Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 616: The Strongest Reinforcements

Time is quite, retroactively. That was a little before Kate and the Adventures returned from the Imperial Capital to the city of Maxwell, before Canaan joined them. Kate made one circular toward the upper levels of the school and the upper levels of the Adventure Department.

"And so I say... I'm going to hire new people in. As an adventurer,"

"Is there any reason for your translations that were negative?

Against Kite, one of the teachers asks. As I mentioned a while ago, Kate didn't originally think about including someone as an adventurer.

It didn't go as far as a well-known fact, but it was known accordingly. And the reason for that, too, had been revealed. That's why all the teachers were interested in his translation.

"Whatever you do, we can't get enough hands on it... and all this is because of my immorality. Forgive me in peace."


Teachers think about Kite's response. Most of the teachers in this setting don't know exactly what the adventure department is all about.

In other words, they can't understand the distress of the Adventure Department's executive branch just by spinning Tensakura School. That's why the Adventure Department is at the mercy of Kite. Because even they can't get their hands on it.

"... slightly more dangerous, because I understand... well, the cover-up that was slightly in the first place due to the expansion of the fields, etc. has almost become meaningless..."

"Either way, in order to broaden the scope of the search, we can't do it on a larger scale, or... we were wrong in the first place, right?

"I'm sorry. Let's accept the reprimand of watching it sweetly."

To the teacher's words, Kite bows her head. This is a lie. I knew that from the beginning. but you won't be able to say that to those who don't know who they are.

So I just decided to say that it was a glitch that I saw in my activities. That said, the glitch itself was understandable even to the teachers of Heavenly Cherry Blossom.

"I don't mind. We don't know how much."

"If you say so."

"Principal. This should give permission to the boulder, then?

"Hmm... if you're going any farther, there's no choice..."

Principal Sakurada roars a little at the teacher's inquiry. For the time being, consideration is given to the use of airships. But if you're still going far, there's definitely not enough.

No matter how many airships you consider using, you can't go to distant territories in one day to accomplish requests. No matter how short you estimate, you need a week as a minimum period. That doesn't include the prep period, either. Including the prep period, I want at least twice that.

In the meantime, the number of adventure clubs located in Maxwell decreases. Depending on the location, it would be reduced on a ten-person basis, not one or two.

And the fact that Maxwell's adventure department faces less is tantamount to losing the protection of Heavenly Cherry Blossom School in case. Hiring people could not be refused.

"Okay. Let's give permission. That's okay with the other teachers, right?

"" "... yeah" "

"Thank you. For once, we're going to use the help of the Duke's house to do the inside job."

That's what I want you to do.

Apparently, Kate's suggestion was taken as a matter of reason and was accepted. Thus, Kate laughs inside and leaves the conference room behind with the teachers. This time, I got a motion hanging because Kate was an urgent matter, so as long as Kate's case was finished, it was over.

As such, Kate sends a message to a certain person. This was actually all a bluff to invite her into the company.

'Permission granted. Don't ask me. "

'It'll be good... it's been a long time, living with people isn't bad'

"Don't cheat on me, okay?

'Do you think I will?

"Then don't go crazy with jealousy."

'So let me drive you crazy with jealousy for the rest?

They enjoy the conversation, as if it were a tear. Then, for a few days, Kate will be alone and secretly preparing to invite her in.

So, that day. Kitra, the Adventurer Union's Maxwell Branch Manager, has had more difficulty than ever in covering his trembling legs with tension for a few days now.

"Really, can you come?

"So you're coming, right?

Kite, questioned by a bright blue Kitra, nods at it with a bitter smile. No matter how many times I'm told, what comes. Rather, it must be natural because Kate called it in. And the man came to the Union branch.


"There's room for you, kite."

"Thanks, Glaia"

It was Glaia who came. Well, Kitra will also be the one who can't help but get nervous so far. With Kitra like that elsewhere, Kate and Glaia were delighted to hug each other and reunite for the first time in a long time.

