reames's office said a few moments ago, there were occasional events. If so, Luke just thought that the impact of it would have been accidental.

"The power of the goddess of the moon, huh? Well, I can't help it."


"Oh. I have, well, the military god Orrin to my father... well, the goddess of the moon, Lord Shanal, just now, falls on my aunt. So the power of the goddess of the moon is easily felt by blood."

Explained and the cherry blossoms convinced. It's the power of my own blood. It would be more suspicious not to feel it. And that explains it, and no one would think that what Kate and Yuri thought had been dealt with would make things worse, because there was no way.

"No, you've got me worried. Then let's go back down there again."


Luke, who laughed lightly, prompted me to return to Cherry Blossom Hal and Luke and the others who waited for him not to leave the three of them on the boulder. So keep walking along the way, for a while. So, there goes the case.

"... that? Cherry Blossom, Kirie... are you there?

"Huh? I was with you earlier... and there was somewhere to deviate...?

Together we suddenly notice two people who are gone and look around. but there are no two of us anywhere. And there, I got in touch.

"This is Kite. Do you have cherry blossoms over there?

"Heavenly Voice? Hey, what's up?

One of the Adventure Departments leans his neck towards the voice of Kite, who has sounded from the communications magic props he has. And politely, I asked about cherry blossoms.

"No... that's what I haven't seen since earlier..."

"What? What happened?

Missing. Besides, Kate has a bad feeling, but asking what happened to the rabbit and the corner prompts a story that went further with the prerequisite. but what i don't understand about the situation was the same here.

"Hey, what's up? You know something? Kirier doesn't even have a student chairman at the Magic School..."


Kate opens her eyes to reveal her surprise at the answers she returns. Until now, something had happened to cherry blossoms, I thought.

'Wait a minute... speaking of which, where are you guys now? Aren't you fighting or something?

"No... I'm touring the ruins, but... along the way, we're lost."

"What happened... eh!


At the same time as Kite, Luke unexpectedly shivers his body. It was a result of exposure to fluctuations in amplified force. After being contacted by the High Priest, he decided to speed up the ritual, which led to increased pressure at once. That's how Luke panicked and spoke to the kite ahead of the comms.

"This is... Kite! Turn me into the dean! Obviously this is suspicious!

'I'll stay beside you. And I understand the situation as well... presumably the enemy, for some reason, kidnapped two people, Cherry Blossom and Killier. Fortunately, the Adventure Department is secretly fitted with a transmitter on the cherry blossom, so you can respond immediately here. Luke, you have to protect the rest of us. Everyone in the Adventure Department, please assist them.'

"Okay! Dean of the school, Kirier and Sakura please!

'Yeah. Use the village chief's mansion as a temporary shelter. I'll send a message and an escort right from the Duke's house.'

"Okay! Then you adventure ministers will join me in a big hurry to the village chief's mansion! I'll take the place of Sakura! Any word from the Director of the Ulysian Academy should be on its way soon!

Following instructions from Yuri, Luke takes the lead and starts traveling on the run with him. The current situation was too difficult to understand.

Therefore, instead of telling Yuri and the others where to find him and heading to Kirier's rescue, it is possible that there are still enemies nearby, so ensuring their own safety was a top priority. Thus, Kirier and the party without cherry blossoms moved all the way to the village chief's house with their surprising eyes elsewhere.

Meanwhile, around that time. Kate couldn't hide her frustration on the airship.

"Shit... what's the purpose?

"I don't know. I don't understand why you needed Kirier and Cherry Blossom in the first place."

"There it is... still understandable if you mean all of them without creation. but why, Killier and Cherry Blossom, who are supposed to be most alert, what...?

Even if it's frustrating, it's an intrigue kite. And I know where the cherry blossoms are, and I know that they don't imitate the absurd. There was no rush. And that's where Sora contacted me.

"Kite. A little better!?

"Go... lower your volume a little!

"Oh, bad..." he said! Hey, I'll smash the enemy's home base, it's on, is this good?!?

"So lower it, he said... three leaves. Where are Sola and the others headed?

"Erm... ah, if we keep this up, maybe we're aiming at the same place as the cherry blossom path...? Maybe here."

To Sola's words, Kite overlaps the predicted travel path of the cherry blossoms on the three leaves with the predicted travel path of the Solas. Then one point comes to mind. It was one of the ancient ruins just a short distance from the village where the cherry blossoms were.

"... it's... it's definitely a karcha ruin"

"I wonder if the enemy's home is over there...?

Yuri's predictions seemed correct. But the decision-maker still lacks it. It's still unclear whether the two bad guys are the same or not. So for now, Kate decided to get confirmation from Tina.

"I don't know... one leaf, connect me to Tina."

"Yes, sir... go ahead"

"What? We're almost ready to predict where we're going... '

"No, then keep going."

That's where Tina should be. She's completing her prediction of where to send the magic in about an hour. So Kite stays put and decides to give Sora instructions for now.

"Sola. Just wait a little longer. They even kidnapped the cherry blossoms... and in some cases, they need to rendezvous."

That's what I'm talking about!

"... I'm not willing to put my hands on two of my women and let them finish safely. I'll put them all together and make you regret it. But to do so, we need to grasp the enemy's home base. Besides, you don't think I can keep the cherry blossoms safe?

'Huh!... ah, oh... bad'

Against Sora, who raised her anger, Kate tells her with a ruthless eye. It was sure that even Sola would be cold at the bottom. It's quiet, and calmly said, but above all told the story of Kate being furious.

"In the meantime, stay tailed. If you're on your way, rendezvous. If the High Priest and the others are there, it won't have been resolved until we crush them... and we'll destroy them all. So, throw your wrath at him fully."

"... oh, okay."

When Kate mocks Sola by showing her fury, she sits deep in her chair. Only a little bit of emotion was loosening when I gave out the emotion I was suppressing.

"Not only Shal, but you want to die when you get your hands on cherry blossoms... that much"

Until we arrive, just a few more minutes. By the time Sola and the others reached the enemy's home base, the sun seemed to be falling in time. As such, Kite complains at the end with a cold voice that cools to the bottom.

"Fine. You should go to the afterlife, watched by the moon, as you wish."

'Kate, I got it. Perhaps Khacha ruins are ahead of the magic. "Beyond the Lord."

Tina contacted me after the analysis, as if to respond to the crushing. Besides, Kite nodded.

"Well... you come here too. Crush... Shea, Mel, Ellord. Can you hear me?"




"Shea leads the fools, come here. Tell them the orders are brawl gear. Mel commands the exam unit to withdraw. Get an assistant for the night. We won't be able to afford to come here. El Road leads his troops to the woods north of Minad village. That's where the end of this one enemy is captured. Along with that, tell him this one thing will converge already. There is another altar under the altar. If there's a body there, let the family know... that's it."

When Kate sends instructions to everyone, she feels less comfortable doing it. As a result, Kite decided to wait for the ship to arrive with quiet signs.