"So... this guy joins me, so nice to meet you"


"... yes. Best regards..."

That was the only word Kitra could barely squeeze out against the two laughing at each other. Or just this one word, so desperately squeezed out. As such, he was unlikely to be Glaia.

Anyway, the great man in history is one of the highest beings in the authentic world. Normally, it can't be under my command. In other words, it was like the Great Spirit had joined. As such, Kitra, who returns to the branch, is brought to the chair in a neat condition.

"Oh... my stomach aches..."

"... this, Branch Manager"

"... thank you"

Kitra drinks up the stomach medicine offered by the deputy director of the branch at once with the water. That's how his stomach aches began again that day.

More months from that conversation. Time returns when the cherry blossoms are abducted.

'And so... sorry. Can you ask for it?'

"Fine. I was free for the rest of it."


"For the first time in a long time, let's try to get a little violent... but I can't help it, okay?

'Do it fully. There is no one in this country who can stop you.'

To Kate's words, Graia ascends from the hot spring that was in. Basically, she doesn't change what she does, trying to belong to the Adventure Department, trying to be Kate's wife. Easily entered hot springs all over the world and received a request that I felt comfortable with.

Well, I'm not going to complain about anything either, because Kate didn't pull her into his crew to move her as his gesture either. I was going to let you like it. There will be times when you simply want help, so that it is easy to disguise it. And now was the time.

"Mm-hmm? What? Is that pleasant?

"Kite asked me for help... if I go to that one, it's going to be interesting."

"Well... if the concubine feels like it, I don't know..."

Pan, and sprinkle hot water, while Tia tells her she doesn't care how good it is. This time around, it was a spa known only to Julio Neil, who could be anywhere. Details are unknown.

It is a great panorama with the sky visible on one side around it, so maybe it is the earth that floats in the sky somewhere. This is a world of swords and magic. No wonder there are more volcanoes than there are continents floating in the air. If so, there was no wonder there was a hot spring.

"And... yes. Kite. I'll apply the rest of the moisturizing cream and then I'll go, but... no problem?

'Well, slowly, but there's no problem. I hear the kidnappers are going back to base. "

"Well... then let's do the rest of the extraction there."

"I asked."

While applying moisturizing creams, beauty solutions, etc., Glaia begins to prepare them. Incidentally, it was a touch from Julionil that this spa was good for beauty as well. She's one woman with them, and now she's the wife of one man. I care about beauty.

"Well... well, I'll be there"

"Mm-hmm. If you care, your concubine's on her way, too"

Dropped off by Tia, Graia jumps off the spot. And from the spot, a giant dragon of crimson flies. And the sound of its wings woke up the sleeping Gynn.

"... see?

"It's finally happening... Lord, let it go... keep it! Hey! Hey, come here!


I thought I'd leave you alone till you woke up, Tia, but apparently the Gynn was up. As such, Tia started seeing Gwen, and in the end, she had nothing to do with the incident.

Almost simultaneously with the departure of such a glaia. Less than good information broke into Sola and the others waiting for Kate's arrival without even knowing she was coming as a backup.

"... ah!

"What's up!?

"Seniors, this is getting so fast!?

"I know... shh! Sola, you switched for sure! Maybe he's using the other dragon species for towing! Speed's going up the wrong way!

Sho and Sunset raise their voices as they panicked to the high priest and the carriage they rode at once. Hearing it, Corathon raised his voice like he was in a hurry. Even now, the limit is critical. I couldn't do any more.

"Shit! If the boulder uses a dragon, we can't catch up!

"Sora, put me in touch with Kite one more time! Keep it up. Then we're way out of range!

Apparently, dragons pulling carriages use fairly fast legged objects. Seeing the markers pulling apart Gungu, Sho orders Sora to contact him abominably.

And that's about the same time. The horse hissed and stopped suddenly. Fortunately, the carriage was equipped with a magic device that stopped suddenly as a safety device but did not have sudden braking, so there was no injury, but there was tremendous vibration in the boulder and screaming.




The 10 or so facials in the carriage uniformly raise their voices of surprise to confirm the corathon that serves as your. He looked right in front of him and opened his mouth.

"What the..."

When I see the giant dragon of crimson that descended in a flash in front of me, the corathon crumbles. The horses stopped unexpectedly in a giant that boasted such overwhelming beauty as he had never seen.

But the first time I saw such a crimson dragon, other than Canaan and Sola and Shoda, I could only be flabbergasted, but those who knew her could only marvel at the reinforcements.

"What... that..."

"What, Mr. Glaia!? What's wrong with you!?

"Kite asked me... do you need any more reinforcements?

No, Sola smiled and bowed her head when she realized the seriousness of her best friend to Graia's inquiry, who raised her mouth corner. There has never been a more reliable reinforcement.


"Oh, hey! Sola, this, you know him!?

Corason turns around and reveals his surprise to Sora, who made the instant call, asks.

"Whoa! Someone I know from Dachi!? It's a dragon, dragon!

"What? This is it...?

"That sort of thing. Well, he's from the Duke's house."

"Oh, I see..."

There is no way I can tell the truth to Corathon. Therefore, Sora appropriately dismissed and decided that she was a member of the Duke's family.

Either way, I'm one of Kate's fiancées, so it's not a mistake. And I admit that, too, Graia. Because it was troublesome to be pryed into, and it was troublesome to talk about.

'Yes... oh, stay inside. It's troublesome to be dropped. "

"Oh, oh... I asked you"

'I'm going to fly... the horse... don't you need to take it? Even after the rescue of the kidnapped ones, we'll have to take them home. Metastasis for now, and...'

Glaia, who ordered Corason to enter the carriage, fainted the horses by exercising magic without being frightened and quiet by himself, and the horses returned straight to the village of Minado with a transfer technique.

That's how she flies into the sky again so that she can hold the carriage with both arms. And then, rapidly accelerating. No, the sunset cramped my cheeks.

"Ugh... you're chasing me at an amazing rate of... maybe we'll catch up in a minute..."

"Oh, come on... Sola. Weapons, please."

"Oh, it's done."

Return to him the single-handed sword that Sola was grinding at the behest of a colason who similarly drew her cheeks to the words of the sunset. If Colason decides to prepare for the battle with his hips, he prepares for it one minute later. but there, glaia hangs up.

'No, I'm not going to fight. Let me lead you to the enemy's home base. "


'Either way, I'll sweep away the enemy. They asked me to do that, too. "

"Is that it?"

"It's about fools."

"Oh, hey!

Sola understood what Glaia was going to say. But I couldn't tell if that was the best answer for Sola. So just for a moment, Sola decides to contact Kate.

So, Sola is told that the cherry blossoms have been abducted, and that if the High Priest is there, it is better to leave them as they are, in order to keep the screen open.

"... oh, okay"

"You seem to understand."

"... haha... it's been a while since I thought he was the Yabe one..."

Answer Graia as Sora blues and shivers just a little. If you piss me off, I fear just hearing your voice. That's what his best friend is supposed to be. So, Sola trembled one, and one thing bothered her.

"... that? Two of my women? Besides Cherry Blossom, is anyone being kidnapped...?

"... that's not what I'm talking about"

To Sola's question, Glaia answers - though I didn't see it from Sola - with her eyes slightly down. This one, she knew, too. Tia and the Divine tribe were familiar, from which they heard.

"So what's this all about?

'... leave me alone. Everyone has something they don't want to know... so we'll keep going. In the evening, they should arrive at home. "

"... please... everyone, let's take a break. When we get there, there's a good chance of a night's war."


I wanted to ask, but at the same time, I also understood that this was not the time. And that's with all the other faces. So everyone decides to take a full break from such Sola's words.

That's how they all closed their eyes and served to restore their full health, listening to the sound of Graia secretly chasing the carriage of the High Priest over the sky.